Satellite A30 went into the Phoenix Bios to remove password & now no access

I entered the SECURITY zone and went to the password box, but he allowed only one change.

So, I hit key ENTER in the field change and field confirmation.

Now I can not at all in the laptop because it recognizes no ENTRY or the old password.

AM desperate as need laptop in 6 hours time.

That s odd and I have no explanation why this happened.
Maybe you have set a password accidentally or something like that?  :|

But the fact is that if you want to remove a unknown password, you must contact the ASP in your country.
Only an ASP technician would be able to remove the password.

You will find here the ASP nearest in your country:> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

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    Stef. /. \

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible.

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  • Satellite A55-S1065 - after removing the battery, BIOS ask me password

    So, something happened yesterday, and it seems to me that it is very strange.
    I have a portable Satellite A55-S1065. And while I was with power point, the
    computer crashes. In the midst of my confusion, I decided to delete
    the battery just to make him stop.

    So I did it and plugged it again
    and I tried to turn on the computer. Now, the bios ask me a password,
    but I've no idea what password it is that. Can someone help me solve this problem?
    IM really desperate to find a solution to this since this computer contain
    many of my works.

    Thank you very much.

    > After removing the battery, BIOS ask me password
    I know it may seem silly now, but I never heard of something like that. I use laptop for a long time and I had the experience with many others and strange question, but something like that, never.

    Problem is that we are dealing here in the public forum and BIOS password is a very sensitive area and very important security feature, so we can not write here about some illegal ways how you can remove the BIOS password.

    If there is no way to start your laptop, I recommend you contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    I'm sorry. :(

  • Can satellite A30 - I put the RAM?


    If it is possible to replace the Toshiba Satellite A30 2.6 GHz memory, on * DDR400 * instead of * DDR333? *

    Thank you.

    Hi liwil

    If you want to know how fast your FSB is then install a free diagnostic such as Everest home edition tool.
    Here you can check how fast the FSB supports and if it s worth to use faster memory modules.

    Generally, it is possible to use modules faster but as that proposed by Luke the FSB might slow down the speed.

    See you soon

  • Wireless kit PA3298U-1MPC and Satellite A30 - where is the antenna cable?

    I have Toshiba Satellite A30 (part No. PSA33A - 87 M 34) which was bought in Australia.
    I just bought the PA3298U-1MPC wireless connection kit a couple of days. The installation guide says I should connect two cables. But I can't find them. There are no cables in the compartment. There are no antennas in both wireless kit.
    So the first question is if I should have antennas in wireless kit (I'm not sure that he has not lost the seller).
    If these cables must be in Notepad then I need help to find them.
    I thank very you much for any help.


    If the unit has a wireless antenna, the cables are usually there and visible immediately when the lid of the WLAN card is removed. From your description, I assume that your device is not ready WLAN.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A30 - question about the CPU temperature

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A30 (model name: SA30-151, model number: PSA33E). I had the usual problems with overheating and closing, where I had to clean the radiator.

    My question is, how hot the CPU must sit at and what temperature is dangerous?

    I installed 'Hardware sensors Monitor' and the average temperature is about 55 c, but I saw it happen at 70 c when I'm pushing it.

    I was not able to find something on the net about it and I can't find information on the Toshiba site.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks...

    The same temperature is on my Tecra M1. Believe me, there's really no reason to panic.

  • Windows XP cannot be installed on Satellite A30 after replacing the hard drive

    you have a problem with my satellite A30 - hard drive has been corrupted (due to accumulation of dust on the cpu!) and I replaced it with a 100 GB hard drive.
    Tried the 'recovery cds', but get an error message 'error #1537 file greater than 4 billion number' and recovery has been abandoned halfway after inserting the third cd. The XP Home operating system does not install completely. Any suggestions?
    Thank you very much for your help, has soon


    already tried the recovery process more then once? If so, the error appears at the place of installation? You said that you have installed a new hard drive but actually you have formatted the hard drive before you perform a full restore? That would be really helpful, sometimes recovery is suspended because the disk formatted or partitioned before luckily.

    You should really try. One way would be to use the "UBCD4Win' which is a Windows Live CD with really good tools. Format your hard drive with this CD and retry the recovery. Maybe it works...

    Here´s the link to the CD "UBCD4WIn": ".

    Bye and good luck

  • My favorites have gone after that I went into the Task Manager and finished my task of firefox. Restart did not work. There is no back ups. What should I do?

    I had went in the Manager of tasks and accidentally deleted the firefox task it was. When I returned to firefox, my favorites have disappeared. I tried rebooting without a bit of luck. I tried to backup, to find that I had not. Nothing worked for me. Originally thought that I wanted to get google chrome on my computer, only to make it work, so I don't know if that may have messed up or not. Please help me.

    Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

  • Satellite L350-277 - update the new BIOS and Wifi pilot

    TEMPRO gave me 2 new drivers, but received instructions.

    BIOS setting has been an operation involving the driver of the copy on a disk and then to change to start with disk boot order.
    However, I think that the new BIOS drivers are installed with running Windows - like a normal program. Does anyone know for sure?

