Satellite A350D PSAKCE - update 32-bit and 64-bit Bios

Hello guys.
I need to update my bios A350D PSAKCE. But I don't know what is the difference between Windows_BIOS_Package_V330_1 and Windows_BIOS_Package64_V330_1. Who should I install? I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit edition.



Usually, you should get no serious problems if you would downgrade the operating system to 32-bit and will always use the 64-bit BIOS. But in some rare cases, a few features like buttons FN or similar would not work very well
It would also be possible that only 3.2 GB of RAM would be recognized due to the limitation of the 32 bit OS

So in your case, I would stay with 64 bit OS.

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  • Satellite A350D-113 - where can I download the older BIOS

    Any person, where can I download older version of BIOS for my satellite a350d?
    Here in dl driver toshiba there is only this "updated" version, but I need the original.


    You won't find any older version of BIOS for this Toshiba laptop.
    You can always download the latest version of the BIOS from the page of the European driver Toshiba

    Perhaps the Toshiba ASP might help you guys should have access to older versions of BIOS

    Get in touch with local ASP and apply for assistance

  • Satellite A350D-20F - where can I find the first BIOS?


    Anyone know where to find the original BIOS for Toshiba Satellite A350D-20f and I don't mean version 1.5 Toshiba support page?


    The first version of BIOS and all the old versions are no longer available. You can download the latest version on the Toshiba page.

    Usually new versions of BIOS solve problems then it of not possible to go back to the old version.
    Why do you want to go down there?

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  • Satellite Pro P300 - update graphic card and CPU

    I have a Satellite Pro P300 and I was wondering if the CPU or the graphics card can be improved?

    I really like my laptop, but an upgrade is imminent and before I take the plunge I just want to see if it is all options other than a new laptop.


    Processor and graphics card update is not supported and there is no list with compatible processors. If everything is on your own risk. In the worst case a new processor will not be recognized from the motherboard or BIOS, probably you need a new module of cooling too so I wouldn t this

    In addition, the graphics card is attached to the motherboard and cannot be exchanged.

    => [Can I upgrade the CPU, graphics card or motherboard in my Toshiba laptop? |]

  • Satellite L30 - 14F - battery low CMOS and delivers after BIOS update

    For 1.5 years, I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 - 14F PSL4CE.
    I encounter the error of CMOS LOW battery but I was unable to find to replace. Where he is?

    Second problem: after a BIOS update (version of the site) with the same setting in Windows XP, after I left the lid downwards and then save the workbook hesitates for about 2 seconds and the music stops. These problems were not present before the BIOS update.

    Thank you for the cooperation.


    The BIOS battery can be replaced by only authorized service. to do this the laptop everything must be dismantled. By the way: see s operating manuals. You will find info how to load the BIOS battery.
    If I remember correctly the laptop must be connected to the adapter sector more than 48 hours. Check in the manuals.

    Maybe is my bad English, but I do not understand second problem.
    Can you please try to explain it again? I'm sorry.

  • Satellite M100-150 gets 'blue screen' and resets the bios data

    This problem started months ago.
    Laptop shows sometimes 'blue screen' for unknown reason and constantly does if there's some modern running game graphics.
    After that I always see that the settings bios reset to default values

    What should I do?

    Okay, it looks like some kind of a problem. Could be a hardware problem, but that's just a guess about your situation.

    First, you must perform an update of the BIOS on your computer to make sure that the rom BIOS is OK.

    Then, if the problem persists, I would contact an authorized service partner, since the problem seems more related material.

    If this is the case, visit the following link to find the nearest ASP in your country. Send your machine there for a checkup of material:


  • Updated by Satellite A350D - 20K for Win8 - necessary display driver

    I have a Toshiba laptop

    A series
    Model: A350D - 20K
    Part number: PSALME - 01D003DU

    You can check can model here--->

    My problem is on my display driver, because I discovered that ATI has no update for the 4000 series and below, and I use 3000 series on my machine...

    Can someone help me please? I really want to improve my OS to win8? should I continue the upgrade? According to me, my cell phone features are good for the minimum requirements to upgrade to win8, but I couldn't find the part number on the list provided by Toshiba for laptops which is expandable to win8...

    Thank you guys...

    I put t know how to help. Toshiba doesn't support this old Satellite for Win8 and hardware manufacturer doesn't support graphics card too.
    If something exists doesn t how do you find it for you.

    I have Satellite A300 and I agreed that Win7 is the limit for this machine. It works perfectly and it's OK.
    WIN8 is the new generation and of course we need better and more recent material for it.

  • Satellite A350D-113 - how the BIOS recovery after faulty update?

    Hi guys!

    Yesterday I stumbled accidentally updating BIOS for my satellite A350D-113 and computer interference in the process. Now, I've got is this common black screen, fan turns and CD-rom checked.
    I know there are discussions on this issue, but all of these senses are very different. Can someone help me with step by step "what to do"?
    I did not usb floppy, but I suppose a common CD - R should be fine replacement.

    I'm desperate rly.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Buddy,

    If the BIOS update failed, you can do anything. You need professional help of an authorized service provider. Technicians can try to reflash the ROM module

    Here is their list: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite A350D - error meassage apear everytime I log and BIOS problem

    I have two problems here on bios and any error message please help me...

    Thank you very much.. Merry Christmas...

    Now, every time when I ' am turn my lap top before she continue to windows there is an error message always appearing.

    Intel UNDI, PXE - 2.1 (build 082)
    Copyrirgth (c) 1997-200 Intel Corporation

    For Realteak RT8101E / 8102E PCI Ethernet Controller V1.09 (080602)
    PXE - E61: Media Test translation, check the cable of

    PXE - MOF: output of the PXE Rom

    Honestly, I ' am afraid of what he will do to my computer...

