Satellite A300 does not start after extinction during the BIOS update


I tried to update the BIOS after reading a TOSHIBA TEMPRO alert, after some time, apparently not run so I ran a second time, then both ask of BIOS appeared in the taskbar only and it froze while I did not start the upgrade or anything like that I had to the power off.

I tried to restart, but now, it just on the screen stays black (the monitor is not powered, as if the system was not running), all LEDS are powered with flashing 'drive access', the led on the DVD Player keeps flashing making a noise every 3 seconds or more.

I read on the forum that there may be no solution but to take it to an authorized service provider but I'm willing to take any possible solution before you do.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi, mate

Unfortunately, you need to be reflash the Bios as something that went wrong during the update. You should contact the Asp and ask them to reflash. There is no other way to get your laptop to work.

Good luck!

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  • Satellite A300 does not start after the installation of the anti-virus


    I brought a Satellite A300 today and loaded it up and it was fine.
    I uninstalled the google toolbar, office and land it came preinstalled with also the mcafree anti virus.
    So I could install my own anti virus.

    After that the system asked me to restart my pc I did.
    Since then, the system cross the 'Please wait' screen
    But it won't let me boot into safe mode. I tried a system restore.

    Any ideas?


    To me, it seems that you 3rd party antivirus software caused this strange and confusing problem the Vista OS installed.

    In my eyes a simply, new installation of operating system using the Toshiba Recovery disk would solve this problem.

    If you are able to start the operating system in safe mode and then try to remove your installed Antivirus software, then clean the registry and operating system using the free tool called CCLeaner and try to start the laptop again.

    Maybe it helps you too

  • Satellite M45 - does not start after restoration on the new HARD drive

    I installed a new PATA 250 GB HDD on my pc. The BIOS is configured to boot from CD/DVD. Toshiba Recovery disk started cold, start follow-up statement to load a new system on the HARD drive. He made a (quick) format on the HARD drive, spent 50 minutes, copy the files from the CD to the new HARD drive. Followed the instructions to remove the CD and reboot the pc. Did. I get the Toshiba homepage for 2-3 seconds, and then I get a white screen with a white block cursor in the upper corner of the LH of the screen. Looks like it does not find the block on the HARD disk?
    The procedure of collection 3 times with the same results. Checked the BIOS to check that it is configured to boot from the HARD disk after installation.

    The recovery CD is blank. Never used because I bought the PC (3.5 years). Put the new HARD drive in a USB enclosure and formatted with Windows, tried again with the same result? Put the old HDD, PC starts and works very well. Put the live CD Knoppix and boot from that, works very well. See the new HARD drive.

    Thus, any suggestions are appreciated. The recovery CD Toshiba is defective? In any case to test?

    Thank you


    Sounds like a problem with the recovery disk or the new HARD disk if your computer starts up fine with the old HARD drive...

    In your case before you start a lengthy discussion, you should try a Microsoft Windows disk to install Windows. If he work it seems that only the recovery disk is defective.

    Otherwise, the HARD disk must be defective. Maybe a bad sector or something else

  • Why Satellite Pro A300 does not start when you press the power button?

    Suddenly my new Satellite Pro A300 does not start correctly when you press the power button. The situation is the following: when I press the power button is displayed the opening of Toshiba (Leading Innovation) and the disappers image quickly. Then there is a black screen for about 30 seconds. There is a rectangular frame with the text Microsoft Corporation under. And nothing happens however long wait.

    In order to get with the trial starting I then shut down the computer by pressing the power button until the computer turns off. ("The hard way to close")
    Now, I press the power button shortly to turn on the computer. Then, the computer starts normally with the photo to open Toshiba and after a few seconds, I wonder to open the computer in safe mode or in normal mode. I now choose to open in normal mode and the computer opens normally and is ready to work.

    What should I do to get a normal departure procedure?

    When the laptop starts normally (after choosing normal mode) stop your laptop properly using START > shut down option. Next launch should be normal.

    When the OS is moving towards the low irregularly will always ask you how to start this new (secure or normal mode).
    The same thing happen on my Satellite A300.

  • print DigitalPersona finger scanning does not work after you install the recommended updates

    My impression of digitalpersona finger scanning does not work after you install the updates recommended on my dell Vista


    1. do you have an error message?
    2. are you referring to the print scan hardware or software scan print that was supplied with the device?

