Satellite A200 - how to replace the HARD drive?

Hey, I recently some strange problems with my laptop. I installed a new copy of Windows Vista and also tried with Windows 7 a few times. But eveytime I get problems. The installation of the operating system right. But after I installed some Windows updates my computer becomes very slow and at some point, I am unable to install any application, because it crashes just when installing... This happends with all the big software products such as Visual Studio, 3d Max, After Effects... etc.

So I think that my HARD drive has a large number of bad sectors. I also tried to erase everything on my drive with KillDisk, but it hangs at 16%. Once again something that seems to be my HARD drive.

But before you buy a new, I'd like to hear your opinions on my problem and I would also like to know how I have to replace my HDD on a Toshiba Satellite a200. I don't know where it is placed and what parts I need to unscrew.

Thanks for any help.


The HARD drive is placed on the underside of the laptop.

The HARD drive on the underside Bay is fixed by two screws. Remove the screws and the HARD drive. Then you can swap the HARD drive.
But unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery before doing this.

The new HARD disk must have the SATA interface.

Good bye

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    Need to replace my hard drive because the original is f & % $ ed.

    I tried to connect the original hard drive from my other laptop via a USB cable to Sata, but it does not appear. You can feel it spinning. I was able to do a test of HARD drive on it and it failed in the Toshiba via a bootable CD. Since I can access the drive HARD to get to the recovery section, which is the best way to reinstall windows XP on it, so I can use the original XP key on the bottom of the laptop. As I know that you usually have the right version or OEM windows copy in order to use certain keys.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Would also be a Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD1600 8 MB 160 GB 2.5 "SATA Hard Drive fit for the Toshiba because they are all two SATA.


    Your ad is a little confusing... What HARD drive you use in what book now?

    If you want to install the OS on your old/new HARD drive, so you can use t a converter USB SATA. Therefore, use it as internal drive HARD.

    In addition, a HARD of Western Digital drive would be appropriate due SATA port. :)

  • Satellite A30: how to replace the HARD drive?

    Hi guys

    can someone tell me how to get into my hard drive on my Toshiba Satellite A30, I need to renew... as one who is in all at the time does not work... even in the plans or photos of how it is all set up help of mites...

    Thank you weman4u

    Buli thanks for this great link.
    Even many themes have repeatedly discussed in the forum.
    The simple use of the search option helps to...

  • Re: Satellite P200-178 - how to replace the HARD drive?

    Is it really possible to replace the HARD drive on this model? I have another satellite & which was 2 screws & pulling on one leg, job done.

    The P200 has an opening apparently get actually on the HARD drive but it gets you on the underside of the car, so I think that you will have to pass the upper part by means of the keyboard.

    Can anyone help? I lost 70 pounds on a HARD disk that cannot be mounted?

    Thanks in advance


    As far as I know on all models, it of possible to swap the HARD drive.

    According to the user manual on the underside of the laptop it is a case of HDD for HDD1 and HDD2. This coverage is provided by one or two screws, I think that should be deleted. After that, you are able to exchange the HARD drive.

    Take a look on the underside. HARD drive swap is not complicated and can be done in a few minutes. :)

  • Satellite L300-A13 - how to replace the HARD drive?

    I need to replace my drive hard because I got a disc error and I could hear noises from him. Someone knows the size of the current hard drive replace (either 3.5 SATA or whatever it is)?

    No space memory but actual size, so it can fit inside my computer and someone know a tutorial to replace by yourself?


    To replace the HARD drive, you need a 2.5 HARD drive SATA interface. These 3.5 HARD drive you want to say are only for desktop PC s peut t used in laptops to buy a 2.5 so one.

    But it makes no difference which manufacturing you buy the HARD drive or the size. Just look for a 2.5 HARD drive SATA interface.

    Replace the drive is pretty easy: just remove the two screws on the underside of the cover of the HARD drive. You can exchange it.
    I know because I have the same laptop. ;)

  • Satellite P10 - how to change the HARD drive?


    I want to change my Satellite P10 for a bigger HARD drive.
    But I Don t know how to remove the DvD drive.

    On this laptop, I mean that the HARD drive is under the DvD drive.

    Please help me, if you know how to change the HARD drive.

    Welcome them


    Hi Frank,.

    I'm not too sure about the P10, but on my A30 the hadr drive is under the DVD-ROM. It is secured in place by a single screw (accessible from under the laptop), and when it is deleted the DVD-ROM slides just to place revealing the hard drive.

    The hard drive is fixed with 4 screws (2 on each side)


  • Equium - how to replace the HARD drive?


    I need to replace the hard drive on my Toshiba Equium.
    Can someone tell me the procedure? I changed it once before, and I remember having to press one of the function keys when I turned on the laptop with the new hard drive installed.
    Should I have the recovery disk when the laptop is turned on with the new hard drive installed?

