Satellite A300 - Help Support and Windows Vista does not work


I have a Satellite A300 that had Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed.
When I click on the Windows Vista Help and support help windows appear, but an error message box pops up that says page Web is no longer valid.
The Help window opens blank with the mode circle cursor.

How should I do?
Thank you.


When you open help and Support your laptop is connected to the Internet?
If this is not the case, try to open it with an Internet connection.

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  • Satellite A300 - dvd, usb and card reader does not work

    Help needed please.

    Have a laptop Satellite A300, running vista.

    Until a few weeks ago everything good, then noticed the cd did you not recognized and disk in it. The card reader can't find anything on the card (and Yes, the card was full.)

    The usb scanner is recognized as an external memory card and the other usb port does not fuction.

    I have not installed or don't remember changing of settings or do whatever it is the habit.

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


    Your ad is very confused.
    > Until a few weeks ago everything good, then noticed the cd did you not recognized and disk in it.
    Well, there are several reasons for this; It would be possible that the inserted disc is not completely compatible. Try different drives from different manufacturers.
    It would also be possible that the STRANGE laser lens is dirty. In this case, you might clean using a cotton ball and alcohol tip. In my case it helped.

    > The card reader can't find anything on the card (and Yes, the card was full).
    Did you use a compatible card? The laptop runs these cards:
    8MB - 2 GB SD card
    SDHC - 4 GB card
    -16 MB - 2 GB xD Picture card
    Memory Stick - 8MB - 256MB
    Memory Stick Pro - 256 MB - 2 GB
    MultiMediaCard - 8 MB - 1 GB
    miniSD (with SD adapter) - 32 MB - 2 GB

    I recommend also to format the card and to copy files from computer, and then test this.
    You can also reinstall and update the driver for the card reader controller...

    > The usb scanner is recognized as an external memory card
    Can't believe that you must use a scanner software (must be provided with the scanner) and have to test this unit. By the way; for the most part a scanner driver must be installed in order to use this

  • Windows Vista does not work - cannot open Control Panel control and IE

    original title: Windows Vista does not work properly.


    I have Windows Vista Home Premium running on Lenovo laptop. Recently, I cann't open the browser IE, the same panel. I don't have a Vista CD. But I have the product key provided with the laptop. Please, help me to make it fully operational as before.

    Assuming that you can always connect to your computer in normal mode:

    Run a check of the filesystem to find corrupted files and repair them if possible.

    Start button > Search box type cmd > look up, do a RIGHT click on cmd.exe > click run as
    > in this window type cmd black and white, on the
    flashing fast sfc/scannow > press the ENTER key.
    Note: there is a space between
    'sfc' and ' / '.
    To sit and wait. It will take time.
    When finished, exit the cmd window.
    Reboot (restart your computer)

    After that, check if you can run the computer as well as to access the IE.
    If IE still does not work, use the following tutorials...

    1 Internet Explorer does not start or stop responding
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    As some Menu items: Modules, Help Menu and Pocket Extension does not work after update to 17.0

    This may be caused by the Tab Mix Plus extension

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do not click on the reset button on the start safe mode window or make changes.

    You can try to install the latest Dev version of Tab Mix more if you use this extension.

    See the sticky on the forum of Tab Mix Plus:

  • Halo 2 for windows vista does not work on my windows 7. Saiys it cannot start the direct customer

    original title: Halo 2 for windows vista

    Halo 2 for windows vista does not work on my windows 7.  Saiys it cannot start the direct customer.  It will not work in single user either...


    Plase make sure you have the latest version of the GFWL Client installed:

  • DirectX, d3d9.ll & d3d10.dll and Windows Update does not work... (Same problem?)

    I had some problems with my computer lately...

    The first thing I noticed is that I failed to run games and applications and I got this weird error 'missing d3d9.dll' and something in style with... "it could be fixed if you have reinstalled the application," but it didn't and I kept getting the error, then I went to see if there was even a d3d9.dll or a d3d10.dll - but it was not...

    Then. I tried to download em for the internet, but later, I noticed that they were for DirectX and therefor was not sure I had good... Then I went to update my DirectX - but failed. He says that I already had an update of DirectX version and it refused to install. I however, perhaps I could uninstall directX, but I couldn't find where and how...

    Then I however, maybe it's because some weird windows update problems - so I went to check how many updates there. I check it the day prior to that, but all of a sudden there are 14 new updates that I had not installed yet (overnight 14 new updates!).

    Does anyone have a solution to this? Please, I desperately need help!

    Hi exique,

    1. don't you make changes before the show?
    2. on what game and application that you get this error?

