Satellite A300-1ME does not read that DVD only reads CD - R


My Satellite A300 - 1st Don t read CD - R and CD - RW worse or unburned, it only read´s DVD´s.
Please can you give me a helping hand for this problem.

Thank you



First of all, you should check if are some registry issues.
Go to the register a remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then restart the device and check if you could read the CD.

I had a lot of problems with different discs (CDs and DVDs) as well
I could solve the problem. the problem is that my CD/DVD drive is not compatible with some CD and DVD from different manufacturers

Finally, I bought some TDK CD - R and my CD/DVD player has been able to manage these disks
I think you should check the different discs from different manufacturers too!

Last but not least check if there is an update of the firmware of CD/DVD for you, CD/DVD player.
To do this, you should visit checking page European driver Toshiba details more details.
You will find the info if the firmware has been published for you CD/DVD drive.

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  • Satellite L650 - ODD does not read most of the CD or DVD after BIOS update

    While DVD copy, asked me to do an upgrade of the bios for the included software on my laptop, so I thought that coming from toshibsa, it must be safe. I closed all my apps and let the update occur, restarted my pc and tried to continue to copy my dvd.

    Now my dvd writer does not read most of my CD or DVD, original as well.
    I managed to get hold of my previous Bios version after a battle before the update to see if I can go back to my old version, but the executable file runs a program that says the version is older then the one I use, so it will not load it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated I have two days to copy 100 DVDs for a customer and I can't do it now,

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L650 running windows 7 64 bit 8 GB memory with a SSD hard drive

    > I can return to my old version, but the executable file runs a program that says the version is older then the one I use, so it will not load it

    I don t think that the BIOS is the problem here, the point is that CD and DVD support details are stored in the firmware of the CD/DVD drive and NOT in the BIOS of the laptop.
    So in my opinion the update of the BIOS is not the reason for your problem.

    I think you should check if cleaning the laser lens allows you to read discs.
    Use a fluid wadding tip and alcohol to gently clean the laser lens.

  • Re: Satellite A200-1N7 does not read the SDHC card using Win 7 32 bit

    Hi all

    After that I installed windows 7 32 bit on my laptop, it does not read my sdhc card.
    And he did it when I got Vista.

    Can someone help what to do?

    Thank you very much:



    Have you installed the driver for the card reader?
    Have you noticed an unknown device in Device Manager?

    Please see the page of European disk from Toshiba for the card reader driver.
    Satellite A200-1N7 belongs to the PSAE3E series
    I found the driver of the card reader for Vista 64-bit
    Usually the Vista driver should work on Win 7 OS too

    If this does not work, then try the drivers released for A500 or L500 series!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300-288 does not load the operating system

    Hello everyone.

    Today I turned on my laptop A300 and does not load the operating system. In other words, Toshiba logo appears, the message "Press F2 to enter SETUP", but not in continuity with the boot. Yesterday it worked and did not update the BIOS or something else.

    Someone has an idea? I deleted a both SDRAM and vice versa, to check that the problem wasn't RAM, but no. There is no beep. LED touch 'NumLock' and other, power on and off when I have impulses, so the keyboard responding but by pressing F2 or F12 does nothing.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Start your laptop with F8 and test if you can start the operating system in safe mode.

  • Satellite P200-1EE does not read HD DVD drive TS-L802A HD

    I bought a P200-1EE of PC World and have found since that she has huge problems for reading HD DVDs via HD Toshiba DVD player software.

    I bought the last movie of Harry Potter of Warner Brothers to test the drive. Player software launches (after recognizing the media) once I inserted the disc to hd, but it crashes then once he eventually tries to read the disc. I know that the drive is ok because it worked without any problem on the Xbox HD dvd player, and on about 60 attempts, he played twice!

    The guys from PC World pulled a 1EE another P200 of their warehouse and after it is autoconfig he had the same problems, that is to say he ran the player then locked with a black screen (no error) and we finish the task the software does not respond.