    Thank you very much



    You should take a look in your user manual. Sometimes you will find a detailed how instruction replace the HARD disk, but it according to your laptop model.

    If you swapped the HARD drive, you need to reinstall Windows. Therefore, you can take the Toshiba Recovery disk that will restore the initial setup in a few minutes with all the drivers and tools. You only have to boot from that drive and that s all! :)

  • HARD drive gone bad. How to replace the HARD drive and reinstall operating system without a recovery disk?

    I have a HP with Windows 7 Home Premium TouchSmart tm2.  The HARD drive is clicking and will not start.  Error: Device not found Boot.  I guess I have to replace the HARD drive, but how can I restore/reinstall operating system without a recovery disk?  Windows was preinstalled, and I have the product key.  Thank you.


    You can order a recovery disc defined by following the instructions on the link below.


    You can download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows 7 Home Premium ISO on the link below and use your product key to activate the installation.

    You need a program that will be able to burn ISO files so that the DVD is bootable DVD burning. Burn at the slowest possible speed for best results.

    Then install all the drivers you need for your PC support and driver page.


  • Satellite A30 - how to remove the hard drive

    Hi, new here...

    Can someone tell me how to remove the hard drive in my Tosh A30...

    Thank you

    Hi Tim,.

    The hard drive on your SA30 is in the optical drive, but slide the optical drive out of its housing (undo the F5 marked screws on the bottom of the laptop).

    The hard drive will be visible fixed with four Phillips head screws that need to be removed (two on each side of the hard drive. With the removed screws, gently slide the hard drive toward the front of the laptop to disconnect its connector and carefully pull it out of its Bay.


  • How to replace the hard drive with an SSD on a model of end 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch, A1286


    I would like to replace the hard drive on my model of end 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch, A1286 with a disk solid state drive (SSD). First of all, I would like to know if this is possible. Second, what is the best way to do it? I'm under the Yosemite OS if that makes a difference.

    Here are some technical details of my current system:

    -MacBook Pro 15 inch, late 2011 model A1286

    -OS yosemite

    -16 GB of memory/RAM

    -Currently using stock HD

    All instructions step by step would be helpful with what software should I use to make backups of my current operating system (e.g., SuperDuper). I would also like to know what tools or material I need like type of screwdriver, cables to transfer data to the SSD, etc.. My goal is to not have to reinstall each app one by one on the SSD, but if that's the only way to do it then it's okay.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    You can see instructions OWC here. Tools are mentioned in the discussion (I used a plastic knife picnic with the stronger edge somewhat blunt for nylon pry tool). I suggest you invest in one of these external fences. Install the SSD in who and clone internally externally with CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper. Then move the external drive of the internal drive after the start of the SSD in the external to confirm the operation.

  • How to replace the hard drive on the Satellite A100-301?

    How to remove the old hard drive (deceased) and replace it with a new hard drive on the Satellite A100?

    I don't see that there is a harddiskbay that is easily accessible.
    Do I have to take off the whole backcover?


    On the bottom side of the laptop's HARD drive cover is fixed with a screw.
    Remove the screw and cover, then you can exchange the HARD drive.

    Good bye

  • How to replace the hard drive internal on Satellite 2450?

    Last month, after a BSOD displayed (I don't have the code of error message, unfortunately) my laptop decided to not work again.
    At the start, he reached the start menu and then displays a black screen... no message, no auto restart... nothing. Just a weird noise coming from the hard drive (like a scratched cd).

    I tried to format the drive, but without success. After choosing the boot source, trying to read the cd and the black screen appears again, with no message. I checked if the Bay of cd is not working properly and it is. (I think)
    So I replaced the HDD in my satellite 2450. A new toshiba ide 2.5 30 GB hard drive. But when I install a new one, the system does not recognize.

    The control panel of the Bios says that "no hard disk" is available, and I can not change this option. (locked)
    With the Windows Xp cd in the drive, the Setup program runs all properly until the 'select drive' format menu, witch says that no hard drive is recognized (with a new drive hard in).

    I don't really know what to do!
    Is something missing in this process?

    Thank you for the patience


    The laptop did not recognize a new HARD drive. Which is one reason why Win XP cannot follow the additional installation steps

    I can't say exactly why the HARD drive is not recognized, but the 30 GB IDE should be ok.
    I remember one of my friends had a similar problem with the new HARD drive.
    Some hard drives have a jumper (3.5 HARD drive and 2.5 IDE HARD drive too)
    Maybe you should check if a rider has been set to the right position (slave?).

