Satellite A300D and overheating

Someone with a problem of overheating of the Satellite A300D, if so, how to overcome this?



A friend of mine has a Satellite A300D. A very good laptop and he is very satisfied. He never told me about problems and it works perfectly.

Why not overheating A300D? Do you have this problem?
If so, how does?
Maybe you should clean the laptop with a jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fans.

Good bye

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  • Satellite A300D - is overheating and can not play games

    I'm quite desperate. My Satellite A300D is overheating. I can not play new games. Temperature hit 94 degrees and laptop is restarted. I cleaned it several times, very precisely and nothing. So I decided to send it to the official service of Toshiba. After that, the phone is still the same.

    My only hope is buy cooling grease and cooling stock-base. But before that ideas, advice?

    Thanks for everything...


    I can understand you mate, but have you contacted Toshiba service center again? You should speak with the technicians and explain the situation. I put t know what they did, do you know that?

    Cleaning of the laptop is still a good idea but if it doesn't work maybe the thermal compound must be renewed. So ask a technician for help laptop.

    By the way: what OS are you using? You can use the same problem with the factory settings and preinstalled display driver?

  • Satellite A300D and ExpressCard Remote control

    Hello guys,.

    I own a Satellite A300D-135, y at - it an available for this model remote control? I'm looking for a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location as some HP models have.
    I looked at several Dutch hardware well known, but I can't find a remote that fits the ExpressCard location.
    I give many presentations and therefore use my laptop a lot. I would like to have a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location because that saves space and a remote control of such a size is easy to "hide" in your hand.

    Kind regards

    As much as I know Toshiba doesn t offers remote control for this model of laptop. The question is whether a third party product is available on the market.
    To be honest I have no interest in something like that, but I just want to recommend you to visit the web page of Logitech. They have so many products for PCs and laptops. Maybe they have a solution for the remote control that you can use with your laptop.

    If you can find some interesting product please post the link.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite L350D and overheating

    I got my satellite since February this year, but has recently removed a Trojan horse for the laptop and having to reset the entire system, now the laptop works properly, but it tends to get very hot very quickly and turned out just on rare occasions.

    The fan is very fast and the air which is very hot, but that doesn't seem to keep it cool.
    Is there a way to solve this problem, or something I'll have to buy a cooling pad or something to help keep cool?

    As a first step, you should be sure that the laptop is not full of dust. If you use your laptop intensively after a few months, it can be quite dirty and dust can block the cooling rack. Don't forget the book it's own.

    To reduce the notebook activity (CPU/GPU) disable all unnecessary applications that begin with OS, stop unnecessary background processes and reduce the cooling method to the minimum level. The last option, you can find advanced power settings (Toshiba power save) for the management of the power supply you use.

    With these steps, you can reduce the portable computers and also the cooling fan activity.
    I have a very good experience with Satellite L300 and think your L350 should work as well and no OFF switch.

  • Satellite A300D and possible overheating

    OK, so I have this A300D for 4 years. Recently, I have this problem when it stops after a few minutes.
    Not enough for execution of diagnostic tests or anything like that. If it is started under Windows secure start frezees with a blurred image. If I stop him to run windows it simlpy stops.

    A year ago, I tried to change my Vista to 7 and have a similar effect. He stopped after a while. It's surely overhaeting, so I switched to Vista and everything was ok!

    Someone told me there is a GPU problem, because it is overheating. Do you know if this is true? I can change it or it is integrated to the motherboard?

    Thank you!

    As you wrote laptop is 4 years old and it is possible that the notebook is full of dust that blocks air cold and cooling grill so the first step should be to cleaning. In my view it should be done on the professional way which means that the laptop must be disassembled.
    Try to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Ask how much you should pay for it.

    After cleaning laptop s of material can be cooled correctly and everything should be ok again.

    In my opinion, this should be the first step you need to do.

  • Satellite A300D - stop overheating

    Hello, first I want to say that my English is not very well but I try to explain my problem.

