Satellite A300D-13R: battery is not 100%

Satellite A300D-13R: the battery become not complete. Why?

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Have you tried to calibrate the battery?
Discharge the battery completely (Note: disable the standby and hibernation in order to prevent Notepad to enter these modes automatically).
Then load it again reappear several times in the line

If that doesn't do it, try a new battery

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    Hi all I have a Toshiba Satellite A300D - 13R paskoe.
    Well, my question is where can I get the metal Secundary HDD support that goes with 4 screws to fix the disc... If I have SATA connectors?

    Because I can't find any site for purchase. Thank you

    I assume that you need HARD drive caddy. It is not easy to find an online store where you can order. I don't know in which country have you but living and if it is possible to find something, but try on eBay. I ve found many parts and laptop hardware components there.

    What you can also do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service in your country. They must have it also.

  • The Satellite A300D-17F battery specifications need

    Care to say battery lasts 1 hour...
    What is the Satellite A300D-17F battery WHA?
    He's not 6-cell 4800 maH?

    Thanks in advance.


    As far as I know the laptop uses battery part number 6 cells: PA3534U-1BRS or PA3534U-1BAS
    It supports 4000mAh

    See you soon

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    Hey I think that we can start swapping parts for laptops here. ;)
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  • Satellite L655 new battery does not charge

    Satellite L655 new battery does not charge

    Hello halik

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here.
    Purchased new and original Toshiba battery with the same part number (model number).

    New battery is recognized by the system?

  • Re: Satellite A300D - Bluetooth Stack can not find a service

    I have the Satellite A300D with Windows 7 and battery Bluetooth Toshiba (ver. 7.00.10)
    I want to connect my mobile phone to laptop via bluetooth. I tried to add a new connection in the Bluetooth stack. BS found my phone, but cannot connect to. BS showed an error message 'Cannot find a service' (I have a Russian version of Bluetooth Stack, so I have to translate the message). And I don't know what service is not running, BS don't give any additional information.

    Please, advise me what can I do to solve my problem.

    I think you must turn on the bluetooth feature in Administrative Tools-Services:

  • Satellite X 200-battery will not charge


    I have a Satellite X 200 for 2.5 years now, and now that my I just noticed that my battery will also charge the driving battery is not on. I turned off the computer and opened it again and I noticed the battery led turns on for like 3 seconds then goes back again.
    Is this a vista problem, a problem of battery or motherboard?

    Because with the ca on the laptop works very well. Any ideas how to make sure that if it a battery issue?

    Thank you

    Hi blackmodjo,

    What happens if you connect the AC/DC adapter, while the laptop is turned off? The battery will be charged or not?

    If this isn't the case, it seems to be a malfunction of the battery. It s already 2.5 years that you wrote and the battery can be charged only up to 500 times. After that, it must be replaced.

    New battery should t be so expensive. Just ask a service provider allowed in your country, and guys will help you to get a new one.

  • Satellite L300-13R - WLAN does not not on Windows 7

    I am on Windows 7, it can't detect the wireless device, says I need to reinstall the driver, vista and xp driver install it as they say that they do not support my opperating system.

    I currently have to plug an ethernet cable to get internet. I use a Toshiba Satellite L300 - 13R PSLB0E.

    Please could I have help, thank you very much.


    I think that this is not a problem. Windows 7 is only a beta OS and at the moment, the pilot decision-making is not very good.

    You might find some drivers on the site of the factory of the WLAN card. In your case, it should be Realtek.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L10 battery did not reach full charge

    On my Satellite Pro L10 battery only reaches 85% charge if leave all night. Is this likely to be a problem with the supply power, circuits inside the computer or charge the battery?

    I need to know the best place to start to spend money!

    Some experience that may or may not apply to:
    -Battery system is around 2.5 years
    -The battery lasts about 1 to 1.5 hrs that seems fair considering his age and his level of violence (left connected permanently and not recycled periodically)
    -Very recently would not pass, with or without the power adapter connected. Solved by removing AC, then the battery, running on AC, then turn off and reinsert the battery. Everything now works on battery or AC.
    -Over problem, system has been itself decommissioned at random. Since the resolution of the problem of market it was not randomly turned off itself, YET!

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


    HM, sounds to me like a hardware problem. But the problem is to understand where exactly the error, if you have the following options:

    * Contact a service partner chartered for a hardwarecheckup and an accurate diagnosis of your machine ([])
    * You can buy a new battery (since it could be the battery, I guess)
    * You can sell this machine on ebay and buy a new one :)

    Hope I could give you some new and fresh ideas. There is almost no other options or solutions, the it s so your choice.


  • Satellite L655-13V - battery does not charge

    I have laptop Satellite L655-13V and the battery does not charge while I plugged the AC/DC adapter.
    and give me this status: "plugged in, not charging."
    And when I connect the battery only work on computer, and when I connect the AC/DC adapter only without battery the computer works also.

