Satellite A300D-125 - did the upgrade of the disk HARD vacuum warranty?

Make the process which will not void the warranty?

I upgraded the RAM to 4 GB, and many people say that it is not.
What about the upgrade of the primary HARD disk?

And what happened to place an extra HARD drive to the second HDD slot. I think that he should not void the warranty? What is - it actually?

I have good news for you my friend:
If you upgrade the RAM or HARD drive you will not lose the warranty of your laptop.

The two components can evolve without losing the guarantee of the user. :)

Of more if you add a second HARD drive will be not too lost the warranty. But don t forget in the second drive Bay HARD must be a second HARD drive connector. Otherwise, you can install a second HDD of the t.

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    My question is very simple that I write on the subject.
    Is it possible to upgrade graphics card on the model named "Satellite A300D-125 cm?

    I know it seems absurd for some users, but I have to say there are phones that you can update their graphics cards easily. On laptops from other manufacturers, you can!


    Why do you want to update the graphics card? Do you have any problems with it?

    Well, I n t have good news for you because it of not possible to update the graphics card on this laptop because the graphics card is soldered on the motherboard.
    So I prefer this Toshiba document:

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300D-125 - cannot update the BIOS

    Failure of the update of the BIOS for Toshiba Satellite A300D - 125 PSAK4E (2, 80-WIN32 to 3.10 - WIN32).
    The source that I tried to level is 30/04/09 dated dated

    Screenshot available for more information futrher.

    Please help thanks.

    Also can someone tell me what's new in 3.10?

    Hey Buddy,

    For your model laptop is not a BIOS version 3.10.

    If you are looking for on the site of Toshiba Satellite A300D and PSAK4E model number, you can download the version 2.80.
    Version 3.10 is for other A300D models!

    You can check this on the Toshiba site and then stop to update BIOS please. You can destroy the ROM module

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    On OSX, if the following Terminal command produces any output, then you cannot read partition OSX on the side Windows? FileVault2 will also disable access to the OSX partition.

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    Is it possible to transfer the exact content from one disk to another without having to re - install operating systems and programs etc. ?


    You use the disk cloning software.  In some cases, a new player may even be bundled with software that will do this for you.

    Unless your laptop has a second drive Bay (most don't), you will also need an external hard drive enclosure.  As a general rule, these connect via the USB port, although if your laptop has a connector FireWire or eSATA you can also use these interfaces.

    You must select your external enclosure based on 3 criteria: the type of connection to the laptop. the physical size of the disc (2 1/2 inches for computer laptop drives); and player interface (determined by the connection of the internal drive of your laptop). For example only (no recommendation), if you wanted an enclosure for a 2.5 IDE drive "which connects using USB 2.0, Newegg has 17 products

    The (slightly) more expensive items among the software, you will need.  For example: this particular House will work with SATA or IDE drives.

    If you buy an external enclosure that doesn't include cloning software, the software may be available for free from the manufacturer of the new 320 GB drive (e.g., or you can get it separately (this is not an exhaustive list):

    Acronis True Image Home 11
    EASEUS ToDo Backup
    Paragon Drive Copy or Partition Manager Personal

  • I get an error "the disk hard virtual parent is in a saved state. Discard the saved state or stop the virtual machine and try again. "during the installation of XP mode.

    I have Win7 Pro SP1 x 64.  I downloaded WindowsXPMode_en - us.exe (from Microsoft downloads) and run it.  The installation seems to work OK (I've specified a different location for the parent virtual hard disk file).  Then, installation happening and I provide the information requested (name of user and password for the XP Mode), updates Windows and OK to the issue of sharing.  The installation program then reports the following error:

    The disk hard virtual parent is in a saved state.  Discard the saved state or stop the virtual machine and try again.

    I get the error even if I try manually configure XP Mode (use the Setup Wizard).  I downloaded the installer XPMode (3 times) and reinstalled several times, always with the same result.  If it helps, I can't locate anywhere .vsv file.

    Any idea what's going on?

    Original title: XP Mode Setup error

    Hi smithnr10,



    You must post your question in the TechNet forums because it caters to an audience of it professionals.

    To do this, you must consult the link-


    Hope this helps!

  • Satellite A300D PSAH8A replace the memory module

    Hi, everyone, I have a satellite A300D *(PSAH8A-01K00H) has only 2 G of RAM.
    I want to upgrade my RAM to 4 G, but not very well what RAM (I mean DDR2 or DDR3), how fast is compatible with the motherboard)

    Someone can give me some advice or a website to find its material information, would be much appreciated thanks in advance.


    Hi mate

    Notebook´s RAM upgrade depends on the chipset.
    Means that you should check the properties of the chipset.

    But as far as I know the laptop must support 4 GB of RAM, and AFAIK you could use DDR2 modules RAM 800 MHz.

    PS: this information must also be placed in the user's manual. Then maybe you should check this too ;)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300D restarts all the time


    My Toshiba Satellite A300D 14 p restarts all the time and I can't do anything!
    I turned it off last night and today, when I pressed the power button it worked for 1-2 seconds and then again did a restart.

    My screen doesn't show anything (because it only works for 1-2 seconds).

    Any ideas?

    And last night, everything was OK?
    Have you installed anything it either on it or maybe update the BIOS?

    Unplug the AC adapter / CC, remove the battery and leave it for a while. Later, connect the power adapter only and try to turn on your laptop.
    The same thing happens again?

  • Drive recovery for Satellite A300D-125

    It is request for each of you. Please, someone help me.

