Satellite A200 with not battery


Could someone advise me please?
I have a Satellite A200 which does not seem to charge the battery for more than half an hour - even if it was left for 2-day charge on AC.

It is driving me + MAD + please help :)

Cheers - Bee


Hey Buddy

This is a user to user forum not technicians, there is everything here, and you can always meet the same people like you and me
If don t be worried about some sarcasm here ;)

Back to your question, in fact, it looks like a malfunction of the accumulator and in my opinion, you should test another battery, but before you would get in touch with Toshiba ASP, you must check if your BIOS is updated the BIOS should be updated later say I don't very well if this will change anything but it s worth a try m

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  • Satellite A200 starts not - LED flashing error

    I have problem with my Satellite A200.
    The battery button blinks 2 times blue and orange 2 times and it does not start.

    Can someone help me?


    Please check this interesting document: what can I do if my computer will not Power On?
    If the problem persists please let us know.

  • 1IZ satellite A200 with Vista crashes every day without no reason

    Hello guys,.

    I have a Satellite A200 with Vista Home Premium installed. In the past months, the BONE is suspended every day, I was not able to detect the reason. nothing is having replied to the questionnaire, not even Ctrl-Alt-Delete, the only solution is to stop from the power switch.
    I do not found something wrong in the system log, so I do not know what to do. Toshiba PC diagnostic shows everithing OK.

    What can I do? Perhaps a cooling problem? A guide for cleaning?

    Thank you.


    So to be honest, it's hard to say what are the really causes your system to hang. Possible reasons:

    HIV 1-infected
    2 problem of file system Os including drivers, programms...
    3 had to be clean
    hardware problem 4

    I recommend:

    1 search for viruses
    2 reinstall the drivers (especially as a vga and chipset drivers). Check installed programs
    3 use compressed air jet to blow off the dust from the cooling module.

    If this does not help, do a fresh install of the operating system. Then we will see what to do

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  • Cannot connect my Satellite A200 with my Headset HBH-PV708

    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite A200 with Win Vista Home Premium.

    My Blootooth recognizes and connects everything right from my mobile phone NOKIA, but NOT NOT connect my Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV708.
    Could someone help me please to solve this problem?
    I would like to use the headset with my SKYPE.

    Thank you.

    I wonder if you can connect if you enable 'link level apply secuirty... '. "in the Bluetooth Options > Security > custom level

  • Satellite A200 is not charging the battery

    Hello everyone!

    I apologize for my English; It is not the main language.
    Somehow that I can take my Satellite A200 and Assembly are not correctly open the cable (don't know what the cable, apparently the power of the screen), it has been between the keyboard and the top panel, but I forgot and put it between the motherboard and the top panel and... when all assembled and understood that most of the burned... cables precisely burned coil... cord I immediately pulled out but the battery remained in it... in general not very well turned out ;)))

    As a result of what it led to: first is sometimes not visible when you move the keyboard and the touchpad... to eliminate the need to restart the car... then, in principle, sometimes a laptop is not included, i.e. of tanning power of the lamp and all... in this case to remove the worst... and finally, power cable the battery is more responsible... i.e. After all this, I discharge the battery and now the laptop only works on the power cable.

    Question: is the problem of battery or motherboard?

    Your English is hard to understand, but it seems that you disassembled the laptop and some cables connected in the wrong way.
    Then something is charred and now you have some problems with the battery, etc.

    I think that there is a hardware problem, who knows what you did in the past
    The fact is that you did something wrong... it is always a risk if someone without a technician experience disassemble the laptop.

    In your case, I recommend you contact someone who knows how to check the hardware specifications, you need professional help

  • Webcam on Satellite A200 does not work with Windows Media Encoder

    Material: TOSHIBA Satellite A200 (1GH) with built-in Chicony webcam.

    When I use the software Chicony webcam - it works allright (video recorded normally).
    BUT: when I have Chicony software from Windows Media Encoder (preinstalled with Vista) - when I try to select the webcam as input device - and closing the error reported is "the device is not ready".

    This error also repeated if I select for driver webcam Microsoft instead of native driver Chicony webcam.


    Download the latest driver Chicony and the software for the Toshiba page and install it.
    Don t forget to remove the old version.

    In addition, if you get the error message like webcam is used by another application or "device is not ready you must start the msconfig and should turn off and turn on webcam chicony and process service.»