    After a year and a half, I bought my laptop for a year and a half und he stop if every time I played something. The cooler is free and not blocked from something, but the ruling still he. So I need to but him higher the cooler under the laptop get more air but this also dint help me.

    What can I do?
    Is this a problem of product know?
    What I've done wrong?

    Psalm (if some Germans are here on the forum and you don't know what I mean I can tell you my problem in German and sry for my bad English) ;(

    Hi mate

    As I understand the message, the laptop stops only by practicing a game
    Is this good?

    In most cases, the blocked cooling modules could be the reason why the laptop stops automatically. Above all the dust and debris inside the laptop might prevent air circulation
    But in your case this doesn't seem to be the reason

    Which driver of video card you are using?
    You should always use the Toshiba graphics card driver because such driver contains a protection against overheating. Pilots use not - Toshiba GPU may overheat the graphics chip.

    Besides the thermal grease which is placed between the cooling modules and the CPU must be replaced for long time the thermal grease to dry and that could affect the cooling process.

    I think the laptop technician should check this and must renew this fat.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300d-125 overheating

    Here is a screen shot after playing v.1.6 cabrit (in detailed graphical full setting) in a small game plan, after 30 minutes
    ITI is very hot! processor cores and gpu temperature exceeds 90

    Do you think this is normal? Should I worry? As I heard experts that the average should be about 70. More than that could damage the cpu.
    Should I take the laptop to the nearest service center?

    PS: I upgraded my RAM and hard drive myself. I don't think that the warranty will be voided. T it?

    > I Don t think this tablet and the other will work.
    I use the jet of compressed air and it worked!
    Many people reported here that he has worked to dust the vents!
    Advice if ever something you have never tested or tried MAN ;)

  • Satellite A300D-125 - cannot update the BIOS

    Failure of the update of the BIOS for Toshiba Satellite A300D - 125 PSAK4E (2, 80-WIN32 to 3.10 - WIN32).
    The source that I tried to level is 30/04/09 dated dated

    Screenshot available for more information futrher.

    Please help thanks.

    Also can someone tell me what's new in 3.10?

    Hey Buddy,

    For your model laptop is not a BIOS version 3.10.

    If you are looking for on the site of Toshiba Satellite A300D and PSAK4E model number, you can download the version 2.80.
    Version 3.10 is for other A300D models!

    You can check this on the Toshiba site and then stop to update BIOS please. You can destroy the ROM module

  • Satellite A300D - 213 (PSAHCE) - where to find XP drivers?

    Install Windows XP on Satellite A300D and discovered, that there is no Pack driver for xp on toshiba support page.

    Could someone help me with this problem?


    Satellite A300D PSAHCE no XP drivers available on the Toshiba page. This means that there is no official support for XP on this model

    But I saw that for the other models A300D are XP drivers available I think A300D models look like so I imagine that most of them also works for your model

    Your laptop has its Conexant card and therefore a driver is available

    By the way: before you install the audio driver, install Service Pack 3 for XP!

  • Satellite A300D - Display driver for Win 7 32 bit that support WDDM


    I recently got Windows 7 on my laptop Satellite A300D and I have problems with the Aero graphics.
    I can't fix it because my display driver does not support aero graphics and my driver (which I downloaded it the TOSHIBAS DRIVERS site) does not have something on WDDM...

    Please helpo me...

    Thank you very much


    WDDM means Windows Display Driver Model.
    Check out this MS page for more details

    and Wikipedia:

    Usually, the graphics card driver should support this
    As much as I know, that you need to install the latest DirectX Windows 7 supports DirectX10 and Vista supported DirectX9.

    What to say; I use the driver of Toshiba page and I was able to use Aero m.
    But note; Aero must be supported by the graphics card and other components of portable equipment. If the hardware requirements is too low, then you would not be able to activate Aero.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300D - a few questions on the various issues

    Hello techies!

