Satellite A300-1ED - upgrade CPU of PDC to C2D

Hi all
Small question. I still have six months toshiba warranty on my A300-1ED. laptop is very good. Never fail. But it lacks performance so I want to upgrade my PDC T2390 to some C2D processor.
Tell me what model of C2D my A300-1ED runs (card mother and bios)? T7500? T5750? Frequency FSB? 667 or 800?

Someone at - he do it before?

Thanks for all the tips!



First of all, you will lose the warranty if you would disassemble the laptop!
This should be clear to you.

Then there is no guarantee that your laptop would go well and stable after this upgrade the CPU.
I m thinking about issues of compatibility between the processor and BIOS since the BIOS was pretested with the other processors.

However, I have read some threads here on the CPU upgrade and some users do that
Seems that some laptops run without any big problems after upgrade CPU, but I think it's not consistent for all series

Perhaps this topic could be useful:

Welcome them

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  • Satellite A300-1ED-CD-key for the installation of Vista OEM?

    Hi all!

    I have question. Can I legaly use cd key of windows vista Home premium preinsaled on my Satellite A300-1ED to install a clean oem Windows Vista Home Premium without toshiba or mcafee software?

    Many thanks for the answer!

    You can try to do, but it won't work. This key will not activate your own operating system preinstalled.
    This product key is for the recovery image, that you got with your laptop.

    Many people understand this wrong, especially when they sell old books on eBay and wrote: legal production key is on the bottom. And what to do with this key? You can't do anything with it.

  • Satellite A300-1ed: 8 GB SDHC card does not work

    I have a problem, I got an SDHC card with a capacity of 8 GB and a card reader built in, unfortunately, I don't read it. I checked the computer description, and he says that he accepts these cards. In what could be the problem?

    (Toshiba Satellite A300-1ED, PSAG4E, Windows XP)


    Try to update the card reader driver

    Try different SDHC cards

  • Satellite A300 GPU upgrade

    Hello world

    I have Satellite A300 Hi and wonder if it is possible to change a graphics card in this laptop A300 (ATI Radeon 3400HD)?

    Thank you!


    Read here of * Toshiba Technical Support *.

    As you can see, Cpu and Gpu upgrade is not a good idea. Even if your motherboard can handle it but the Bios is not pre-tested for her. In any case, you must contact the Asp (SAV), they can tell exactly whether it is supported or not.

  • Satellite A300 - compatibility upgrade and memory module

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 and I want to upgrade the RAM.
    My installed memory's PC2-5300 555 but I can't find t the available is of 667.

    Is it possible to use that kind of memory?

    Hello, Harold

    Yes you can use it. Rams compatible are:

    1 GB DDR2-667

    2 GB DDR2-667

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite A300-17N - the CPU multiplier does not change under load


    I have Toshiba Satellite A300-17N. Yesterday, I noticed that my CPU does not change its multiplier under load.
    I have used programs like premium 95 and Orthos CPU load and programs such as CPU - Z and Everest.

    The multiplier blocked on 6 and do not change its value.
    Under load the multiplier should change its value to 13, but it didn't happen.

    In this case my CPU works on 798 MHz (133 x 6) 1732 MHz (13 x 133) instead.
    I will be grateful for any advice.

    Hey Buddy

    I put t know what you are talking about, and I don t know if you're up-to-date on CPU technology but the laptop was equipped with the Intel Pentium Dual - Core T2370 processor.
    I recommend the Intel page on Intel Dual-Core T2370 properties.

    This processor supports Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology.
    Do you know what it is?

    Here is a short info from the Intel page:

    + Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology allows the system to dynamically adjust the frequency of voltage and core processor, which can translate into a reduction in average energy and decreases heat production average. +

    I think it should be clear now.

  • Satellite A300-1ID - high CPU temperature


    I have a Satellite A300-1ID, 2 years and since I bought the computer I felt he was always hot, but I guess that's normal.
    In the first year I wasn't playing any recent games, computer was at a normal temperature, but this year, I bought a few games and the computer after an hour + - gameplay disable because overheating. I have a program to see the temperature of the cpu and when I play it is around 80 - 90 c: O

    I post this topic because the atm, even with the computer only @ office, with the low CPU, my cpu usage is around 70 ° c. It's a little high, I guess, because it was about 50 ° c some time ago. The idea how to improve the cooling of the computer? already cleaned the fan, and I also use a base so the "fabric" of the table be stick to the fan.

