Satellite A300-1EG - after upgrade to Vista Premium lacks some options

Floor of the year of return, that I bought the computer laptop Toshiba SATELLITE A300-1EG (short model No. PSAG4E). Due to some problems, it was necessary to reinstall Windows.

Bought the laptop introduced Windows Vista Home. Now I have created Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. A problem with some drivers, I can't adjust brightness and sharpness of the screen, and the screen guests do not work. Writing "or screen prompt updated video card is required, or the video card compatible with Direct3D" is necessary.

Help please!



I think that you didn t install the driver on the right graphics card
It seems that your laptop supports the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 graphics chip and I think that you should simply reinstall the graphics driver on the European driver Toshiba page

What do you think?

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    I upgraded my P200-144 of Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate and does not today have the Chicony camera. Despite reinstalling the driver and all other available remedies found on the internet and this site the camera still does not work. Any ideas anyone?


    You post a question that has already answered several times!
    It of not necessary to send always the same!
    Use the forum search before you open a new thread advanced!

    But because you are new here I'm patience with you!

    Check this thread:

    Finally I expect some reward points ;)

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite A300 - battery after upgrading to Windows 7

    Hi all

    I have with me the notebook toshiba Satellite A300.
    Bought the UNITED Arab Emirates. I just upgraded my pc to windows 7 and it seems to have affected my battery life, I guess.

    Anyone has idea about hw long battery last, I mean hours.

    Now, I can only use it for nearley 30 min... Some blog said of updateing the bios.

    Is this the reason realley or is the problem of windows 7 with my battery, experts advise please.

    Thank you, vb sbar


    I don't know if the update of the BIOS would help, but if the new BIOS is available for you notebook series, then it s a m updated value.

    But you should also check the Win 7 power management settings.
    Please check this Toshiba HowTo:

    It s on vista but Vista power management is very similar to Windows 7.

    Here you must change the battery more user-friendly options.
    Check it!

  • 6 buttons do not work on Satellite U400-10O after upgrade to Vista Ultimate


    I have improved my U400-10O of original Win Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate, installed every driver and utility, (some of them, for example PVAT repeatedly ;-))

    However, could not succeed to operate the keys of multimedia shortcut, Led power button, Media Player, game, etc... They did not work with the original Setup, but I need this Ultimate Win.

    What is the real solution to enable them to work?

    Thank you


    You may need to configure these buttons first
    Go in the * Toshiba Assist-> Optimize-> Toshiba button support *.

    There you can configure the simple buttons.

    But it might be possible that the PPV is not supported by Vista Ultimate, I've read about various problems after installing Vista Ultimate applications didn't work as it should.

  • Its very slow after upgrade to Vista Premium on a Qosmio F20-137

    Hi I updated to Vista earlier...

    I noticed that the sound is slow for what either except beeps & sqeeks.

    It's almost as if it was in slow motion:

    Watch TV
    Watch a DVD
    Using the speech text
    Play music

    I have the audio drivers max without result in v2.1...

    Miss thing Theresome or is not compatible with Vista?

    Thank you


    At your Qosmio Vista capable sticker?

  • Question about upgrading to Vista 64 - bit - Satellite A300-1EG


    I wanted to ask you, how can I run Vista 64-bit without losing all the software that I got carried away with my laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1EG?
    I would be remiss and so on the Toshiba disk creator?
    Is there a way to extract somehow the recovery DVD?

    Thank you

    Please do not mix two different things. 64-bit and 32-bit versions are not the same and if your mobile phone is supported for the version of Vista 64-bit, you can find all the drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page under

    Have you already checked this?

    BTW: recovery image cannot be used for spare parts. It can only be used in the package.

  • Satellite A300-1EG - driver Webcam open fail after Exchange of motherboard

    All greetings.

    Recently took the laptop with the service center, it changed the motherboard. Before the service center the camera worked fine, but after taking early displays an error "Webcam driver open fail." Restart the computer or the camera. "Read the posts on this topic wise anywhere to update the BIOS, I renewed, but nothing helped.

    This could be due to the fact that in the service Centre to have forgotten something to connect to the motherboard? Because in Device Manager do not see a web camera. I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 1EG PSAG4E number.

    Thanks in advance for the answer. I would like to hasten to meet to go tomorrow to the center of service or not.

    Hi kuhar2007,

    Maybe the authorized service provider forgot to plug in the power cord, but before to contact them again once you try to reinstall the driver for the webcam. You can get the latest version here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Normally the webcam should be in Device Manager after that. If this isn't the case, you must contact the ASP again. Explain the problem and they will try to help you. ;)

  • Audio lost after upgrade to Vista on a Satellite Pro A120 PSAC1E


    I just upgraded to vista and I lost my audio. I tried all the latest orders, still no luck. The pc says the driver is installed and the device works correctly, but I can't hear anything. Volume is 100% also.

    Any ideas?

    Well, first of all how someone should provide advice, if you n t write anything on the name cell phone you! ???
    Then please provide more details on your laptop!

    I noticed the same problem on the satellite U200. After upgrading from XP to Vista there is no sound, but the audio driver has been correctly installed and audio chipset has also been recognized correctly.

    After a long investigation, I found a solution here in the forum.
    First, it was important to increase the volume to the maximum with XP installed. Together sound controls must also be set to max.
    Be sure to use the RIGHT driver sound after the new installation of Vista.
    Not all drivers are working!

