Satellite A30 does not start with the USB device connected at boot time


I have a Satellite A30 and sometimes it does not start.
After turning on, not even the BIOS starts.
even if sometimes the BIOS starts, but the OS does not load.

I figured out that its related to USB devices connected at boot time.
If no USB devices are connected, it starts without a problem.
Even if the start-up is suspended, as soon as you unplug start it BIOS USB devices.
Its ok to connect USB devices later, once the system has started.
I disabled "removable devices boot" and "network startup."
just in case, but it makes no difference.

BIOS is version the most recent (1.70) and it comes up with all kinds of USB devices.
printer, mouse and (self-powered) external USB hard disk.

Is this a known issue?
There is no known workaround solution?


I put t know why this happens, but it has to do with the BIOS.
The same thing happened on my old laptop. I couldn't start my unit while the USB printer has been turned on and connected.
The only solution is to disconnect the external USB device during the boot process.

RSY you should check if the order of boot in the BIOS has been on the HARD drive first.

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    my laptop, which is a Toshiba Satellite A30. However, when I try and
    restart the laptop, he tries to restart the fan turns on then turns off with a beep sound and this is not
    even to get to the Toshiba start screen.

    The memory I installed is 1 GB, 200-pin SO-DIMM, 128 X 64, DDR 333, CL2.5, part number CT12864X335.

    "Memory module PC2700 DDR 1 GB, 200-pin SODIMM


    * Size of the module: * 1 GB
    * Package: * 200-pin SODIMM
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    I have
    took out and put back the old memory and the laptop boots
    normally and is OK, I even tried to put the memory in different
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    This suggests that memory is faulty, as bought crucial memory must be compatible with my laptop?

    Thanks for your time,

    You have this problem if you use modules or only the new module?

    If you only use the new module, the case is clear. The new module is defective or is not compatible with the laptop.
    I think you should get back on the computer dealer and request a new. Maybe you can get a Kingston module because I have only good experience with this production.

    If you use both modules, they are not compatible. You should only use the modules with the same specifications.

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    I hope that someone would know how to solve this problem?  I tried to find a way to fix it by the BIOS, but so far nothing's worked.  Thanks in advance!

    Hi guys I had problems of CAs with my mini was diging place difficult. The problem is in the BIOS. This is so a few "patches" for bios or smth. Eventualy steals my mini, no booot or other problems so far. IM using F04 BIOS is a bit.

    OK, is the link for more info:

    Let me know if this helped.

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    I have a smallproblem. My Satellite C650 does not start when my android phone is plugged into the USB port. It sticks to the Toshiba start screen. I checked the boot order and the hard drive is the first on the list, so it isn't that. Any advice will be welcome.

    Thank you very much

    Cool. Thanks for the comments.

  • Satellite A30 does not start

    I hope someone could help. My A30 does not start although DC is green and the battery charges (amber). There is no beep or Flash. I removed the battery and tried to start on the current. Did not work. (75% frustration level) Heeeelpppp

    Hi Serkan,

    Do you see the Toshiba "splash" screen when you try to turn on your A30? If this isn't the case, then it is likely that your motherboard has failed, and you will need to refer to an authorized Service partner.

    If you see the 'splash' of Toshiba screen, but your portable computer does not load its operating system, then it is likely that there is a problem with your hard drive.

    Kind regards

  • Windows does not start with the second internal HDD connected

    Hi all, I recently got around a few major problems with a new buuild, but I found another issue. Windows does not start with my connected storage disk.

    hard drive 500 GB of important data that I can't save on it and need access. It is a hitachi drive, which works fine on other systems but usually works in this one. any suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance

    fixed the problem of swapping of sata ports and reconnect the cables, thanks for the advice but

  • Laptop does not start with the connected usb device

    Voila, I have a Sp6100 Pro Satellite, when I try to start whith a usb printer is connected, the laptop does not start. I have the latest version of the bios 1.90.

    Barzot @+.


    What you mean with start won t at all? Is there any kind of reaction if you press the power button / stop?

  • Satellite Pro 460 does not start with the new drive in

    I recently received a Satellite Pro 460, but he had no hard drive.
    It starts great without a disc in but as soon as I put a new hard drive in it does not start.

    I thought that it might be again a hard drive, so I pulled out my old Toshiba Satellite with my old drive to work, and yet, it does not start.

    Someone has any ideas why this is and what I can do about it

    I think that you can not do much. Satellite pro 460 CDT, for example, comes with 2 GB of HARD drive. If you try to get it work with similar HDD without success, it may be defective IDE port on the motherboard.

    What HARD drive you are trying to use on this good old classic?

  • Satellite A660-186 does not start when the USB nano-receiver is connected

    Recently I bought a mouse a4tech g7-750 with the nano-receiver into usb port plug.
    After the nano-receiver is inserted into the USB before lighting, computer laptop does not start.

