Satellite A200 running Windows 7 jumps and leave a loop of HARD disk write

Programs to stop responding and the machine mode of writing permanently on the HARD drive. Will be repeated for several minutes then stops. Programs then work again. The machine makes it every two minutes. That is good for about 2 minutes then locaked for 5 to 6 minutes

Programs that run in time are only Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and scan Antivirus Vet CA

The machine has the last Vista BIOS loaded after the problem started.
Have also updated the following drivers... Chipset Intel, Intel Turbo Memory, Nvidia Display Robson, all after the occurrence of the problem and the problem persists.

A few times the computer crashed with a blue screen message, codes error recovered at startup as follows:

Signature of the problem:
Problem event name: Bluescreen
OS version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

More information about the problem:
BCCode: f4
BCP1: 00000003
BCP2: 881C94C0
BCP3: 881C962C
BCP4: 82A3BD50
PS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1


Hi Bagsy,

Have you noticed this problem on Windows 7 only or with other versions of Windows too? What happens if you run preinstalled OS to Toshiba, you see this BSOD too?

Bluescreens are often associated with drivers, RAM or HARD drive. Because of this entry permanently on the HARD drive, I'd say check with Drive Fitness Test. It is a freeware for HARD drive diagnostic tool that you can download here:

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    Try the support of toshiba laptop satellite. There were many models within the family a205, but also different drivers for different versions of windows, but you can start on the next page,

  • Satellite A200-1AI - Windows has detected the hard drive error

    Hi guys.

    I think its time I replaced my hard drive. Ive done all the checks and his return there is no errors with the hard disk, yet whenever I connect I get a message saying that there is.

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    MODEL NAME: Toshiba Satellite A200-1AI


    CAPACITY: 200 GB


    The Satellite A200 supports the SATA HDD controller.
    That's why you need to buy a SATA 2.5 HARD.
    The value of the rmp is not really important for compatibility issues with the 4200 RPM HDD or more is possible and compatible.

    SATA controller not limited to any size of HARD drive, you can also use large drives.

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  • Satellite A200 PSAE3: Windows XP Home edition do not recognize the modem and sound card

    Hi all!

    I can't understand what is the problem with my Satellite A200 (PSAE3)... I downloaded all the files on the right of the Toshiba Download Center, updated the BIOS to WXP but XP still not find any sound card or any modem. He isn't finding a device with a "?" question mark on this...

    There are so many different drives, I tried, but no one has changed the situation...
    Anyone has any advice?

    Thanks in advance,


    Well, I found the solution to the problem! :)

    so, I write these verses down for anyone who might know the same problems:

    as usual, strictly follow the 'Toshiba A200 Installation sequence' found on the TOshiba driver download page.
    as he [I jumped no useful installation programs]

    I advice restart you each time you install a component, in order to have under control the whole Exchange.

    1 Windows XP Service Pack2 (RTM) - of course ;) -.
    DirectX V9.0c 5 (SP2)
    Windows Media Player 10 V10.00.00.4036 6
    10 Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1.4322 (SR1)
    11 Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment V1.6.0
    12 Intel ICH8M Chipset utility V8.2.0.1014
    13 Intel VGA driver 965GM

    Note that driver VGA, the ATI we too, was also a difficulty - in fact, I don't know what it would have done - for the AUDIO sound card.
    You may have read in the installation dialog box.

    Moreover, I do not know if you must install the sun java, .NET framework and WMP version that displays the list, versions that are OLDER than the most recent, but just to be sure, download the form versions THAT NET.

    at this point, you should see "unknown PCI device" in the unknown devices in the system control panel.

    14 Realtek ALC268 Audio Driver V5.10.0.5433

    for realtek, I suggest you download the driver from the zip from the realtek download page; Once extracted from the latest version for desktop or a temp directory, I suggest to install before all the patch KB888111 you might find in the \WDM_Rxxx\MSHDQFE.

    then restart.

    for now, you should not see the "unknown PCI device" no more where it was before, but under the "system devices", like her, where you could also end the "Intel PCI Express Root Port", "Pci Bus" and so on [ja? m saying this to you because ja? m Italian aid of XP, and I don't remember the exact English names...].

    Now, install the audio drivers by using the setup.exe that you find in the \WDM_Rxxx directory.
    It should reinstall the kbfix and install the new drivers.


    After the reboot, nothing happens, but...

