Satellite A200 (PSAE6E) - hotkeys drivers for vista needed


I installed a new copy of windows vista 32 bit and I can't find the hotkey utility driver page

All hotkyes does not react to the FN + F [0-9]

can someone help me with a link or something?

Thank you




If you have installed a clean version of Vista please install all drivers Toshiba, tools and utilities following the order of good facilities described in the document Instructions of facilities.
I hope that everything will work well after having done this.

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  • Satellite M100-180: installing drivers for Vista has no display

    Hello. I am from Russia and my English can be a problem. so excuse me.

    I have a Satellite M100-180.
    I installed vista on my computer and downloaded the drivers for vista for my laptop.
    But I have problems with display on the Ati Mobility Radeon X 1400 graphics card drivers.
    After installation the message that this driver installation. Please answer as possible))


    Satellite M100-180 belongs to the series of PSMA1E. Please download the Vista GPU driver for the right series M100!

    Also on the Toshiba European page driver you will find BIOS especially designed for Vista.
    So if you want to use Vista on your laptop, you will need to update the BIOS.
    But be careful! Do not forget that you have chosen the good BIOS and the right update procedure because the incorrect BIOS may damage the motherboards ROM module!

    Secondly, the installation instruction txt file has been on the site driver of Toshiba. This txt file shows you the right direction how to install the drivers of Toshiba.
    The proper installation order is necessary and important. So please follow the guidelines mentioned in this document.

    Last but not least; the ATI drivers are also available for download on the * * site.
    The driver downloaded from this great short site on my laptop.

    Best regards

  • Satellite M300 PSMD4L Audio drivers for Vista 64 x required

    Hi all

    I'm looking for audio drivers for Vista 64 bit OP for a satellite M300, I bought in Asia - PSMD4L

    Ive tried the driver vista toshiba Asia but its not working, I think because only 32-bit. I think that it is a map its conexant

    Help or direction is appreciated



    See Toshiba us!

    You will find the Satellite M300/M305 series.
    There are some drivers 64 bit Vista published for these series, the sound chip seems to be Conexant and you will find the audio conexant driver as well.

    Check it out!

  • Qosmio G20 156: RAID drivers for Vista needed

    I just tried to install windows vista on my computer, but I can't choose any drive to istall turn it on.
    It says I have to update the drivers for TOSHIBA RAID.

    Anyone who knows where to find or is it impossible for me to install vista on my computer?
    Tanks for all help!


    Hey Magnus

    Really strange because I had seen the RAID for Vista driver on Toshiba page, I swear!
    However, googel one small little for RAID drivers for Vista, and you should find something interesting

  • Satellite M40X: Hotkey drivers for Vista

    Is there anyone who has managed to install the drivers for the shortcut key for M40X on Vista? I tried Toshiba Value Package added to other models, but it does not work. This model is approximately 1.5 years so I don't know if Toshiba will do any support in his favor but Vista works great.

    I think Toshiba will provide drivers Vista laptop capable of Vista with Vista label.
    But it seems that, at this moment, no Vista drivers are available.
    I m afraid you cannot you keys shortcut after Vista installation until the drivers are carried out.

    It seems that you have to wait and hope.

  • Satellite A300-125 and drivers for Vista problem


    I'm new user with toshiba so I made mistake. Yesterday I reinstall my windows vista, but before that I forgot to make a backup, so now I own windows but there is not drivers for some think. for example, what program I need to use the multimedia keys on my keyboard?

    Can someone show me that drivers should I install now to work properly on my computer?

    Thank you...


    To avoid errors, Toshiba has created a little reminder that will appear on the screen very often and I don't really understand why you didn t read this and take it seriously.
    Anyway, if you have installed has Vista visit the Toshiba support under page > support & downloads. You will find everything you need. Just choose your model of laptop.

    Before starting installation, check to see if it has listed document Instructions of facilities. If so, please check and install all the stuff following this order of installations.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 (PSAE6) crashes on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit


    I recently had a few frequent freezes on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Edition, I think it's maybe the video card (ATI HD2600 mobility). I have already downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the Toshiba site, but it continues to, sometimes, when I'm playing games, the screen blinks for 5 seconds or more and then would become black, completely erased, but the background sound and everything still works well and I am able to shut down the PC by pressing the power button once and then restart it normally.

