Satellite A300-15 b crashes when Vista launched

Hi all
I only got a Toshiba Satellite A300-15 b for two months, I've had no problems until yesterday, when occurred the following and I don, t seem to be able to remedy.

Sequence of events

(1) start
(2) connect
Windows desktop 3) lance
Warning 4) toshiba recovery disk
(5) after about two minutes of running windows, the screen goes to linear lines (it looks like a horizontal puzzle of the screen)
6 machine) will now not close or answer unless the Start button / Stop button for an age

I have re-installed windows Vista that seemed to solve the problem last night, but when you use this morning same sequence happened.

I ran the check disk of F8 and a restoration of systems

Any ideas?
I am running Vista, the only program I have installed/activated latley windows mail and an update to I-Tunes.

Help, please!
Jeff Rouse

[email protected]


If you have reinstalled Windows Vista with the Toshiba recovery image and then you have the same problems, you should check your Satellite to an ASP (authorized service provider).
I think that it s a hardware problem. decision-making supported downloads & => find an ASP.

I'm sure they will help you.

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    Satellite L500-19 x crashes when loading dvd software. It's photoshop elements 9. Other software by load generally okay, but not always.

    Any ideas?

    Hi shownomercer,

    Have you tried the Photoshop disc in another computer to check if the installation disc is ok or not?

    What exactly happens when the computer crashes? Blue screen?

  • Satellite A300-1IK - impossible to update Vista


    I recently reset my Satellite A300 to its default values by using the utility HDDRecovery. Now, the OS is Vista Home Premium SP1, but I'm not able to update vista drivers or get the upgrade to SP2, so I was struck with my SP1 default.

    I tried installing updates with automatic update, or manually checking the updates under "Windows Update" options. I have achieved anything with the first method (planned updates begin at all), while with the second method when I click on the button "Search for updates", it tells me "impossible to verify new updates; CODE ERROR 80072EFE»
    So I tried to download the executable update packages microsoft official to their download area, but all fail to install.
    What am I supposed to do?

    Thanks in advance, Alessandro

    Hi caiusteblack,

    > So I tried to download the executable update packages microsoft official to their download area, but all fail to install.
    Pack update that you downloaded?

    Of way General if SP1 is already installed you can begin with the installation of SP2 for Vista but SP1 must be installed in the first place. SP2 is available for download on the official site of Microsoft (no Windows Update). Download SP2 and run the install and check what is happening.

  • Re: Satellite A300-1EI PSAGCE - need to Vista 64-bit drivers


    I recently bought a Satellite A300 - 1EI PSAGCE, which by default comes with Windows Vista Home Premium.

    I intend to upgrade the operating system to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, but I am not able to find the drivers for vista 64 bit from Toshiba Web sites. When buying the laptop, I had asked expressly the Toshiba seller if I can move on to the final and he convinced me that I can.

    _Kindly provide a link to download the drivers for 64 bit for A300-1EI_.

    Please notify.

    Kind regards

    You asked to you can upgrade Vista 64-bit operating system and sellers said yes.
    Well, of course, you can install the 64-bit Vista. You can also install W2k or WinME you can install everything but the question is whether you will be able to find the drivers.

    The point is that this is a new series of mobile at the moment and I think that the derivers 64 bit of Vista will be released in next time
    So, either you will wait until these drivers will be available on the Toshiba site or you try to collect the drivers and own hand.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 PSAG4E - no sound when you plug an electric guitar

    Hello everyone!

    I have a very difficult problem. I've got model Satellite A300, PSAG4E its short no, with Windows XP SP3 installed.

    The point is that I need to plug in an electric guitar to my computer and once it is plugged in, RealTek HD sees him but produces, records or not distinguished any sound.

    Everything is on, then I'm afraid that this isn't my inattention which is to blame.

    In case someone already had such a problem with guitar or a microphone plugged into the laptop, please inform me how you managed to eliminate this kind of things.

    Thank you.

    On my laptop I have Realtek HD Audio Manager also, but there is no option for registration. When the external microphone is connected Manager I see info on Realtek audio devices reloading and the microphone is recognized correctly, but in my opinion this Manager has nothing to do with the record.

    For the record, you need other software. In Vista, you have small tool called recorder of sounds. I tested it on my laptop and the sound will be recorded correctly.
    Can you please test it too?