    .. see the "unknown pci device" menu - here? m not sure the name but the one with the exclamation mark in the 'system devices' - select 'Properties' and then 'driver' and 'update driver'. Let XP find the NOT on the net. tell XP to look for "Video and Audio Controller, game" [you know, the English entry that usually stands for device audio and similar] and he must find a CORRESPONDING driver, which is the "MICROSOFT UAA BUS DRIVER for HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO".
    If XP don't select this driver by itself, you should look for "\windows\system32\DRIVERS\hdaudbus.sys".

    After that, XP automatically detects ALL audio devices and install the correct drivers.
    In addition, it now the entrance to the modem, modem to install the separate driver, that we could find in down in the "list system", like her, on the Toshiba download page.

    So, hope this helps!

    See you soon,.


  • Satellite A200-1NH-AHCI/SATA300/ChipSet and the Installation of Windows 7

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba A200-1NH.
    Model: PSAE3E-03K01DDU.

    Because the hard drive has failed I replaced it with a new one.
    Model: WD3200BPVT.
    It is the ATA/300 and 320 GB.

    My goal is to install Windows 7. I started with the disks of origin comes with the laptop to install Vista and intended to upgrade Vista to Windows 7 later.

    Start with the original installation disc leads me to the first boot of Windows and then the system says "Windows cannot configure your computer's hardware. She's.

    I did some research and discovered that she could have something to do with the Chipset drivers.
    It is not possible to add drivers during the installation by using the original recovery disk. That's why I tried an install of Windows 7 and adding the AHCI ICH8M drivers during installation.

    Windows 7 installation cannot use the drive, any driver chipset I have add during installation, it does not change a thing.

    To revert to the original installation disc provided with the laptop, formatted the disk, absolute 0 partitions on it, restarted with disk, create partitions, copy of the data from windows and once again, the message:
    "Windows cannot configure the hardware in your computer.

    I have not tried to update the BIOS, did not and manual for it that does not use Windows Update the BIOS.
    I have not tried another disc. I connect this drive on my Mac and ran diagnostics, that's fine.
    I have not tried all the AHCI drivers, I found, there are hundeds, it is unclear which I should use.

    You guys give me advice?

    New version of BIOS found, cannot use it.
    To install Windows, I need to update the BIOS, to update the BIOS... I need Windows.

    Post edited by: Thijxx

    > Windows 7 installation cannot use the drive, any driver chipset I have add during installation, it does not change a thing.

    To my knowledge, Windows 7 already contains the SATA/AHCI driver that's why it should not be necessary to add the SATA driver during the installation of Win 7. Had driver for Win XP or Vista installation only.

    This is why I would recommend checking another HARD drive and boot from the original disc of Microsoft Win 7.

    By the way: the European Toshiba driver page provides the Intel Storage Manager (this package contains the SATA drivers) just to Win XP and Vista so my assumption should be correct that Win 7 doesn't have the SATA driver to recognize the HARD drive during the installation procedure.

  • Satellite A200-1BJ: Windows Server 2003 need display driver

    Dear Sir.

    A couple of days, I bought laptop Toshiba Satellite A200-1BJ of Jarir Book Store, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
    The system configuration is provided by the company.
    Operating system: Windows Vista editions Home Premium
    300 hard drive space is divided into two partitions:
    C - Vista with Go 138
    D data disk seen 139 GK

    I installed windows Server 2003 on the D drive. However, the hibernation and Eve features do not appear in the windows server 2003 OS. According to the Microsoft articale, these two functions becomes active only after the installation of the correct display drivers.

    My computer is the "Mobility Radeon HD2600" display device. I search all over the internet and also interviewed via e-mail at (the manufacturer of this device). I could not the device driver compatible for Windows Server 2003. According to the ATI support staff, I need to contact the manufacturer of the laptop is Toshiba himself.

    Can anyone provide me the site or the software driver for "Mobility Radeon HD2600.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards.
    N. Rama Krishna Pai


    Are you looking for the drivers for Windows Server 2003?
    Well, I think you will find all the drivers Win Server 2003 because this drivers don t exist.

    Win Server 2003 operating system was designed based on windows XP.
    So usually the drivers Win XP should work!

    Furthermore, as you are probably aware that the Win Server 2003 operating system is not supported by Toshiba you need to search on sites of third 3rd ATI graphic driver.

    Maybe a site might help you.

    But note; 3 third party drivers can be installed ONLY at your own RISK! Why?
    Because these drivers have not been tested and so no one can tell if the laptop will run stable and will work properly after installing these drivers.

Maybe you are looking for