    It's a minor problem, the major problem is the freezing point, it freezes completely without warning, but oddly enough, he freeze by practicing a game! But freezes on normal operations (internet, office, etc.). I did the tests, tests of HARD drive memory, all in good health, and worse, on the Windows Event Viewer could not detect any problem, simply says 'unexpected system shutdown.

    I'd appreciate help please.

    Thank you

    Hi I do not know if this will help, but you've got service pack 1 installed on your laptop, as when I installed it on my desktop the first time it caused blue screen errors and gave me a lot of problems, including the error messages that seemed to come with applications, I opened and a boring IQRL driver equal or less than but could not work why and then ultimately , I had so many problems that I had to completely reformat my office and I removed my scanner XP and webcam (both had vista drivers) and when I reinstalled service pack 1, it was beautiful, if by any chance do you have anything attached to your XP laptop and vista drivers as these seemed to be what was causing my errors.

    Also a question about your graphic card drivers, I have the same laptop as you and was looking for updates to the graphics driver and couldn't find them anywhere on the site, where did you find yours? I use Vista Home Premium 32 bit, my model number is A200-28 p (PSAE6) and I would like to know if there is a new graphics card driver but can not find on the basis of knowledge, so the fact you have updated your would be could you point a new user in the right direction :-)

    Thank you


  • Satellite A200 - 2BH PSAE6E - where to find the drivers for Vista

    Hi evrerybody

    I have a toshiba Satellite A200-2BH PSAE6E-0HE049FR and I want to download drivers for windows vista.
    Problem: I can't find in the download page: s

    Can any one helpe me?
    I have a question othere how can I upgrade my vista to windows 7?

    Thank you

    You can find all the drivers on the European driver Toshiba page.
    I imagine that check you didn t the Archives area.

    You will find the drivers.
    Product type choose Archive and this helps you to get the Satellite A200 PSAE6

  • Vista drivers for Satellite A200 PSAE6E series required


    Please can someone tell me where I can download my pc drivers (all) that is
    Satellite A200 - 1 t 8 PSAE6E 05W032IT for Vista

    Thank you to

    Come see the European driver toshiba page.

    Choose here:
    -Satellite a series
    -Satellite A200 PSAE6
    -Vista 32 bit

    All that s

  • Satellite A50-109: need drivers for Vista

    Abdoulaye all body...

    where can I find drivers for Vista...

    my PC is 'Satellite A50-109'

    Hi Alzaabi

    I wish that you check different threads here in the forum before opening a new topic of Vista drivers.
    Someone posted this link to the document from Toshiba:

    Windows Vista Driver Support for Toshiba laptops models

    As you can see the A50 is not listed ;(
    Therefore, you should check the various unique drivers of another series or visit device manufacturing sites to get the driver for vista
    Good luck

  • Satellite A300D-126 - need drivers for Vista Ultimate x 64

    Hello world!
    can someone tell me where can I find the drivers for vista ultimate x 64 can laptop? On this site, I couldn't find that for the 32 x.
    Is it works on x 64? It's urgent pls...
    Thank you


    You Satellite A300D-126 belong to the series of PSAK4E. Is this good?

    Well, as you say the European Toshiba page pilot provides drivers for Vista 32 bit and Win XP at this time.
    It seems therefore that the 64 bit Vista drivers are not available at this time!

    Therefore, you have to collect eth Vista 64 bit drivers with your own hands...


  • Satellite A300 - need drivers for Vista 64 bit

    Hi all

    I have the satellite A300 (PSAGOS - 03401C), I did a fresh install of Vista 64-bit, but unable to find the drivers for the device. Research on Toshiba driver support has not been successful.

    Any help appreciated. Thank you

    Hi married,

    Satellite A300 PSAG0S unknown to me, but on the European page, I created a similar model, PSAG0E. But the problem is that there is no drivers for Vista 64-bit, so I tried a Windows 7 64 bit and here I could found the more pilots. Normally, Windows 7 drivers should also work, they are compatible to Windows Vista downgrade.
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite A300 > PSAG0E > Windows 7 64 bit

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Impossible to install the audio drivers after installing Win XP realtek


    Recently, I repartitioned my laptop HD to install XP and kubuntu (it came with vista)... However, I was not able to install audio drivers for its audio devices...

