Satellite A300-202 - external display turned a strange color


I have a Satellite A300-202 with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 card and after upgrading vista to windows 7, my external screen turned a strange color, seems to lose the color red. Never see white color, which should show the white color of the Blue Watch.

I uninstalled and installed again the graphic card drivers and update the new drivers but don t solved this problem. My external monitor it of ok because I tried with the other laptop and don't have this problem. I also tried my laptop with any other monitor and have the same problem.

Someone already had this problem, someone who can help me?

Thank you


Hi Zagga,

This means that this only happens on your external monitor or internal monitor too?

You wrote on the new installation of display drivers so that the drivers that you have installed exactly? You should only take on the official website of Toshiba display drivers as they are pre-tested.
Check this box!

Also, make sure that this latest version of the BIOS is installed.

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  • Satellite A300 - do not display correctly


    I have a problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite A300.

    I get to screen color frizzing, that after him I can't login to the window, I send this back to the agent they told me everything is ok and fixed but I steel, is
    and it is the image of what I get:


    Have you tried an external monitor? So you can make sure if it s a problem with motherboard or display.

    Have you updated the display driver? Try to update the display driver. Start in safe mode, remove the old one boot and install a new one. You can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-202 - problems with alternating current


    I bought a Satellite A300-202 a few months ago and I'm having intermittent problems with alternating current.

    Sometimes I plug the AC power and it does not start (the led are off and windows says that it is on battery) charge. Other times, he is in charge and suddenly stops.

    I suspected it might be the cord broken inside, but it seems to happen also when no one touches it. Usually, when it stops to load, I unplug the wall, wait a few seconds and plug in again, and it starts to load correctly never stop again.

    Someone at - it had a similar problem? I wonder if is it possible to just replace the parts to AC power so I won't have to send the laptop for repair.

    Thank you



    I've never had a problem with my Toshiba Chargers but an old non - Toshiba power adapter died after 6 months of use. After the replacement, it works without any problem.

    I think you should check the update of the BIOS as mentioned by Akuma, but for me, it looks more like a problem with the AC adapter.
    So if the BIOS update help t doesn't, the adapter should be checked permanently.

  • Satellite A300-1ID - no display after the update of the BIOS


    I HAVE this TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300-1ID, as described above, happens them have BEEN updated THE BIOS AND everything to HIT PC turned off and there is no power were all CURRENT PIC BY me UNLESS I get TURN OFF AND NEVER HAD ANY IMAGE or EVEN RELIANT YEAR EXTERNAL SCREEN to.




    Seems that something was wrong during the update of the BIOS
    For me it s really amazing because something like that never happened to me and I have updated the BIOS very often

    What to say that you will need additional assistance of Toshiba ASP. I think that the ROM module must be flashed once more using a disc of crisis.

  • Satellite A300-15E overheats and turns off automatically


    I am trying to solve a strange problem with a Toshiba Satellite A300-15E.

    For me, it's like the laptop overheating CPU. but I accept all suggestions on this subject.

    My customer told me that the laptop is very hot and it runs about 20 minutes then turns off.
    I disassembled it and clean the dust, put the thermal paste on the CPU and VGA.
    After mounting it turns on again and it stops more than a minute.

    My question is where I hurt, what I can do to solve this problem.

    10 x a lot.


    Did you use the right thermal grease for the CPU?
    The compatible thermal grease: BU1 FCR - AS A000018310 THERMAL GREASE

    Are you sure that the thermal (cooling module) assy working properly?
    Compatible part must has a role: THERMAL ASSY A000031620 SA5

    In your case I would test the memory too...

  • Satellite A300-24 x: display Win XP driver installation problem

    I can't install the display driver.

    I received the message:

    + This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.
    + installation will exit.

    All other drivers are installed.


    Satellite A300-24 x belongs to the PSAGQE series.
    It supports the Mobile Intel GL40 graphics chipset.

    On the European driver Toshiba page, you can find the Intel driver v6.14.10.4953.
    Have you installed this?

    Have you installed the Chip Set Utility?
    If this isn't the case, then this!

  • Re: Satellite A300-1LT - after display driver update, I get an error message

    Hi all,

    I have A300-1LT PSAGCE and a update my toshiba Download Center display driver.

    Type display driver
    Mobility Radeon HD 46xx/45xx/43xx subtype
    Size (KB) 108950
    Version 8.611
    Model Satellite L550, Satellite L500, Satellite A300, Satellite Pro A300
    Operating system Windows Vista 32-Bit

    When I reboot laptop computer error showed:

    "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the version of the driver for your graphics to enable. If you please update your ATI graphics driver or enable your ATI card using the display manager. »

    Cannot find Manager displayer have only man of color. What should I do?

