Satellite A300 - 1HP Bluetooth Stack problem

When I installed the Bluetooth Stack version (T) Bluetooth works, but my sound starts to Crackle very hard!

Now I uninstalled Bluetooth Stack and everything is OK again, but I would like to use the Bluetooth function, please help.

Edit: I use Windows XP Professional SP3.

Bluetooth is active in this situation?
If so, have you used any Bluetooth device?
What happens if you just turn off the antenna?

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  • Satellite A300-1QD - "Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba" will not be installed


    My system: Vista 64 Home Premium

    I already have the option for bluetooth devices in my Systemcontroll, but no device is shown.
    So I downloaded official Toshiba Bluetooth stack. At first, it seems that everything is fine, but after the second window, when RFBUS is installed and shown in the popup system that it is redy for use, the installation will stop. I don't know what to do? If I cancel the installer at this point, the installer said that the installation has been successfully and I should restart my system. Done, but no device.

    If I install the Bluetooth monitor too, I can connect to my mobile phone.

    Do I need the monitor? What is my fault on the battery Installation?

    If you are using an external Bluetooth USB adapter that is not Toshiba, then use the Bluetooth software supplied by the product.

    Do you use an internal Bluetooth module or a USB Bluetooth Toshiba adapter then I recommend the following?
    -Remove the "Bluetooth Monitor" software.
    -Remove the Toshiba Bluetooth stack.
    -Version of stack Bluetooth download the x 64 of the last battery Bluetooth.
    -Install the battery Toshiba Bluetooth. Make sure that you do not cancel any window during the installation. Be patient.
    -Do not use the Bluetooth Control Panel icon. It is still available, but you can not always use.
    -To start the battery Bluetooth just double click on the Bluetooth system tray icon or run it by double-clicking
    Start-> programs-> Toshiba-> Bluetooth-> Bluetooth settings

  • Satellite A300 - 1HP Vista x 64 drivers


    Since 2 days I have Vista Ultimate x 64 on my Satellite A300-1HP and I have several problems.
    First of all, I badly need some drivers. And to be exact I need drivers for

    -Sound card
    -O2Micro SD storage device
    -J' I need the Toshiba Value Package too

    If anyone can help me please do!
    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards


    Your Satellite A300 belongs to the series of PSAJ4E and the Toshiba site for this model are not 64-bit drivers available.

    I think you must search on external Web sites for the drivers and try to download and install the VAP from another model of laptop.

    As far as I know the sound driver and modem, you can get on this site:

  • Satellite A300 - 1HP Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 'Penryn' question


    I have some problems with the T8100 CPU in my notebook. The energy saving features, especially Speedstep, does not work properly under Windows Vista and XP. If I use High Performance in Vista Power Options, the processor switches between 1.25 GHz and 2.1 GHz.

    The minimum and maximum processor state is set to 100%. I also installed XP and Toshiba Power Saver, the automatic CPU processing speed does not work it and this tool needs to be updated! I hope that these problems will be fixed soon!

    Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology require a compatible BIOS, a compatible operating system and a compatible Intel processor.
    Satellite A300-1HP supports all of these features.

    But I wonder how did you test the CPU performance and why you're suggesting that this feature does not work properly? ?:|

    To my knowledge the Core 2 Duo CPU run * always * better performance.
    If the performance of the processor are not necessary the CPU will then lower to save energy and reduce heat dissipation.

    So I don't really see any problems with the Intel Speedstep technology!

    By the way; I noticed that the new BIOS updates are rented on the Toshiba page. Try to update the BIOS.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1HP is not in sleep mode after 30 minutes inactivity

    Satellite A300 1HP is not in sleep mode after 30 minutes inactivity.
    Windows settings are OK (I'm an experienced user).
    He goes to sleep, if I do it manually (by pressing the power button) - but not after inactivity,

    Any idea?


    Hello, Norbert

    Maybe you should check the settings of Vista power again. I have too many A300 and everything works fine.
    I tested it with all three power plans. Have you done the same?

    Usually, I use the BALANCED power plan and enter mode standby 20 minutes correctly.

  • Satellite A100-234: Bluetooth stack 30 days trial only

    Dear Forum,

    My Toshiba Satellite A100-234 just recently upgraded from Xp to Windows 7, downloaded and installed the last BT stack which supports windows 7. Installation was successful, the bluetooth devices work well.

    My question is... Why I only limited to use the 30 day trial period where infact I use PC Toshiba laptop.

    Y at - there a patch to make it fully activated without limited period. From Toshiba Web site address to trigger this query?

    If someone wishes to help solve this problem, it will be very appreciated.

    Thank you...


    Check out this FAQ from Toshiba:

    + This message is intended for third-party developers of Bluetooth adapters, but may appear if you use such an adapter with the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack - rather than with the stack of the manufacturer of the adapter. The third-party Bluetooth adapter can operate with the battery Toshiba Bluetooth, but only for a 30 days evaluation period. +
    + For your Bluetooth adapter is working again, you must install the battery correct Bluetooth from the manufacturer of the Bluetooth adapter. +

  • Bluetooth stack problem


    I would like to know how to install the Version 3.10 for windows bluetooth stack. Indeed, I downloaded it on the toshiba site, but when I run the file, a message to about 50% of installation and it says: "please connect your bluetooth peripherics and press OK. But I have nothing to connect!
    Please let me know what to do to solve this problem.

    Thank you!

    Hi gary

    It will be interesting to know what laptop you have.

