Satellite A300-1QD - how to restore Vista preinstalled?


I made a big mistake, two years ago. I installed windows 7 on my Satellite A300-1QD but on the laptop Windows Vista was installed and I have no recovery disk, but I have the original serialnumber of it.

Are there opportunities to put Windows Vista on the laptop without buying a new version of Windows Vista?

welcome them




If you don t have a recovery disk, you must order such a Toshiba drive directly to restore preinstalled Windows Vista with all the drivers and tools (factory settings):

But it s not free as far as I know it costs about 30 Euros.

So I t understand why you didn't create the recovery disc yourself. Everything is mentioned in the user manual

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  • Satellite L300. How to restore Vista after replacing HARD drive?

    This hard drive died a week after I bought the laptop just for a month ago.

    Then, I favour toshiba wrote and said that it be fixed in the rehabilitation of specific local store.
    Then store made me a new hard drive, so the files have disappeared.

    There is not any operating system is installed there, and I was not even trying to create a before recovery disk.
    To restore the system to the L300, it must use its recovery disc, as soon as I hear?
    The original system is vista. When I tried to insert a xp disc, it showed error after all the loading "stop: 0x0000007b...". »
    Could someone tell me how to handle?
    Thank you very much!

    > There is not any operating system is installed there, and I was not even trying to create a before recovery disk.
    Bad, bad. Buddy. Generally, you need to create the recovery to the first disk using the laptop.
    T did not read the user manual? Didn't you see the reminder?
    It s always recommended to create the recovery disk!

    > I've heard to restore the system to the L300, it must use its recovery disk, right?
    Yes, you are right. In order to restore the Vista, you must use the recovery disc!

    > The original system is vista. When I tried to insert a xp disc, it showed error after all the loading "stop: 0x0000007b...". "Could someone tell me how to handle?
    I think that it does not work because of controller SATA HDD.
    Either you'll assign compatible SATA mode (in BIOS)
    Or you must include the Windows XP SATA drivers.

    Check the HowTo of this forum area to get some details how to integrate the SATA (AHCI drivers) in Win XP.

  • Is impossible to recover the Satellite A300-1QD (VISTA)

    Hey I have a problem.

    I tried to restore my Toshiba Satellite A300-1QD parameters by pressing the F8 key.
    I followed every step correcrtly, but when it came to 99% the computer was off all of a sudden.

    I don't know why, but maybe the computer got overheated or something, but I've had enough battery life.
    Then I tried to turn it on again and it is said there may have been some damage and he said I should put a "a CD to install Windows" as a first step, step says that I should choose a language, and step 3 says I should click on REPAIR.

    Then he said: if I do not have the CD, I must contact the producer.
    As I remember, I do not have any what CD with my Toshiba when I bought a year or two ago.
    All I have is a yellow mini CD that says DISK of DRIVER on it.

    Is anyone of you know if a recovery CD is shipped with Toshiba Satellite A300?
    And no one knows what I have to do because I think I don't have it?

    Thanks in advance.

    > I can remember, I don't have any CD with my Toshiba when I bought a year or two ago.
    > All I have is a yellow mini CD that says DISK of DRIVER on it.

    You didn t get the recovery disk because there was an option to create the recovery disk clean you had to read the user manual
    The preinstalled tool called Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator can create a recovery disk
    Now it s too late you are not able to boot the system

    In this case, you must order the recovery disk;
    Here you can do;

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1QD - two questions during the installation of windows XP or Vista

    Nice day
    Here's my problem:

    1. I just bought the Toshiba Satellite A300-1QD and since there is Vista based on it and I have Vista ultimate, I decided to install on the laptop.
    After I formatted deleated everything and I have the partition that I created a new.
    After that I installed Vista, now I'm at the point where it says complete installation and the blow bar is at about 2/3.
    My problem now is that it's now been 3 hours and nothing happens the dots next to the 'installation complete' is still occurring and disappearing.

    2 as the number one lasted so long I decided to install windows XP Professional, but when it loads after that I put the cd one has bluscreen place called chkdsk.

    What should I do now to get something on what works?

    Hello. I think that the partition table and boot loader are messed up and it's your problem. You can try to chek to find errors and format your HARD disk with a third parity tool and try to install windows again.