    The laptop is a toshiba Satellite A200-PSAE6E and everest indicates the following audio controllers:

    ATI hd 2xxx hdmi @ ati radeon hd 2600 - controller high definition audio
    Realtek alc268 @ intel 82801hbm ich8m - audio controller high definition

    First I tried to download the audio drivers high definition realtek web site (32-bit version of windows xp). I tried to run the installation, manually navigating to WDM file during the installation of the pilot and navigation manually the folders where the drivers have been copied during the installation under c:\windows\system32\... all to nothing done...

    Then I tried to download drivers toshiba official of the support web site of europe from toshiba for the realtek chip... I've lived the same behavior (both when you run the Setup program and install manually force pilots)

    Then I tried to download the drivers for ATI HDMI audio device from realtek website... with the same results...

    Windows tells me that it was impossible to find a driver in the any of the archives...

    The only thing that could be the culprit because as far as I can tell, is that I installed service pack 3 RC2...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    P.S. I've tried the two automatic installation through specification of a folder and choose the options "I will manually choose a driver from the list" in the hardware installation wizard... the result is always the same... Note that the audio works perfectly under ubuntu...

    P.S.2 IMPORTANT! I recently discovered that toshiba offers bios versions for the A200 PSAE6E depending on if it is equipped with windows xp or vista...

    This refers to which the operating system has been installed when the system was purchased, or the operating system that is currently used? Can I upgrade the Bios of my laptop with the XP version or this break from things?


    Regarding the sound issue.
    A lot of people already asked for it here on the forum and my knowledge the driver sound doesn't work because that some Member States the fixes and patches are missing.

    Please check this thread:

    You will need to install KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix

    With regard to the BIOS;
    Yes, some series of laptops needs a version of XP BIOS if you want to install and use the XP on the laptop. AFAIK the A200 is one of these series of laptops.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200-PSAE6E: I want to use Windows 7 - what drivers should I use?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAE6E, and now I want to use Windows 7.
    Only, I have a question, if the drivers are supported and what BIOS I need to use


    Windows 7 is not official on the market. Only the RC (Beta) version is available.
    This means that there is no driver specific to the Win 7 OS.

    But as you know the Vista is very similar to Win 7 and it is why some drivers (not all) should work and work with Win 7.

    Just test and check what can be used and what doesn t work with Win 7

    Maybe you could post some summary finall...

  • Vista Ultimate on Satellite A200 PSAE6 - FN buttons do not work

    FN + F1, F2 keys do not work for me computer laptop Satellite A200 (PSAE6), installed Windows Vista Ultimate... F 12.

    I downloaded driver Package of added value, but support for the combinations given did not appear.
    Write the reference where it is possible to download the driver. The version of bios is installed later.

    It is desirable, that there are Russian support.
    Thank you.


    All available, drivers, tools and utilities can be used with every version of Vista. What is important that all these things must be installed in the order of good facilities. Here, the order of the facilities.

    Windows Vista
    Intel Crestline Chipset utility
    Robson Packege (Intel iMSM Driver)
    Intel Crestline GM driver
    nVidia Display Driver
    Realtek ALC268 Audio driver
    Realtek 8101E 10/100 / Driver LAN Gigabit 8111
    Synaptics Touch Pad Driver (with LuxPad) V9.1.19.0
    ALPS Touch Pad Driver V7.0.301.4
    TI Multiple Digital Media Card Reader V2.0.0.7
    TOSHIBA software modem
    Driver Intel LAN wireless Golan/Kedron
    Wireless LAN driver
    Camera V1.7.130.0330
    Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba V5.10.06T
    Bluetooth Monitor V3.01 (Build 20070215)
    Enbeded IR V0.0.0.6C
    TOSHIBA Value Added Package V1.0.17
    TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support Utility V1.48.0.3C
    TOSHIBA Hardware Setup Utility V1.48.0.9C
    TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility V1.48.0.8C
    TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities V1.8.1.1
    TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility V5.6.0.3284
    TOSHIBA ConfigFree V7.00.27
    TOSHIBA Assist V2.00.03
    And so on if something is missing from this list.

    See Russian Toshiba page for Russian support.

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