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to update the software DigitalPersona from the link below

  • Re: Satellite L30 does not start after adding another stick of 1 GB memory

    I bought 1 GB PC4200 533 MHZ DDR2 SODIMM memory module for my Toshiba Satellite L30 - 10v (PSL33E) to make it 2 GB. After you have added the 1 GB modules Satellite L30 wouldn't start. With only 1 GB, that it starts ok, with the other 1 GB origianal only boots ok. (The two modules are ZCE6 430 - K4T1G163QB Samsung 1 GB PC4200 533 MHZ DDR2)

    The two modules of 1 GB boot not together. I noticed that many others have had this problem. (please see
    This [t-22984]. post)
    On this forum, someone bought the CT12864AC53E memory module which works, however I can't find this on the site of Crucial.
    I've heard other purchase the sticks of memory CT572238 and CT572234 and have the same problems.

    Memory Advisor says determinative buy the CT572234 memory sticks.

    I have also updated the bios to V3.10, still does not start with the two modules.

    I'm ready to buy 2 new modules, but what 2x1GB memory works?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    > 1 GB strips boot not together. I noticed that many others have had this problem.

    For me it s case;
    The two modules don't work together
    Seems the modules are not compatible there is only one solution. Replacement of RAM!

    Try other RAM modules.
    I bought a few modules from Kingston and made good experience

  • Satellite L350 - does not start after the BIOS update


    I recently (yesterday) downloaded the latest version of bios update dated dated 25/02/10 2: 20 - WIN, after download and does run the software from the laptop immediately stopped working and stop. I am now no longer able to boot up the laptop at all, all I get is the power light on and the hard disk light flashes, I hear the spinning CD/DVD drive, but what is not screen anything, I don't think this is the start.

    Is there a way to fix this without taking it to a store/engineer, BIOS recovery?

    The laptop is a Satellite L350, I opened the laptop to try to reset the CMOS by removing the card mother battery (not sure if it would have helped), but as much as I know it doesn't have an or I'm not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi Andy,.

    Hmm... If the BIOS update failed, you can't do anything because only an authorized service provider has professional diagnostic and recovery tools to redo an update.

    So in my opinion, you must contact a service provider authorized in your country. Get in touch with the guy and ask for help. They will tell you what to do now.

    Here is their list: > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck! :)

  • Win XP on Satellite M30X does not start after battery was flat

    XP on M30X will not start after battery was flat! Safe mode, last work... nothing works!
    The restore CD offers 3 options1: new installation, 2 toshiba recovery utility (expert mode) und 9 output.

    How do the XP Recovery console, or how to use 2 to restore the system without losing any files.

    Thanks for the tips.
    It is a nite Mare...

    Good day

    The point is that the Toshiba Recovery CD does not have the Windows XP repair console.
    The restore CD contains the image of Toshiba and you can just reinstall the system on the HARD drive and no repair.

    Now you have 2 options of recovery.
    First called standard recovery option would be to format the entire HARD drive and reinstalling the image.
    The second option called recovery expert allows you to reinstall the operating system on a selected partition. Then only this partition will be formatted.

    If you do not want to format the whole HARD drive then you select the second option and select the partition to a new operating system.

  • Satellite M200 does not start after the RAM 4 GB upgrade


    I recently updated my RAM just to speed things up a bit as RAM is so cheap these days.
    I have a MEAC M200 T2130 Vista with 1 GB sticks (2 * 512).

    The new sticks are 2 * 2 GB Dane - elec DDR2 pc2-5300, when I put the two and restarted the hard drive light came briefly and then it is just options BIOS of Idol, no POST.

    I tried to use a single stick of 512 MB with two new sticks and they both work in a 2.5 GB configuration just not together that also this only works when the stick of 512 is in internal housing and not vice versa.

    So if someone has had a similar prob or can give me some advice that would be great, I'm not sure if the motherboard can support 4 GB?
    Thank you, Dave.


    There are two possibilities why your M200 doesn't not start after upgrading RAM.
    First the RAM installed may be not compatible or could be faulty or the computer laptop doesn't support 4 GB of RAM.

    I put t know what M200 do you have exactly, but you can check the installed chipset and could check on the Intel page if this chipset would support 4 GB of RAM.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L855 does not start after the BIOS update

    I downloaded the BIOS update and followed the instructions there during the installation, but on reboot (including the requested configuration), I get a blank screen. Intermittently, the CPU fan starts and stops. I think that the BIOS update failed, how to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Hello, Neil

    In General when the BIOS is screwed up you need professional help and you should contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

    See also this thread. Perhaps this methid can help you too.

  • Satellite M50 does not start, go back to the screen with different start modes

    My Satellite M50-130 does not start correctly. When you turn it on, it goes to a black DOS screen, saying: "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this. "It offers me different start modes: Safe Mode, with networking and command prompt. Last good Configuration known; and start Windows normally.