  • Satellite A300 starts after Vista update

    Hello everyone!

    I had a problem with my Satellite A300. After installing Vista updates laptop is restart automatically, so it is not commissioning and screan is black, but buttons is the lighting, the cooler works.

    You have a solution to this problem?


    Remove the battery, disconnect the adapter and wait for about 30 minutes.
    Then reconnect both parties and try to turn on the laptop.

    Check it out!

  • Microphone does not work after upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Home Basic-Sony Vaio VGN-NS25G

    Microphone does not work after upgrade from Vista Home Premium to win 7 Home Basic Edition. Laptop model Sony Vaio VGN-NS25G, bought in India

    My built-in mic not working anymore after the upgrade from Vista Home Premium to win 7 Home Basic Edition. Model laptop Sony Vaio VGN-NS25G was bought in India. I have taken the loacl Sony Service Center and they said that Windows 7 drivers for the microphone Sony was not yet available. They mentioned that the only way to fix the problem was to upgrade to Vista. Is this true? Where can I get these drivers for the microphone, and they are not available, when will they be available?


    Method 1.
    Interestingly, I found the drivers for Windows 7 for this particular model of Vaio. Here is link thye:

    I suggest updating all your drivers from the link above and drivers Realtek especially.

    Method 2. Set the default Microphone.

    Once the drivers installed to check if the microphone is the default value, here's how:

    Exercise the functions mentioned below to adjust the Microphone as default:
    1. Click Start and click on Control Panel.
    2. click on sound, then a new window will open.
    3. in the new windows, click on the 'Registration' tab and right click in the window and click Show disabled devices.
    4. now check if the Microphone is listed there and right-click on it and choose activate.
    5. turn highlighted that Microphone and click "set as default".
    For more information see the articles below: ' t-work correctly

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • No sound after upgrade to Vista on U-series of satellite - solution

    Hi, I had the problem that I had no sound after upgrade to Vista Business.

    After several attempts to get a solution from Toshiba I found myself.

    Here are the steps to resolve this problem:

    1. update the Bios to version 3.5
    2 do a clean install of Vista
    3. install the added value of package
    4 install the audio driver
    5 install the patch "mute off".

    Should work now.

    Hey wow, it's really nice. Already bookmarked it. :)

    We users and me (freak ;)) appreciate good solutions.

    THX dude

  • Re: Satellite A300-1MS - after a few minutes DNS no longer works


    I have a Satellite A300-1 ms with Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. What happens is that after a few minutes, surfing the web, I can't navigate more unless I restart the PC. It happened with SP1, SP2, IE7, IE8 and Firefox. The only service that stop working suddenly is browsing when "http://dns_domain" is entered in the Solution Explorer. These other services running ok:
    -updated windows
    -update anti-virus
    - (using IP instead of domain)
    -nslookup, so the connection to the dns server seems to be ok
    -ping to the router

    The only solution is to restart the PC (turn on/off the network interface or reboot the router does not resolve the issue)
    This happens with the help of wi - fi and wired LAN

    Does anyone have a clue on what could happen and how to solve?
    Thank you very much for reading this post!


    Sounds like the system service domain name (DNS) stopped working after a few minutes. Please check the Services (start > run > services.msc) if the DNS client is always started. Also, try to restart this service. It work?

    What antivirus software or security is installed? Try to update and disable the software just to test.

    Sorry, but that's all I can say at the moment.

  • No sound in Windows XP on Satellite A300-1EG

    Well, I'm in trouble, and that bothers me.

    I can't install my soundcard on Satellite A300-1EG. (I have the same notebook)
    I kill Vista and installed XPSP2, is gone to Toshiba official downloads, got sound and chipset drivers, but sound card still does not work.

    I want to tell ALL.
    Same system doesn't see this device as an existing one. Looks like he disappeared.
    But it does not work under Vista.
    What should I do?
    I'm not going to install vista, I'd rather have a laptop another (preparation for the worse)


    You need to first install audio patch for windows xp
    AUDIO patch 1: KB835221
    AUDIO patch 2: KB888111

    These are patches from Microsoft and are essential for the sound card.

    After that the patches have been installed, reinstall the audio driver

    See you soon

  • Satellite A300-1EG - I can't find the WiFi radar software

    I have laptop Satellite A300-1EG. He had installed Vista Home Premium on my laptop.

    I deleted Home Premium and installed Vista Ultimate. And now I can not find software for wifi excess. There was possibility to search for wifi, his name is "radar." Help me please to find this utility.

    Just a question: what is the exact name of the program?

    I also think as a boarder ConfigFree should be good

  • Satellite A300-1EG - hard drive carrier


    I have this laptop-->

    I would buy the new hard drive, specifically this one-->

    My question is, will it work? Laptop is old enough, I don't know if it supports this capability and/or additional 8 GB SSD.

    Satellite A300 is old but very good machine. I got it a few years ago. In general there is no list some specific with all hard drives supported and compatibility information can give you just someone who has the same machine and use it with an identical hard drive.

    In my opinion, you can upgrade your machine with this drive and I'm pretty sure that in combination with Windows 7 it works perfectly.

    I don't know what is most important to you: spatial ability or portable s performance, but if your laptop supports the option with two hard drives, I recommend to buy SSD and use it as a hard drive main and old original HD, you can use it as a second drive (if possible) and, of course, for the storage of data only.

    I have this hardware configuration on my Satellite P500.

Maybe you are looking for

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