Satellite A210-128: I want to change the 320 GB HARD drive 7200 RPM

Hallo all

Can someoane help me with this little problem?
I have a portable satellite A210-128 with a hard drive of 250 G 4200 RPM (* slowest *)... I want to change the hard drive with a hdd 2.5 "Western Digital 320 G 7200 RPM (* speed *).

1. If I buy a disk sata2 hard can I put on my laptop because my A210-128 has a disk sata hard?

2 can I I install vista on this new hard drive on my vista dvd, im asking this because I want to be shor that my recovery dvd * RECOGNIZES THE NEW HARD drive * and I can install a new copy of windows or installing dvd can * only works with disk drives hard toshiba *... ???

Thank you.

As to the question;

(1) I think a SATA2 HARD drive would go because the standard SATA2 is compatible to the bottom. But I assume that the system will operate as a good HDD SATA.

(2) Yes, you can install vista using the Toshiba Recovery DVD. It shouldn't be a problem with a fresh install

Good bye

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    In fact, this is not true. As long as he uses a large SSD enough it will be able to use the recovery media. I suggest using a SSD of 256 or 512 GB if budgeted for the upgrade...

    He doesn't have to make a Windows 7 installation USB drive and use the activation key license on the certificate of authenticity from the PC Windows to perform a cleanup to install.

    One of them should be on your PC. The Prodct key is what is needed for installation and activation online.

  • Low beginning on Satellite M40-145 after changing the 160 GB HARD drive


    I own a Satellite M40-145 since 2005. After more than two years without any problem, two weeks ago the 80 GB hard drive to the original address has been damaged. So I had to replace it with a new, 160 GB (this replacement was made in a store because it's out of warranty).

    I used successfully on the new HARD drive recovery CD to install Windows XP and all the drivers (just as when it was new).
    I used Partition Magic to create a partition of D for data. Also, I installed Office 2003, Norton 360 and connected to the Internet.
    It worked quickly with only small problems than perhaps with little patience I could fix: as this Bluetooth hardware is not detected and the wireless switch began with the lights off even being in the position we (it worked with new just switching out-lit again). But suddenly, after only one day of use, Windows starts became very slow. It takes about 4-5 minutes until it is possible to use the laptop.

    Now, I tried many possibilities to solve the problem, but always ending on the same problem: I used the recovery CD again and try to use the computer with or without updates (I thought that maybe the problem was due to a bad update), with and without Internet access, etc.
    I also tried in vain the program Microsoft Bootvis to try to speed up the startup, etc.

    I even created an image with Acronis to only with XP and Office running fast, so that I could install it again and try new things.
    I also tried to clean the registry with various programs like CCleaner, TuneUp 2008
    Also the defrag JKDefrag and PageDefrag. But always returning to the same problem after a few days of good conduct.

    I don't know what else I could do. I wonder if maybe the new HD is damaged (although I test and no error or no damage was detected) or if the update BIOS might resolve this problem (I'm not and that's a big risk).

    Please, could someone help me?
    Thank you very much for your attention.

    In my view, that there is nothing wrong with the software or all drivers on you laptop.
    I think the key is the enormous size of the HARD drive.

    The difference between 80 and 160 GB is huge.

    To my knowledge, the BIOS supports a limit on the size of HARD drive and I really wonder why the 160 GB HARD drive has been recognized by the BIOS.

    However, I think you should test a 100 GB, 120 GB HDD if the same question perhaps if poster using a HDD a size smaller.

    Best regards

  • Satellite C650D-112 - reinstall Win 7 after the failure of HARD drive

    The 320 HDD on my C650D-112 18 months, failed last week.
    I replaced it with a 128 GB SSD and it now boots into Windows 8 preview in about 10 seconds!

    I have a copy of the disk HARD original including the recovery of HARD drive Partition, but no recovery disk.
    I can't reinstall drive would work I had been a responsible adult and created the disk when the laptop is new because the disk is smaller.

    Is it possible to reinstall the original Windows 7 Home Premium operating system of the copy of the HARD drive recovery Partition?

    > Is it possible to reinstall the original Windows 7 Home Premium operating system of the copy of the HARD drive recovery Partition?

    No, to my knowledge, this is not possible, even if you copy the contents of the recovery of HARD drive on the new partition on the new HARD drive, HARD drive recovery option does not appear in the advanced boot menu.
    So, it seems you need to order a new drive to get here:

  • Satellite A210-171 - how can I change the contrast and brightness?

    I have myself in a bit of a mess here!
    I am a digital artist and because I had trouble with my colors of the laptop to the printer I have advised me of many artist to buy a color calibrator.

    My software has come today, but I was not able to do anything with it yet because it asks me to put my * contrast and brightness to 50% maximum setting * and I can't find where it is?

    I have a satellite A210-171 - please someone help me
    I'm desperate!


    The brightness and contrast, you can change in display properties.
    Check it!