    Good bye

  • Need Satellite A200 with motherboard K000054980

    Hello! I have a toshiba satellite A200 23v with faulty motherboard... some parts in good condition as a pointing device, screen, keyboard, lcd display, memory, cpu, hard drive, battery, charger and other isn't as A200 covers, motherboard, Express Card slot, vga, microphone etc.i want to keep the good parts spare and buy renovated/good condition toshiba laptop-i cannot find renovated/good condition a200-23v so I think to buy other models (A200 A205 (, pro, etc.) that support my parts.where can find new parts? where can I find all models toshiba with the card mother K000054980?

    I found this:
    other models?

    Thank you very much!

    All this is not so simple, and I think it can be quite problematic.
    Each laptop model has the specific part number. All laptops with the same part number have identical hardware and hardware components.
    Your A200 PSAE6E part number so you can use the motherboard of each A200 model with this part number.

    Check eBay. You will find lots of older Toshiba laptops and I imagine you can find parts for your machine.

  • Satellite A200 - loses the battery, switch off the power

    I have a relatively old Satellite A200, yet almost all inside is new except the battery. The battery has a very short life, but that's because its old. Recently the computer started to suddenly lose the battery, so the charge light stays on, the battery light turns off and the battery icon said "plugged in, not charging." However, the computer still work on battery power. If I see it at the time, then by removing and replacing the charger repeatedly, I can start it load again, but if I am not it switches off without warning. Since the battery life is now less than a minute which often.

    I don't think that the problem is with the charger because it always shows the charger is plugged in, and when the computer is off the battery light is always on when it is plugged. I had a problem with the power connector, but if the motherboard was recently replaced so I don't think that's it either.

    If someone could help it would save me a lot of frustration, thank you.


    At first, I must say that you should not be frustrated. Problems with consumer products are normal, and each of us has problems with laptops, televisions or other electronic product.

    Let's see what you can do about it.
    Your description is OK, but what I want to know is follow:
    When you remove the battery can work on your laptop with no problems (start work, cut)?

    I also think that the battery is too old and I presume it's troublemaker in the history. It is not easy to explain what behavior flashing if you have a defective hardware or old coin inside.

    Maybe, you need to buy the replacement of the battery and check the features for laptop and the battery, just to see if everything will be OK again. If you will be faced with the same problem again then we can discuss what may be the problem.
    In my opinion only a reason for this could be electronic power supply.

    What do you think?

  • Satellite A200 - with connected power supply screen goes black or partial

    I have a satellite A200 age of 5 years.

    The laptop works fine when using the power of the battery when the AC power cable is plugged into the computer freezes sometimes displaying a partial color screen or a black screen. I tried with my son AC cord (also Toshiba) and same problem appears.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, very frustrating.

    Regards Dave.

    It is not easy to help in issues that sometimes occur.
    Have you done something about this? Something like test with its own OS preinstalled?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what may be the problem. It can be caused by software, but also the material can be responsible for this.
    In my opinion, you should backup all your data and reinstall original Vista and test it with the factory settings.

    If the problem occurs again you must be a hardware problem.

  • Re: Satellite A200 does not start

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 on VISTA.
    The laptop does not start. I can get to the Toshiba splash screen, but don't go no more far just get the blocking of the laptop and the display one? symbol at the top right of the screen.

    I tried

    -Reset to the factory settings (no difference)
    -Starting with the battery and output (no difference)
    -Withdrawal of the memory modules and try different configurations (no difference)
    -Remove the hard drive (screen displays the details of Intel and say no HD media detected no screen Toshiba either)
    -Pressing the button to try to get in windows safe mode (can t happen).

    Title information, under settings, I see the hard drive and DVD player is connected is connected.

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi mate

    It seems that you have already tried all possible solution proposals
    But what happens if you start the laptop using a bootable diskette. for example, recovery disk, disk Win XP, Linux live CD, etc?

    I knew it could be a HARD drive problem, even if the HARD drive is correctly detected by the BIOS
    Maybe a replacement HARD drive might help maybe.

    Otherwise, it could be a serious hardware problem I m thinking: motherboard

    What do you think?

  • Satellite A200 could not recognize the HARD drive during XP installation

    Hi all
    I need help with my laptop, please...

    My problem is,
    I have a notebook by Satellite A200, and the operating system is Vista, am not satisfied with Vista at all so I bought a Windows XP bootable CD... When I tried to install it it gave me a massage that he could not recognize my hard drive...

    I checked the Web from Toshiba site and downloaded the files from the storage for XP Manager as someone told me it could be the SATA problem and you must apply on your hard disk for XP will see it?