    Only the cursor is displayed, so that it is displayed before the screen with the ability to enter the F2 BIOS or select the F12 boot device.
    Without the nano-receiver laptop runs without problem.

    Any advice?

    Thank you much in advance.


    During the POST (power on self-test) all parts laptop as RAM, motherboard (also of connected devices) is enabled.
    If a problem (compatibility problems, etc.) would be detected during POST, then the laptop would not initialize correctly.

    This mouse nano-receiver is unknown to me and I m not very well what s wrong with this unit, but I doubt that this problem is related to the laptop.
    I guess that the laptop starts properly with other devices connected to the laptop. right? Well well, in such cases, there s no question cell phone but the 3rd unit affect the functionality of the laptop.

  • C870-19(r) satellite does not start with the new SSD


    I will update the Toshiba Satellite C870 19(r) with a Pro 840 Samsung SSD, but it does not start.

    He said: not found system.

    Post edited by: joch333n

    None found system means that there is no system installed on the SSD drive...

    What you trying to do?
    You start from a disk in order to install the new system?

    In this case, you should disable startup secure in the BIOS.
    I also recommend moving from UEFI mode MSC!

  • Satellite, L9W Click-Mini-B does not start from the USB flash key

    I have a mini click L9W - B.

    * What I'm trying to boot from a bootable USB key.

    I tried different sizes (1 GB to 32 GB), different manufacturers (without name and brand) different systems (for example. Linux distributions, rescue, antivirus, Acronis Rescue sticks), EFI sticks and non - EFI.
    All USB keys to start correctly on my computer desktop and even with my other laptop.

    * The Mini Windows 8.1 updated, the current version 1.70, in the BIOS BIOS are Secure Boot and TPM , which I've also tried a variety of combinations. The stick will be recognized in the start menu, the name of the USB device is displayed.
    I click on "USB", the Mini restarts, the reader is addressed (the LED flashes at the stick) is launched but not USB, but even once the HDD / SSD.

    If Windows starts, the key works fine. It matters little that, two USB ports, I use, or if the docking station is connected or not.
    If I restart Windows - settings - settings of PC - update / restore - restore - Enhanced start - use a device - try EFI USB Device, which is exactly the same thing happened.
    who can help?

    I hope that there are German support. -Hopefully, there are German-language support.
    If this isn't the case, please contact me.

    Message has been translated

    I don't know what is the problem here, but it turns out that it is certainly possible to boot from the memory stick bootable USB flash.

    Many users have been abele to boot from the memory stick USB external flash, but it is necessary to disable the secure in the BIOS boot option.
    Also if you want to install an unsupported UEFI system, the boot mode must be changed of UEFI in the CSM.

    by the way: it's English language community

  • C50-A-19 t satellite does not start with the battery mounted

    OK, first post here.

    I see similar questions coming, but as they are never QUITE the same, I am that posing in a new thread.

    I left my Satellite from one day to the next (do not remember if I had put off, or he simply had 'gone to sleep', but it has been connected to the grid).

    When I got to reboot, I got a power light on, but screen blank (black). After reading a few similar complaints on the internet (via another laptop!), I tried to remove the battery and power from the grid.
    This worked well (I write him in this state right now).

    But whenever I put the battery and try again, it will fail in the same way.
    I tried this company "press and hold power for 30 seconds" without success (but I'm not 100% sure of the EXACT procedure actions sequence).

    I have a few questions:

    (1) I take the laptop away from my office - is there a problem with everything just works like this (i.e. of the grid, with no battery inserted) indefinitely?

    (2) in any case, I want to solve the problem.
    If the battery has run COMPLETELY flat, and that the laptop can not it lights but also operate normally?

    Alternatively, is probably that the battery has not experienced a catastrophic failure and simply needs to replace?
    If so, I'll just buy a. BUT...

    What I don't want to do, is to pay for a costly spare battery, to find that it was actually another factor at the origin of the problem, and I'm back to square one and out of Pocket!

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you



    According to your assignment, in most cases, you use the laptop connected to the power adapter but no battery. Is this correct?

    First we need to know that if the AC adapter is plugged in, the laptop should work correctly with - and without inserting the battery.
    If you unplug the AC adapter, the laptop should automatically switch to battery power. In this case, it is important that the battery is pretty cool power to provide the power for the laptop.
    In case the battery is empty, the laptop will not light.

    I recommend to insert the battery plug the power adapter and charge the battery for a longer period of time.

    You should also check if the battery is recognized by the Windows system and the battery charge indicator (battery in the taskbar icon) shows the State of battery charge.

    In case the battery is fully charged and the laptop does not work using the battery power only, you should test the new battery.
    If new battery does not solve the problem, s for laptop hardware needs an audit.

