Satellite A200: Charging problem

I have Toshiba Satellite A200 and recently I got some software with charging problems :(

When the battery is on 96-99% it does not start when I plug the charging cable (and says that the battery is at 100%).
If it is less than 96%, it starts to load, but it remains too long on 99% than before :(

Anyone who is familiar is what I need to do to start to load even if it is about 97% (for example :))?)


Have not observed this behavior management, but I can also say, that percentage is longer on 99 and then on others. Why, I don't know.
And I didn't look if he is in charge of 96, above or below.

I think it's normal and wouldn't call it a problem.

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    Hi friends;

    I'm sorry for my bad English:

    I have a problem with my * satellite A200-1VD *, I had with Vista Home edition 2 years ago license. I want to format it, * but I don't have a DVD restore disk * ([]). For this reason, I installed "* TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator *" ([]), but when I run it, * it does not recognize the HDD * and sent me the following message; ([]). in the second time, I installed "* Recovery Disc Creator *" ([]), but it does not recognize the drive too and sent me this message. ([]). I do not know how to this problem that * bothers me too well *. Too I would be grateful if you can help me to overcome this problem.

    Don't forget to see the following pictures to understand my problem.

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    Thank you very much


    At first was a little bit the theory for a better understanding.

    In the latest Toshiba delivered recovery facilities DVD discs with all the new models of laptops. "" Since then, I think, two or three drives of years facilities are not part of the package and recovery image is saved on the HARD disk and the recovery disc can be created using preinstalled "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator. This recovery image is not saved on a separate recovery partition but on the second partition of HARD drive (data partition E) in the folder called HDDRecovery.
    The screenshot on 1.5 GB WinRE partition has therefore nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image.

    This creation of recovery operation may work with the factory only settings. with other words, if you change the partition structure, or if you deleted this folder HDDRecovery you won't be able to create the recovery disk or install the operating system using HARD drive recovery option.

    I guess that you do not have this folder HDDRecovery more and because of this, Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator starts with error message. This tool needs direct access to these data recovery to create the drive recovery facilities.

    I think all this bother you much, but it's your fault. Reminder with the trace message is preinstalled on each Toshiba notebook with HDD recovery:
    * Important INFORMATION *.

    * your system is equipped with a hard drive recovery system. If you need to repair your computer in the restaurant to the original factory condition, you can do it directly *.
    * from the HDD (press F8 when you start your computer, choose "Repair your computer" and follow the instructions in the menu) or create a bootable recovery for this fin.* drive carrier

    * Toshiba recommends you create recovery disk medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator' to ensure that you are able to restore your computer to the original state that is installed at the factory, even if your computer is severely damaged.*

    What you can do now is to order the new original facilities Toshiba drive under or you can use the Microsoft installation for the installation of the OS disc. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba page under for assistance

    If you have any other questions please let us know.

    Bye and good luck.

  • Collection with Satellite A200 series problem


    I had problems at the start of Windows Vista. It does not run in any mode. When I try to recover (by pressing '0' to the screen, that nothing is happening).
    I used my recovery disks to restore the operating system. They run for awhile, and then a white screen comes up and it stops. Then I get PXE: memory, disk failure check cable.

    Finally, with some trial and error I could finally launch the recovery disks, when I try to recover with the factory settings it will stop with disc 2 does not end copy the files. Then I had to recover without recovery partition. After finishing, I found that it loaded Windows XP not Windows Vista. Where did Windows Vista go and how can get it back.

    Please someone help me with this problem.

    Thank you

    Hmmm... What Satellite A200 do you have exactly?

  • Satellite A200-J01: problems with Chicony webcam with Yahoo messenger and MSN

    Dear friends

    I just bought a Satellite A200-J01 with Windows Vista Edition Home Premium pre-installed on it. My problem is when I want to use my webcam (Chicony USB built-in 2.00) to have a video call with MSN and Yahoo messenger Internet, suddenly, it stops working and it shows a message that the webcam is not connected and no webcam was found on your computer.

    And then when I log out Yahoo messenger, come out of her and run Camera Assistant Software it shows this message "Locked by another application" Although there is no other applications running.

    The problem remains, unless I restart the computer. I read all the topics and messages as in my case in this site, but none of them helped me. I want to know if someone has encountered this problem, if this chicony webcam is compatible with yahoo and msn messenger and finally what I can do about it.