    The question is:
    How much is real?
    How can I install XP on my PC now?
    can I install Storage Manager while I'm on Vista and then install XP?
    I put the Storage Manager on a CD and boot from it?

    am really confused because when I extracted the Storage Manager and view the files I found the setup button and a few other folders, and I do not know what those to use because I don't know what is my hard drive... and any help will be much appreciated

    Thanking you a lot in advance

    Hi abu´s,

    Here´s a suggestion: Please use the search function in the forum because this subject has been discussed about 1000 times!

    Here´s a link to a thread were talking about installing XP on their machines with the need of the SATA drivers. Furthermore, it is important to doesn´t if you have a different machine, the procedure is always the same:

    Cheers and good luck

  • Satellite A200-27U not wakes up after hibernation when you open the lid

    I just bought a new Satellite A200 27U which goes a lot so far.
    However, I have configured in hibernation mode when I close the lid.

    I can't resume automatically hibernate when I open the lid.
    I have to press the power button.
    Is this normal, should resume automatically?

    If yes how to do it do?

    It is the same with my Satellite P200 and I think it's normal. It is the same on my second laptop preinstalled WXP.
    Putting into service is not automatically and after you open the laptop I have to press power button / stop too.
    But it is not so problematic. What do you think?

    You use Windows XP Home or Vista edition?

  • How Formatt Satellite A200 with recovery disk


    I need help.

    I currently own a Satellite A200 and I contain the recovery disc. I have 2 hard drives, 1 with vista, 1 with all the stuff not install as a music. I want to formatt the discs with the recovery disk. I formatted the C drive with vista before, but I don't remember how once again.

    I booted up the laptop with the recovery disk, eventually the mode of repair of the system... but what's the next step? I have to formatt and get the stuff to fabric settings.

    Please help me

    When you use recovery disk for the installation of operating system of the first HARD drive will be formatted completely. This means that all partitions and data will be gone. Second HARD drive can be formatted in Vista.

    So now install new OS by using recovery image.
    Start your laptop and press F12 will be bootable devices
    Place the recovery media in the optical disc drive
    In the list, select CD/DVD and press ENTER
    Follow the menu on the screen (for the most part, you must press button NEXT)

    When the facilities of the OS is finished and you can start Vista, type Windows Explorer (combination WIN + e. click with the right button of the mouse on the second HARD drive and select Format...

    All that s!

  • Dual boot on Satellite A200 with Vista-XP?

    Computer details: * Satellite A200 PSAE6E... *.
    The laptop came with Vista... I managed to install Windows XP (with new drivers etc...) and it ' s working fine * BUT * after reboot, Acronis OSS does not recognize Vista and the computer starts directly with Win XP only. (I need two BONES...)

    I'm looking for a lot of instructions now of hours * dual boot *, but everyone takes for granted that I have an Installation DVD for Vista... I don't!
    Toshiba came only with the product recovery CD, so all the instructions of MBR and solutions that even Microsoft gives me (E:\boot\bootsect.exe/nt60 all...) it does nothing!

    Is there anyone out there?
    Please... If you can give me no hint at all... it would be just a miracle... Thank you


    have you heard of 'Vistaboot'->

    A program that allows you to change the bootoptions, so if you want to change the boot settings, then try this program.

    Otherwise, you can also consult the "UBCD4Win" program which is a live cd of windows xp with many tools, you may find something to change the Boot Manager.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A200 is not booting

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop computer and can't run. The system itself is about a year. I just came in this morning and my laptop was on the second screen when the system is started and now that's going to go.

    When I press on the power button it takes a lot more time then he does usually for the monitor the screen Toshiba (probably about 10 seconds). Then he stay on it for 5 to 10 seconds and then it goes to the next screen where it shows the rights of author and media RXE Roma or other...
    I would really appreciate if someone could provide an overview of this. My computer knowledge is thin so to speak clearly please lol.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Jackson

    Depending on your message, Notepad starts, but the installed operating system does not start
    There may be something with the HARD drive or with the operating system on the disk HARD questions are possible, and that's why I would recommend restoring the operating system using the Toshiba Recovery CD. You can try to use the Toshiba Recovery CD and could attempt to reinstall the system.

    If this is not possible, the HARD drive is ok and there was just something wrong with the software on the HARD disk.
    But if the new installation of the operating system is not possible, then chances are that your HARD drive is dead and should be replaced.

    Good bye

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