Satellite A300D-15B - upgrading Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit?

I added an extra 4 GB of memory to my Satellite A300D-15B (PSAKCE). When I try to run the 64-bit Windows 7 update, it will fail with a blue screen.

Is it possible to update this model for 64-bit Windows 7?


I could not find the driver for Win 7 64 bit on the page of the Toshiba driver, but Vista 64-bit drivers should be consistent, at least most of them.

> When I try to run the 64-bit windows update 7 it will fail with a blue screen

To be honest, I never did upgrade of Windows that I always prefer a clean install.

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  • Satellite Pro C650 - upgrade Windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

    Ive bought a Satellite Pro C650 with Pentium duo core and 8 GB ram. I did the initial start upward according to the instructions, but the PC work as 32-bit and I do not have access to the total ram.
    Obviously, I need to upgrade to a 64-bit system to take advantage of all the ram. Ive done the checks of system and it indicates that the PC is capable of running the 64-bit. The more I read more confused I get.

    Should I upgrade from Home Premium to something else?
    Do I lose all settings, etc. on the PC?
    In truth, Ive got no idea what to do from here.

    Hi kymbo

    The first welcome on this forum and I am glad you are here and you want to ask what may be the best solution for you before you begin the search for a solution on your own.

    At has first of all tell us please what C650 you exactly (C650-xxx).

  • Satellite A300D-15B with driver Vista 32-bit for Win 2008 possible?

    Hi all

    I have a laptop A300D-15B, and recently I have installed Win 2008 (32 bit) and installed the Vista 32-bit drivers worked like dream. But when I install the card reader (O2) it crashes (blue screen)?

    has any one face this problem?

    any help?

    Thanks in advance


    > But when I install the card reader (O2) it crashes (blue screen)?
    Looks like this Vista driver is not fully compatible with Win 2008 Server and therefore you receive and BSOD

    Seems you have to use this operating system without this special driver

  • Satellite A300D-15B - off and charging problem


    I have a Satellite A300D-15B, running Windows 7 32 bit, which has bought used recently. I encountered some problems and I hope that someone can help me with!

    First of all, the day I got the machine, he spent all of a sudden, but turned back immediately and seems to be ok. Subsequently, 3 weeks later (Saturday 2 July) I was installing some software when I got an AGV virus warning, in a few moments the machine again is turned off suddenly. Unfortuanetly right now it will not turn back and the costs/AC power indicator do not come. After some research, I found that remove the BIOS battery and power dissipation allowed me to turn on the machine. Are there any known issues that could be the cause?

    Second, once I had the laptop to turn on after you stop suddenly on Saturday, I found that the charger will not yet be you register as being plugged in unless I have use the folling procedure.
    (1) disconnect the power cable fuse from the transformer block
    (2) remove the battery
    3) plug into the DC Jack
    (4) plug the power cord for the transformer that causes the power led on the laptop to turn on.
    (5) reconnect the battery

    The laptop then charges normally, I use it to write this post.

    I must use this process whenever the unit is unplugged the sector or charger, which is irritating and also concern that there could be trouble on the horizon.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    see you soon

    Hi John,.

    You wrote that your laptop runs with Windows 7 and the first question you mentioned could be linked to the operating system only. You can test one thing please? Restore factory using Toshiba recovery disc. The disc will restore original settings of the case which is pretested by Toshiba.

    If it s just a software related problem the recovery disc will resolve this problem.

    Unfortunately, it could be a malfunction of the motherboard also. Are you using the original Toshiba AC/DC adapter or 3rd party one?

  • Satellite A300D-15B - need for Windows 64 - bit XP SATA driver


    Someone has drivers SATA for Win XP 64-bit for Satellite A300D-15B?

    Kind regards


    As far as I know this laptop Satellite A300D-15B was equipped with AMD chipset and therefore the SATA driver should be part of the ATI graphic driver.

    But you can also install the Win XP without the SATA drivers.
    In the BIOS, you will need to set the mode SATA from AHCI to compatible.

    Then you should be able to install Win XP on this laptop.

  • Upgrade memory on Satellite A300D-15B

    Hi all

    I'm going to upgrade the ram on my laptop 4 GB to 8 GB. First of all, I will post all the details of my laptop then explain the problem.

    (Original configuration)
    Satellite A300D-15B
    Model: PSAKCE
    BIOS ver: 3.30
    AMD Turion X 2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor ZM - 86 (ZM - 80 upgrade)
    Genuine Windows® Vista® Home Premium 32-bit
    4096 MB (2048 + 2048) PC2-6400 DDR RAM (800 MHZ)

    Then to the right, I installed Windows 7 32 bit top centuries ago and implemented at the processor level and have never had problems as I work with computers.

    I did some checking and found out that my motherboard supports up to 8 GB of ram and decided to purchase two 4 GB RAM modules. I made sure that I had good ram to my laptop.

