Satellite A300 - sometimes no sound

Hi people,

I had a Satellite A300 with built-in speakers. From time to time, it happens that the left one does not work properly. It doesn't come any sound out of it. Next time, when I start the computer laptop new averything's alright. I have already installed the new drivers for the sound card. But without success. I should mention that the headphone connector is working properly.
My question is: what can I do? The warranty time has not yet expired. Should I send it for repair?

Thank you


Hi Marcus,

It seems that the internal speakers should be replaced. I mean if external speakers or headphones are working, the only reason could be the internal speakers.

So in your case I would call a service provider authorized cost a repair. I guess this internal speakers should be expensive, but just ask for it. I think that the technicians can make you a good offer! :)

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  • Re: Satellite A300 sometimes fails to start

    My Satellite A300 sometimes fails on start when displaying a logo of Toshiba.
    I don't know why. Y at - it a touch to show a p.o.s.t. tests?

    Sorry for my English.


    You can change in the BIOS the option to boot from normal to fast.
    I think that this will disable the Red Toshiba log and show you the post screen.
    But to be honest, I don't know if this could be help full.
    In any case, if the laptop is unable to pass on the MESSAGE, something might be wrong on the motherboard; the modules, memory example or similar

  • Satellite A300 PSAG4E - no sound when you plug an electric guitar

    Hello everyone!

    I have a very difficult problem. I've got model Satellite A300, PSAG4E its short no, with Windows XP SP3 installed.

    The point is that I need to plug in an electric guitar to my computer and once it is plugged in, RealTek HD sees him but produces, records or not distinguished any sound.

    Everything is on, then I'm afraid that this isn't my inattention which is to blame.

    In case someone already had such a problem with guitar or a microphone plugged into the laptop, please inform me how you managed to eliminate this kind of things.

    Thank you.

    On my laptop I have Realtek HD Audio Manager also, but there is no option for registration. When the external microphone is connected Manager I see info on Realtek audio devices reloading and the microphone is recognized correctly, but in my opinion this Manager has nothing to do with the record.

    For the record, you need other software. In Vista, you have small tool called recorder of sounds. I tested it on my laptop and the sound will be recorded correctly.
    Can you please test it too?

    The fact is the external device is recognized correctly, but I think for sound recording, you need additional software.

  • Satellite A300 Vista - no sound


    The sound then has full on my Satellite A300 on Control Panel etc. Playback, no sound, off headset nothing anyway.
    I went on the sound, hardware and Control Panel. On the first section, somehow I wiped the image of Realtek and the image of the speaker.

    I downloaded the Realtek, but cannot reload, or the logo of the speaker?
    What should I do to get that back?

    What caused the problem in the first place?
    Could he have put a SKYPE phone on it?


    I must say that your post is really confusing.
    I put t know how someone could erase the image of Realtek and the image of the speaker.

    But I'll try to help you.
    I think you need to access the Device Manager first and should remove your sound card in the list of devices.
    Reboot the laptop and after new restart try reinstalling the audio driver that you downloaded from the European driver Toshiba page.

    Usually, this should contribute to renew the sound card driver and retrieve the sound!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300-1OM - no sound on TV with HDMI

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 1OM and also a HD in Toshiba TV with HDMI input ports.

    I recently bought a HDMI cable to HDMI and attached the laptop to the tv and turned the TV to HDMI channel, and the cell phone confirmed making the sound "new device attached".

    However, when I try to use the Fn + F5 and output to the tv, nothing happens. When I choose to use the TV as an external monitor to the tv shows the external display, but only covers the center of the TV, just a little larger than my screen laptop, instead of the full screen, as I had hoped. The sound also remained on the laptop instead of my tv speakers.

    Then I tried the "HDMI output" software that came with the laptop computer, and only got the message "it is only effective when the PC is connected to a TV set that supports HDMI control via the HDMI cable.

    Finally, I tried the graphics options to click with the right button on the desktop and choosing to watch out, and then using the graphic properties that I managed to increase the resolution on TV, until he was almost the entire screen, but not entirely and again the sound only came out of the laptop.

    I'm hoping to be able to watch video files from my laptop HD, but it seems that the video output on my TV is always one notebook quality rather than the HD as I had hoped... I tried to watch "Lost.S05E11.720p.HDTV.x 264 - CTU.mkv" once I have wouldn't finally gone out my laptop to HD TV to a nearly full screen size, but does not recognize the difference between the video on TV and laptop.

    Can anyone help? I have read several other similar posts, I checked the BIOS and is enabled in the HDMI display section, but still could not resolve my problem.

    Thank you!


    > I hope to be able to watch my laptop HD video files, but it seems that the video output on my TV is always only quality rather than HD specification
    > does not recognize the difference between the video on TV and laptop.

    Do you know what that means HD quality?
    HD TV supports a maximum resolution of 1280 × 720 px and full HD means that the TV would be able to show HD movies using the resolution of 1920 × 1080.
    A simple old TV supports a resolution of 768 x 576.

    Each screen of the laptop is able to show HD videos in HD quality because the screen supports the same or greater resolution!
    So you will not notice any difference on laptop or HD TV HD quality video game!

    In addition the sound does not come through the speakers of the TV because you didn t, choose the HDMI port as the default audio output (device).

    Check this step by step instruction:
    Click Start
    Control Panel
    Material and audio
    Audio/digital output device (HDMI)
    Click the set as default

  • No Satellite A300-1MC no sound when connect you to the LCD

    When I connect by Satellite A300-1MC HDMI port for my Toshiba Regza 37 "AV LCD series 37AV555DB and play a movie the sound comes out the laptop and not from the TV...?