    DirectX runtime for end-users (also known under the name of DirectX) is an extension for the Microsoft Windows operating system that provides a set of quick material orders, low level that they can use to improve performance for Windows games and multimedia programs. The current generation of Windows games and multimedia programs does not work properly without DirectX. So, by design, you cannot remove DirectX.
    See DirectX: frequently asked questions

    We recommend that you scan sfc (System File Checker) to see if any system file is missing or damaged. To do this, try the following steps on Vista and Windows 7
    a. visit
    b. run the scan successfully.
    c. restart the computer so that the changes take effect and check the result.

    If the problem persists, we recommend that you reinstall the game or program that causes this problem.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Satellite L350 - key FN and F9 touchpad does not work


    I have a toshiba Satellite L350 with Vista 32 bit and my problem does NOT work FN keys.
    I installed already Synoptics Touch Pad V6.3 from Toshiba Web site, but it did not help.

    I searched for other software mentioned on this forum, but I could not find.

    The biggest problem is that my touchpad is locked, and fact without work FN + F9

    Use me keyboard just - what is difficult and annoying :(
    I'd be really greatefull if anyone can help me :(


    I agree with Akuma
    You need the PPV for the FN keys work.

    PS; If you want to use the Toshiba OS preinstalled, so everything should work properly!

  • Windows Vista does not work with modem wireless broadband

    I saw no answer to this problem.  Can anyone help?

    Windows Vista on my DELL laptop at home does not work with my new NETGEAR modem wireless broadband 3 G.  The modem appears in the list of networks, I just errors like: unable to connect, cannot diagnose,... Both devices work perfectly well together when connected by cable but not wireless.  Interestingly, my laptop work, also a DELL but runing Windows XP, works very well with the NETGEAR modem.

    Vista / Netgear wired - work
    Vista / Netgear wireless - does not work
    XP / Netgear wireless - work

    I went through the NETGEAR troubleshooting guide, doing everything from changing the types of security to manually enter the MAC address of the laptop.  I ran to the ground with the NETGEAR support engineers, and they said check with Microsoft.  I am convinced that it has something to do with Vista.  Any ideas?

    Hi jhandcc,

    Please provide the complete error message you receive.

    Step 1: You can follow the steps described in the article below

    Error message when you try to automatically connect to a wireless access point that uses authentication of network shared in Windows Vista: "Windows cannot connect to" "


    If the problem persists,

    Step 2: Download and install the latest service pack for windows vista on the computer

    How to obtain the latest Windows Vista service pack



    You cannot connect to a wireless network on a Windows Vista-based computer


    For more information, see the link below

    Solve problems, find wireless networks

    Let us know if this helps

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • problem with the mouse and keyboard and windows update does not work

    Since last week to start the computer, I get an error message that the mouse and keyboard functions do not work. He then seeks the errors and then indicates that the service restarts. I want to fix this problem and according to Microsoft hardware, I should download "mkc.msi", which is missing from my computer, but when I do a search for a download, it always automatically directs me to the section "community". How can I correct this problem and get the appropriate download? I use Windows Pro 64 bit with IE 11 on an Acer laptop. I have the Acer site but it was a great help. Also, for the last 6 months, I could not update my computer windows update feature does not work and no error code is presented. I tried everything to restore or re-download the windows update feature, but nothing works, or I can't find a source. I got a blue screen 3 times indicating that windows must be updated and has been the reason for the blue screen. Unfortunately, I don't have a Windows 7 reinstall drive when restarting it spilled about 85 MG of data but not identify what has been dumped. Of course I could use help on this major problem as well even if it cannot be in the category correct community.


    I understand that you are having trouble downloading MKC. MSI. I would certainly help you to fix this problem.

    Method 1:

    If you are referring to Microsoft Mouse and keyboard Center, then check out these links to download.

    Download mouse and keyboard Center to get the best out of Windows 8

    Mouse and keyboard Center 2.0 (formerly IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro)

    Method 2:

    You can consult the following Microsoft article if you are unable to install the updates of Windows on the computer.


    Cannot install updates in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2

    Important: When running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    Registry warning

    To do: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    322756 (

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    I hope this helps.

    Please report if the problem persists and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Satellite L40 - 16 d and WXP - WLAN does not work

    After you install windows xp on my toshiba l40 - 16 d (psl48e) wifi does not work!

    maybey upgreate BIOS solve the problem?
    the problem is this model doesyn can't hawe no support on toshiba - I do not know I can download the new bios and soft to bios upgreate

    Anyone know?

    > bios maybey upgreate solve the problem?

    Update the BIOS?
    Why the BIOS updated so the WLan has worked properly with this version of BIOS before installing Win XP again?

    I think that you have not installed the right WLan driver.