    I guess the wifi pilot is a normal installation, with the wifi on or off?


    Just a question;
    Is an update of the driver WLan and BIOS update needed?
    I mean; you have problems with your laptop where these updates would be necessary?

    You should not update if everything is OK. in most cases the Tempro informs you about the drivers and tools that are uploaded on the page of the driver, but it is not a recommendation for an update, you know what I mean?

    I'm always this trick; never change a running system.

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    This is normal in the Terminal. The keyboard is typing your password even if you do not see the letters or movements.

    Try everything you do again and when it asks for the password, type it as you normally would (even if you don't see anything) and then press return/enter

  • Satellite A30 keyboard suddenly stopped working - how to remove and reinstall?

    Hi all, n00b to laptops and first post. OK, I usually build and repair desktop computers, so much easier to win the centimeters!
    My daughter turned on his laptop A30 last night and only 2 keys worked. Tried to restart and go into the BIOS but could not. Tried to start in safe mode, only the top and bottom of work therefore impossible to select Safe mode... doh. Guess it must be a harware issue.

    Restarted in Xp an open upward Notepad... this time, about 5 keys working. Reboot, 3 keys etc etc.

    How to cable Ribbon to make sure it is placed correctly. It is common for a keyboard to fail in this way and it is easy to get a replacement?
    At the mo, have all the screws that I know, battery removed, DVD rom and hard drive. Seems to be held towards the middle and the back. Don't want to force and break something else!


    Yes, it s very useful information and it s great fix you yourself.
    Nice work. Thank you

  • C50-A-1DN satellite: black screen until the battery has been removed

    The battery of my laptop Satellite C50-A-1DN was defective despite attentive treatment after more than a year.

    Now the screen remained black at the beginning of the unit.
    After that I removed the battery, I could see the computer then power up as usual.

    How is that?

    Well, this question seems a bit strange because even if the battery couldn't keep cooler, the laptop should be able to power being plugged into the mains.

    I'm not quite sure that the problem is related to the battery...

    However, the battery is a removable part and very cheap... so in all first the battery should be replaced and laptop computer features must be tested using the new good farm work.

    If the problem of the laptop will not be resolved even by using the new battery, well in this case there must be a serious problem with the motherboard... maybe power electronic problems...

  • Turned on the Admin account but lost password, now I can't connect to Windows XP

    does not have a suspicion or do a reset disk

    * original title - ternd on admister account and lost password now can't log in windows in any way to erase acount *.

    There is an answer, but to paraphrase an old saying, I need to get out before that I told you.

    Keep secure passwords - Microsoft strategy on move the passwords

  • Screen hangs on the Satellite A30-931 - perhaps the Bios may be damaged


    Sometimes the screen of my laptop freezes and the only way to restart is to restart my laptop.
    However this morning, after that my screen has crashed the resumption of hibernation, I found that I couldn't start my computer.
    I was getting a blank screen which was not illuminated. DVD player responded, the fan worked and the computer was not over heating.

    Finally, after several minutes of waiting, I was able to start windows. However, when the screen went white, before Windows Welcome screen appears, it crashed. Later, I was able to load windows, but the screen froze while he was always load the settings.

    There is little time, I entered the bios and after 4 minutes and 25 seconds, lines and purple small flickering blocks appeared on the screen and I couldn't do anything. The bios clock gave midnight 01/01/2002, so I think he may have corrupted.

    I find my bios which is 1.7 - PSA33E. However it seems to be a bios of windows installer only. Would it be possible to boot from the CD drive or should it XP is running, to make it work? I don't think I can get into XP quite a long time to execute and then Flash the bios, without the screen freezing first.




    I don t think and I don t believe that the BIOS is damaged or malfunctions could

    You description is sounds more like a graphics card problem.
    Perhaps any other part of the motherboard could be too faulty. Who knows, we can only speculate

    You said it must wait a bit until the cell phone would be lights up once more, this looks more like an overheating problem.

    Usually there is no much to see the technician must check all components of the laptop. In the worst case the mobo must be replaced because the graphics card is fixed and cannot be removed separately.

    But before you contact the ASP test to clean the fans of s for laptop
    A jet of compressed air is a useful tool to get rid of dust and debris.

    If it does not then the ASP technician you are last resort then I wish you a good luck mate

    Good bye

  • U940-11N SATELLITE - cannot get into the BIOS or Boot Menu


    I am currently in the processing you want to perform an update of the operating system on my laptop. When I bought the laptop in a well known department store, it came loaded with Windows 7, despite the operating system preloaded in Windows 8 when buying.

    I already disabled fast closing down, such as recommended elsewhere on the forum. However, after the closure of many downs and startups, based on all kinds of combination of keys to try to get the menu of boot or bios, I can't do it. It starts directly to Windows.

    I tried to boot from an aswell as a bootable USB external DVD drive.

    I tried F2, F12, F10, ESC and DEL at the start, but nothing. With pressure repeated, with continuous waiting, with the FN button, just in case... just nothing!

    Could someone provide an overview of this please?

    Kind regards

    Thanks for the feedback jamieb!

    Good news!

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