    I have to do something to the settings? I tried other HDMI port and have the same problem...! Please can someone help?

    Do I need an another audio connecting cable? I used a VLC Player on the laptop, if this can be the problem?

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Thank you


    I checked Toshiba basic knowledge about the Toshiba support page and found some interesting documents that can help you: - This document is written for Qosmio laptop but the principle must be the same.
    Is under audio playback are peripheral digital (S/PDIF) or HDMI output?

  • Re: Satellite A300-1MC - no sound via HDMI connection

    When I connect my Satellite A300-1MC on via connection receiver HDMI audio Yamaha in order to play music, no connection is possible, even without sign HDMI on the receiver is lit?
    any ideas?
    problem with the drivers or something else?

    This Toshiba document may be useful:

    + No sound via HDMI +.

    The error is caused by the order of the pre-installed Intel display driver installation.
    The problem could be fixed by reinstalling the Intel Display Treibers V15.9.5.1502 or higher.

    Check it out!

  • Satellite A300 - update driver sound failed


    I would like to know if anyone has had the same error message when you try to install the new update of audio driver on the A300 model.
    "Driver Installation Failed: could not be found for this MEDIA device driver." " If someone has solved the problem please help.

    Kind regards

    What version of driver? What operating system?

    Hey Buddy person here can read your mind. Please explain a little better the situation as a whole.

  • Can I put a Satellite A300-15 b Vista 64-bit?


    I think to buy a satellite A300-15B, which sounds like a great machine for the price, but when I asked at the store if I can run Vista 64-bit, they told me that I can't do.

    What is the point of having 4 GB RAM (8 GB disposable?) then?

    Please can someone confirm if I have the opportunity to opt or not? (Living in the United Kingdom)

    Thank you

    Have you checked page under drivers download 64-bit Vista and the availability of tools on Toshiba?

    Check if the drivers are available for this model of laptop PSAJ4E.

    > What is the point of having 4 GB RAM
    Good question for Microsoft. ;)

    By the way: is 4 GB maximum RAM capacity for this model of laptop.

  • How can satellite A300-1NO - I record sounds?

    Hello. I have a Satellite A300 1NO machine, but I don't know how to put my sound card, because I want to record all the sounds that play my sound card. For example, listen to internet radio, and record a track of her.

    I cannot set my microphone to record it and can't see any more. WaveOut or something else... How could I solve this problem? I have the of its driver.


    If you want to record the sound that plays the sound card, you need another program. So it is not possible to record sound only with the audio driver.

    There are many programs that can do this. I have good experiences with no. 23 Recorder. Use Google to find out. Its freeware and easy to use.
    In addition, there are some programs that streams internet radio, and save as. But I n t use such a program, but Google can help you find one.

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  • Satellite A300 - cannot install on XP sound drivers

    Hi all!

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 1 2 Notebook, and on Windows XP, the audio driver does not work. On windows Vista, I have no problem. The laptop had no Windows Vista preinstalled. The sound card is Realtek. I tried the drivers found on the toshiba Web site, from the realtek site. It doesn't work in all cases.

    Can someone help me?


    If you have a sound card Realtek and Windows XP, you must check out these articles from the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    It is a known problem and if you use the forum search, you can find a lot of discussions about this.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1J1 - sound doesn't work only with Windows XP

    I have a problem, yesterday I installed on my Toshiba Satellite A300 1J1 WindowXP, but no sound!

    I tried all sound driver Toshiba on the Toshiba web site but no result!
    Some can help us?


    Your laptop is a Realtek audio chip. If you install a Microsoft hotfix before installing the drivers.

    Check out these links:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300-15J: missing software sound like on Sat A100


    I got my Toshiba Satellite A300-15J 2 days ago. My previous laptop was an A100.

    Miss me the sound software that had my previous laptop.
    There was a tray for the sound icon and I could right click and select if I use headphones or speakers to the laptop.

    I wonder if there is no need to distinguish between the headphones and speakers to laptop on this system? If there is, could be directed to a link to download the audio software for this model. This Windows Vista.

    Thank you for your time.


    I presume that your previous A100 has used a Realtek audio Manager.
    The A300 does not use and does not support the Realtek audio chip, but it supports the audio chip Conexant CX20561 and as I m not wrong there another sound feature.

    Check your control panel-> * Smart Audio *.
    You must meet certain useful configurations.

    Check it out

  • Poor quality of the sound after XP or Vista upgrade on the Satellite A300 - 15 d


    Please I need your help.

    I have my Satellite A300 - 15 d and I had a problem with my sound.
    When I upgraded to Vista ultimate or go back to XP my sound becomes very bad quality and I have tried to update drivers and utilities but no way and finally I come to Vista Home who came into the recovery.

    I hate it and I need a solution.

    Please answer


    What exactly do you mean by "bad sound quality?"
    He is too weak or what?

    A300 - 15 d seems to belong to the series of PSAJ4E.
    Conexant for Win XP and vista audio driver is available on the European driver Toshiba page.

    I have the same sound chip in my book and the sound is ok... I also noticed that I have a SmartAudio in Control Panel.
    This seems to be an additional tool to improve the sound quality.

    Maybe you should check this.

  • Satellite A300 - keyboard does not work sometimes


    the boot of my Toshiba Satellite A300 computer laptop keyboard doesn't work sometimes?

    After a reboot, everything is ok!

    Anyone know why the keyboard does not work sometimes?

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to give you a precise answer, especially if it happens sometimes and I think that you need professional help with this.

    There may be a connection between the keyboard and the motherboard problem.
    I fear, we can only speculate that the problem can be m.

Maybe you are looking for