    I got a Satellite A300D and had to re - install a new version of the OS.
    I removed the German language of MS Vista pre-installed and language 32 bit MS Vista Business ed. ENGLISH Version installed.
    Installation was fine, that the software works correctly except for the ATI driver and the ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC).

    I downloaded the latest version of the drivers ATI and CCC for this laptop.
    Once the Toshiba page but also from ATI directly, nothing helps.

    Laptop is used with a docking station (although it does not matter for this issue!)

    -by opening and closing the cover of the display of an error message appears on the screen telling me, the graphic driver works correctly.
    -When right click on desktop > ATI CCC (or open it via the SysTray) a first configuration tool appears and after a few seconds, it hides all of a sudden. After 30 sec guessed it reappears for a second, and the game resumes. I can not click on 'next' or chooses an option within this window. I have to kill the process that is running with this program.
    -SKYPE VoIP: The opposite user can see me, but I do not see the video images of the person I call.
    Even in Windows Skype video configuration, it doesn't show me a video image from my camera.
    -Opening of a PDF with Adobe Reader works fine. To open a second PDF next to her brings a problem and I can't see the content. It freezes the window type. If you move the reader I'm moving the actual content of the office but can not see the contents of the PDF...

    I don't know how to solve this problem.
    It has never worked properly. He has not even after the installation of the plain Vista operating system, then the ATI drivers. Each resettlement shows without success.

    Help, please! Hotline of Toshiba could not support me in this issue.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Uwe

    This is a user to user forum so that you will encounter here only users of Toshiba laptops
    But if you still want to hear some tips so you here:

    > When opening and closing of the lid of the view that an error message appears on the screen telling me, the graphics driver works correctly.
    What you could do is to remove the installed graphics driver (Device Manager-> uninstall). Then clean the operating system using the CCleaner (it the free tool) and then install the graphics driver that you downloaded from the European driver Toshiba page!

    > When right click on desktop > ATI CCC (or open it via the SysTray) a first configuration tool appears and after a few seconds, it hides all of a sudden. After 30 sec guessed it reappears for a second, and the game resumes. I can not click on 'next' or chooses an option within this window. I have to kill the process that is running with this program.
    The ATI CCC is owned by the graphics driver. So, as I've suggested above; Try reinstalling the driver!

    > SKYPE VoIP: the user opposite can see me, but I do not see the video images of the person I call. Even in Windows Skype video configuration, it doesn't show me a video image from my camera.
    If the other person you can see via webcam then that would mean that your webcam works fine! You may need to reconfigure the Skype!

    > Opening a PDF with Adobe Reader works fine. To open a second PDF next to her brings a problem and I can't see the content. It freezes the window type. If you move the reader I'm moving the actual content of the office, but cannot see the content of the PDF
    This could be a problem for Adobe, so the first step should be a reinstallation of the software.
    Then follow the same procedure as described above. remove the software acrobat reader, restart, clean operating system using the CCLeaner, reboot, reinstall the software Acrobat reader again.

    Good bye

  • Volume of the Satellite A300D going low-high-low-high


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300D and I was listening to music through the built-in speakers and the volume seemed to go low-high-low-high (as a pulse)

    It is not that noticeable, but now I know about it.
    I'm quite get irritated with it. (I'm playing music via iTunes)

    In addition, this also happens when I use headphones, and when I play through external speakers.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    In addition,

    The button of the Player multimedia music button on the laptop itself opens Windows Media Player.

    Does anyone know how to change it to iTunes?

    Thank you!

    > I get quite irritated with it. (I'm playing music via iTunes)

    Have you noticed what playing music with MS Media Player, Win Amp or other applications?
    Do you have this notice without installation of software 3rd party such as iTunes for example?

    To be honest I have never heard of this issue, and I think that this could be linked to the gift of pre-installed software 3rd party laptop.

    > The button of the Player multimedia music button on the laptop itself opens Windows Media Player.
    > Is anyone knows how to change it to iTunes?