    What about software chicory and the driver update?
    Please check if the software most recent is available and has been released. If so, remove it the old an and after reboot the new install the most recent version of this software chicony.

    It seems that similar problems appear on laptops from different manufacturers that use the Chicony webcam.
    Everything looks like the chicony Vista software is not 100% compatible with MSN, yahoo Messenger, Skype etc programs.

  • Satellite A200 - TouchPad problem

    I installed windows 7 on my satellite A200 - 1 M 6 and touchpad does not work. I have installed synaptic drivers and the Alps, but it did not work. In the Device Manager in "mice and other pointing devices", I HID-compliant mouse and mouse Compatible PS/2. There is no device as a touchpad. I have no problem with this in Windows XP and Vista.

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    As I see it, there is no available by Satellite A200 - 1 M 6. (PSAE0E) Touchpad driver for Windows 7 on the toshiba driver page.

  • Satellite A200-1FL: problem installing Bluetooth on Windows 7

    Hello world

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 1FL (PSAE6E) with Windows Vista and I just installed Windows 7 32 bit (no update or upgrade).

    The problem is that when I try to install the bluetooth stack, it installs all ok, but the driver.
    I took the version 7.10.12 for Windows 7 32 bit from

    The driver installation window presents itself and the progress bar does not move.
    I waited for a long time and nothing, no response, so I have to cancel.

    However, the software has been installed and when I try to start Bluetooth config or any other tool, the same phenomenon occurs: the driver installation window shows upward and nothing.

    Also, I tried to follow the installation instructions of command since the drivers toshiba download page guess what drivers are each options.

    Can someone knows why this phenomenon occurs?
    Am I missing something or is there a known issue with the Bluetooth in Windows 7 driver?

    Thanks in advance,



    On my A500 during installation Bluetooth driver, he invites me to activate the Wlan switch. I don't know if A200 is equipped with WiFi switch. If this is the case, turn it on and try to install. I have more no other suggestion.

  • Satellite A200-25Z: problem with display driver


    I am trying to install WIN XP on an A200 25Z. In the beginning, everything seemed to work fine, but now I constantly receive a blue screen before loading xp building saying something like memory issue on pilot ati2mtag.dll

    Sometimes it starts but then when I have to restart the next time it starts again...

    I reinstalled xp now several times, extend the bios to version xp but still the problem remains the same.

    Anyone else had a similar experience like this?


    > The problem is now, as a first step, that it seemed to work. But about two weeks later after I installed a game that at the next restart came with a blue screen. The game itself was no problem. Just on the next reboot. And since then all I try doesn't really help.

    It seems that the error with you graphic driver appears only after the installation of the game. To me, this looks like a compatibility issue with the graphics driver and the game installed.

    I noticed that some other series of laptops use the same Mobility Radeon X 2600 graphics card.
    So try to use the ATI page European Toshiba driver graphics driver:

    Satego P200 PSPBBE
    Equium A200 PSAE8E
    PSAENE satellite A210
    Satellite A200 PSAE6E
    Satellite A210 PSAELE
    Satellite P200 PSPB6E
    Satellite P200D PSPBQE
    Satellite Pro A200 PSAE7E
    Satellite Pro P200 PSPB7E

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-1YO - problems installing Windows XP Home edition

    Hi guys,.

    First of all I'm new here so Hello to everyone here and I hope you can help me with my problems of software.

    I recently bought a laptop model Toshiba Satellite A200-1YO provided with windows vista (which must be frank, pants and IMO too demanding for the machine) and I have a problem with vista, because some of its features do not seem to work, for example, I'm having a lot of trouble getting some of the webpages to open now, they simply hang out.

    now, I didn't install windows xp but I don't have an external floppy drive. This is not a problem but because I can use Nlite to integrate the drivers in a new ISO of Windows XP.

    The problem is that I have 4 sets of drivers: ICH7M_32bit, ICH7M_64bit, ICH8M_32bit and ICH8M_64bit. As I install Windows XP 32-bit while I'm more or less some that I have not need 64-bit drivers but when I install Windows XP by using the modified version of windows xp slipstreamed, what I get at startup is a BSD error telling me that something has crashed on my hard drive , however I can't say which crashed as the screen disappears after 15 seconds if that so I guess there is something wrong with the drivers I use (though I must admit that I'm not sure the drivers 32-bit to use)

    advice and assistance regarding being able to install windows xp would be welcome, as I said above, however, I can only use Nlite since I do not have a usb floppy drive.

