Satellite A200 - how to check the temperature of the processor fan?

Hi all

I have a Satellite A200 that my teenagers use a little, or abuse a little! Recently, it would not start up. I suspect the fan and pulled out the fan cleaned and tested the fan on a PSU, worked out well. He put it back together, ran startup repair and now the computer is operating normally. The fan is however not appear to come at all. In the Device Manager it tells me it works very well. I'm all good with the mechanical side of the House, but I'm a quamby operating system! How to check the temp CPU or fan?

Thought that replace the fan but don't want to go that far just to get no results. Currently using the vacuum on low like an external fan and didn't want to just run the laptop with no cooling for fear of permanent damage. Although children watch movies with her on their doona may have already reached this!

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hey mate,

How to clean the fan exactly? It s advisable to use the jet of compressed air. This could blow the dust of fans cooling and, therefore, it of not necessary to disassemble the laptop.

In addition if the fan doesn't work anymore it of necessary to replace. You can order spare parts at an authorized service provider.

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    Hey, I recently some strange problems with my laptop. I installed a new copy of Windows Vista and also tried with Windows 7 a few times. But eveytime I get problems. The installation of the operating system right. But after I installed some Windows updates my computer becomes very slow and at some point, I am unable to install any application, because it crashes just when installing... This happends with all the big software products such as Visual Studio, 3d Max, After Effects... etc.

    So I think that my HARD drive has a large number of bad sectors. I also tried to erase everything on my drive with KillDisk, but it hangs at 16%. Once again something that seems to be my HARD drive.

    But before you buy a new, I'd like to hear your opinions on my problem and I would also like to know how I have to replace my HDD on a Toshiba Satellite a200. I don't know where it is placed and what parts I need to unscrew.

    Thanks for any help.


    The HARD drive is placed on the underside of the laptop.

    The HARD drive on the underside Bay is fixed by two screws. Remove the screws and the HARD drive. Then you can swap the HARD drive.
    But unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery before doing this.

    The new HARD disk must have the SATA interface.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 - how to upgrade the memory?

    Hi, I have a Satellite A200 and want to update the memory. How would I know what to look for when buying? Thank you.


    > I have a Satellite A200 and want to update the memory. How would I know what to look for when buying?

    According to the specifications of the product a 200 series:

    You can upgrade to the top to 4 GB ddr 2 (667 MHz)

    Post, exact model you have

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  • Satellite A200 - how to install the bluetooth software?

    I got this laptop Satellite A200 of Australia. Recently, he had sum probs, so I restored it 2 factory settings using the backup option by pressing the 0 key... but later, I tried 2 find its Bluetooth software but I have strength c it doesn't matter where... anyone know how to install it or where it is located on the computer laptop d.
    Thank you

    Hmm. are you sure your laptop was equipped with an internal BT module?
    To my knowledge, not any of the A200 series support the BT

    However, you ask the BT (pilot) software.

    Here you are:

    It is a Toshiba BT portal. You will find the latest version of the BT software.

  • Satellite A200 - how to activate the graphics card?


    I have laptop satellite A200 with Radeon HD 2600 dedicated graphics card. Recently, I checked with a program that my laptop also integrated X 3100 graphics card which is disabled.

    I am curious to know is there, is it possible to disable HD2600 and X 3100 active?

    Hi mandragor6,

    What model of Satellite A200 you have exactly? What is the part number?
    And what program tells you this information? These 3rd party programs show sometimes as well erroneous information.

    As far as I know no A200 model is equipped with a X 3100 graphics card. They have HD2600 graphics card

  • Satellite A200: How to find the serial number

    I need to know the ETA of my laptop so I can download the specified drivers...
    Cause when I did my search, there are several version of the SATELLITE A200...
    If anyone can help out where I can find it?

    Thank you!!

    At the bottom of the unit, you will find the label that provides all the necessary numbers.
    You will also find the serial number!

  • Satellite A200 - how to get the sound on the TV?


    Im trying to set up my laptop through the TV so I can watch videos via my TV, I have the part well display using an S-video cable but I do not know how to switch the sound of the TV/Surround Sound System.

    Someone can give me a guide or helps to do this?

    Thank you

    Merrry Christmas and happy new year

    Very interesting thread about a similar problem that you find under

    Check what Miro wrote and what he uses to get the transfer of audio and video signals to external devices.
    If you still have any questions please let us know.

  • Satellite A200 - how to use the disk recovery and backup all the files?

    Hi I have a Satellite A200 that came with a "product recovery cd. Recently I got an infection/trojan/spyware such as windows defender was taken over by something else (a lot of error abnormal messaes and asking me to purchase the full version). I'm no expert, but surely, I know that windows defender is a free program.

    Anyway, please could someone give me advice on the best way to solve this problem. that is the best option to use. Is there anyway that I can back up the files that I have (with the exception using an external HD drive).

    Thanks in advance


    _How to use the recovery disk? _
    That s pretty easy: insert the diskette and boot from it that s all!
    In addition, you will need to follow the instructions on the screen and make a few clicks, but that s really all!

    _How to save files? _
    First of all I m asking you ask for it. You didn't make a backup yet? What do you do if your HARD disk down the next morning?

    In any case, the Toshiba recovery disc erase your entire HARD drive. This means that you must back up your files to an additional disk. Everything on the drive HARD internal will be deleted.

    You don t want to use an external HARD drive? Why?

