Satellite A30 303: Question on replacement of the CPU

Hi all

I recently tried to clean the dust from my laptop.
I removed the cpu and trying to put it back in the place I folded one of the pins. Now, I tried to draw on the pins but have no chance that the laptop shows just a white screen.

Is there someone who can fix bent pins?

Also where can I get a replacement CPU attached to a radiator of? I'm after a 3.06 GHz intel pentium 4


It is a very stupid situation. It seems you have damage the CPU!
Usually, this occurs if users have no experience and try to remove and to correct some things that should be done by a technician.

Impossible to fix the CPU damage only the replacement could help.

> but have no luck as the laptop shows just a white screen.
> Is there anyone who can fix bent pins?

As you say that you tried to start Notepad. How did insert the processor on the motherboard if the pins are bent?

Regarding your question about the replacement of the CPU; the replacement of the CPU is not advisable on laptops and not easy. Especially the microcode and DMI must be updated after the replacement of the CPU and the motherboard. Without these updates, the CPU on the 600 MHz or the laptop overheating or primer will not work!

> Also where could I get a replacement CPU attached to a radiator of? I'm after a 3.06 GHz intel pentium 4

If you want to know what s CPU could be compatible, please check your type of chipset used on this laptop and check the specifications of the Intel page!

Finally, I would recommend asking a technician a laptop get the laptop working again.

Good luck

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    Intel pro wireless card works with my satellite A30 303? The signal is strong or more just to buy a USB WiFi adapter?

    I have to buy a wireless card, but I don't know who... and if a USB adapter works better than a PCI (signal stronger and more stable)

    Null value


    It could pass the Sat A30-303 with the Wireless LAN PA3212U-1MPC card.
    It is an Intel 2100 Pro minPCI wireless network card that supports the 802. 11b standard.

    But to be honest, I prefer the external solution like WLan USB stick.
    You know that, sometimes, some compatibility problem between the wireless network card and the WLan router might appear. In my opinion it is much easier to test and remove the external USB WLAN as a wireless network card internal minPCI.

    Hope I could help a little.

    Good bye

  • Update the BIOS on Satellite A30 303

    Having a Satellite A30-303.
    With no intern work DVD.
    Have a usb DVD boot.

    I wonder if I can update Bios from Ubuntu. I need execute a .exe.

    Or if I can take a floppy and run the file BACK.


    For the Satellite A30 only one based on windows BIOS update is available.
    I think this will not work on Ubuntu and install Windows to make this update.

    Normally on Windows systems, you need to download the BIOS update, extract the .exe file and start it. That's all.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A30 303: error of calibration on power mat * a UJ-811

    Hello, I have a problem with my satellite A30-303.
    I am trying to record CDs and DVDs. A month ago it gives me an error at the end of the recording. The error is 'Power Calibration Error'.
    How can I solve this?

    Thanks for the help.

    Gonçalo Rato
    Toshiba Satellite A30 303


    I read some of the comments in this forum about power calibration error and it seems that usually only the drive replacement will solve the problem.
    One reason might be poor quality media like CD/DVD
    But please check out this site:

    But if this error occurs with all CD/DVD media, so in my opinion, the drive should be replaced

  • Satellite A30 - 303 unplanned shutdown?

    Hello world

    I have a laptop Satellite A30-303. Somehow, independent programs open in Windows XP (Home, Pro edition, tried both), computer laptop unexpectedly shutw down, stop immediately. No message from windows, no errors of any kind, nothing, just the way it went.

    It's very strange. I have read all of the instructions, did the bios update to 1.80 (dated Sep 15) and still the same thing.

    Fact checking for viruses, all firewalls security and it did not help at all.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards

    Hello Hakan

    Please check that the machine not too much heat! The symptom you describe is exactly that of a machine overheating. Check if the fan is running continuously before stopping. Also check that there is no dust in the cooling of the machine module.



  • Satellite A30 - 303 - drivers for Windows 7 that I can use?


    I just installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A30 303
    What drivers and updates download for it? I can't find any information on this topic... also toshiba detector program cannot identify my laptop...

    Thank you!