  • Satellite A300-1QD - start some time and memory errors won't test


    I have some real problems with a brand new satellite A300 1QD.
    After update of Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit (Service Pack2) Vista unbootable. After the reboot of forst, it showed a message:

    File: \windows\system32\winload.exe
    Status: 0xc0000221
    Info: the file is corupt possibaly. the header checksum does not match the checksum calculated.

    AprΦs the dΘmarrage of the original CD Vista Home Premium or the Systembuilder OEM another error appeared:

    Error: 0xc000000f
    Missing or damaged \Windows\system32\winload.exe

    Does not even work by pressing F8 during startup. I have a chance to start even a repair because there is no option that I could choose.

    After a few resets the A300 seems to have some problems.
    A few times the display does not start, after the other it does not, start by hanging up during the automatic test etc.
    I have reset the BIOS by default Options, but it does not help.

    The A300 are one week. Am I allowed to remove a RAM bar without losing the warranty?
    I have read that sometimes it helps. I was able to do a memtest software vista. It is said that some hardware conflicts appeared.

    I am desprate, please help.

    I did another test memory with linux 64 bit (openSUSE 11.1) and many erros occurred.
    What can I do now? The laptop is a present fpr my girlfriend Monday 15. Can I order other RAM and return that broke with a Numbor RMA or something?

    I recognized, that sometimes, when I start the laptop, the power led is the lightning to the top, but the satellite logo in the left corner remains dark.

    Oh, by the way, excuse my English, I hope that I can make myself clear enough that you can help me ^^

    I guess that you have solved this issue thank you for your comments mate!

  • Satellite A300-1QD - overheating and shutdown


    I have the Satellite A300-1QD
    Serial number Y8805054Q
    PSAGCE-06E02DGR model number
    BTO Code T5800 / 2G / 2 G / 320 G/15WBT/DS2/L

    Over the months, I asked overheating problems. On two occasions, he also cut down. The laptop was on a hard surface and even the back. It still heats very quickly to the top, the only way is to have running on battery power saving mode.
    What can I do? How can I solve the problem?



    It sounds like this dust is in the heat sink and your laptop should be cleaned using the jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans. You can get air to each computer dealer normally stream.
    Check this box!

    I clean my cell phone every 3-4 months and I m always asked how much dust out. I think that s important to clean but it only takes a few minutes. :)

  • Need driver SATA for installation of WXP on my Satellite A300-1QD


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1qd and I want to install WXP on this.
    Now, I read the following document

    But I can not found a driver like in the tutorial.

    I hope you can help me.

    Like Al - eX worte, you can download the storage on the Toshiba site manager: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers
    Laptop computer-online-online Satellite Satellite A series-online Satellite A300 => PSAGCE-online Windows XP

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A300-1ND - how to make a dual boot with XP and Vista?

    I have just pursached a Satellite A300-1ND with Vista Home 32 pre installed.
    I intend to install XP SP2 as a dual operating system.

    Where should I start? What should I be wary and be careful?
    What bios update (XP update last 1.7)?

    Thanks, I appreciate all the help

    Before you try to install Windows XP to create a new partition.
    Then boot from the XP CD and install it. After that, you must restore the bootloader of Windows Vista using EasyBCD, for example.
    All that s!

    I found a solution here that might be useful for you:

  • Satellite A300 - 20 p - the restoration of the Toshiba Recovery?


    my friend has this laptop: Satellite A300 - 20 p.

    I'm not sure what he was doing, but he installed Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 32-bit and then again. All messed up.
    Anyway, it did not a recovery disk for his laptop (garbage). Now, because I have a Toshiba laptop too I know that there is recovery on the hard disk on partition D (not the windows partition). I tried using "Windows repair" Windows startup, when I try to restore the PC everything from backup media it says 'couldn't find any backup media', now I'm not sure if the recovery of the area still available or not, because Windows cannot start. So far find the recovery media is it?

    If this mission impossible, so I have Windows Vista Ultimate Edition to install and I can download the drivers from the site? The problem is how do I do a recovery media during the installation of the Windows and the drivers?

    Please it's urgent.

    Thanks in advance!


    Firstly the Toshiba recovery disc creator can t be downloaded. It s only preinstalled on your laptop and so in your case, you can t more use it.

    Regarding the drivers, install all that you can find on the Toshiba site! Install the drivers step by step!
    I prefer this order of installation of the drivers:
    -Display driver
    -Sound card drivers
    Drivers LAN-
    -WLAN drivers
    Drivers - Touchpad

    Good luck!