    Satellite A200-1YO has a chip with the ICH8M southbridge Intel GM965.

    So you need the driver for SATA ICH8M_32bit.

  • Satellite A200 - STARTING problems, freezes on the connection of the power adapter

    My 3 YO A200 (PSAF3A-08202D has developed a problem with starting.
    I can start on battery power with WINDOWS VISTA BUSINESS (after 10 attempts, but freezes immediately when the power adapter is plugged in.)
    Display sometimes boots wide-screen, but mostly freezes before windows welcome.

    When running, the battery produces about 1 to 2 hours before a complete evacuation.
    When executing a battery, computer freezes when I plug Charger AC/DC immediately and going with my A100 charger as an alternative.

    Initial problem was a faulty hard drive and super hot air flow due to fluff the cooling block fan.
    Tech replaced original 120G HDD with 500 G and reloaded at the factory. works well for 3 months, then started with the same problems so conclude original disk HARD was just a secondary issue.

    So maybe fixed I overheated components on the motherboard. Reset of data cards initially fixed a problem starting but is gradually degraded.

    Reading through the forums seems that there is a huge amount of these laptops with similar issues. Is this a design flaw, like my other Satellite A100 is solid as a rock. All forums, which suggests resetting the cpu is running slow or be disconnected seem to be temporary repairs. Boot in safe mode and reset the default settings have no effect.

    A suggestion that a capacitor is at fault seems to be the fix is valid but which involves specialized tools is not available locally. Local agent of Harvey Norman for Toshiba are best part of unnecessary because they can send in Australia from Toshiba. Machine has been close to $2000 and is now worth Zip.

    I am unable to do anything with this machine, as all the ways of upgrading or resetting calls for AC power available and running.

    I'm about to do radical things and hope that this forum can enlighten us.

    Hi Mickaël

    You might be right. It seems that the motherboard is affected.
    Don't know why but higher temperature can still affect the internal parts.
    The temperature may increase if cooling fans n t working correctly. For example dust or debris leads to a higher temperature because cooling air cannot circulate properly.

    I have to clean my laptop's cooling grilles from time to time using a jet of compressed air. This allows to keep the temperature at the lower level.
    Of course the internal temperature is not always a reason for portable computers hardware malfunction equipment can begin to malfunction as always in an other products too: TVs, cars, game consoles

    I bought an extended warranty for my laptop, also for my LCD TV mercy always if a high-end product begin to malfunction and in the case of a warranty claim, the fault can be fixed free of charge.

  • Satellite A60: charging problem

    I have a toshiba satellite A60 laptop. My laptop has 2 years. After that I used my laptop in battery mode, it fell because the battery was empty. When I plugged it on the net, the battery led flashed amber for less than a second and went back. The battery and the batteryled came out.

    Windows detects the battery however. The laptop still continues to operate on the battery for a few minutes. I already had this problem about a year ago, and after a few months the battery began to charge again.

    Someone at - it a simular problem and how do you solve?

    Thanks (sorry for the bad English)


    Maybe the battery cannot load properly because he has a malfunction.
    Generally, the battery performance decreases the extent of time.
    I read that you can charge and discharge the battery about 500 times and then the performance breaks down.
    You can try to remove the battery for a few times. After this time try to load it.
    I also recommend check if this problem also occurs with a new battery.

    But it is also possible that there is something wrong with the electronic power supply.
    This could have a negative influence on the loading process.
    I also read that the BIOS update have solved some problems of charging the battery.
    But if charging the battery worked for 2 years, so I guess that the BIOS is ok.

    However, check with a new battery.

  • Satellite A200 motherboard problem

    Hi guys, as the title would have a problem with a motherboard on a computer laptop toshiba A200-1QN, trace is that ILHAM - 3481P rev 2.0. The problem is starting, the laptop turns on but does not even gets the boot, the power indicator remains lit, but the indoor fan does not turn, the screen remains black. I already did a redesign of the chip with no result.

    Thanks in advance ;)

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to tell what the problem may be, but somehow I think there may be a problem with the BIOS chip.