    I'm a little frustrated and can not find the Board of anywhere. I have updated the bios of laptop computers, but can not find updates the firmware for Player software or drive. The driver doesn'tseem to have updates or the other (version 6.0.6000.16386)

    I have an exceptional appeal with Tosh but I hope someone else can have solved something similar.

    I am also looking for support playing movies through the HDMI cable, if I can get the laptop working.

    Thanks for your time my dear SIRS.


    You use the Toshiba HD DVD player?
    If yes-> trying to update from Toshiba's HD DVD player with the update published on the Qosmio G30.
    There is an update of this utility, and the original version must be installed to perform this update!

    But please don t forget a fact; HD DVD technology is very recent, and not all movies have been designed with the same level.
    Sometimes may occur that the player will manage all HD DVD.

    Of course, you could try to test other HD DVD movies to ensure that equipment (HD-DVD player) is not defective

  • Satellite A40: Drive does not read CD but DVD

    I have a SatA40 (now almost 3 years ago) and cd/dvd unit does not work well, the cd cannot read or write, but the dvd reads all my DVDs.

    Does anyone have an idea why we don't have, and the other does not? (Everyone I mention that he thinks it's strange - thought if does not work the other shouldn't be.)


    You sounds of description as the lens of the drive cannot calibrate in the right position.
    Usually before the player will read or write the middle of what the lens must be calibrated.
    In you case the lens can not calibrate and that's why the drive does not recognize the CD.

    Usually in this case, the drive must be replaced.
    But maybe you are a lucky man. Try to clean the lens gently. But be careful

  • Satellite A300 - keyboard does not work sometimes


    the boot of my Toshiba Satellite A300 computer laptop keyboard doesn't work sometimes?

    After a reboot, everything is ok!

    Anyone know why the keyboard does not work sometimes?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to give you a precise answer, especially if it happens sometimes and I think that you need professional help with this.

    There may be a connection between the keyboard and the motherboard problem.
    I fear, we can only speculate that the problem can be m.

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - does not recognize the CD key

    Hi all, after 3 days of searching for any type of information I've found this site and I hope that someone can help me.

    I have a Satellite A300-1J1, and had to do a complete reinstall of Windows using my recovery disk that was provided with the laptop (Vista Home Premium).
    In any case, the installation went well and he had restarted and said I had to activate Windows is not a problem, I thought looked under laptop for key typed in there and it will not recognize the CD as being for Vista Premium key. Now how is that possible that the disc that came with the laptop and the CD key is there?

    Any help is greatly appreciated


    Hello Shaun

    I know it may seem stupid now, but your story is somewhat strange. Why?
    To the first Satellite A300 laptop computers are never shipped with recovery DVDs. Recovery DVDs must be created by the owner of the laptop. All A300 laptop come with what is called HARD disk image. AFAIK some A300 laptop computers come with an additional CD/DVD but it is recovery of Windows XP Home or Vista 64-bit edition, but laptop always comes with Vista Home Premium 32 - bit (recovery of HARD drive image).

    So the question is what installation media you are using exactly? Is - this support recovery, that you created yourself or a version of Microsoft?
    Original Toshiba recovery image is created for each laptop model separately and should not be enabled.

    Recovery image can not be downloaded. If you want to have another copy, you must order it under

  • Re: Satellite A300 - fan does not work after installing Win7


    I did a new install of Win 7 pro 64-bit, and after it does not my fan, not at the start or in Windows. To check if it the fan itself was broken I re-installed Vista instead and the fan worked again!
    Installed new Win 7 but now it's silent :( I checked in the BIOS (latest version 1.80) but I couldn't find any option here. Am I missing a driver or something?

    My Satellite canned extinguishing because of this, so I would really appreciate help :)

    Best regards / Ocke

    Post edited by: Ocke

    Hmmmm... really strange. I use Win7 32 bit on my Satellite A300-1LI and it works perfectly.
    Maybe a stupid question now, but have you tried to use the 32 bit version?

    You have also installed all the Toshiba drivers Toshiba value added package (includes the Toshiba power saver tool)?

