Satellite A300 LED power corrected a problem (TBS)

If your illumination buttons do not work, try
Open the Windows registry (open: regedit)
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Pol icies\Explorer\NoDriveTypeAutoRun
and change its value to "0".
I don't know if it works without rebooting, but after all when you press the shortcut key Wizard opens to define the function of the button.

Good luck!

Hey thanks for this useful info.

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  • Satellite A300 - no power light and won't turn on


    My satellite A300 fell off my office. It has been disconnected.
    A few hours later, I tried to turn it on, but does not work when I plug the ac cable lights that turn on normally.
    Ive opened to check if there is nothing broken, but it seems all good.
    What can I do?

    My battery is dead, so I can't do anything with it.

    on the virtual path that is not easy to say what the problem is here, but if there is no reaction and led DC is not on I assume that there is a problem with the power of electronic power supply on the motherboard.

    Visually, everything can be OK, but some connectors are probably damaged.
    Repair (Exchange motherboard) is quite expensive, so I think you should sell it on eBay and get any other machine.

    Satellite A300's beautiful machine, and you can get another A300 used on eBay for about 100-150 Euros.

  • Satellite A300-1NO - Power Saver crashes


    I get a fatal error when starting electric saver application, code 0 x 2

    I have a Satellite A300 1NO with Windows XP. When the energy saver tries to start it gives this error code and accidents. This happens with the installer to start too.

    Assuming that the cause is the lack of files required by power saver. What can we then these files?
    ProgFiles/Toshiba and its subfolders are intact. I deleted some files from windows dir, who seemed unused, and needles. for example. directories and temporary files. And I think, that it is possible that some useful files have been deleted accidentally.

    So, it is possible that the cause is missing some files in windows? Otherwise, I have no idea of what was happening here exactly...

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    I ve page no idea why your Power Saver crashes but before install you any what Toshiba you tools should updated Win XP to the current state, and then you need to install the common Modules of the European of Toshiba.

    Common modules is an essential component of Windows systems.
    He will perform the other original programming from TOSHIBA to work properly.

    So uninstall the old Power Saver, clean the registry and operating system with a free tool (i.e. CCleaner), install common Modules, and Power Saver.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300 - LED multimedia keys do not work if iTunes is reduced


    I own Satellite A300 - 1 9 (PSAJ4E).
    Is it possible to let the LED buttons multimedia "Play/Pause", "RW" and "FF" to work even if iTunes is reduced to a minimum?
    Atm because they work only when I actually work in iTunes and the moment where I reduce iTunes taskbar it blocks for play/pause, etc!

    Thank you


    Hello Jonas

    I don't use iTunes and cannot comment on the functionality of the buttons with iTunes but I know it's Toshiba don't offer notebooks with pre-installed iTunes and these buttons are, by default, designed to work with Windows Media Player.

    You can use these buttons with other players, if possible, but Toshiba does not support the features with any other third party application. For example, I use these buttons with Winamp and everything works perfectly.

  • Satellite A300 - voltage to the Mexico problem

    Currently, I use my Satellite A300 in Europe (I bought it here too), where the voltage is 230V.
    I go to the Mexico and I would like to take this laptop with me.

    However, in Mexico, they have a different voltage - AFAIK 100-127V.
    Is it enough to buy the new adapter arriving at the Mexico?

    Thanks for the reply!


    AFAIK all Toshiba laptops are equipped with adapters that supports an entry universal voltage 100 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz.

    As you can see, the input voltage may be between 100V and 240V. I think that you will have no problem to the Mexico ;)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300-20 b and cooling problem


    I have Toshiba Satellite A300-20 b and I have a cooling problem. Since I have this laptop I ve been tracking the temperature of the CPU and found out I got the maximum temperature was about 80 c. The strange thing is that the cooler starts only when the CPU reaches this high temperature, if it isn't the cold remains off.

    Another weird thing is that once it is not blocking the cooler starts. It stops only if I restart or shut down the computer. Is this normal? Should I worry about something? Thank you very much for your answers.