    This high temperature is normal for this model?

    Best regards, leech


    > the cpu temperature, and when I play it's around 80 - 90 c

    There is nothing unusual, playing games makes Cpu and Gpu hard.

    > . The idea how to improve the cooling of the computer? already cleaned the fan, and I also use a base so the "fabric" of the table be stick to the fan.

    You can't have the cooling of your laptop module improve you. Theoretically, you can do it if you a computer engineer. I want to find more powerful fan, calculate the rated output, voltage...
    You can also get a cooling pad, it's not expensive. Maybe, you need to replace a thermal grease.

  • Satellite Pro L10: upgrade CPU?


    I have a Satellite Pro L10 and I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the processor. I currently have a Mobile Intel Pentium M 725, 1600 MHz processor.

    Does anyone know what the best available (if any) CPU I could update?

    Thanking you in advance



    Upgrade CPU on laptops is not easy and certainly not possible.

    Well, in this forum, you will find a large number of discussions on this endless theme.

    How about this thread:

    See you soon

  • Satellite A300-1ED - super slow performance of SSD

    Hi people,

    My 2009 toshiba a300 is a great laptop, but after 5 years of use, it slows down a bit.
    I tried to improve it with new CPU - unfotrunatlly BIOS run.

    So, let me show you my current specification: T2390 1, 86 MHz dual core, 4 GB of 533 HD3470 GPU, RAM, windows 7 64 bit edition Home premium and to speed up everyting, I recently bought 120 GB 840 evo ssd.

    The results? Horrible...
    17, 4 MB/s when copying random file.

    Guys, help me.
    He got the last intel ich8 drivers (I can't install Intel Rapid Storage - don't know why "this platform is not supported'), beta drivers GPU, fully updated, Bios 1.80 Samsung ssd frimeware magician WIN. Startup time is also very slow.

    > Results? Horrible...
    I'm not sure but think that the SATA HDD controller supports SATA so you can expect the theoretical speed of 150 MB/s I. (or lower) but so be 100% sure you should install some like Everest Home Edition or AIDA64 hardware diagnostic tools. In the best cases, it would be SATA II

    What SATA mode is set in the BIOS? AHCI or compatible?
    If it s all in compatibility mode, the SSD drive would not use SATA properties.

    In order to use SATA performance, you must set the AHCI in the BIOS and installing the Win 7 system, you must add the SATA driver (part of the set of Storage Manager intel IRST)

  • Satellite A300 - 08V PSAGCA - CPU multiplier fluctuating

    HI guys.

    Recently, I had a few problems of CPU speed with my Toshiba A300 PSAGCA O8V01N.
    At first I had no idea what was causing the problem, nor in how to identify it. I've recently went to a tech forum and asked the same problem for the guys out there. Thanks to them I found that my cpu multiplier changed automatically, apparently as a result of heat from the system.

    The previous forum that I have been about this problem.

    I thought I found a bios update patch. (Insyde h20: since version 1.60 to 2.10). Update the bios had temporarily solved the problem, putting up my multiplier back up to 9 and the 2.4 GHz complete I was supposed to be seen. However, when I played COD:MW2 afted address the issue of the frequency of the computer has really hot (fortunately I got off before it crashed).

    After that, he returned to .79Ghz at 3 x multiplier (as before). Before I finish, I looked in the bios for all parameters. Called the "dynamic CPU frequency Mode" was the dynamic value, which regulates the energy consumption and, consequently, the speed of the CPU.
    So I applied it to still weak. (which means that this feature is disabled.) However, it has not changed anything noticeable...

    Apart from that, there was no other parameters related to my problem. Can anyone help?
    Can I change the multiplier?

    Thanks in advance.

    + The message was edited: link has been removed - unauthorized +.