    I tried all the 5 options, gets the commissioning insofar as the Toshiba screen, but then with all the options, it returns to the initial screen offering the 5 modes of starting. Same thing happens when laptop works again.

    The only recent software change, I've done was an update to Norton AntiVirus/Internet Security and I suspect that Norton is at least part of my problem, see history below. I know it's the Toshiba support site, but I tried Norton so many times without success, I gave up. Plus, I'm no expert at all, so I can't be sure that it is really the source of all my sorrows. All advice welcome!

    The performance of my laptop has deteriorated seriously in the last two months. She is extremely slow, and cleaning of malware and unwanted General does not help. It began right after that I renewed the license of Norton last year and upgraded to the 2007 version. The worst downturns are always connected to direct upcoming Norton upgrade programs. I disabled the live upgrade, but programs always come to the top, and I can't stop them, a popup tells me that they are protected.

    Wireless internet is also very capricious, even if another computer on the same network works fine.
    During the last week, I had to relax a little internet security settings (from "moderate to severe" to "low to medium") because after an other update of Norton AntiVirus, I couldn't access to interactive Web sites.
    It is perhaps a coincidence because Norton AntiVirus comes with updates at least twice a week - but what else could be the problem?

    My apologies for the long rant, I am grateful for all the advice!
    Thank you
    I have.


    I think the only way to make your system works correctly again is to restore with the cdrom of onboard catering. Simply manage to save your data from your hard drive (the best way would be to put your machine's HARD drive in a USB - HDD enclosure and copy important data on another computer), then wipe the system completely off you hdd.

    After that, the system must run again...

    Welcome them

  • Vista does not start after I disabled the service DCOMLauncher

    Hi all.   I really hope that someone can help me with this, because I can't use my computer at all, and I have to use a notebook different to write this post.

    The problem: Windows Vista does not start with the normal settings or Mode without failure.   To be more precise, after Vista starts, he has only a black screen and a limited mouse functionality.

    The background & problem: I use Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2.   I have disabled the DCOMLauncher Service using the program Autoruns from Sysinternal.

    What I tried: I tried to start Vista in Mode safe with no result.

    Thanks to all those who are trying to help me.

    When you choose Safe Mode choose last known good startup.

    As long as your subsequent boots are deemed unsuccessful, which is perhaps not the case, this will start the configuration before using Autoruns.

    Safe Mode command prompt works?

  • X 240 does not start after upgrading to the latest version of the bios

    I bought windows 8.1 factory machine. Then I had the local store install 8.1 on larger ssd. I did just last update of the bios, and now the machine does not start. I'm sure it is bound uefi, but I'm not knowledgeable in this area. The start setting me back by the store was 'only legacy' and secure boot has been disabled.

    It is resolved with a replacement of the cable on the SSD and the system board.

  • Satellite A300 does not start

    Hello forum members

    I had a lot of problems with my Toshiba Satellite A300 for quite awhile. I had found the solution to one of the problems through this forum, but now the problem I am facing. I can t find the solution to the problem.

    When I press the power on button, the laptop just blinks (fan runs then shuts down, as he gets power pulse. sign satellite on the left side of the laptop flashes and the laptop stops, then the laptop itself tries to start, but this goes on and for a long time.) It finally boots (not really specific time when it starts up, sometimes after an hour, 2 hours or all day) and I can use. I tried to put the laptop in hibernate mood/sleep but no use, whenever I press the power on button, I face the same problem. Once it starts, it doesn t stop and works very well.

    I can't really understand what is the problem? Your answers are really appreciated. I really have a hard time with this laptop.


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    Nice to hear that everything is OK now.

  • Satellite L30 does not start after the upgrade to 2 GB of memory

    I bought 2 GB Crucial memory for my L30. After removing the 512 MB module and adding two modules of 1 GB the L30 wouldn't start. With only 1 GB start ok ok, with the other boot only 1 GB.

    Either 1 GB modules and module of 512 MB with start ok. The two modules of 1 GB boot not together. Crucial gave up and offered a full refund, but I'd rather have a solution if possible.

    At the BIOS level is 2V30, that I understand to be the latest version available.

    Ideas please, John


    You're right, this problem seems very strange and I wonder why this happens.
    Satellite L30 certainly supports the 2 GB of memory and you should be able to upgrade with 2 x 1024Mo modules!

    It's strange, but it seems that these two modules are not compatible together
    I found Toshiba recommend module on options and accessories site.
    DDR2 400/533 1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G) maybe you could try this one...

    In any case, I don't think that you will be able to solve this problem in another way. The modules must be replaced.

Maybe you are looking for