Satellite A215 no sound after upgrade to Vista o Win XP Pro

Hi all

I bought Toshiba notebook A215 series with Vista for 2 months. I have upgraded to Windows XP pro yesterday, everyhing looks ok but no sound. I checked the management of the material for the sound card, it seems normal.

Someone knows this problem?
Thank you.


I noticed very strange and different problems after downgrade to XP.
And to be honest, the question of his No. is not uncommon.

You know that some series of portable needs a special version of the BIOS after installing Windows XP or Windows Vista. It is important to use the right BIOS!

In addition, you should be sure you used the right and compatible Realtek audio driver.
If you need to download a new one from the Realtek page.

Last but not least you must update the operating system to the State.
To do this, use this MS page:

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  • No sound after upgrade to Vista on U-series of satellite - solution

    Hi, I had the problem that I had no sound after upgrade to Vista Business.

    After several attempts to get a solution from Toshiba I found myself.

    Here are the steps to resolve this problem:

    1. update the Bios to version 3.5
    2 do a clean install of Vista
    3. install the added value of package
    4 install the audio driver
    5 install the patch "mute off".

    Should work now.

    Hey wow, it's really nice. Already bookmarked it. :)

    We users and me (freak ;)) appreciate good solutions.

    THX dude

  • No sound after upgrade to Vista on Tecra A8


    I just upgraded my Tecra A8 to Vista. I used the the repostitory of driver Realtek driver, but I do not get the operation.

    I searched by google that and found a help: I need to activate the Stereo Mix in the sound menu. Now, I see the activity in the speaker bar, but again the speakers say nothing.

    When I try to use the actual drivers from realtek, Stereo-Mix is "not available" because the unit was not found...

    Someone at - it the same problem? Or better: someone has a solution for this?

    Thank you


    Rena? Â ©

    Hi Rene

    Seems that this utility allows the sound again.
    I found the same information here in this Toshiba document we:

    + Audio cut off (no sound) after you install Windows Vista +. mlmmjhefcgfkceghdgngdgnn.0

    Best regards and I would be really appreciated your comments

  • No sound after upgrade to vista full Qosmio G30-195


    I did everything possible, downloaded Update got all drivers in place, yet the SIGMATEL HD DRIVER load well, but I have no sound, I see all this work, but there is no sound.
    How could it, some say that his incompetence of vista... say yes I should get a computer laptop nother

    Please any help or trouble...


    Because you wrote here already the third time I tested the new installation of Vista on Qosmio G30-126, but the same PQG32E like yours.

    I installed Vista ultimate and the sound works without installing the audio driver. Anyway to install sigmatel audio driver. Please after installation of Vista install package of added value in a first time. After doing this installation:
    -display driver,
    -driver sound,
    -Synaptics TouchPad Driver
    -Software Modem and so on.

    I hope that everything will be OK.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB: after upgrade to Vista Ultimate-> issues


    I upgraded my Vista ultimate laptop, but I found a lot of problem:
    1 - the Fn + F1, F2,... no longer work.
    2 - get a blue screen,

    So I tried to do a clean install of vista ultimate, but I had no more problems!
    for example:
    "When you try to install the utilities equipment & password, I get a message" incorrect series.

    The media player shortcut key do not work
    If I install the toshiba value-added, the Fn + f1, f2... no longer work.
    In addition, no bluetouth software, no card Flash, no test available in the diag...
    and also, the BLUE SCREEN.

    I don't know if anyone can help me and thak you



    already made an update of the BIOS? It would be useful, maybe it s just because the BIOS does not correctly handle the Ultimate. What drivers did you download?

    It s a bit tricky, but I think that if you reinstall, and then put the drivers on it, it should work. Don't forget: Vista Ultimate needs a lot of resources and a bunch of useless stuff that can cause the machine does not properly.

    Welcome them

  • No sound after upgrade to Vista on Satellite M55-S139

    I just put a laptop Toshiba Satellite M55-S139. I added a 1 GB RAM and everything seems to work, even the Aero Interface.

    However, I have no sound. Vista indicates that the device is working properly think it works, but I don't hear anything from the speakers or the headphones. I uninstall the program from Toshiba Virtual Sound that Vista has complained that it was not compatible.

    The sound is a "RealTek AC97 Audio". Thanks in advance for any help.

    Maybe the audio driver that is installed on your laptop is not compatible with Vista.
    Search this site realtek more audio drivers:

    and try the diver SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio.

    Maybe it helps...

  • Satellite M115 - no sound after upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7

    Hi all

    Recently upgraded my Satellite of Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit. After installation, the high definition Audio Device appears in Device Manager.

    Initially, I had an unknown device listed, but that has been resolved by the installation of the pilot site supervisor password utility from Toshiba. Since then, I have experimented with a number of audio drivers without result. Does anyone have advice?

    I downloaded the Conextant pilots, who are not out during installation by saying "Driver Installation Failed: could not find the device for this driver." So now, I'm sitting here without any noise. It's sad. Please help and I'll give you points.