    I think it might be a little difficult to get Windows 7 drivers for this good old classic... The point is that Satellite A30 isn't designed for Windows 7, then you the way simplest are using Toshiba recovery disc where all the drivers and tools are already preinstalled.

    I can only find Windows XP drivers on the Toshiba site, so in my opinion, it would be the best choice for this laptop.

  • Should I use IDE or a SATA HDD in a Satellite A30 303

    Hi there, I was wondering what HARD drive I can get for my laptop A30-303 because the old is dying today being a machine for 4 years, so I would like to upgrade. Y at - it a maximum size of the machine, or I can put in any size of HARD drive?

    Also the HARD disk doesn't have an IDE or SATA interface?


    As far as I remember the Satellite A30-303 PSA30E series came with a 60 GB 4200 RPM HARD drive.
    The laptop supports the Enhanced IDE (ATA-5). This means that you need to use the HARD drive that supports an IDE interface!

    But note; not all HARD drive sizes are supported. There is a BIOS HARD disk size limitation.
    I'm not sure on the compatible HARD disk sizes but in my opinion, you should be able to use 80 GB, 100 GB of maybe too.

    Best regards

  • Recovery of my Satellite A30 303


    My Satellite A30 303 needs to be recovered that XP is constantly hooked and crashing and I would also be able to create a partition with a distro of linux on it, but the problem is that the DVD - RAM drive no longer works, and I was using a DVD-RAM external for awhile drive LG GSA - 2166D to read and write CDs , but I can't get the laptop to start this device as it is USB. Is it possible to boot from this device, or is it an another workaround?

    A big thank you to anyone who can help me.



    Don t waste time and start don t try from the external USB CD/DVD drive.
    It's just not possible!

    The BIOS does not support a boot from the USB WEIRD. The BIOS supports disk HARD, the ODD, the LAN and USB FDD as devices bootable but not CD/DVD USB drive.

    You have no other choice as to buy a compatible CD player and internal support.

    Of course, you can try to boot from LAN, but it's not very easy and you will need to configure a RIS server.

  • Satellite A200 - replacement of the CPU


    I have a Satellite A200-130 with CPU CoreDuo 1.86 and I think to replace to Core2Duo 2.0 mainly for better performance and virtualization options of ot.
    Anyone done this?

    The replacement of the CPU is usually not very easy on laptops.
    It s more delicate than the replacement on desktop computers.

    First of all, you should check if your chipset supports the Core2Duo 2 GHz CPU.
    Generally, you will find information on the Intel page.

    Second, he must know if BIOS would support the new Core2Duo processor.
    It is very important because the table fan which is stored in the BIOS which controls cooling modules. If the cooling modules n t work properly then the laptop overheats and may damage the material of the laptops.

    These updates are not advisable and certainly not possible

  • Satellite 2410-303: Question about software update and service in the northern part of Cyprus

    First of all, I have a Satellite 2410-303 and I hoped that I can update my toshiba but there is no my toshiba model name in the Download Center. It has 2410-303 in the Download Center and I install the update on my toshiba. This will damage my toshiba?

    Secondly, I recorded my toshiba. I can access my account, then I'll download center update but my toshiba model is not correct (Magnia 550 d isn't my toshiba). I do not have other updates. How can I solve this problem?

    Finally, studying at University of the Eastern Mediterranean in Northern Cyprus. I am waiting for this area, but I could not find any point of service. Is there any point of service in the northern part of Cyprus?

    Thank you very much for interested in my topic and your comments!

    The simple driver update will not damage your laptop but the incorrect BIOS.
    Anyway, Sam is right. The S in the first step means satellite. This is why you must use drivers for 2410-303. These are the correct drivers and they should work on the laptop.

    If you are looking for the right service partner I would say visiting this site:

    You will find a database with ASP together all over the world.

  • Satellite A30-203: Question about the differences of memory modules

    Satellite A30-203
    512 Ram part no PA3312U - 1 M 51
    512 of Ram Part No. PA3312U - 2M 51, can someone tell me what is the difference between these two parts of RAM apart from the retail price.


