Satellite A210 - display becomes darker after 5 minutes

My satellite is fairly new, I bought 2 months ago. I already wrote toshiba an e-mail, but I have yet to answer.
When I start my laptop, the light is very bright, everything right. But after 5 minutes, it turns into a darker shade. Not very dark, but a slight layer of gray. He did it now for 2 weeks or more.

I looked for the brightness of the display settings, but they are up. What I'm asking is that the controller is at the maximum, but he says it's only 70 (instead of 100 which I guess would be the real maximum).

Also with the FN keys does not, because it's also the highest level of brightness. I don't know what to do next. Maybe a driver is needed or do you not think that the screen is broken?

I hope you all understand me.

Thank you

Can you please you start Notepad and enter the BIOS settings? Leave 5 minutes running and tell us if the screen is darker as when you use the operating system.

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  • Satellite A100 - Internet becomes slower after 10 minutes


    the Satellite A100 worked well for a few years, the internet has become suddenly too slow after 10 minutes of the start.
    The laptop switched on the first time that the internet works very well the 10 first minutes then becomes slower and slower until almost no packets are received but the connection does not completely down.

    Suspected spyware, rootkit, is cleaning up, and then installed from the disk recovery

    Then I tried the same thing. Uninstalled the connection to the local network and then reinstalled from the Device Manager, nothing.
    I figured that the Ethernet port is a failure. Then I used an adapter usb-to-Ethernet D - Link is completely independent of the integrated Ethernet hardware. Nothing, same behavior, working, first fine then Firefox displays a downtime

    The modem, cable, internet are all very well since I have tested with a PC and a laptop Fujitsu (5 years) and they all work very well. Even the D-Link works fine.
    The Toshiba pc diagnostic tool specifically says "Network Fail", but it crashes exactly?

    An idea or a similar experience?


    Hmmmmm... It sounds quite complicated.
    What is with WLAN? Have you noticed the same behavior using the WIFI connection?

  • Satellite A210 - turs screen off after the Windows startup screen

    When I start my windows there is the splash screen. After that, my screen goes off and cannot log on to windows.
    Satellite A210
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600

    Where can I get some old drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600, that I can install without starting windows?

    > Where can I get some old drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600, I can install without starting windows?

    Please don t get me wrong, but I think you're on the wrong track.
    (Graphics card, LAN, etc.) device drivers must be installed in the currently running system (i.e: Windows OS, etc.)

    I m sure; pilot isn t the problem if nothing is visible on the screen.

    First of all, I would recommend you to connect the laptop to an external monitor/screen just to see if something would be visible on the screen 2.

    But just a question: have you tried to start Notepad using a boot disk (windows installation disc, the disc recovery Toshiba or similar?).
    Maybe the Windows system is confusing upward and therefore, you are not able to start the system? In my opinion, you should test this option.

  • Satellite A210-15J - no sound after waking from sleep in Vista mode

    Satellite A210-15J, RAM 2x2gb, BIOS v1.70, Vista Ultimate x 64 SP1 (with all hotfixes), driver audio Realtek v.2.01.

    After the Windows Vista recovery, high-definition audio (HDA) device is not working properly. There is no sound, only noise.

    This FAQ from Toshiba document may help you:

    [High definition audio device may no longer work after resume Windows Vista from hibernation or standby |]

    _The solution is simply: _
    You must download and install the fix from Microsoft site 937077.

    See you soon

  • Satellite Pro A60 cuts off after 3 minutes


    work in IT Support generates many puzzles, but I currently have a Satellite Pro A60 which cuts off after 3 minutes.
    I have deleted the main CPU fan and have noticed that the VGA Chip Set fan fails.

    It is not at all which makes me think that it is completely broken or there is a problem with the motherboard.
    Who is more likely and if not card mother, can I buy a VGA heatsink thermal elemnet / separate fan and if so what is the part number and ball park cost?



    As you already suggested this strange faucet portable bottom may be related to high temperature and to overheating.
    You are right; the malfunction of the fan could be a reason to close automatically and sometimes down.

    > can I buy a VGA heatsink thermal elemnet / separate fan

    Usually, the cooling modules are pieces separately and can be replaced.
    But notebooks disassemble and replacement of cooling modules is not easy and a little more difficult for someone who has no experience and never changed something like that. It s just too risky, because this person may damage the motherboard very easily.