  • Satellite A300-Y00 - how to use a joystick for games?

    How can I connect my Satellite A300/y00 with joystick so I can play without a keyboard because its very difficult to use?

    What one should I get, like joystick ps2 or gamepad xbox since the microsoft xbox and im using microsoft software such vista...?
    But my laptop has what we call the game controller in the Control Panel, it means that I always install the software to use the joystick?


    It s your choice what joystick you want to buy. Go to a computer store and take a look at all the joysticks and buy one of them.

    Normally you need a driver for the joystick, but the joystick should be bundled with an installation disk that contains the drivers.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite A300-1MT - how do I access the hidden partition


    I have the model Satellite A300-1MT and I don't know how to access the hidden partition.


    Why you want to access the hidden partition?

    Do you know why this hidden partition has been created on the HARD drive?

    This hidden partition is created automatically by Vista and it contains backup files that are needed to repair the operating system if something will go wrong.

    It s not advised to access this partition or delete it!

  • Re: Satellite A300 PSAGCA: how to install Win XP as 2nd OS

    Hey any reader for the first time and shows for the first time.
    My comp is the Satellite A300 PSAGCA-02U010

    You 2 questions, hopefully someone can help me with.

    The issue of the first: like many people, I hate Vista.
    How can I run XP as a second OS that don't live my warranty?

    2. the volume level is not very strong (sound) when you watch a DVD etc. I tried different settings, and every time I do I have to restart to take effect, which is a pain that vista is slow to restart. I have downloaded the driver, but noticed that it is exactly the same as what is installed already :(

    See you soon

    > How can I use as a second OS XP who don't live my warranty?
    Installing programs or operating system would not avoid the warranty!
    You can install the Win XP as second OS without fear.

    But before install you anything, I would recommend the Toshiba recovery disc creation!

    With regard to the sound:
    As far as I know the parameters which are changes in the player are not not in trouble. You must increase the volume of every time when you start the software again.
    But have you tested different actors? For example, VLC player is a simple and free tools.
    I recommend to test

  • Satellite A300-15 b crashes when Vista launched

    Hi all
    I only got a Toshiba Satellite A300-15 b for two months, I've had no problems until yesterday, when occurred the following and I don, t seem to be able to remedy.

    Sequence of events

    (1) start
    (2) connect
    Windows desktop 3) lance
    Warning 4) toshiba recovery disk
    (5) after about two minutes of running windows, the screen goes to linear lines (it looks like a horizontal puzzle of the screen)
    6 machine) will now not close or answer unless the Start button / Stop button for an age

    I have re-installed windows Vista that seemed to solve the problem last night, but when you use this morning same sequence happened.

    I ran the check disk of F8 and a restoration of systems

    Any ideas?
    I am running Vista, the only program I have installed/activated latley windows mail and an update to I-Tunes.

    Help, please!
    Jeff Rouse

    [email protected]

    If you have reinstalled Windows Vista with the Toshiba recovery image and then you have the same problems, you should check your Satellite to an ASP (authorized service provider).
    I think that it s a hardware problem. decision-making supported downloads & => find an ASP.

    I'm sure they will help you.

  • Satellite A300-16I: how to set up six buttons next to the switch ON / OFF?


    I recently bought a Satellite A300-16I.
    My problem with these media keys near the keys ON / OFF, it is that they always start Windows Media Player.
    And because I rarely use this program I would set up, so that it would start Winamp.

    If anyone has any idea how it's dan I would really appreciate to hear from you.



    I think that's not possible.
    On my Toshiba laptop control buttons are preconfigured and the settings cannot be changed.

    I presume that it of the case even on your laptop.

    What OS came preinstalled on your A300?

    If you are using Windows XP, then you can view the tool called; Toshiba controls
    It s in the control panel.

    Here you can configure the buttons; CD/DVD and lighting On / OFF


  • Satellite A300 - Help Support and Windows Vista does not work


    I have a Satellite A300 that had Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed.
    When I click on the Windows Vista Help and support help windows appear, but an error message box pops up that says page Web is no longer valid.
    The Help window opens blank with the mode circle cursor.

    How should I do?
    Thank you.

    When you open help and Support your laptop is connected to the Internet?
    If this is not the case, try to open it with an Internet connection.

Maybe you are looking for

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