    The PA3312U - 1 M 51: 512 MB - SO DIMM 200 - pin - DDR 333 MHz / PC2700
    The PA3312U - 2M 51: 512 MB SO-DIMM 200 pin - DDR 333 MHz / PC2700

    Sorry, but I don't see any differences.

  • Satellite A30 - where and how to order the recovery disk


    I have a Satellite A30 range and I'm about to install a new hard drive but I don't have the original recovery disk. I told myself I can are no longer met this Toshiba directly so I wonder if someone can direct me looking for a replacement of original or copy.

    I Googled it but it is difficult to sift through to find the exact one I'm looking for.

    Thank you

    Hmm. I thought you can order the recovery CD Toshiba of the ASP in your country but if the series of laptop it is too old it would not be possible.

    However, you can also install the Windows operating system by using the Microsoft CD and then you could install the driver of Toshiba of the Toshiba driver page.
    XP driver should be placed in the box ARCHVE.

    * Archive *-> Satellite-> Satellite one-> Satellite A30-> Win XP

    welcome them

  • Satellite A50-110 crashed - replacement of the CPU


    I should say this microprocessor appreciate supports laptop Satellite A50-110, crashed and they wanted change.

    Thank you


    You want to replace the CPU?
    Do you think its faulty?
    How did you check that?

    To be honest this A50 is truly oldie the CPU that was used is Intel Pentium M 725 (1.60 GHz, 2 MB Cache, 400 MHz FSB, L2)

    I'm not sure that this chipset was built in but generally if you want to use the new CPU, ensuring that the chipset would support the new processor.
    But even if the chipset would support the new processor, there is always a question regarding BIOS support it might be possible that BIOS wouldn't treat a new CPU.

  • Satellite A30 303: no update firmware for drive UJ-811 H100


    I have model witch toshiba A30-303 have mast * one optical drive UJ-811 H100, I have this laptop for over 2 years and I have strength to find any update on this drive I n even know if this company exists (matsu * a).

    I've changed this disc about 5 or 6 times with a new period of warranty due to reading problems.

    I'll be happy if someone knows something about the update of this player

    GEIA sou Taso,

    Matsu * one is the same company that PANASONIC which is more known for us. The UJ-811 is a quite old model (3-4 years) and very well known problems.

    You forgot to mention in your post...
    (1) exactly, what is not working on your disk (writing? read?) DVD? CD? Movies?) and also
    (2) why do you think a firmware would solve your problem. (he has none)
    (3) how often and for what purpose do you use your car,.
    (4) and finally to what type of physical environment (home? mobile? dusty?) that you are using your laptop.

    Be aware, that optical readers get very easily breakable, especially when it is used for watching/rip movies on them or access the drive streaming of games. Another possible reason would be a wrong installation / incompatible software on your PC that can cause the drive not to work properly (or even disappear).

    You can try to 'clean up unused software' on your laptop and also to put a soft recovery to check, if your CD drive will be properly again. If the problem will not go away, you need to exchange it for a different brand new maybe even one (it was 5 times that a PANASONIC drive is broken?  ;)). If you are a heavy user of DVD player (movies, tearing, Burning, blah) you should ALSO get yourself a USB external... they hardly ever get broken, are faster and more reliable, and are much less expensive to replace. One of my friends who had already 3 discs replaced in his book could confirm as the best solution.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A30-514: BIOS is not recognizing the CD/DVD or HARD drive

    Hi I'm having a little trouble with my Toshiba Satellite A30 friends. The hard drive died recently, and the cd tray was damaged.
    I found an exact replacement unit and we have a new hard drive, but the Bios is not recognizing the hard drive or Cd/DVD unit.

    I installed Windows Me via my own laptop and boot from the hard drive of the computer's hard disk, but it still does not recognize the DVD even if Windows does, and it is fully operational.

    This prevents me to install windows XP, the operating system it is. If anyone can help, I'd be much obliged, too, I flashed the bios with V1.80.


    It is the first time I heard about this issue. The Bios doesn't recognize the drive but Windows is possible use it t.
    Why suggest that peut t BIOS recognizes the drive? Is it not possible to boot from the drive?
    Check if the IDE controller is enabled and the Boot section. The CD/DVD drive should be selected and activated.

Maybe you are looking for