    So, it's probably best to contact the technician of specifications for these s replacements!
    The ASP can command the support of the head of Toshiba warehouse cooling modules and compatible and could replace it.

    Best wishes & congratulations buddy ;)

  • Satellite 2800-500: CLOSE message after 20 minutes of use

    After 20 minutes of, say, Word, it shows a white Panel with button CLOSE on. Any other frozen except reset. By clicking on the button returns to the desktop but earn enough memory. Temp seems normal. No prob using net / email. Bug?


    Why bug? Don't you think that every message is caused by a bug? It will be interesting to know all of the content of this message.

    Are you speak of memory available scope to run Windows?

  • computer screen goes dark after few minutes

    original title: computer screen

    my screen goes dark after a few mimutes do I do

    Further information on what you mean exactly

    Make sure your computer is going to sleep

    Sleep and extended: frequently asked questions

    Turn off a computer: frequently asked questions

  • Satellite A210 display problems

    Hi all

    I like my Toshiba A210-10Y, but there seems to be some problems with it.

    Portable computer does not always start immediately; Sometimes, I have to press the 'close' button because the Black Guard screen and the blue satellite does not burn (but you can hear it make a sound and light Burns 'on').
    * Close the screen for a while, is a no-go for my laptop. I already changed the "loading windows after closing" settings (sorry, my laptop is Dutch so I don't know what said that.. English for the Dutch people here 'windows hervatten'.) But even that does not always work so I have to press the close button and restart my laptop (how boring when you're in school). What I really want is to close the screen and open it again and go right, back to work... like everyone :(
    Blue screen has become a common friend. Sometimes when you're at work... type a little bit, you know. The computer is fr blue screen reboots without reason! It goes right down!
    * I often blocks on the screen... not dead pixels, but the Brown block on the top of the screen... sometimes they disappear, sometimes not.
    * Lately, I have to restart my computer over and over again, because after he loaded it sometimes stuck... "crash" again (not blue screen of death, but a white layer)

    I still have the original warranty and I bought an extended warranty. I can fix it on myself with some drivers or re-install windows (vista) or do I give the nice people of the store I bought a call?

    Thank you.

    Hmm it of really difficult to say what's wrong with your laptop.
    Sounds a bit like your screen to wake up from stand-by or hibernation mode.

    But on the other hand is more sounds like a graphics card problem.
    I mean especially this statement:
    > Blue screen has become a common friend. Sometimes when you're at work... Type a little bit, you know. The computer is fr blue screen reboots without reason! It goes right down! I often blocks on the screen not dead pixels, but the Brown block on the top of the screen... Sometimes they disappear, sometimes not.

    It sounds really not good if you ve hangs on the screen!

    In your case, it would be really desirable to contact the ASP in your country.
    The fact is that your laptop warranty is valid, and if something would be wrong with parts, it should be fixed for free
    I think that the ASP is not a bad idea.

    Good bye

  • Z585 Ideapad - display turns off after 1 Minute

    Hi all

    I just bought a new Ideapad Z510 (Core i7 4702MQ, GeForce GT 745 M, display Full HD, 1 TB HDD + SSD. I have a strange problem: when I connect to an external monitor via HDMI it shuts down after a few minutes. The same display connected via VGA is ok. I tried two different HDMI cable and the behavior is the same.

    Video drivers for Intel Integrated GPU and NVIDIA a discreet are updated.

    Any solution?

    Dear Shiv_k, I just solved! Using another HDMI cable, everything was ok!

  • Backlight HP become darker after you apply windows updates

    Hi there I have a problem with my pavilion dv6200

    This is the third time the same thing is happening to me. After I install some updates, display DIMM, and background light became darker. When I restart the computer and enter the BIOS, or if I am looking at the screen before I log on windows, backlight is normal.

    Can you help me please? All stable versions of ati catalyst?

    can help:

    There is a newer version, then V3 mentioned:


    Basically, it changes some registry entries, so you can do it manually, if you

    they say 'FeatureTestControl' value depends on the hardware and software of your computer, then you may need to try different values such as:








    or another...

