Satellite A300 - 1 GM - can I replace graphics card?

I have the Satellite A300 - 1 GM.
Graphics card: Radeon Mobility HD 3470
Can I replace this card to another?


In General, the replacement of the graphics card (another) is not possible and definitely not supported.
Detailed response, which you will find under

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  • Satellite A300-15 b - serious problem of graphics card

    Hi all!
    I have a laptop Toshiba A300-15 b, which has an ATI Radeon 3650HD graphics card. The laptop, I got the drivers in this version: []

    With this driver, my laptop works better.
    I removed all of the latest drivers, but all the games that I couldn't handle.
    Now that I want to play new games, I can't play with the drivers because they are old.

    Well, I downloaded the latest driver for the database of this site:

    And all the games that I've worked before with these new drivers are unable to play.
    And they are the problem. What should I do and because he has some drivers that work well on my computer.

    Help me :(
    Thank you


    It seems that you have already opened a thread on the same topic some time ago:

    Please follow this thread in order to avoid any misunderstanding!
    Thanks & greetings

  • Can you get a sata adapter and replace it with a PCI Express so I can install a graphics card in the caddy hd for my laptop. Y at - it means to get an internal or external graphics card?


    I know that you can remove a dvd cart and replace it with a HD you can get a sata adapter and change a PCI express so I can install a graphics card in the caddy hd for my laptop. y at - it means to get an internal or external graphics card? I do not have a slot express pci laptop because a laptop is relatively new.

    Original title: laptop computer graphics card
    other cool mods I can do for my laptop. I've already upgraded to ssd and ram and processor.


    I do not know such an adapter exists, but it's a hardware problem - I suggest you contact the manufacturer of your laptop with this issue, as well as questions about additional upgrades, you could do.

    These are all the hardware problems, and this site deals with software issues related to the Windows operating system. I'm sorry this isn't the answer you're looking for, but...

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • Satellite A110-275: more a low-memory graphics card after BIOS 1.30 update


    I am the owner of:
    Satellite A110-275
    Part number: PSAB0E-00T00TEN
    graphics card intel gma 945 up to 128 MB.

    Recently, I updated the bios of 1.20 to 1.30 and after reboot, I lost 64 megabytes of 'graphics card capabilities.
    After bios update, my computer is much lower. Why? How can one get 128 MB of memory on my intel gma 945?

    also s it is possible to manually change a file and configure gma 945 capacities up to 256 MB? I have a lot of ram and I could use it for games, now I can use only 8 to 64 MB.


    Hello Pit

    I posted my opinion that I don't think there could be a problem in your second topic.
    As far as I know the laptop came with graphics card Intel shared memory. 8-128 MB of memory could be chosen.

    To my knowledge the Intel driver graphics card automatically controls the value of memory sheared. If need more than MB of graphics card memory so it will be assigned automatically.

    PS: In my opinion it is not possible to select 256 MB because the hardware does not support.

  • 15 r063tu: can I add graphics card on my hp 15 r063tu

    My hp15 r063tu consist of a processor intel integrated graphics hd 4400 but I'm not happy with it, so can I add graphics card on my laptop? Is there a graphics card slot? Help, please.


    You will need to replace the motherboard together with the one which comes with better graphics.

    Your options would be limited for motherboards described in Chapter 3 of the service manual on your laptop user guides page.

    I'm pretty sure that replace the motherboard would cost you about the same as buying a new laptop computer with better graphics.

  • Satellite A300 - 20 p - MS Pro Duo memory card does not work

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 20 p and MS DUO memory card stopped working.
    He always asks me to format the card.

    I tried three cards of the same type, but still the same problem.
    The cards work in my PSP and my Sonyericsson mobile as well as all computers laptops hp.
    I gave the phone to service center Toshiba here Bahrain and they tell me that this card is not compatible with Toshiba, but this card has worked before in this same laptop...

    My laptop isn't even four months, and this is the response I get.
    What is the use of the international warranty of two years if they cannot solve the problems...

    Please help me so sad, I bought a toshiba laptop...

    Thank you


    The computer s laptop Satellite A300 card reader - 20 p are supported on these cards:

    8MB - 2 GB SD card
    4 GB to 16 GB SDHC card
    16MB - 2 GB xD Picture card
    Memory Stick 8 to 256 MB
    Memory Stick Pro 256 MB to 4 GB
    8MB - 2 GB MultiMediaCard
    miniSD (with adapter) 32 MB - 2 GB
    512 MB - 4 GB microSD (with adapter)
    Memory Stick Pro Duo(with adapter) 256 MB - 4 GB

    As you can see the Memory stick Pro Duo is compatible and can be used with the adapter. But only card up to 4 GB are supported.

    In your case I recommend you remove the card from the card reader location.
    -And then uninstall the driver from card reader in Device Manager.
    -Then download the driver for the card reader from the European driver Toshiba page.
    -Then install the card reader driver
    -restart the laptop and check the card reader again.

  • HP 15-g018dx Notebook PC: HP 15-g018dx Notebook PC can upgrade my graphics card to give me a high performance on the game?

    Serial number: [personal information deleted]

    Model: 15-g018dx

    Product number: J5T41UA #ABA

    I tried to figure out if I can update my graphics card and I was wondering if I could, and what graphics card would be better for my laptop for high performance on the game.


    No, it uses the CPU/processor AMD Quad-Core APU A6-6310 2.4/1.8GHz:

    You will also need to change the motherboard and it is a very expensive upgrade.

    Kind regards.