    What have you done these days with your laptop? Update the BIOS maybe?

  • Satellite A200 - keyboard problem - E button stucks

    From one of the windows, updated a few months ago, my Sat A200 began to have problems with the keyboard.

    After using it for a few hours, the key than the keyboard e seems stuck upwards, i.e. I can't key in anything like the e key is displayed permanently.
    I have to restart the computer to resolve this problem.

    Someone at - it a similar experience I can do to prevent this from happening again.

    Thanks in advance.

    I didn t notice any similar issues.
    But it would be interesting to know if it is a mechanical problem with the E key or if it could be linked to the issue of the software (Vista update).

    To be honest, I can t believe that a Vista update could cause this problem.
    I have 2 laptops and Vista was preinstalled on two laptops.
    I've updated and something like that never appeared.

    If you wish, you can check if the same problem persists after the recovery procedure.

    But I think there might be a problem with the keyboard and maybe what it s advisable to contact the ASP for control of the keyboard and a keyboard if necessary replacement.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A200/A205 - problems with start-up and sleep modus

    I have a problem with my Toshiba (running on Windows Vista).

    When I start the computer, sometimes it starts normally. But often, it starts to beep, I can hear the fan start fan and lights up blue. But the system unbootable and I see only a black screen. When I turn off and try again, the ringtone happen or it starts normally. Sometimes I have to turn it on three times and sometimes it starts the first time.

    The other problem is when my laptop into sleep mode. Sometimes when I push to the bottom of the screen, but also when it rises. It turns into sleep normally, but it won't come out. I see only a black screen. I always turn it off and restart.

    I don't know much about computer and computer-language programs, but I really hope someone can tell me what to do. I bought recently and I can't work with it like I want to.


    This code beep at startup always means there's a bad material work so I think that there is not much you can do.
    The problem could be related to everything, RAM, card graph, processor, motherboard, etc. and it is not easy to diagnose it exactly.

    What you can do is to test the RAM with Memtest86 or other memory diagnostics tool. Maybe he can find something

    If this isn't the case, I recommend you contact an authorized service provider. Guys can you help solve this problem. :)

  • Satellite A200 - webcam problems


    I've had my laptop for a while now, and the camera worked without any problems at all.
    And then recently when I logged on this error message came * bold * "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer. "* bold *.

    I restarted my computer several times, but I have no idea how to restart my camera. When I click on camera assistant software he used still open!
    Can you help me please?

    Is it Vista or XP?

    Remove the webcam software then download and install the latest driver/software webcam on the Toshiba site.

    If you have Vista, update Vista Service Pack 1

    If you have Skype or Messenger running, close them and try to re-run camera help. Sometimes these programs can lock the camera.

  • Satellite A200-23W: problem installing Windows Vista


    I now that this topic is discussed several times before, but after trying many solutions of the forum and some of my only, I reached a level that it makes no sense...

    First off I would like to explain what I do for a living, it has to do with IT and that is what makes it even more tempting for me.

    2 days ago a friend bought a Toshiba A200-23W. The first thing I always do when I buy a new laptop is to format it and install a clean Windows operating system.
    After my first attempt, I realized that I have to install first the matrix storage driver.

    I downloaded the driver from toshiba place related to my model. (Intel Matrix Storage Manager -
    I created a usb key with the required driver files:

    iaStor.sys, and

    in the folder (F6flpy) of the (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) you can copy them to the root of the USB stick.
    When the form "Where you want to install windows" windows Vista appear I select load the driver, and then by clicking (Browse), I select the USB drive as source for my drivers.
    The (Intel(r) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller) will automatically appear as a choice and by clicking on the (Next) the process of the pilot installation begins.
    So far so good..

    Here's where things get complicated...
    When Vista back to the form "Where you want to install windows", even my system has 2 x 200 GG HDD only 200 GB HARD drive appears in the list...

    Selections of 'New' Partition, or a Partition of 'Delete' are disabled.
    and even when I click 'Next' for selected HD a windows message:

    "Windows has no determine if this computer contains a valid system volume."

    I'd appreciate your help...

    Thank you in advance...
    George P.


    You cannot format the HARD disk or delete the partition because this would remove the SATA driver too, and the HARD drive would not be recognized by Vista!

    Therefore, you need to install the OS on the HARD drive that is displayed in the installation program.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Install on another volume

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