  • SOLVED: Why don't Satellite 4090XCDT does not start with DVD-R/W drive?

    as I said in the other thread that has already been closed, I bought a used Satellite phone who would not start of 3rd party DVD - RW (Quanta Storage SDW-042) included, even if Windows couldn't read well enough.

    I found out why, starting with the help of the user answers in the other thread.

    In the user manual, there is a description in the capitel on the configuration of the system about tconfig, which proved to be a valuable indication: HDD = Primary IDE (1F0H/IRQ14) (...), CD = secondary IDE (170 H/IRQ15). Compared to my desktop, it seems to me that two readers need to be masters on no. 1 and no. 2 cable, not as master and slave on the same cable from HARD drive. So, my CD-ROM would probably be master.
    Then I did the research further into the issue and found out, that there is no CD-ROM where select things cable if they are master or slave. Then I found in a note in his Toshiba Satellite Pro 4290, seemed to be no Cable Select and his planned book on the CD (or DVD player, he wants to use) as a master.
    CSEL means that 47 Pin is connected to the Earth, which he did by applying a drop of Tin from Pin 47 to 49, pine, which is also Pin 47. I tried the same thing and disassembled the DVD drive that was in my notebook. (My record to disassemble my laptop and all editing again properly is now gone in 50 minutes). And know what, my Satellite 4090XCDT can now boot from the DVD-RW!

    To perform the task, I needed a screwdriver of the watchmaker to open the DVD RW (three live, then you need to insert a PIN to open the tray and see the back), a 12 Volt type iron pin solder for SMD and I ordered the strap of welding with a stereo microscope, so this task is not negligible. See the link mentioned to know what pins are bridged (sorry, the website is in German but the picture is clear: in the top row of pines, only you can see, the 2nd and the third from the right). And of course with a replacement part "scrap", you could give your laptop a second life, but you run a risk, because you may not know what you have, master or slave (for firmware or hardware), broken in any case, select cable - and one other Web site indicates that they looked up to 17 variants of firmware in exactly the same drive , depending on what laptop, it was intended for use.

    Nice display. Thank you very much.

  • BlackBerry 8250 new smartphones does not start with the connected SIM card

    I'm having a problem with my new Blackberry of Virgin Media (mobile).  I just got it and when I have a connected SIM card I only get the loading screen timer and the blackberry does not start.  If I have no connected SIM card the device starts in the operating system, but was told that there is just no SIM connected (obviously).  Once I put the SIM card in again once it is stuck on the loading screen.  As you probably already figured out that I did many resets hard with the battery pull and it has not solved the problem.  A consultant because it would be greatly appreciated because the only advise I got support was remove the boot of sim and put it back and start again duh!

    Carrier - Virgin Media / Vodafone
    Model - 8520
    Version of the OS - 4.6.1
    Free space - 130679088 bytes

    BT device - I have the details as HDW - 22736-002 Rev 1 Ver 2 4509 (is that correct?)

    Apps & free space - nothing installed new device installation is not complete.
    Blackberry 4.6.1 Basic application
    Basque 4.6.1
    Galician 4.6.1
    softwqare system BlackBerry 4.6.1 Application Center
    Attachment Service 4.6.1
    4.6.1 cards
    Messenger 4.6.0
    BrickBreaker 4.6.1
    browser 4.6.1
    documents to go 1.003.018
    configuration of e-mail application 4.6.1
    help 4.6.1
    Klondike 1.4.8
    4.6.1 Memopad
    password keeper 4.6.1
    Phone 4.6.1
    Sudoku 1.0.11
    4.6.1 tasks
    King of hold'em Texas 2.3.0
    Word Mole 4.6.1

    1 is the news provider's SIM card?

    Old to another device?

    2. do not place you a memory card in the camera?

    New media card?

    or from another device? What device?

  • Satellite L650 does not start sometimes the Power button

    Sometimes when I press the button works / starting the fan of laptop and the laptop does not start.
    However when I press once again lights up.
    This does not depend on how long you keep holding the power button so that it starts.
    Anyone facing this problem.

    Thank you.

    What exactly do you mean by does not start?
    Is this means that the laptop has been closed or has been set to standby or hibernation mode?

    Are you able to see the Toshiba start screen when you switch on the device?
    If fans hang on this means that the laptop has been put under tension, and then you the OS should start to initialize.

    PS: usually it s no matter how long the power button could be pressed. Briefly press (1 sec) should turn on the laptop.
    But if you do not want to power OFF using the Notepad works / stop, then you will need to tap more long time 4 sec long but it is not recommended that this reset should be made only if the OS hang

Maybe you are looking for

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    When I am informed of updates on my computer, everytime I have install updates, when they're through the installation it says always that they do not have to install.  They used to install on my computer.  Now I can not get the updates to install on