    I have Toshiba A300D-125, when I bought it I forgot to make backup CDs. Now I format my hard drive and I do new windows. Problem is, I don't have any of this programs which was when system was new. Maybe someone, who have same laptop have a backup cd (I'm sure that someone have) can share with me this CD.

    Please, you can picture it and download somewhere on the internet.

    I'll be very grateful. Thank you


    Akuma is right. You can order original Toshiba recovery DVD under this address. The use you will have to new factory settings.

    Another option for you is to install your own Vista and use all the drivers, tools and utilities from Toshiba support page. On this way, you can install another version of Vista Business or Ultimate.

  • Satellite A300d-125 overheating

    Here is a screen shot after playing v.1.6 cabrit (in detailed graphical full setting) in a small game plan, after 30 minutes
    ITI is very hot! processor cores and gpu temperature exceeds 90

    Do you think this is normal? Should I worry? As I heard experts that the average should be about 70. More than that could damage the cpu.
    Should I take the laptop to the nearest service center?

    PS: I upgraded my RAM and hard drive myself. I don't think that the warranty will be voided. T it?

    > I Don t think this tablet and the other will work.
    I use the jet of compressed air and it worked!
    Many people reported here that he has worked to dust the vents!
    Advice if ever something you have never tested or tried MAN ;)

  • PSAJOE satellite A300 - cannot remove the external HARD disc


    I have portable adjustable 300 (PSAJOE).
    I can't remove the external hard drive (Toshiba USB2 {80 GB}).

    Whenever I try to remove the device it just hangs. I use windows vista Home premium.
    Flah interesting little player with 2 GB capicty works ok and easily removable by simple click.

    Help, please.
    Thank you


    Maybe you should first check if there is no access to all the files that are stored on external HARD drive

    I put t know how it works with your external HARD drive, but if I want to remove my HARD drive safely the new window opens and I get a USB mass storage device called option.

    If I mark this USB mass storage device and press STOP then a new window opens and I get 3 different devices;
    -USB mass storage device
    -Generic volume
    -USB HDD device

    If I score the first two options then my HARD drive crashes but if I choose the last of them then I can remove the HARD drive safely

  • Satellite C650 - reinstall with the new hard drive


    The hard drive in my C650 just died so I put in a replacement, and the problem I have is that I never create a recovery disc for my laptop.

    I tried to use the windows disk 7 I got with my desktop, but when I boot it I get the error ' A required CD/DVD drive driver is missing. If you have a flash driver diskette drive, CD, DVD or USB, please insert now. ".

    So, I downloaded the driver for chipset support page and excerpts to a flash drive. The installation detects these drivers "ICH9" on my USB, but after loading them, I always get an error ' no new deices could be found. Make sure that the driver files are correct and located on the driver installation media. ».

    I checked the bios and the new hard drive is detected without a doubt.
    Is there anything else I can do, short of ordering toshiba recovery disks?

    Thank you!


    The message
    > ' Required the reader driver CD/DVD is missing. If you have a flash driver diskette drive, CD, DVD or USB, please insert now. ".
    say that your CD/DVD drive is not detected.
    So you need to check if the BIOS so the CD/DVD drive is listed. It should appear on the first page of the BIOS.

    If you want to boot from the disk and then switch on and you press F12.
    Usually, a menu should appear that allows you to choose the ODD (CD/DVD)
    Choose this option and try to boot from the CD.

  • Won't start not satellite M300 - system on the disk volume is damaged

    OK on the 1st...
    Today, I turn on my laptop but it just will not start until... stop just at the TOSHIBA LEADING INNOVATION he...
    and the drive light lit upwards or blink.

    After that I tried the several times, it starts.
    When I went into windows, IE opened, it hangs again.
    After a while a black screen with a mouse crusor only...

    I tried to turn it back on it... it comes out the window repair.
    after repair, he says that:
    "the system on the disk volume is damaged."
    'system QuickIN' file is repair.
    but always after some time, the problem came again...

    So I wonder what problem is that and what can I do to solve this problem?
    Is a software or hardware problem?


    For me, this looks a bit like a HARD drive problem.
    I guess that HARD drive developed and the hardware error.

    Have you checked if the HARD drive is listed and recognized in the BIOS?
    Do this!

    If the HARD drive is not visible in the BIOS then it would mean that the HARD drive is dead and must be replaced.

    Even if the HARD drive would be listed in the BIOS, you test another new HARD drive to check if the problem is not related to the failure of HARD drive.

  • Satellite A200-1GH, remove the additional HARD disk cover


    I bought a new HARD drive and I want to put it in place of additional hard drive, but I can't remove the cover... :-(... I was remove two screws and nothing...
    Can you help me please?


    Stand by. If I understand you right, you want to add the second HARD drive. Am I right about that?
    At first, I must say that this is not possible due to lack of connectors. In any case you can check only. Remove the two screws and remove the cover plastic. I know, it cannot be removed easily. Remove it in the middle and remove the side.

  • Satellite A300 - Questions about the second HARD drive Bay

    To the underside of the laptop, there is an empty Bay for a second HDD internal.
    It is in the lower left corner (the first internal hard drive is on the lower side right) and the Bay has a sata connector.
    The plastic cover of the empty Bay extended columns so nothing (not even a hard disk) can be positioned on the inside.

    Someone knows:
    -If the sata connector works
    -If I can connect a secondary internal hard drive which work together with the primary
    -Where I could order the support for the secondary hard drive (i.e. toshiba code)
    -Where I could order a plastic cover without extensive columns, bcz I want to break.

    If my question is not clear, I can upload a photo.

    Thanks in advance


    You can order all the parts of the ASP from Toshiba in your country.
    Get in touch with some guys in the ASP and ask for the parts you need.

    Welcome them

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