    The fact is the external device is recognized correctly, but I think for sound recording, you need additional software.

  • Satellite A300 - Help Support and Windows Vista does not work


    I have a Satellite A300 that had Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed.
    When I click on the Windows Vista Help and support help windows appear, but an error message box pops up that says page Web is no longer valid.
    The Help window opens blank with the mode circle cursor.

    How should I do?
    Thank you.

    When you open help and Support your laptop is connected to the Internet?
    If this is not the case, try to open it with an Internet connection.

  • Re: Satellite A300 PSAGCA-03C010 - downgrade from Vista to XP


    I'm really new to all this, so I hope that will not ask a question that has already been answered :)

    I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 (model PSAGCA-03C010) in October 08. It came with a preinstalled version of Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Initially, using Vista was not too bad, but it happened at a point now where his things slows down and is really frustrating. Want to downgrade (/ upgrade) go back to Windows XP and I want to know the "implications" of this and if the Toshiba Utilities are consistent and will work with XP.

    First of all, can I use my ID current product that came with Vista and it enter the product ID when I install XP?

    Also, I am concerned about the Wi - fi, bluetooth, finger scan and HDMI applications - will this work with XP?

    Finally, when I created the "recovery disk", should everything go 'bad' when installing XP or if something does not work, can I use this recovery disc to return to the original "out of the box" installation?

    Thanks in advance and again once, apologies if these qns have already answered in other posts (im not too technical).


    > I'm really new to all this, so I hope that will not ask a question that has already been answered
    In many cases, these questions have been answered already and you might find useful views by using the Advanced ;) search option

    > Want to downgrade (/ upgrade) go back to Windows XP and I want to know the "implications" of this and if the Toshiba Utilities are consistent and will work with XP.
    Tools and Vista drivers are not compatible with Win XP. If you want to install Win XP and want to use all the features of the laptop you must make sure that the Win XP drivers are available for this model of laptop.

    Satellite A300 PSAGCA seems to be an Australian model. The drivers are placed here:

    I checked this and found a few tools and drivers for this device.

    > First of all, can I use my ID current product that came with Vista and it enter the product ID when I install XP?
    No, you can not use it because it belongs to the Vista operating system preinstalled on your laptop.

    > Finally, when I created the "recovery disk", should everything go 'bad' when installing XP or if something does not work, can I use this recovery disc to return to the original "out of the box" installation?
    Yes, the recovery disk allows to reverse the laptop back to factory settings.
    You will get the same as on the first day of purchase

  • Satellite A300-1QD - how to restore Vista preinstalled?


    I made a big mistake, two years ago. I installed windows 7 on my Satellite A300-1QD but on the laptop Windows Vista was installed and I have no recovery disk, but I have the original serialnumber of it.

    Are there opportunities to put Windows Vista on the laptop without buying a new version of Windows Vista?

    welcome them



    If you don t have a recovery disk, you must order such a Toshiba drive directly to restore preinstalled Windows Vista with all the drivers and tools (factory settings):

    But it s not free as far as I know it costs about 30 Euros.

    So I t understand why you didn't create the recovery disc yourself. Everything is mentioned in the user manual

  • Satellite A300 starts sometimes like when you turn it on

    Hey people,

    So my sisters laptop (satellite A300) was more than heating for basically since we bought it, but now I think that has caused a serious problem.
    Now it does not start at times like when you turn the backlight only market not even turn on.

    Hard drive does nothing basically nothing just the power light comes on it is all.
    But when I remove the charger and close the lid and open it again, wait like 2 minutes it magicly towers, so it's the startup problem.

    This may have something to do with it, but when you plug the cable that the tactile area (above the keyboard) lights up if laptops or disable but don't market not turn on if not plugged Chargers... also touch dosen't work area.

    So many things hope you understand all this, thank you!


    I think that this is related to the problem of equipment; Maybe this problem of motherboard or power suply electronics problem.
    But that's just a guess and no one here will be able to say what's going wrong with your laptop until it has been checked by a technician.

    That's why I put t think you could solve this problem, install the new OS or new BIOS.
    I therefore recommend to request a laptop technician help and equipment to check.

  • Satellite A300-1EG - after upgrade to Vista Premium lacks some options

    Floor of the year of return, that I bought the computer laptop Toshiba SATELLITE A300-1EG (short model No. PSAG4E). Due to some problems, it was necessary to reinstall Windows.