  • can I upgrade graphics card on pavilion dm 4?

    can I upgrade graphics card on pavilion dm 4?

    Laptops are unlike desktop computers.

    Desktop PC have an open architecture that make the relatively simple upgrade.

    PC laptop and portable access to the e/s available and put at level of the slots through the doors of the inspection and often almost total disassembly.

    Laptops are also limited by the BIOS and the physical attributes systemboard on the video modules and wireless can be used for upgrades.

    A BIOS of the laptop has a white list of the modules that are acceptable. If a module wireless or video is not on the whitelist, then it cannot be used. If a notebook THAT BIOS found during the POST (power on self test) as a module not on the white list has been installed it will warn you and it won't start the laptop computer in the operating system installed.

    If money is no object you can update the video through an exotic external graphics solution like Vidock Gfx.

  • Satellite A300-146 - cannot play games with graphics

    I have Toshiba Satellite A300-146, model No.: PSAJ0E, 1 GB of RAM, Intel Dual core 1.87 processor, chipset Mobile Intel (r) 965 family.

    I can play some games like hitman silent of assasin on fullscreen and with graphics.

    But the problem is that a game could not open correctly IE after you open the game, he becomes 16-bit or not graphicsless. I tried these games = need for speed - pursuit and need for speed - undercover, the same problem occurs. I tried in windows XP and Vista.

    We all know Roadrash. I played this game in computer III pentium no value correctly... but I can not play in my laptop...

    Please help me to recover from this problem with the graphics.



    Check the system requirements for the game. Satellite A300 is not a high-end gaming laptop and maybe some new games couldn't work on this laptop.

    Maybe you need to reinstall your laptop with the Toshiba recovery disc. I put t have another idea so try and post your result.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1GN - where can I find a new display driver?

    Hello to you all.

    I bought last year, Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN, which has ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 VGA mode. I searched on the ATI site for new drivers, but there is no driver for my graphics card. I only found drivers for ATI Radeon 3650 HD, which is not marked as MOBILITY.

    Can someone help me with this problem?


    Yes, that's normal that you can t find the drivers of mobility on the ATI Web site because they are designed only for cards of office.

    But why do you need a new display driver? You may notice a problem with it?
    Normally, you can get all the drivers on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A300 - 1 MM-can I switch to Windows 8?


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 1 MM.
    It is Windows Vista, which is preinstalled.
    I can it move to Windows 8?
    Thanks for the tips.

    In general your old A300 is not supported for Wn8. It is supported for Win7 only. Not same A500 is supported for upgrading Win8.
    I have also, but running with Win7 32 bit and I m very happy with it.

    As far as I know that Vista Win8 upgrade is not supported so that you can try is to install Win7 and install the upgrade for Win8. With the drivers and especially with Toshiba Utilities and tools can be a bit problematic, but you can try to use the stuff proposed for the new model of laptop.

    Unfortunately on this forum we don't have much information about these updates.
    If you try to install Win8 thanks for posting comments.

  • Satellite A300 - 1 5 - can I put it to WiFi draft N?

    I have the Toshiba Satellite A300 - 1 5 with the Chipset Intel GM965. The Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection has been pre-installed in it.

    Currently, I want to update for the Intel N wifi card 5300 wirelss. Is it possible to do?
    As I'm not sure whether the motherboard is compatible with it.
    If so, is there a guide on how to do it?

    Thank you


    > Do you want to say that if I buy the card and buy an additional antenna, it will work?
    I doubt that it will work because the antenna is hidden behind the screen of the laptop and I don t think that replace you it.
    First of all it s really complicated and secondly, you will lose your warranty!

  • Can I upgrade graphics card on my computer satellite phone?

    I've had my Toshiba Equium now for 4 years and I was wondering if it was possible to get the graphics card, replaced by a new and stronger?

    Wouldn't be financial or just logic would it be better to exchange for a new one (where I could get £130 as Toshiba Announces)

    If anyone can help on this issue. I use my laptop to play WoW as well and this is the main reason to get a new card, maybe because the game train a lot and told me that the change in the graphics card would be useful.

    In general graphics card can not be upgraded with one stronger. Each laptop model is designed for certain hardware configuration, including the optimal cooling system. Fastest graphics card will produce more heat and of the entire cooling system will not be able to cool the laptop s material.

    More info on graphics card upgrade, you can read under

    I can see your laptop is 4 years old. Maybe it's time for new and more powerful notebook. ;)

  • Satellite A300 - 1 MM-can I make the memory at 800 MHz?

    My TOSHIBA Satellite A300 - 1 MM has 3072 MB of DDR2 800 MHz memory, but the memory running at 667 MHz. is there a possibility to make the memory at 800 MHz?
    Given that my laptop came with ddr2 800, why not work natively at this frequency?

    Perhaps a future update of the BIOS will solve this problem.

    As far as I know the speed of the FSB is not editable and there is nothing you can do to force the RAM modules to work with faster speed.
    Same BIOS update will not help you change anything.

  • Satellite A300 (PSAJ0E) - where can I find the drivers?


    I tried to find the drivers for the laptop model Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 - PSAJ0E, but it seems that they are no longer available...
    Does anyone know where to find these drivers (preferably for XP, but Vista also appreciated) or if any other laptop model uses the same material (if I can use its drivers)?

    Thanks in advance,


    I searched a bit on the Toshiba site and I think you don t have a portable Satellite Pro. The PSAJ0E is a Satellite A300 I can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers
    Laptop computer-online-online Satellite A Satellite series-online Satellite A300-online PSAJ0E

    Check it!

    Good bye

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