    In addition, you can change the brightness of the screen using FN + F6 and FN + F7.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite A210 - 11 p: how to change the GPU shared memory

    Hi all,
    I recently bought this laptop with 2 GB of memory.
    I just bought 4 GB of Crucial, after doing the scan and it recommends the right Ram purchase.

    I installed it and when check in information system's watch than 3.3 GB.
    Now that I'm confused because according to this specification on blocks:

    «Graphic adapter: memory: 256 MB of VRAM dedicated (up to 1,023 MB memory graphics available using technology HyperMemory with 2 GB of system memory total) "»

    It seems that the graphics adapter card has took a little of my memory of the system.
    How can I change the settings so that it used only 256 MB or just a little more? I can't find a way to Vista.


    * waves *.

    Please check this Toshiba document on this subject of 3.3 GB memory.

    The windows and the BIOS cannot recognize all of the 4 GB due to the limitation of the 32-bit system.
    System resources need of addressing which overlaps physical memory below 4 GB.
    These requirements can reduce available addressable memory space to and reported by the operating system

    The GPU sharing only 256 MB.

    PS: I read somewhere on the net that the new Vista SP1 which is officially available in 2008 has solved the problem with limitation of 32-bit system

    Best regards

  • Windows Boot Manager, I want to change the Configuration of hard disk

    I have a computer with two former 500 GB Hard Drives.  The "Legacy" operating system is installed on the first physical hard disk in the system and Windows 7 is installed on the second physical hard disk, they are the identical WD drives.  I bought a new Seagate Barracuda 1000 GB drive, I want to use in place of the mark.

    So currently I have:

    SATA-0, score 0: Legacy 500 GB OS

    SATA-5, score 0: 500 GB Windows 7

    With the new player, I want to:

    SATA-0, score 0: Legacy 500 GB OS

    SATA-0, Partition 1: 500 GB Windows 7

    I have disk imaging software, able to copy both disks to the new partitions on the new disk.  What I want to know is how can ensure me that I continue to get the start menu to see the two operating systems.

    Of course, I will still have the old hard disks available, and I can always put them in.  It's just that the cloning process takes a long time, and I would like to have my procedure in advance.  The first time I have start the system with the 1 TB drive, it will not be a disk of 500 Go SATA-5, score 0: in the computer.  I don't know which files must be modified to search for Windows 7 in the new location.

    I shouldn't need to do a reinstall of windows.  I think I found the answer to what I was looking elsewhere.

    I remember that two years ago, when I set up the Dual boot system, I followed these instructions:

    When I did, I had a dual boot menu:

    -Old Version of Windows

    -Windows 7 Professional

    Of course I meant "Windows XP" rather than "earlier Version of Windows.  I searched and found that a tool exists to modify this menu.  I don't remember what they called the tool when I presented this request.  I was pretty sure that the tool would allow me to have the change of start menu where he sought the installation of Windows7.

    Today, I found the name of the tool, it is called BCDEDIT. EXE.  It allows you to safely edit the menu file, and startup locations resemble the old file boot.ini of Windows NT days.  Here's what the tool then generates on the command line.

    Windows Boot Manager
    identifier {bootmgr}
    Device partition = D:
    Description Windows Boot Manager
    settings regional en-US
    inherit {globalsettings}
    default {current}
    RESUMEOBJECT {a68ca6ef-27a1-11e3-bc5b-844b6ef301be}
    displayorder {ntldr}
    toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
    timeout 8 / / used to be '30'

    Windows Legacy operating system loader
    identifier {ntldr}
    Device partition = D:
    path \ntldr
    Description Windows XP / / used to be "Earlier Version of Windows"

    Windows boot loader
    identifier {current}
    Device partition = C:
    path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
    Description of Windows 7
    settings regional en-US
    inherit {bootloadersettings}
    recoverysequence {a68ca6f1-27a1-11e3-bc5b-844b6ef301be}
    recoveryenabled Yes
    OSDEVICE partition = C:
    SystemRoot \Windows
    RESUMEOBJECT {a68ca6ef-27a1-11e3-bc5b-844b6ef301be}
    NX OptIn

    I have foound good information about this tool on:

  • Satellite 2450 - PXE error after upgrade of the 40 GB HARD drive

    I have a Satellite 2450 and have just replaced my 30 GB drive with a 40 GB drive and trying to use the recovery disk, I get the error PXE.

    I understand that I need to change the boot order of LAN, but when I have the power by pressing F12 it lets me select the CD/DVD drive, and then gives me the same error.

    Any help is received with gratitude.


    It seems that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc, and therefore the BIOS passes to LAN and try to boot from LAN.
    In this case you will receive the error check cable PXE.

    Did you check if you can use another bootable disk?
    I mean you can try to install Windows using the Win XP disk
    Maybe booting from another disc would work

  • Satellite A500 - is there a model with the 2nd internal HARD drive?