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\ {4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} \0000]
    "FeatureTestControl" = dword:0000f940

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\ {4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} \0001]
    "FeatureTestControl" = dword:0000f940

    "FeatureTestControl" = dword:0000f940

  • Satellite A210: WIFI connection disconnects after a time of undefinied


    I have a problem with my A210.
    I bought a few days ago, and til the first start, I had problems with the WLAN connection.

    It works very well, and after a time of undefinied, the connection is lost. The only solution to solve the problem immediately: disable a WLAN turn on or reboot the laptop.

    The problem is only with this computer because the other Noebooks work without losing the connection.

    Someone knows this problem?

    With a lot of greetings,.


    If your laptop computer has a card Atheros WLAN please do BIOS update with the latest version. You can find it on the Toshiba support page.

    Please confirm if WLAN works better after the BIOS update.

  • Satellite L10 screen very dark after disassembly

    Hi all

    I took my Satellite L10 part to swap on the plastic dessu for a damaged joint.
    Now is superb, but something was wrong as the screen is not be enlightened now.

    Anyone have any suggestions what else could be?

    If I look at the screen to light, I can see the desktop, I bought a new UPS thinking that was the problem but it has not fixed it :(

    Maybe a second faulty inverter? I checked all connections etc...

    Thanks in advance!



    For me, this looks like the inverter issue.
    If you see the desktop and the image appears as behind a thick mist, then in most cases this problem is related to the inverter FL.

    I put t know if the inverter is faulty or if you have connected all the bad parts
    The two may be possible, and so I recommend you to speak with a local laptop technician.
    In your case, that the old parts must be checked first, before buying a new FL inverter, cable, etc.

    See you soon

  • Display shuts off and comes back only when the Satellite A210 is restarted


    Satellite A210 display goes off in time and returns only when the computer is restarted.
    Duration usual DURATION 30 or 45 minutes

    Please advice
    # Is it a hardware or software problem?
    # Some other face same problem brings advice?

    The machine is a year and a half old runs windows vista Basic that comes with it.

    I reinstalled the drivers card display also the problem remains same


    Have you tried an external monitor on the laptop?
    If the external monitor works fine, it seems to be a problem of internal display and must be replaced.

    You use the factory settings on your laptop computer or you have installed your own version of Windows? Before turning to an authorized service provider, you need to restore factory settings to determine if it s a hardware or software problem. With the factory settings, everything should work fine and if not, I think it s a hardware problem.

    Check this box!

  • C855-13D satellite after 5 minutes, my screen becomes dim

    Can someone help me please?
    I use a laptop Toshiba Satellite C855-13D with 64-bit Windows 7.

    After 5 minutes, my screen becomes dim unless I move the mouse.
    In order to disable this I need to go into the Advanced mode in eco service department.

    But on my laptop there is no Advanced tab. I've got report and help settings.
    No advanced. I went on YouTube and saw the Advanced tab there.

    So why missing on my laptop and how can I get it back?

    Hi demoome

    I think that the ECO profile has been selected in Win 7 power Managemnt.

    You can change it easily.
    Go to control panel (change the icon display, small or large)-> power management
    Here you will find plans of different powers.

    Choose the one you want to use: for example the balance.
    Now, click on change Plan settings

    Now, you can find the option called the brightness
    Here, you can assign the value of the battery and AC adapter mode.
    Finally, apply the changes.
    All that s

    Here's a nice video of Microsoft

  • The Satellite A200 display does not illuminate after being idle for 15 minutes!


    I just bought a Satellite A200 1 - AX PSA6 and install Windows XP SP2 + upgrade of bios for winxp.
    After 15 minutes of unactivirty (no not pressing the keys or moving the mouse), I set in power options in Control Panel - what must power OFF display.
    After this time display is switched off (black)!

    But I can't wake up my laptop!
    I'm press any key or move the mouse, but the screen is always black!
    But laptop works!
    I can ping and then by network or remote access connection.

    One way to solve this problem:
    Laptop open and close!
    A200 - "standby mode" and wake up with swithches on screen...


    It seems that Windows XP Home edition does not work perfectly on the new laptops designed Vista. Before you live your laptop try to change profile settings (extended battery) power and test the parameters of this profile.
    Tomorrow I'll try to install Windows XP Home on my A200 and I'm really interesting if I even notice.

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