    I upgraded the ram and it recognized without any problems and has even stated that 8 GB of ram was installed under 'System' in contol panel and in the bios. As it was a 32 bit OS it has only 3 GB of ram. So I decided to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and that's when the fun begins.

    Basically, my laptop does not start if I have more than 4 GB of RAM installed (in all configurations) and get a BSOD. I had a few different Stop error codes, but I can't seem to find a solution. Also, there is no all/many options to change in bios, so Im puzzled.

    I tested the modules of ram with Memtest several times without error and tried in different laptops without problem. I know that my computer laptop suppors the 8 GB that I had no problem running the 32 bit OS.

    All my drivers and other software are up-to-date and work very well and have installed all the updates of windows to date.
    If anyone else has had this problem and is at - it a patch/fix available?

    Any help, ideas or suggestions are welcome and I hope I can fix this problem. Thanks in advance.



    You are right. Your motherboard can be upgraded with RAM and max RAM for your laptop model is of 8 GB.
    This info you can find in the specifications of the laptop.

    Problem is that, for the upgrade, you must use 100% compatible modules. I'm pretty sure there must be a compatibility problem.
    Can you please tell us what modules you use (brand and specification).
    For example: module 4GB compatible for this model of laptop has part number PA3670U-1M4G.

  • Need drivers for Win XP 64 - bit - Satellite A300D-15B


    I recently bought a ' Satellite A300D-15B "it came with Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

    I want to install XP 64-bit. The driver page have drivers for XP, but it does not specify this time are these drivers for XP 32 - bit or 64-Bit XP.

    Can come a confirm which edition is for drivers are?

    Thanking you,



    There's no drivers 64-bit of Windows XP and I think it won't be available on the Toshiba driver page. Why?
    There are a few reasons for this.

    First of all the Vista is the disciple of Win XP and only Vista 64-bit drivers are designed for new laptops and computer equipment.

    Second, really unique operating system Win XP 64-bit. It was not so popular like Win XP 32 bit and most of the applications and software are not compatible with the XP 64 bit OS.

    I put t know many people who would like to use the 64-bit XP and maybe this is the main reason why 64-bit XP drivers are rare.

    I think that if you want to use this OS on this laptop, then you have to collect drivers 64-bit XP to your own hand.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A300D-15B: where to find the software cam Chicony for Win7

    I recently did a clean install of windows 7 64 bit on my Satellite A300D-15B and I was wondering were I can download Chicony camera assistant software go?

    At soon Avo


    You can try the driver for the webcam for Vista OS.
    I installed driver webcam Chicony for Vista on my device Windows 7 preinstalled.
    It worked like charm!

    Try it!

  • Satellite A300D-15B - obtaining a recovery after the removal of score media


    I'm trying to find a way to get the recovery CD/DVD for a Satellite A300D-15B. Recently, it has contracted a number of virus and become non-functional. I did not know the recovery partition of HARD drive and stupidly deleted recovery option while re-installing windows. The new facility, however, don't show the good drivers (of course) and is even the wrong version of Windows Vista, so the product key does not (Enterprise vs Home Premium). How can I get new media of recovery? I tried the Toshiba Web site but I did have a lot of luck.

    Thanks much for any help!

    Original Toshiba recovery disc can be ordered under
    Check it out.

  • Satellite A300D-15B Brightness control (F6 & F7) don't work for startup

    I have a Satellite A300D-15B. I can only adjust the brightness - using the F6 and F7 keys - during the first seconds of startup upward. When I hit Fn - F6 (or F7) after that, I get the popup function, but the cursor does not move.

    It seems that the only time where I can change the brightness is during startup, which is frustrating.

    I've seen other threads that relate to this same problem in Ubuntu or XP, but I'm running Vista (6.0.6001 - SP1). I recently flashed the BIOS with the latest updates (now at the V2.90), no effect.

    Anyone have any idea?



    In your case, I would try the Toshiba value added Package update. This package contains the Flash cards that offer the Hotkey function.

    On the Toshiba driver download site, you can search for this update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300D - 14 p Windows Vista OTB for Windows XP

    Satellite A300D - 14 p Windows Vista OTB for Windows XP?
    Is it possible to install Windows XP on the satellite with no complications (bad drivers and other things). I hate Vista!
    I heard that some laptops require modding some files .ini to install Xp on vista.

    If you want to install Win XP on this laptop and want to use this OS instead of vista, then you should check out some threads here in the forum.

    There are several discussions on the installation of Win XP.

    Just a comment:
    The Satellite A300D - 14 p belongs to the series of PSAK8E and all the XP drivers are on the European driver Toshiba page.

  • Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - USB message appears if BT is enabled

    Sorry if I am one of those annoying people who has posted something that's already been posted.