    But when I connect the battery and plugged to the AC/DC battery adapter not charging and give me this status: "plugged in, does not support".

    Please, help me to overcome this problem.


    Leave the AC adapter plugged into the laptop for a longer period of time.
    In many cases, the battery may not start to demand immediately, as his deeply discharged.
    In this case the adapter must be connected to the laptop for a long period of precharge the battery, then the battery should start loading as usual.

  • Re: Satellite A300D - S-Video does not work


    I got my Satellite A300D for a little while now and he likes most aspects of it. The only thing that I'm not a big fan of, is that my S-Video works at all.

    I tried FN + F5, and when I do that it doesn't do anything. When I return to FN + F5 to check if it happened, it's back to the LCD screen. I tried all the functions FN + F5, and I also tried "to connect to the external monitor" through the control panel option. I also tried restarting the laptop, turn it off, start it back up, install a driver catalyst mod, everything I could think of, but it's not going to work.

    Any help would be * EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY appreciated! *

    Please help, thanks!

    Hi guys

    The use of the s-video ports is very easy.
    First of all that the TV and the laptop must be turned off.
    Then you have to connect both devices with an s-video cable compatible.

    Note: The BIOS, please check if the right settings were selected. PAL for Europe; NTSC for North America.

    Also, make sure that you use the s-video cable to the right. With the help of cable is not compatible with the allocation of the wrong pins will create a black and white picture on TV!


  • Satellite L20-183 - battery will not charge

    For two days the Toshiba * Satellite L20-183 original * battery does not charge.
    The laptop * works on a/c * power, but its * battery is stuck * on 3%.

    You have an idea, what could be the problem?
    The laptop is almost three years, and the battery itself is rarely used (almost all the time),
    I can't imagine it's already ready for graveyeard.

    I run * BatteryMon test and these are the log information:

    Status: recharge
    Manufacturer: Toshiba
    Name of the device PA342OU-1BRS
    Serial number: n/a

    Time remaining (s) a/c power
    BatteryTemperature n/a
    N/a manufacturing date
    Type of use: Normal Opreation
    Rechargeable: Yes
    Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
    Nominal capacity: 61920 mWh (N/A mAh)
    Full load: 51739 mWh (N/A mAh)
    Current capacity: 1555 mWh (N/A mAh)
    Alert levels: W: 1901 / l: 4320
    Critical bias: no
    Charge cycles: N/A
    Voltage Volt 0.00
    Rate charges 0 mW

    How old is your laptop and the battery?

    The point is that, after a long period of use of each battery stops the functionality.

    My battery in the laptop of 5 years is not working too.
    I could replace it, but I use the old good classic as a desk for laptop and it s still connected to the power adapter so I put t need a new battery.

    However, if you want you could test whether a new battery will help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 - 13R PSLB0E - can not find the drivers for the wifi for Ubuntu Linux

    Hi, recently Ive instaled linux ubuntu as the OS second after preinstaled vista (my laptop: Toshiba Satellite L300-13R PSLB0E-02H00SEN), but as I can't find the drivers for wifi as the topic title says. Anyone know how and where to find them?

    Name of the wifi on vista driver is Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802. 11b / g 54Mbps USB 2.0

    All the best,


    Toshiba doesn't support Linux for this model of laptop, and you have to try find the driver somewhere on the net.
    Have you tried to search with Google?

  • Satellite A300D - HDMI card but not HDMI port

    My Satellite A300D - 13G get an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 series video card which allows to manage a digital DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort video output, but I don't have HDMI (or DVI or DP) port on my laptop.

    It is possible to add this digital video output port?

    You can add it as a external display only. Google around a bit and pick up some information about this.

    According to the specifications of the laptop our laptop has 1 expresscard slot, in order to check in google if you can find a few HDMI to expresscard adapter.

  • Satellite A300d - new battery not detected

    I recently had a new battery PA3533U-1B SR / regarding my age Satellite a 300 d.
    When I put the new battery in the laptop, unplugged computer, press the power button, the Red battery light blinks several times, no power.

    When I plug the power to the laptop, the red light on the battery remains red as-if the load, once windows has loaded the battery shows as not detected.

    I have checked the connection and passed through Device Manager-uninstall/install, but came with no luck. It is the 3rd replacement battery, I had this company who have a very positive opinion. Is it my laptop or battery?

    I have a good battery minutes 20 faithful who recognizes all time and expenses without problem.
    If you could please help it would actually prevent me from going crazy, thanks in advance :)


    I recommend you to keep the charge of the battery for a longer period if the time
    The battery is working correctly? I mean the laptop can charge the battery and no flashing red led is visible. Right? Well, it means that this laptop is OK!

    In such cases, it s battery related question keep the battery in a few hours or maybe day this helps if not, then I recommend you to get in touch with the retailer and ask another battery

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