    OS: Windows 7

    Have you noticed the same thing with the settings and Vista preinstalled laptop?

  • Need for new Satellite A300 adapter & power cord

    Hi Forum,

    You need to replace the A300 adapter & power cord. I live in the United Kingdom. Do you know if the Toshiba ASP at the United Kingdom replace these components? Can I order directly from Toshiba? I looked on Amazon, but most of them seem not real!

    Thank you all!

    Hi Susan,

    Normally you can order the adapter AC and power cord of each authorized service provider.

    Just give them a call or email. I m sure that they can send you a new adapter. :)

  • Satellite A300-1MZ - Smart tool recognize problems with the drive

    Hi all...
    I have a * a300-1mz * I * a problem with the hard drive *.

    [This |] is the _screen to a s.m.a.r.t. pens (* Disc 3.3.0 * Info) who acknowledge some problems with the disk.

    Can I send the laptop as collateral for a free replacement of the same disc?

    Among other things, sometimes * the computer freezes * no option to manually turn off the laptop (I think it always comes from the same disk):
    the screen stays fixed and 'Win Vista' does nothing comands.
    same "ctrl + alt + delete" Task Manager does not. The disc indicator light remains lit, but itself no longer believes it works


    > Can I send the laptop as collateral for a free replacement of the same disc?
    If the authorized service provider can notice this problem too, you can get a new HARD drive for free. The ASP will order it and swap it out. It is a free procedure if your laptop is under warranty.

    > sometimes the computer crashes
    The HARD drive is perhaps the reason for this?
    Contact a service provider authorized giving them all the details and information. They can fix that also. :)

  • Re: Satellite A300-17F - HDD is causing problems?

    I downloaded a program to test HARD drive problem. In fact, it is a healty disk HARD named HDDlife program. According to this program healty 55%, but 100% of my HARD drives performance.
    I don't understand. What do mean?

    the message here beforeis;

    + Satellite A300D 17-F +.

    + Friends hi +.

    + I'm happy since I bought this machine. +
    + There is a problem: he works so slow than other laptops and they have inferior properties. +
    + I don't understand. +

    + I'm almost going to break. I've done all the tips (uninstall tempro, stop the backround programs, program viruses... etc) but it's the same. +

    + * I want to listen to an mp3 is not open for ten seconds, watch the movie it is not open again for 9 to 10 seconds, +.

    +-i wana to connect to a web site it is gel +.
    + - for example the search for Messenger is taking once again for secondssssss +.
    +-xp installation, it takes hourssss +.
    + but the machines of my friends who have inferior properties are so fast.

    + Is there that someone has this machines? It has the same problems? or only I have these problems? +

    + Thank you right now. +

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    How many times you want to discuss on a single theme?
    I found your ad under

    Akuma wrote there, contact the nearest service provider and allow them to check the performance of your laptop. They have special tools and features of HARD drive can be verified easily. If there is a problem with the HARD drive, you will get a new.

    Please tell me what you want to know about this issue?
    Don t waste your time here but the service contact.

  • Satellite A300 - possible port VGA - not problem of video output

    I use my VGA port in two main locations, at home to connect on an old television set via a PC/TV converter and work to connect directly to a projector.

    This week he suddenly stopped working on both at the same time. I tired to another laptop in the projector to work and it works great. I also tried different tracks. The problem is certainly my laptop (which is now almost 4 years).

    The most likely thing seems to be what is ' t the plug itself. If I plug something inside Windows (7 Ultimate) is work that is an additional monitor, but the projector/TV no signal. I've tried all the obvious things, hit F5 makes no difference, and the Windows settings have not changed. The resolution and refresh rates are properly defined. I try to avoid the standard answers on the verification of all the things that I already checked!

    Now I have a HDMI port on the side, the probability is that just buying a VGA/HDMI adapter and using this port will solve the problem? I guess if it's just a physical problem with the VGA port so it will, but the problem would be a graph problem or your motherboard, and if it is will this affect the HDMI port, but also the VGA port?