    Check it otherwise that I recommend to test with another new HARD drive

    In the worst case the disc HARD controller might be faulty, but it would mean replacing a motherboard

  • Satellite L300-144 - how to replace the HARD drive?


    I have a problem: my laptop is Satellite L300-144, but I don't even know my hard drive model.

    Anyone know anything on this subject? And how replcae it? I mean where the hard drive is placed?
    And another question: is it available in BestBuy for example?



    As Akuma said on the underside of the laptop, you will find a HARD drive cover is fixed by 2 screws I think. If you remove these screws, you can see the HARD drive and remove/Exchange it.

    Satellite L300 supports SATA 2.5 hard drives, and you can buy the HARD drive of every computer store where you want to.
    I have good experiences with Seagate and Western Digital hard drives but of course, you can buy a disk from a different manufacture. ;)

  • Satellite P30: How to format the HARD drive and install a new OS?

    I have a satellite P30 laptop with Windows XP. I plug myself a new OS (namely because I can't find my old recovery CD CD and OS) that I want to do a re-shape full of my system. Reason is that my system has been painfully slower and slower over the last year. I even updated my RAM to 512 MB standard supplied with the machine to 2 GB, but it seems to have had little or no effect. So my questions are:-

    1] where can I get my hands on the restore CD that has all the drivers on this subject, and any recovery CD to reformat my HARD drive?
    [2] in the order in which I will make this reformatting?
    How can [3] after having bought an external HARD drive to keep files that I don't want to lose, I transfer those of before my re - format?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



    You received with the laptop Toshiba Recovery CD! Am I wrong?
    So what s the problem?

    Simply insert the CD and try to boot from this CD.
    The restore CD contains all Toshiba drivers, tools and utilities Windows OS + additional software like Win DVD for example.
    The installation will set the laptop to factory settings, but will also format the HARD drive!

    Up to now, we come to the point 3; --> How do I save the data
    If you have purchased a second HDD and connect it to the USB port and transfer all the necessary files on the second HDD
    If you have purchased only the HARD drive, then you will need a USB HDD 2.5 case.

    Best regards

  • Portege R200 - how to replace the HARD drive

    Fundamental questions about the Toshiba Portege R200 (purchased model birthday Thailand August 2005) are:
    (1) Please provide instructions to remove the hard drive (non-functional) (illustrations if possible)
    (2) model has enough space inside for hard drive 2.5 inch? (Impossible to locate 1.8 inches and below, to get the results of [expensive] calls to Toshiba - of interest only)

    (1) while 3 years warranty in force I trecked (expensive) of Malaysia in Bangok (where to buy) at the headquarters of Toshiba (if you know Bangkok taxi drivers, you'll know what a test or going around in circles and the nonsense in the fire that was)... Toshiba agreed HD vibrating but reported would take 3 to 10 weeks to get the HD replacement (!?)
    (2) I was a few weeks later to the r - u (to tie)... They told me they couldn't help; I "should contact my provider...". This is an Asian model, in Europe, we cannot... etc etc.
    (3) a week later the HD has no
    (4) I contacted Toshiba but they told me the warranty expired 7 days before...
    (5) since this time I phoned and was put on hold for Toshiba in the region of London (several times), Singapore (3 times), Thailand (well, if you know how it goes, say-no more, shots of elbow-boost)...

    I got nowhere. But were invited by the media to bring it to the headquarters of Thai (yet)... It's all right, I'll book a flight and hotel etc now, shouldn't cost all that much more than the computer cost me initially...

    Oh, another thing, not very important: to help out me, I bought a lighter machine at Toys R us... 300 quid... for the love of antiquity I always want to get the old dog to this shiny Silver Anniversary edition slim R200 works again...
    I have a 2.5 "HD available (recond and costs all 9 quid in Brummagem) but before I destroy the old R200 dog by ineptitude... (and lost to carefree annoyance no assistance of Toshiba)... and/or on how to remove HD, please?


    I have seen words about your question.
    AFAIK the R200 was equipped with the utility of the HARD disk protection. It is a feature to reduce the risk of damage to the HARD disk.
    Using the acceleration sensor built into the computer drive HARD protection detect vibrations, shocks and sings in the computer and automatically moves the HDD Head somewhere course, in order to reduce the risk of damage.
    But this function does not ensure that the HARD drive will not damage! It reduces the risk of damage!

    However, the HARD drive can be removed very easily.
    At the bottom of the unit, you will find the HARD drive Bay. It s close to the battery (on the left).
    You need to remove two screws to get access to the HARD disk 1.8.

    PS: You can use disks hard only 1.8. The 2.5 hard drives are not compatible.
    I discovered that you can use a TOSHIBA 60GB 4,200 rpm 1.8 HDD HDD1544BZK01

    Welcome them

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