    Satellite L40 - 16 d belongs to the series of PSL48.
    The drivers are available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver:
    Note: You must select Archive first Optional product Type

    In addition, you can choose WLan driver: Realtek RTL8187B because the cell phone was equipped with such a WLan module.

  • Satellite A300 - 1GN PASGCE - LED light button does not work with Win 7

    I improve my laptop for windows 7 everything works fine but the touchpad multimedia light led power button does not work.
    Play, stop, next work earlier but not the light / off does not work.

    No idea why?


    Maybe it's a question of s a Win 7.
    I mean that the software is not intended for Win 7 but only for Vista.

    But you should check if you can reconfigure this button again.
    In Toshiba Assist-> optimize, you can find the Support of Toshiba Button tool.
    This tool can be used for the new configuration of the control buttons.

    First click on the button that you want to reconfigure and target path you can then choose the path to the exe file that must be executed by pressing this button.

    As far as I know that the exe files are placed in the program files/Toshiba/TSB folder.

    You will find different applications and one of these applications control the light on/off.

  • Satellite P20: Fn + F5 and TV-button does not work

    Satellite P20, keyboard of Windows XP SP2 problem.
    When I press Fn + F5, the computer does not show that earlier the different display options. TV button does not work also. I can change the different views with my nVidia Display Driver.

    My keyboard is OK, there is no dust or liquids. I have the latest update of the BIOS and Windows XP Service Pack 2. What program controls the functions of the keyboard in this case?

    How do I fix this problem?


    Of course, you have deleted something or preinstalled on your own operating system. Without Toshiba has designed tools and utilities, it won't work. I put t know exactly which of them are to do this, but please try to install keys Dritek easy button util. /Sticky V1.008, E - key utility and Toshiba Hotkey Utility.

    I hope this will help. If this isn't the case, please write again.

  • Windows vist does not work on startup, because it is disabled in windows defender

    Windows Vista will not run at startup.

    to use the computer to run the Task Manager, click New task and run windows
    I went into windows defender and it says that windows is disabled at startup
    How to activate it?

    Hi Deannabtc,

    I suggest you to check out the Microsoft article and check.

    Enable or disable the Windows Defender

    I hope this helps.

  • Satellite M70 - 170 - Touch and the launch does not work

    Hello everyone, I'm Sylvain and I'm french, so sorry for my English...

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M70-170, and I have a problem with the program "Hit and run" (1,2,9,0)

    I see the icon then the clock and I can change the settings, but when I press the button of the mouse will work, but not to the touch and launch...

    Can you explain why?

    I love this commercial and I want to know why it does not work.

    I put t know why the touch & launch does not work, but I would try to reinstall again.
    The Touch & launch is placed on the European driver Toshiba page.
    This time it s a v for Win XP.

    Uninstall first touch & launch and after restarting again install it again!

  • I bought this computer and now all of a sudden it says that windows vista does not work and tells me to enter a product key number and I did it and he said that he does not work__

    I need help

    Please help me solve this problem, I don't think I should buy another program when it worked very well. very upsetting

    If Windows Vista application activation unexpectedly on rare occasions, you may be prompted to activate Windows Vista on a computer that did not previously require Windows Vista activation or has already been activated successfully. For example, this may occur on a computer on which Windows Vista was preinstalled by an OEM installation or Volume licensing and are major hardware changes occurred, such as upgrading the hard disk and memory at the same time.

    If you are prompted to reactivate Windows Vista, you can do this by using the Windows Activation Wizard to:

    1. Click Start

      and then click computer.

    2. Click System Properties on the toolbar, and then click click here to activate Windows now in the Windows activation area.

      If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click continue.

    3. Select the Windows Vista activation method that you want, and then follow the instructions.

    To avoid this problem in the future, obtain the latest service pack for your version of Windows Vista, either through automatic updates or direct download.

    To update to Windows Vista and prevent this activation problem does not happen:

    1. Click Start

      Click all programsand then click Windows Update.

    2. Click find updates.
    3. As soon as Windows Vista found the updates, click the install updates button.

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    Hello team, By browsing some examples in the help of tiara, read Excel files. STP files created and used in Script files. I would like to know how to develop these files PLEASE? I have an Excel in *.csv format and I created a data for this plugin how

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    Hi guys. Have a touch of trouble trying to update my GTX470 graphics. No matter which driver I update from v.270.61, I get the bsod after a reboot. I'm in safe mode and back the driver to the older one and all is well but is a little annoying that I

  • Raid array configured on PowerVault 220 s

    Please help, I can build on my s 220 PowerVault Raid array if I don't have management software? Data storage connect to the Dell PowerEdge 4600 Server but drives raid hard configuration utility can set up one server.