    Port VGA is an analog video output. HDMI is a digital output.
    Two are different and not related them to each other.

    So I don't very well if a HDMI adapter-> / m VGA would work properly.
    Maybe it works but only with a lower resolution. So in my opinion, FullHD is not possible. However, I think that you will need to test it with your laptop.

    Usually, you can use an adapter like HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI smoothly.

    With regard to the question of VGA output.

    Well, usually the Fn + F5 should pass between the internal and external production. It should work with VGA and HDMI port. Maybe it's just a software related issue.
    In your case, I will try to uninstall and update the display driver. Maybe it helps.

  • Web-camera on Satellite A300 problem - 10 c

    Hello!!! I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 - 10 c.

    Problem with the webcam! OS WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE X 64
    Everything downloaded from the firewood with an official site! and when I turn on the room gives me: * the webcam is unplugged or defective. Check the webcam settings *.
    Tried to reinstall the operating system one problem, it was the same!

    What to do? Thanks in advance

    What is the status of the webcam in Device Manager?

  • Satellite A300 not recognizing AC adapter when turned on

    My Toshiba Satellite A300 is having the following problem:

    * When the laptop is turned off, the computer recognizes the power adapter and charge the battery.
    * When the laptop is turned on, the computer * NOT * RECOGNIZE the power adapter.
    It uses the battery until exhausted.

    I'm only able to charge the battery with the laptop is turned off. I've tried several power adapters and same symptoms persist.

    What could this be?

    You can use your laptop battery is removed and connected to the AC adapter only?

  • Satellite A300 - 15 d-battery will not be charged

    I have the Satellite A300 - 15 d. The problem is when I plug in the power adapter for the laptop battery icon become (undetected) what is the problem?
    Note: This battery is new and the charger not charge this battery. Also, when I plug-out the bifurcation of computer charger after a few seconds.

    Please help me on this problem...

    Thank you best regards &,.

    Dr. Ahmed

    Hey Buddy,

    I put t know why you have a new battery, but what happens if you try to load the battery. It work?

    In other words, it s a bad battery or the perception of control over the work of mainboard doesn t.

  • CorelDRAW X 3 crashes on the Satellite A300-1BZ

    I'm moving to a desktop environment for my new Satellite A300.

    The only problem I encountered is with Graphics Suite Corel X 3. It works fine on the desktop in XP and also on my laptop Toshiba no woman under Vista Home Premium. On the A300, it hangs in unpredictable ways. Sometimes it does not load, other times it loads and gets an error Vista immediately.

    The error message is not specific and the program closes. I have Vista and X 3 fully updated to the latest versions of the service. So I guess the problem is likely to be the installation of Vista on the A300 programme.

    Can anyone suggest where to look to fix this?

    Hello Peter

    In my opinion, you should check the FAQ section of the software manufacturer. Maybe you will find some useful information about the configuration under Vista.
    Have you tried to remove it and do fresh install?
    Check what applications are enabled to auto-start? Try turning off all that you don't need.

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. All we have own OS configuration with different applications that run in the background.
    In my opinion, providing the answer to that is nothing but the mission impossible. ;)

  • Black screen while playing games on Satellite A300/500 psag4a

    Hi all!

    Before that I send my laptop for repairs (it s only 6 months old) I need to see if I am not mistaken.

    It s a model of Satellite A300/500 PSAG4A

    The problem is that when I play any graphics intensive games the laptop screen goes black and locks. Only a boot cold will get it back.
    Any other time he s not ok no problem, the problem only started 5 days ago, it has the latest drivers and BIOS.

    Once, he went to a blue screen with hardware failure but was quick to get a good overview of what didn't.

    This sounds like a defective video card?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The laptop gets hot?

    What blue screen you get exactly? This could also be a software problem.

    Here you can check if you have really the latest driver and BIOS: Support => Download Center-drivers-notebooks-Satellite-Satellite A300 PSAG4A online online online online

    Have you tried reinstalling the laptop? Maybe it works after that.


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