  • Satellite A300-15 b - graphic problem Counter Strike game


    I have a laptop Satellite A300-15 b, but in Windows 7, I have a problem with the graphics in some game.
    Not much true game problem requiring a cut, I don't know what the problem is, I tried the latest drivers, but the problem is always the same.
    I'm playing counter-strike: Source (which is not a demanding game), but this game with me this driver does not work... Help

    Post edited by: jevic989


    Personally, I don't play game at all. About your problem, maybe you need to install x 11 Direct:

    Check if the version of counter-strike you are playing is compatible with Windows 7,

  • Satellite A300 and wireless connection problems

    Recently, I had to use my recovery disk and restored my laptop to factory settings. Almost everything is back is the way has been, except for a small problem.

    The WiFi does not work. It is on, but when I go to connect to the wireless family network, it tells me to insert a cable.

    My laptop is the Satellite A300 - model psagca.

    I install the drivers of Realtech and still not get the case.

    Thank you in advance.

    Your wireless network is not visible to your laptop satellite?

  • Satellite A300-1HP and WXP - I see Audio Device on high def...

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my Satellite A300. Today I installed Windows XP SP2 on laptop.
    I have install all the driver (from Toshiba page) one moment, I still see "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus".

    Sorry for my bad English.

    I hope I can help



    Please reinstall the display driver and give me some feedback if it worked. You could by the way check what hardware ID is the device? The hardware ID can be seen on the tab 'Detail' of the device which is not properly installed...

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - new battery compatibility problem


    My apologies if this question is in the wrong part of the forum but I need help with a problem of battery for my Toshiba laptop.

    I have a Satellite A300 and did it for about 4 years.
    Battery recently not to organize free and put this up to age so I ordered a new online.
    My previous battery had issue PA3534U-1BRS DC 10.8V and 4000 mAh and my new battery PA3534U-1BRS DC 10.8V and 4000 mAh.

    The problem is that the computer does not seem to like it.
    If I put the battery and connect the power adapter red battery icon will show and stay for about 5 minutes before you start to Flash.
    When I turn on the computer and log on to the computer displays "battery not detected" in the battery in the tool bar icon.
    I couldn't so far to charge the battery.

    What I am doing wrong? Any ideas on how I can get around this?

    Any help gratefully received

    Thank you


    First of all there are no many things that must be done if you replace the battery.
    The new battery should be automatically recognized by laptop and the Windows System.
    If it s not the case, then the battery is not completely compatible or malfunctioning.

    There are several batteries on the market; origin and original parts parts
    I recommend buying an original Toshiba Toshiba service block in your country.
    In this case, you can be sure that you bought a fair and good share for your laptop to 100%.

  • Satellite A660 - 11 M Windows 7 x 64 BSOD - bluetooth stack problem

    It's been a while since I turned off my bluetooth mouse due to an unmanaged kernel-mode exception caused by tosrfbd.sys + 2ca5a.

    Do you know where I can submit the related windows minidump?

    Last relase battery Toshiba BT is installed on my laptop.


    What happened to reinstall the Bluetooth software? Even, you have installed the version the most recent I would try put it back. You can find it on the official Portal of Toshiba Bluetooth:

    This page also contains lots of information about Bluetooth technology, so maybe you can find useful advice :)

  • Satellite A300 and Win7 - strange problem with card speakers\sound

    Hi all
    I work on one - A300-1MO with win 7 ultimate 32 bit

    In the last few days (since I installed the Bluetooth driver but I don't think that it's important), sound card and the speakers of the laptop, go to be dumb to be active, sometimes in large volume.

    It bothers me a lot because my computer is noises while I'm in classes (from apps running\web sites etc.). I've almost been hunted class several times because of this.

    I tried the sound card on the console of windows and the application of the sound card of inhibition, it doesn't help.

    I'd appreciate any help.

    Thanks a bunch
    Return on investment.


    Have you tried to reinstall / update the sound card driver?
    I think that this should be the first step you should try.

    The laptop uses a Realtek audio chip.
    Visit the Realtek page to get the latest Realtek audio driver.
    Remove the old audio driver installed and after reboot new try the audio downloaded Realtek driver.

    Welcome & good luck

  • Re: Satellite A300 of start-up problems and time

    Hello everyone,

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A 300, and I have some problems with it.

    Problem is when I leave my computer (without external energy source) the time resets 2007, after several hours about (could be 6 hrs)., and computer quite often begins immediately after that I push the power button.

    I don't know the cause of the problem, because the battery is OK., computer running long on battery.

    I think the problem is in an internal battery in the CMOS, but I don't know if there is in portable computers.

    Suggestions will be highly appreciated!

    Kind regards


    > The problem is when I leave my computer (without external energy source) the time resets 2007, after several hours about (could be 6 hrs)., and computer quite often begins immediately after that I push the power button.
    Which is strange, I want to say the CMOS battery should not unload even the main battery is not empty as it s really strange to happen after 6 hours of non-use...

    What you can do is to let the laptop connected to the AC adapter for over 24 hours
    During this period the laptop should be lit!
    Then you can check the operation of the CMOS battery and if this behavior will always be

    If Yes, then you will need to contact a local ASP. Maybe the CMOS or the motherboard needs to be replaced

  • Satellite A300-15 b - serious problem of graphics card

    Hi all!
    I have a laptop Toshiba A300-15 b, which has an ATI Radeon 3650HD graphics card. The laptop, I got the drivers in this version: []

    With this driver, my laptop works better.
    I removed all of the latest drivers, but all the games that I couldn't handle.
    Now that I want to play new games, I can't play with the drivers because they are old.

    Well, I downloaded the latest driver for the database of this site:

    And all the games that I've worked before with these new drivers are unable to play.
    And they are the problem. What should I do and because he has some drivers that work well on my computer.

    Help me :(
    Thank you


    It seems that you have already opened a thread on the same topic some time ago:

    Please follow this thread in order to avoid any misunderstanding!
    Thanks & greetings

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