    As far as I know that's not possible. I use my mind Winamp buttons because I could activate this software WinAmp but it s doesn't know only not for me, it would be iTunes software supports the extension of the networks too.

  • Satellite A300D - overheating and shutdown


    I have a problem with my 3 month old Toshiba Satellite A300D-126. Any time I play a game like Call of Duty 4 or Warcraft after like 15-20 min, the left side of the laptop where the cooler is placed, it is overheating, almost too hot to the touch, and finally the laptop stops.

    I have to mention the fact that, recently, I installed XP (all the drivers downloaded from the Toshiba site), but I somewhat had the same problems on Vista also.

    I downloaded MobileMeter, and temperatures have shown here I think that they are not normal:
    Temp - HDD-35-36 degrees C and 80-85 C (when I m only not with the games, so I think that during the Games time. significantly increase)

    Is it possible that the cooler can deal with games, and it is dusty? If so, how do I to clean?

    Allows any kind of response,

    Thank you


    I play call of Duty 4 on Satellite A300-1LI and so far everything is fine. Okay that's the different hardware platform, but I still believe that there should be no difference.

    I think CPU temperature is perhaps greater than usual but, in my opinion, not the critical level. The normal temperature of the hard drive and the same as on my Satellite A300.
    I don't know how you use your laptop, but it is the new model of laptop and I don't think that there is so much dust inside. If the laptop is placed on the desk, try putting back on two CD boxes and place it on the top position. Reduce graphics settings in the game and check again.

    Is the method of cooling energy savings of Toshiba to the maximum level?

  • Satellite A300D - 214 PSAHCE - overheating and stuttering

    Hello world

    I am using Toshiba Satellite A300D-214 and I have serious delay problems. I can't play a game properly. I said that I have these questions for the technical department, but they said it's because of the dust.

    After 2 hours of cleaning, I encounter the same problems, but they said I have to pay 50 lire (which is almost ~ $ 25) to check if there is a problem in my computer, even if I have the warranty, and if it's graphics card, I have to buy a new graphics card as the warranty has expired.

    What can I do to fix this?


    Which driver of video card you are using?
    Toshiba GPU driver should be used because this driver supports the thermal protection that protects the GPU from damage.
    Use of other drivers can lead to higher heat dissipation and a higher temperature.

  • Satellite A300D - overheating issue and it stops itself


    Computer: Satellite A300D (PSAHCE)

    Bought my A300D two months ago. It was pre-installed with Vista, which, unfortunately, after a while, became so slow, that it was impossible to get anything done. So I decided to install Windows 7, the other day and it worked like a charm. Except for the fan stops after about 1-2 hours of work. Even if the temperature exceeds 60-70 ° C. The computer stops at about 80 c.

    I do not understand why the fan stops working.

    So far, I have tried the following: I tried to clean the fan with compressed air.

    I read this thread on an update of the BIOS, but the one I found, dated February 09 is the same version I already have. Are there any new?

    I read this thread that connects this guide where there is something called Toshiba Power Saver Settings. I searched for her to Toshibas support center, but it can not be found for my model.

    I tried using Speedfan freeware without results. I work as a developer, and I only have my netbeans IDE and Spotify ongoing enforcement, even if the computer gets hot after about 1.5 to 2 hours of work because the fan stops.

    Anyone have any idea on how I can solve this or something else I can try?

    I forgot, I also put the cooling system active strategy.


    If I understand you correctly, this happens only on Windows 7. Is this good?

    If so, you should go back to Vista or let's say the factory settings. I assume you are using Windows 7 beta or Release Candidate, and this isn't an official version of Windows. In addition Windows 7 isn't on the market and there is therefore no support of official rider for the time.
    Maybe Windows 7 peut t control the fan settings correctly.

    But this problem could be caused due to a third-party display driver. Then you should try the display driver for Vista on the Toshiba site, maybe it helps

    Welcome them

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