  • Satellite A300 - Webcam does not work and is not listed in the devices

    The web does not work the room, resettled several times drivers is not helping with the list of the facilities in the room is not present.
    What should do?
    Satellite A300 psag0e

    Drivers webcam sex cam live-20080616124250

    Hi maestro2118,

    Since when did you notice this behavior and what operating system is installed?

    Before install or reinstall a driver, I recommend you to remove the old driver first. Then, restart your computer and run CCleaner to remove old registry keys. A reboot, and you can install latest driver of the webcam of Toshiba page.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A300 - Microphone does not work do not

    Hello world

    I have problem with microphone as it it does not work. Can you tell me the solution my model number of the laptop is Satellite A300...

    Thank you very much...



    Talk you about internal or external microphone?

    If you come in on the internal mic then it could be interesting how you did test you this?
    As far as I know the internal mic belongs to the internal webcam. Then, start the webcam software and record a small video with sound.
    You can check if the sound wasn't available in this video.

  • Satellite A300-259 does not start on windows


    I have a laptop Toshiba A300-259 and I have problems trying to get into windows.
    When I try to start my laptop, it would remain on the screen of the Microsoft logo with no response. I tried to use the HDD recovery procedure (link below) but if the screen jumps just to load Microsoft. I tried also security mode, but when it finishes loading all the drivers it just freezes.

    Is that what I can do before purchasing a toshiba recovery media disk?

    HARD drive recovery procedure

    Hi mate

    Well, if you didn t create a recovery disk previously, you must purchase a new recovery disk.

    If the Windows operating system starts not using safe mode or normal mode and if the HDD recovery procedure does not start then I n t see other options for you to try the recovery disk.

  • Satellite A300-1MC, does not need the recovery cd

    Hi all.

    My friend has a laptop Satellite A300-1MC that no longer works. When the laptop is on, it indicates that the hal file is missing. I know that we need to buy the recovery cd, since she did not have one when she bought the laptop.

    Can someone direct me to the Toshiba site, where you can buy these recovery CD since then?

    If not, can someone give me the phone number of support Toshiba UK.

    Thanks in advance.


    Recovery media can be ordered under
    Toshiba UK support phone number is unknown to me, but maybe you can find it under

    By the way: why you need assistance? You have some serious problems?
    Let us know what kind of problems you have. Maybe someone here on this forum can help you.

  • Satellite A300 - TEMPRO does not open links for updates


    I have the SATELLITE A300-1QD
    Serial number Y8805054Q
    PSAGCE-06E02DGR model number
    BTO CodeT5800 / 2G / 2 G / 320 G/15WBT/DS2/L /.
    OS is Vista Home premium.

    When you try to download updates from the driver through Toshiba TEMPRO link DETAILS of the ALERT does not upward in my Internet browser. I'm using Firefox 3.5.
    What could be the problem and how can I solve it?


    Hi vanja

    It is really strange and I also put t know why TEMRPO doesn't work properly. Have you tried with Internet Explorer?
    Maybe you should also update TEMPRO. You can download the latest version on the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    But do you need TEMRPO? I uninstalled TEMPRO because I don t need. I only update something if it of necessary. ;)

  • Satellite Pro L300 - does not start form DVD

    Problem: my Satellite Pro L300 will not start no optical drive (DVD)

    Leisure problem scenario:

    Insert the DVD Toshiba recovery in optical disc drive,
    Restart and during the boot prompt, press F12 and select the optical drive.
    Black screen and the cursor flashes in the upper left corner... after the seconds flew L300 starts to beep loudly. No message on the screen.

    Reports of BIOS version 1.50 while the latest version of the BIOS update on the web is to 1.40...

    Model No.: PSLB1E-02200GG3
    Serial 78685377Q

    I'm doing this because I want to change the OS from Vista to XP.


    Stand by. You mean you are using a Toshiba original WXP for Satellite Pro L300 recovery CD/DVD or what?

    Have you tested with any other CD bootable (Linux)?

Maybe you are looking for

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