    A few weeks ago, my laptop series a Satellite A300D-15B (PSAKCE 00K0DEN) held to come up with a msg - "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED" - when nothing is plugged into one of the USB ports (all that I then plugged in any of these works very well).

    Today, I was keen to use the bluetooth with my phone. The icon is red and blue instead of the combination of white and blue usually there when you are ready to send files. By opening the menu "Add new connection", a message pops up saying "Bluetooth is not ready." In the menu options, running a diagnosis reveals this msg: "check communication with Bluetooth device: fail.

    I turned off the Bluetooth and noticed that I stopped the message USB too - and on the activation of Bluetooth, the message would keep popping up, indicating that there is a link between them.

    I'm a noob to complete technology and I have no idea how to solve this problem, or even to grasp what the problem is to start with most websites that seem useful seem also full of jargon that I don't understand!

    I really hope someone can help as my minimum information and thanks in advance.


    Apply this fix MS mentioned on the Web site below.

    Maybe it works eventually.

  • Satellite L300D - upgrade Windows 7 32 bit

    Can someone point me in the right direction please. I want to upgrade my L300D Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 32 bit.

    Are there guidelines in these forums?


    What guidelines tell you exactly?

    Here in the forum, you will find a large number of discussions on Satellite L300D and Windows 7. Simply use the forum search to find:𯿨𮠱𫶒

  • Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - cannot install the audio driver for Win XP 64 bit

    Hi all

    This is my first post here after hidden during the last week or so, my hope is that somewhere it helps and hope so!

    I have a wonderful Toshiba A300D-15B PSAKCE with RAM 4 GB/O, but I suffer from some problems RESEARCH Holy function cannot resolve. I use this laptop as a box of development for uni/work unfortunately...

    After a complete nightmare and Vista32, Vista64, I decided to go back to windows XP32, however this custom install, continues to claim a failure of a CRC file after (and Yes, that's with SATA in IDE mode and a disc of XPSP2)

    I decided that I really DON'T want to goback to Vista, so installed Windows XP64. Now the first installation is very easy, I have the basic configuration, the chipset, graphic, network, CPU, usb, fine... except basic... and that's where I lost most of my hair... SOUND!

    First try to install the results of the pilot of his failure, claiming the mmdriver.inf cannot be found or corrupted, obviously I checked, and yes there it is, downloaded pleasure the MMDRIVER. INF and placed it system32 and the installation always fails.

    I also tried a "manual installation", in .inf files... which includes pilots XP32/64 and Vista 32/64 bit drivers, still the same
    problem, the driver continues to not install. I am going bald. Exceptional drivers who moved there

    * - Audio device on High Audio Defninition Bus *.
    * - Mass Storage Controller *.
    * - Modem Device on High Audio Defninition Bus *.
    * - USB device *.

    If what follows is any help, (Sandra 2008)

    * - Disk controller *.
    (AMD (ATI) SB700 SATA Controller [IDE Mode])

    * - Disk controller *.
    (Toshiba SB700 IDE)

    * - Audio device *.
    (Toshiba IXP High Definition Audio Controller)

    * - Audio Codec *.
    (Conexant Systems 5051 hours)

    * - Audio device *.
    (AMD (ATI) [Radeon HD 3600 Series] RV635 Audio device

    Now, as I write this, I heard the rumor that the A305D uses the same
    audio/graphics drivers... Well well... off to try something I guess...

    If there is no help or ideas, I'd appreciate it.


    The laptop seems to use the Conexant audio chip. So, you will need the right sound driver for Win XP 64 bit.
    Unfortunately, the European driver Toshiba page provides the drivers for Win XP but I don't know if the pilots would cover the OS 64 bit as well m.

    Anyway, what you need to know, is that you will need to first install the patches Ms.
    The fix KB835221 and KB888111MS must be installed before installing the audio driver.
    If you have tried to install the driver, then remove it from the Device Manager and update Windows XP first!

    AFAIK that SP3 already contains these patches then perhaps you should install SP3 first before starting with the installation of the audio driver.

  • Satellite A300D-17F - need to Vista 64-bit drivers

    Hi guys, I just bought the Toshiba Satellite A300D-17F.

    I discovered with great sadness that I a 32 bit OS and 4 GB of RAM installed

    I would like to install Vista 64 but with even more of sadness, I discovered that I could not find the drivers for my laptop to Vista 64-bit

    Processor: AMD Turion 64 X 2 Dual-Core
    64-bit and a 32 bit operating system installed and no driver for Vista 64

    Can someone help me please

    The only way is to search on websites external to pilot because Toshiba does not Vista drivers 64 bit for your laptop model.

    Here are some sites where you can search for it:

    And don t forget to upgrade the BIOS to the version that is compatible with a 64-bit Windows OS. You can find it on the Toshiba site.
    Your model belongs to the PSAKCE series.

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