    Help, please!



    Well, for me it looks like you didn't uninstall the old display driver software. Before installing a newer version, you still need to delete the old version. So go in Control Panel > software. Select ATI display driver software and remove it. After restarting the laptop, you must clean the Windows system using CCleaner (Google is your friend to find it). Restart again and after that, you can install the latest version of page of Toshiba.

    I hope this works.
    Moreover, what graphics card do you have?

    Good bye

  • Satellite C660-2F7 - external display on TV via the VGA output


    I try to view my laptop on an external device, but do not know if my laptop supports what I am trying to do. If anyone knows if I can do that or not, or if there is a work around, I would be very happy.
    I have a standard digital TV that I am trying to use it as an external display. I use the VGA out port on my C660 2f7.

    I have a VGA-to-AV/S-Video Converter (i.e. vga converts to yellow and S-video cables av red and black) and all ports are connected to the TV via a cable S-video to S-video and AV-to-AV cable. But the computer does not seem dectet anything. I tried 'Connect to a projector' and "Connect to an external device" on the Control Panel, as well as the equivielent keys shortcut, "duplicate them" and "extend". On 'Change the appearance of your displays' I put display to VGA. On "Graphics properties" Intel > General settings > display, I have only options "monitor" and "integrated display.

    And under "Graphics properties" > monitor/tv settings it says "monitor/tv settings are not supported." Does this mean that I can't do what I'm doing? and that my laptop only supports computer monitors and external display? If so, is there no work around that I can use with this or not?

    Thanks in advance.

    Your TV SCART port?
    In the past I ve tested some combinations using port s-video on my old laptop.

    What you can try is to find the cable VGA to SCART and check if it will help.

    Unfortunately, it's a little complicated.

  • Satellite A300 PSAG1A: Cannot display resolution of 1080 x 1050 on monitor

    I have a Toshiba A300 - PSAG1A with Vista Business.
    I want to display on a monitor to 1080 x 1050, but this is not an option in the drop-down list.

    The graphics card driver lists as a monitor generic Non - PnP on Mobile Intel (r) 965 Express ChipsetFamiy driver version (13/09/07)
    I tried to date via the toshiba site but tells me that I meet the system requirements?

    All ideas


    Did you check your user manual if this external resolution is available and possible?
    My knowledge of the user manual should contains such information.

    I checked my manual user (but not for the A300) and found useful information on the external resolution supported on my laptop satellite.

    Generally, you will be able to choose your favorite only resolution if the two parts as graphics card drivers and graphics chip would support such a resolution.
    If one of these parts would not support it, then you will be not able to use it!

  • Satellite A300-202 crashes on Windows 7

    My phone started to freeze at random and most of the time, I was looking through the web.
    The only way is to turn it off by pressing the button for 4 seconds.

    There are several errors in the event viewer. They are:

    Source: atikmdag
    Task category: CPLIB
    Level: error
    Description: CPLIB: general - invalid parameter

    Source: atikmdag
    Task category: DAL
    Level: error
    Description: The display is not active

    There are always two errors, one saying that the judgment before was unexpected and a critical error, saying: "the system has rebooted without judgment properly first. "This error can be caused if the system unresponsive, crashed or unexpected power loss.

    This looks like a problem with my display driver.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Thank you

    You have upgraded to Vista preinstalled or you clean Win7 preinstalled?
    Your model of laptop is supported for Win7? I want to say have you installed Win7 drivers, tools and utilities?

  • Satellite A300 - 15K: how to turn off the lights in the media buttons


    How can I disable media buttons lights next to the switch ON / OFF?
    Because as I press a key and each of them are now lightning and LED above the button pad and satellite logo are too lightning.
    And I do not know how to disable them.

    Thanks for help


    Please check the BIOS settings I m not very well how the option is called but looking for the LED Illumination and set it to disabled. You should find somewhere in the Advanced tab.

    Do you know how to access the BIOS?
    Isn't it?

    Press the F2 key immediately after that the laptop has been turned on.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - cannot install display driver

    So I formatted my laptop (A300-PSAGCA-0C301N) two nights ago, and be the fool I am I forgot to download and save the necessary drivers for my laptop.