    My knowledge, laptops BIOS does support all of the options that allows you to change the CPU multiplier.
    A few years ago, I used a desktop PC and BIOS and my taken desktop PC motherboard support this feature, and I was able to overclock my processor. But this is not possible with the BIOS of the laptop.

    If you want to set the CPU to lower the frequency then I recommend the settings in Vista or Win 7 Power Management.

    There is usually an option called CPU power management and you can set different performance (min and max) while the laptop is running on battery or power.

    Check it!

  • Satellite S2800-500: upgrade CPU and RAM

    Anyone know if I can update the chip - currently a PIII 800 and also memory which is 128?
    I live in England.

    Hi John

    I found the same info on upgrade memory. You can do it yourself, but replacement of the CPU is not possible. I also agree with Tobi when he wrote that 200 MHz will not make big difference.

  • Satellite Pro A60: Upgrade CPU Questions

    I took my laptop apart before, and I remember that I was able to remove the CPU.
    My A60 is the lower part of the range as far as I KNOW, 2.8 ghz Celeron, 40GB HDD and DVD-ROM/CD-RW. I've since added 512 MB of RAM and a LiteOn DVD +-RW drive.
    What type of CPU would be a direct exchange?
    I was looking at my manual, A60 were sold with P4 3.06 GHz.

    I would be able to put in a 533FSB, 3.06 GHz in my laptop?

    Thank you


    As far as I know the Satellite Pro A60 was delivered with these processors:
    Mobile-Intel-Pentium 4 processor - HT 518 (2.8 G), 532 (3.06 G) CPU, CPU 538 (3.2 G)
    Intel-Celeron CPU CPU CPU CPU 350 (3.2 G) 345(3.066G) 340(2.93G) 335(2.8G)

    So in this case, I think that you can only use these processors

  • Satellite Pro 2100 - upgrade CPU

    Is it possible to move from the factory installed Pentium M 1.7 / 512 k cpu with e.g. a Centrino with FSB400 and 1 or 2 M cache?

    If so, which ones would take on my machine?

    I want to improve my laptop, otherwise, it will have to be replaced...: s

    Thanks for the reply


    Usually it s not desirable to replace or upgrade the processor.
    But if you want you can try to contact Toshiba service partner in your country to know what CPU could be compatible with the motherboard.

    Good luck

  • Satellite L300-129 - upgrade CPU (NOT to improve game performance)

    I'm running a Toshiba L300-129 and I want to know if I can improve my processor.

    If so, what upgrade options I have? I use my laptop for games, rather, I need extra CPU for music, produce software that I use. (Cubase5) The upgrade of the processor will be a significant performance increase for my software?

    The software works very well, but I am limited in the amount of plug-INNS (VST)
    I can use before the program crashes due to the processing overhead (ASIO).

    Would appreciate help.

    > I want to know if I can improve my processor.
    Well, CPU can be removed from the motherboard and can be replaced but it s not official supported. This means that no one can guarantee that this notebook would be stable after an upgrade.

    > Processor upgrade will be a significant performance increase for my software?
    No, certainly not. Of course a stronger CPU would give more power, but you won't see a performance gain. In addition, please note that the stronger CPU produce more heat dissipation which leads to the highest temperature and this may affect the functionality of the laptop.

    In General, the new processor must be compatible with the chipset of the motherboard.
    So, if you really want to upgrade the processor (I don t recommend) then you have to check what chipset your laptop support and check the support for other processors.

  • Satellite A300-1ed freezes while mode 'sleep' in XP

    Hi all!

    Sorry about my English... Well I have a problem with the gel under XP.
    I did a downgrade and everything works fine except when I try to restart or to sleep... then it freezes... sometimes... not all the time... someone knows how to fix this problem or does anyone have the same problem like me?


    BIOS is 1.60... (on Toshiba download page is 1.50 for Xp)
    Double heart 2390
    ATI 3470 256 MB

    Enjoy your life while you can :)))

    Check the event viewer in Control Panel-> administrative tools to find errors.

    Make sure that the drivers and BIOS are updated. Check the Drivers section on the Toshiba site.

    If you have installed a printer or a Scanner, try to remove the software.

Maybe you are looking for