  • Satellite A200 - how to increase the graphics memory?

    Hi, another question.

    I am unsing an A200-1CC, it's an Intel 945 Express Chipset Family settled. I tried to install a game that requires memory graph 256Motets. I received an error message "Shadow Pixel 1.1" maybe not supproted... and the page the maanufactured FAQ told me be sure to habe 256 MB in use.

    The A200-1CC has a 1024 MB of RAM and uses only a little over 100 MB memory graphics. I have check the Intel web page. My 945 Chipset supports Pixel of the shadow; and memory maximum grpahics used in 256 MB. So I increased my mother-2048 MB memory card today. However; It shows still 122 MB graphics memory in use. Page intel says that sometimes you can adjust the DMTV in bios, but that does not apply to my system.

    Any chance to get used to 256 MB graphics memory? -I use a Vista system...?

    Thanks in advance for any idea you may have.

    ;-) Ingo


    No, you can increase the video RAM and there is no option to change this.
    The video RAM will be assigned automatically, but you can t change that.

    I know this good news of aren t but in my opinion the Intel graphic card is not designed for games. An nVidia or ATI card graphics would be a better solution for the game.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 - how to increase the battery?

    Hello, I bought this laptop in the United Kingdom, 2008. Now, I was in my place of INDIA House. I was facing problems with the battery. When I got the laptop, I used to check the status of the battery. It shows that ' 57% available (plugged in, does not support). Since I was using the ORIGINAL TOSHIBA CHARGER, it decreased from day to day. Could you help me to get my problem resolved?

    Waiting for your response.



    > I bought this laptop in the United Kingdom, 2008

    You bought 2 years ago, it's good enough time for farm work. Looks like you need to replace it.

    > since I was using the ORIGINAL TOSHIBA CHARGER, it decreased from day to day

    I don't think this is a reason for the degradation of the battery.

  • Satellite L310 - how to upgrade the processor?

    Can I upgrade my processor?
    How to upgrade processor T5750 to T8300?


    Many people ask the CPU upgrade, but the answer is always the same;
    Update CPU is not really recommended and in most cases not possible for different reasons.
    First, BIOS was not designed and tested with different processors.
    Secondly, it depends on the chipset what CPU would be compatible.
    Check the specifications of the chipset.

    Finally and above all, the laptop must be disassembled and it's tricky!
    You could damage other parts and make more trouble.

  • How to check the processor teparture?


    Is there an option of WindowsXP buit - in to check/monitor the processor temparture?

    Thank you


    Not exactly '' integrated '' but my favorite is the freeware 'CoreTemp '.

    <> >


  • Satellite A200 - how to reduce the volume on Vista?

    Dear Mr./Mrs
    my name is Tony and I use the laptop A200 with OS like VISTA
    and I formatted using the product recovery CD after that I backed up all my data.
    Now it works fine except that I realized that now I had only one Volume, which is the C drive with 112 Giga bytes.

    One of my friends told me that I can do to decrease volume. Then I tried it and it worked I composed of 2 discs... But the problem is that their sizes are not suitable for me and I can't extend their volumes.

    To be more clear 112 Giga bytes of the c drive is divided into:
    c drive: 67 GB
    d drive: 43 gigabytes

    the thing is I want to make drive c: only 30 GB and D drive be the rest of the space.

    so please can you me how...

    Thank you and sorry for my application in so great?

    Have you tried using the Vista disk management?
    You can find him if you right-click on computer => manage-online storage-online disk management
    Here, you can change the current size of the partition.

    This could be useful for you:

  • Satellite A200 is not charging the battery

    Hello everyone!

    I apologize for my English; It is not the main language.
    Somehow that I can take my Satellite A200 and Assembly are not correctly open the cable (don't know what the cable, apparently the power of the screen), it has been between the keyboard and the top panel, but I forgot and put it between the motherboard and the top panel and... when all assembled and understood that most of the burned... cables precisely burned coil... cord I immediately pulled out but the battery remained in it... in general not very well turned out ;)))

    As a result of what it led to: first is sometimes not visible when you move the keyboard and the touchpad... to eliminate the need to restart the car... then, in principle, sometimes a laptop is not included, i.e. of tanning power of the lamp and all... in this case to remove the worst... and finally, power cable the battery is more responsible... i.e. After all this, I discharge the battery and now the laptop only works on the power cable.

    Question: is the problem of battery or motherboard?

    Your English is hard to understand, but it seems that you disassembled the laptop and some cables connected in the wrong way.
    Then something is charred and now you have some problems with the battery, etc.

    I think that there is a hardware problem, who knows what you did in the past
    The fact is that you did something wrong... it is always a risk if someone without a technician experience disassemble the laptop.

    In your case, I recommend you contact someone who knows how to check the hardware specifications, you need professional help

  • Equium A200 - how to get the operating system?

    Hi, my son has just been given an A200 and we put in place a new disk hard in, but we do not have the recovery disks. Anyone know how I could get my hands on copies or how to download the operating system and then is just a matter of inserting the disc?


    Hey Buddy,

    First of all I must say that it of not possible to download the operating system. It s just preinstalled on your laptop and you can find it on Toshiba Recovery disk as well.

    If you don t have a recovery disc, you can order one from Toshiba but I m not 100% sure if it of possible old Equium A200. Just check the online store:

    If you can t order it, ask a service provider authorized in your country. Maybe they have such a disc and can give you.

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