    So when I started the laptop on a new installation of Windows Vista 32 - bit on a freshly formatted drive, my resolution was 1024 x 768. However, the complete standard resolution for this laptop is in fact 1280 x 768 in this direction, however, when I went to 'Customize' the max resolution, I was allowed to have is 1024 x 768.

    I went to this site and downloaded the drivers Wireless Lan wired and WiFi, the drivers of Intel Audio driver Chipset and ATI M82XT, M86 Display Driver.
    However, once I downloaded and started to install the ATi driver, I received three error messages just after extraction. the first box indicating: "Catalyst Install Manager could not initialize the Manager of detection."
    Just after the first box, I get another error box saying 'Catalyst Install Manager failed to initialize. "
    and then a third box saying "Catalyst Install Manager could not initialize the Package Manager".

    After the third zone, it proceeds with the installation, but after accepting the agreement of the user, I get these boxes of error;
    "Catalyst install Manager initialization failed"
    "Could not find installable components!
    and the installation screen then proceeds to say "Failure occurred at the facility".

    I am running Windows Vista 32 bit and using the Super Administrator account, so UAC is non-existent.

    Help please? I'm tired of being stuck at 1024 x 768.

    BTW, my GPU is an ATi HD3450.

    Hi Kabura,

    What happens if you install manual display driver through the Device Manager and the Advanced installation option where you can choose the driver and the directory yourself?
    It work?

    I had a similar problem, and it worked for me

    By the way: you must also install the latest Service Pack for Vista. See the Microsoft page for an update.

    Last point but not the least, of you n t post an installation order. The order in which you have installed the drivers? In General, the chipset driver should be installed first, then the display driver.

  • Satellite Pro P100: external display connected to DynaDock uses 800 x 600

    I have a P100 SatPro attached to a monitor external 19 "via a Dynadock.

    By default, whenever I start the laptop the screen resolution 800 x 600.
    I have to manually reset to my desired resolution (1280 x 1024, 32-bit colors).
    If I reboot at any time the resolution then default back to 800 x 600.

    It's driving me crazy! Why won't save the settings? I tried to reinstall the software with no joy.
    Operating system is Windows XP SP2 and I'm a full administrator.

    Any help or ideas appreciated.

    see you soon


    I m not 100% sure if this might help you, but I noticed a similar problem on the Tecra M4 anchored to the multiple dock Tablet.
    The update of the BIOS helped solve this problem.

    In addition, an update of the graphics card driver would be desirable.

    Good luck

  • Satellite L300-12 b - display turns drak randomly and past sleep

    Good evening

    as you can already see in the title, I have a problem with my L300 was sleeping with sleep mode. I've never had a problem like that before (bought the laptop in 2008), but today it suddenly appeared.

    First time, it happened a few minutes after starting. I have nothing, then the laptop was immediately and suddenly the screen turned dark for a few seconds - dark, not black! - but it does not go to sleep then.
    Then, all this happened about 8 hours later while I was typing in Word. The done screen dark a few times in a row, then he decided to go to standby mode. I came back without a problem, everything worked well then for about an hour; then I started typing in the Pidgin and Firefox and suddenly got the error described all the time. I can't even tape this now on my Toshiba because it goes to sleep every few seconds when I type.

    I can't even imagine what that could be, if anyone can please help? :(


    Hi RoxyShay,

    You can start Windows in safe mode? If Yes, try this and check what happens if the laptop turns off or something else, because in safe standby mode is not possible, and it would be interesting to know what is happening.

    To be honest it of not easy to say why this happens, but theoretically it could also be a virus actually you have an antivirus like AntiVir? If so, run a scan anti-virus in SafeMode.

    In addition, it would be interesting to know what operating system you have exactly. For the moment I could imagine it s both: hardware or software malfunction, but if you run a recovery facility, you can determine if she s material associated with or not.

  • Satellite L350 - drive DVD Toshiba turns off my color scheme

    Hi all. I use a Satellite L350 with Vista Home Basic.

    According to the instructions on the help page of DVD player I have the color scheme defined in Windows Vista Standard and the display settings to the highest (32 bit), but DVD player insists on changing the Windows Vista Basic color scheme.

    I have looked through the settings for DVD playback, but could not find something that looks like it could remedy this. Everyone knows this or knows how to fix it?

    Thank you!

    Hey Buddy,

    I don t use a reader DVD Toshiba but have you tested another software? You can use VLC media player for example. He plays a lot of audio and video files and it freeware tool. I like it a lot because it of smaller and faster than other players.

    Just use Google to find. I guess that you will be satisfied too. ;)

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