    Bought the laptop introduced Windows Vista Home. Now I have created Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. A problem with some drivers, I can't adjust brightness and sharpness of the screen, and the screen guests do not work. Writing "or screen prompt updated video card is required, or the video card compatible with Direct3D" is necessary.

    Help please!


    I think that you didn t install the driver on the right graphics card
    It seems that your laptop supports the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphics chip and I think that you should simply reinstall the graphics driver on the European driver Toshiba page

    What do you think?

  • By Satellite A300 - 15 c comes with Vista DVD


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 - 15 c to some queries:

    Is - this type is delivered with Windows Vista DVD?


    The new Toshiba notebooks seem to be delivered with the image of Toshiba HDD.
    This means that Vista and all the other drivers, tools and utilities are already preinstalled on the HARD drive and the image is placed on another partition.

    You can burn this image on DVD to get a recovery DVD.
    As I m not wrong not it must be preinstalled software Toshiba called recovery disk creator. This tool can be used to create a recovery DVD.

    Once again; the books are not delivered with the Vista DVD.

  • No Satellite A300-1MC no sound when connect you to the LCD

    When I connect by Satellite A300-1MC HDMI port for my Toshiba Regza 37 "AV LCD series 37AV555DB and play a movie the sound comes out the laptop and not from the TV...?

    I have to do something to the settings? I tried other HDMI port and have the same problem...! Please can someone help?

    Do I need an another audio connecting cable? I used a VLC Player on the laptop, if this can be the problem?

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Thank you


    I checked Toshiba basic knowledge about the Toshiba support page and found some interesting documents that can help you: - This document is written for Qosmio laptop but the principle must be the same.
    Is under audio playback are peripheral digital (S/PDIF) or HDMI output?

  • Satellite A300-1GC - turn off when I play games


    I try to explain my problem (I'll try because English isn't my motherlanguage wull so hards to ensure that you understand me Hi!).
    Usually I use my Satellite A300-1GC also for two or three days (I watch divx on tv and other small applications, but nothing special) and never happened to me that yesterday was happing!

    I installed a game (Jekyll & Hyde) and I played it with the pc cable hook up to electricity. After a while (I think only an hour) the computer turns off! After that was not possibel to turn it on nothing! No light was on the same battery icon nothing complitely dead! After about 10 minutes instead of the icons light was on and so I was able to restart the computer. Windows XP doesn't give me any error on the "blackout" reports the system. I restarted the game and play with him for about two hours without any problem! If you have something (hihihihi) understud my question is:

    Whay you do that I can do so that this accident will not happen more? Is there some test or newspaper or something similar I can read to see if there is any hardware/software problems? May need a BIOS update? I mean, is there anyone who have the same laptop and have similar experience and sort it out with an update?
    On short time I'm planing to install windows 7 (two DVDs I received from Toshiba) but first I must address this problem.

    I thank the of in advance for help

    PS: Once again at 11:36 the laptop shut down whenm I played :(

    Hi Helen_1,

    Usually, if the laptop shuts down during a game, it s caused by a higher internal temperature to protect the equipment.

    I put t know how long you already have Satellite A300, but usually the laptop must be cleaned every 3 months using a jet of compressed air. You will find here in the forum how an article on this subject:
    [How to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? |]

    Also make sure that this new Toshiba Web site display driver is installed.

  • Re: Satellite L70 - B - game crashes when the battery removed

    I have a portable Satellite L70 b - 130 and I have the following problem:
    If I remove the battery from the laptop and turn it on, when I start the game it crashes... If the battery is connected and I enter the game, it works


    Does the system crash or just this game here?

    You have the same problem as other games and other applications running?

    Are you using the same parameters of the power station with or without battery?

  • Re: Satellite A300-211 - error message when installation of VAP

    Hi, I just did a clean install of Vista Ultimate (R) x 32 on my A300-211 and when I get to the installation of VAP this well known error message appears. I have not found an elegant solution to this subject. Any thoughts on fixing it? (clean install, x 86, VAP 1.1.19 x 32 etc.)

    My best regards and thanks in advance. I found several solutions here in the past, you are doing a great job.

    Thanks for the comments, buddy!

    It is perhaps useful to other users here s. :)

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