    Is there a model A500 with 2 internal drives?


    You can check it on the Toshiba site in the specifications of the laptop if it s equipped ;) 2nd HARD drive

    But I checked the Toshiba Web site for you, and it seems that Satellite A500 isn't equipped with the 2nd HARD drive.
    If you want a 2nd HARD drive therefore use an external that you can connect via for example fast eSATA port.

    Good bye

  • Portege 7220cte: I want to move the RAM and HARD drive

    Hi all...

    I read on the internet that the 7220cte is particularly picky about his type of RAM.
    I want to improve it with an extra 256 MB. (From what I have found he needs a 16chip of low-density extra-flat 144pin sdram PC100 16 x 8)

    I can't figure out if it's just the PA3051U that is compatible or PA3069U is good as well (seems to have the same features, but its a little cheaper)
    And it will be good for example?

    How does one know if she has available to low density 16 x 8 or another, if she did not mention the specs? they say only PC100 256 MB Sodimm...

    I found a few PDF Toshiba with the list of the original expansion, only the PA3051U was listed... that's why I got scared.

    Also I would like to add a hard drive, nobody knows if a drive of 80GB 2.5 "will be compatible with the bios... ?

    M a n y t h a n k s...


    First of all, please note that the Portege 7220CTE memory can be improved up to 320 MB. The laptop supports the 64 MB internal memory. This type of memory is fixed and cannot be removed or upgraded.

    There is only one slot for expandable memory, and you can put max 256 MB module.

    I found this site which provides the module for Portege 7220CTE specifications:

    As you have already said that the laptop takes supported modules SODIMM 144 pin PC100 and in my opinion each strip memory SODIMM 256 MB 144-pin PC100 must be compatible.

    Hello and goodbye

  • Satellite A350 - strange problem with hitatchi HTS ATA 320 GB HARD DRIVE

    Recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A350 - still under warranty.

    My problem started with gel/delay of Windows whenever I transferred specific files.
    I found that a lot of my files are the same; It's then that I transfer or open these files - this can take 10 minutes to load crash, then displays a corruption error
    During this phase:
    The hard drive makes a slow repetitive scratching sound
    The laptop hangs for an average of 10 minutes before returning to a usable state - I found more than 15 files and suspect many more that are corrupt.
    I suspect a faulty hard drive, like the check disk crashes and my system hangs whenever I open / transfer of these files.

    I tried to reformat and install the new OS, but always check disk crashes and I lost a lot of important files, because they became unusable.

    Is there something I can do to remedy this
    If the hard disk is defective, Toshiba will replace?

    BTW - I m in Australia.


    Exciting announcement, but it will be interesting to know how exactly you do and what kind of data are responsible for this. I want to say I use laptop computers and can not say that some of the data makes my crazy HDD.

    If you really think that there is a problem with the disk HARD nearest Toshiba authorized service provider contact. They will check the functionality of the HARD drive, and if there is a serious hardware problem, you will get a new. Of course for free.

  • Tecra M9 - does not recognize the 320 GB HARD drive

    Hello @ all,

    I tried to install the HARD drive, but it seems to be not recognized by the BIOS. Any chance to get this problem resolved?
    With Acronis Disk Man. I get an error message: No. HDD installed!
    BIOS version is 1.80, HARD drive is a Seagate ST9320421ASG (Momentus 7200.3 320).

    Thanks in advance


    Have you tested the HARD drive in a laptop or in an external enclosure? Maybe it s faulty.
    Or you test another HARD drive in this notebook.

    Normally a 320 should work in Tecra M9.
    There is a new version of the BIOS on the Toshiba, but I doubt that the problem of the article, but try to update.

    Good bye

  • The 320 GB HARD drive work in the WWAN Bay?

    The connector inside the WWAN Bay will accept the 320 GB Travelstar HDd, which comes as the issue of the standard on the X 220?

    you mean mSATA cards, they are the SSD hard drive that fits into the slots mPCIe on the laptop, which is supported by the X 220.

  • Change the size of hard drive so that on?


    I was wondering if you can increase the size of the virtual hard disk while the VM is still on?

    This not is not grayed out so im assuming that you can?

    If so is it draw everything back, I normally power off the virtual machine and then change it.

    Thank you



    Yes, you can stop or restart required. There are no disadvantages, but there are a couple of caveats. Firstly, it should be Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (you may need the DiskPart.exe of here), or the most recent and the second, it may not be the startup of the operating system disk.

    For example, if your drive D:\, you can use the vClient to change disk virtual hard disk 2 with the new size. Connect to Windows and open a cmd prompt.

    C:\Windows\System32 > diskpart

    DISKPART > list volume

    DISKPART > select volume X (X is the number of the volume with the new capacity)

    DISKPART > extend

    DISKPART > exit

    Check disk management to check the new capacity.

    This article is a step by step video:



    Please allow the points if it is useful.

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