    Remove all audio drivers, you have already installed, reboot the laptop and download an audio driver for the Toshiba driver page

    For European models, take a look here:

    For Canadians or something like this:

    For the Australian and New Zealand:

  • Satellite L100 - no sound after upgrade from XP Home to professional

    I am a new user of PC Toshiba laptop. I bought it with Windows Xp Home installed - it has worked well for a few weeks.

    Then I had to improve my XP Professional OS. I managed to install all the drivers I need except for the audio driver.

    I downloaded it from the official web page of toshiba, but even this driver does not work - when I want my OS automatically installs the drivers for sound card it finds that 'older audio controller' and when I run the installer comes with drivers and I want to install it I get the message "failed."

    Any suggestions? Help


    where to download these drivers? Are you sure, that you have downloaded the appropriate drivers for your machine? It s important that you download
    These drivers for your type (e.g. L100 - 223-> download the drivers for-223)

    And if you did, and you couldn t find 'em, you can try it here:

    Maybe you will find what you need...

    Welcome them

  • Chicony Webcam not accessible after upgrade from Vista to Win 7 Home Premium

    I've upgraded or updated for Windows - 7 Edition Home Premium a couple of years on my Toshiba Satellite U305-S7448.  It has built in Chicony Webcam.  The camera used to have a Panel control that opens on the edge of the screen.  Now, no matter where I look at and I went to the Toshiba and Chicony sites to get the drivers I don't find a way to turn on the camera.  If I use Skype, it turns on and works normally for this function.  Recently, I clicked to add a profile picture on Google + and once again the camera came and worked very well.  When I look at the devices and click on the camera it tells me that it works correctly.  What escapes me that I can't use the camera as I could when I had Vista on the laptop originally?

    Thanks for all the advice and assistance to anyone.  I don't know exactly how to use these forums and technology in general.  I just want to know all that, after tripping over the Toshiba support site I finally found the solution to my problem.  There is a download for what they call the Total Value Package I think is the name.  It must be installed before the drivers webcam and then everything works as it did when the laptop was new.  Down load is listed as, util_tvap_TC00214700M, in my folder.

  • Microphone does not work after upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Home Basic-Sony Vaio VGN-NS25G

    Microphone does not work after upgrade from Vista Home Premium to win 7 Home Basic Edition. Laptop model Sony Vaio VGN-NS25G, bought in India

    My built-in mic not working anymore after the upgrade from Vista Home Premium to win 7 Home Basic Edition. Model laptop Sony Vaio VGN-NS25G was bought in India. I have taken the loacl Sony Service Center and they said that Windows 7 drivers for the microphone Sony was not yet available. They mentioned that the only way to fix the problem was to upgrade to Vista. Is this true? Where can I get these drivers for the microphone, and they are not available, when will they be available?


    Method 1.
    Interestingly, I found the drivers for Windows 7 for this particular model of Vaio. Here is link thye:

    I suggest updating all your drivers from the link above and drivers Realtek especially.

    Method 2. Set the default Microphone.

    Once the drivers installed to check if the microphone is the default value, here's how:

    Exercise the functions mentioned below to adjust the Microphone as default:
    1. Click Start and click on Control Panel.
    2. click on sound, then a new window will open.
    3. in the new windows, click on the 'Registration' tab and right click in the window and click Show disabled devices.
    4. now check if the Microphone is listed there and right-click on it and choose activate.
    5. turn highlighted that Microphone and click "set as default".
    For more information see the articles below: ' t-work correctly

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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    I rechecked the ATI Catalyst control Center and found that I could adjust the scaling and fixed the ProblemPlease share with anyone with a problem out

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    After upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate home, no problem connecting to the internet when logged in as an administrator,

    but unable to connect to the internet using the standard account.  I have the latest version of the Solution Explorer.

    How to fix this?

    Glad to hear it.

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  • I have no sound after upgrading to Windows 7. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420

    So I sound after upgrading to Windows 7. At one point, I get sound in my headphones. Now I have nothing. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420.

    [Moved from comments]

    Go to the website of Dell, put in your service tag, and download the driver for your audio.

    Good luck.

  • How can I reinstall the CS6 after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 10?

    How can I reinstall the CS6 after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 10?


    You can download the Photoshop CS 6 from the below mentioned link.

    Download Creative Suite 6 applications

    Thank you

  • upgraded from VISTA to WIN 8/8.1 and I get hardware failure NMI shocks every day

    upgraded from VISTA to WIN 8/8.1 and I get hardware failure NMI shocks every day:

    problem started when I upgraded to WIN 8.  I get the dmp file but I don't know what to look for.

    I tried an error: see attachment

    I use a DELL optiplex.


    Hi John,.

    Thank you for your response.

    This issue may occur if a computer hardware component is damaged, malfunctioning, or if an incompatible driver is installed on the computer.

    I suggest you follow the methods and check them off below if it helps:

    Method 1: I would say that you want to run cleanup start and check if it helps.

    Note: Please see: how to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting by clean boot of Kb to start the computer in normal startup after's article have solved the problem.

    Method 2: I suggest you install the latest video drivers on the manufacturer's Web site as below.

    F or make reference to follow the article below you.

    Hope this information is helpful and let me know if you need additional assistance.

    Thank you.

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