    What is the cause of the problem and how do I fixed this?

    Before I encounter this error message, but after I opened my laptop that has been started.

    Why I opened my laptop?

    I have here some information that might help trace when this problem started...
    before there is no password set in my security settings on the bios, I put the password in it. My mother borrowed my laptop so I decided to remove all the passwords that I put to him.

    In my bios security settings
    In the old password, I put my password then I leave empty the new password and retype the new password then I save and exit...

    After that I can't go to my bios it still asks to put a password but I wonder because I already deleted it, I tried to put the password that I used before but I does not work...

    I searched the internet on how to recover a bios password and I tried some of these suggestions
    I am using Toshiba Satellite A350D - 20 K I've upgraded to windows 7 64 bit, I believe that there is no utility driver for my OS password so I can not use utility password, based on a suggestion that I read

    I can reset my bios by removing the cmos / battery from inside my computer bios laptop so I decided to open my laptop but suddenly I have not found all the batteries inside...
    After I opened my laptop, that was the time I started to encounter the error message...

    Dear friend

    Now the situation is more complicated. To be honest, that certain parts of your reports are not logical for me to be discussing this.

    As you know in the BIOS boot options where you can set the boot sequence there. With other words, you can define which device should be the first, second and so on. To start notebook BIOS check this defined order and try to start the operating system. If the first boot device is not found for some second reason for notebook control device. If there is no portable bootable option check the following.

    This message PXE occurs when the laptop cannot find the boot device and try to start the LAN (network card) device. Why does this happen? I put t know what the problem is here.
    At this point, I have to say that I m really confused when you say that you can continue to windows after this message appears on the screen. How do you do that? Can you start preinstalled OS now or not?

    BIOS password
    This method with the removal of battery can run on desktop computers, but with laptops is the history a little bit different. If you are not able to remove or change the password of the BIOS, then you have a big problem. Now this can be done by only authorized service.

  • Satellite A350D - 20K - what is fingerprint utility and registry patch?

    I use Satellite A350D-2Ok. Its operating system was originally Vista 32 bit, I change to Windows 7 64 bit, I tried drivers for Windows 7 64 bit here. Then I saw a driver or installer for finger utility to print so I was confused if what is for? I downloaded and installed, but I don't see any new installed application or software in my laptop? I also checked it on C:/programfiles Strawberry I was still seeing it...

    You guys can tell me what is this installer for? What is the use at all on this issue or it how it works in short.

    Second thing is I've seen also registry patch in the list I have also download. What is the registry patch for and when should I use?

    Thanks in advance


    1 fingerprint utility
    I think even says it all if your laptop is a fingerprint reader you need of this tool/driver to use. Otherwise you don t need. ;)
    In general fingerprint reader and the utility can be used to replace the Windows login password. You can use your finger to login to Windows if you have the fingerprint reader.

    2 registry patch
    Everything about these patches you can find on the driver on Toshiba page Details:
    Registry patch 1.0 description: Storage Configuration Patch
    Description of the patch 1.0 registry: registry Patch to devices and printers

  • Update BIOS on Satellite A300 with Vista 64-bit

    How can I update the Bios on a Satellite A300 with Vista 64 bit.

    There is only one available 32-bit update utility.

    So don t update the BIOS if the compatible version is not available.
    BIOS for Vista 32-bit is not compatible with Vista 64-bit!

    See you soon

  • How do I update the drivers and BIOS on Satellite P300?

    I had problems with my wifi, and as my partners laptop works very well, it has been suggested that I might need to update the drivers and/or BIOS.

    I tried to do, but where do you download the BIOS/driver updates?
    It is right by default in 'my documents', is here and does nothing?
    After downloading, how can I make sure my notebook 'takes' updates?
    As you can see, I'm not too technical so all the simpletons terms advice please...

    Thank you.

    Hi mate

    Have you seen the category of forum here in the forum called: s how do?
    There I found this HowTo:

    This should help you!

  • Chicony Webcam does not not on Satellite A350d Pro-202

    Specification of the system:

    Satellite a350d-202 Pro
    Windows 7 64 bit

    I don't know if this is related but since I updated my laptop to Windows 7 my Chicony Webcam has stopped working. I tried all of the following conditions:
    Complete refurbishment of my system from scratch.
    + Failed +.

    Safe installation Mode drivier
    + For some reason, it doesn't let me connect through safe mode. I get to the windows login screen and it restarts automatically after a few seconds. No explanation? Yet once again, rebuilt PC a few times. +

    No webcam feature in Control Panel and of printers or of equipment devices.
    + Does not manually install drivers such as recommended. I do not see the webcam being recognized.

    Half of closing the lid of the portable computer to hear it recognizing the camera or the new device.
    + Without success. This does not happen.

    Essentially, I want to know if it is a problem of compatibility of Windows 7 or a technical fault to Toshiba.

    Anyway something OFFICIAL from Toshiba would be key here I was using the webcam for Web conferencing vital for work and now I can't.

    Please provide any option or anything else I can try.

    Suggestions of a value deeply. Including links, or other items, I may have missed

    Desperate to see a solution.



    > No webcam feature in Control Panel and of printers or of equipment devices.
    Manual install as recommended drivers does not work. I am not recognised webcam

    The Chicony webcam must be listed in the device under the devices of Imagine option Manager. You should see entry USB video device.
    Who do you see?
    If so, this delete in Device Manager and reboot the device.

    Usually the Windows 7 should automatically recognize the cam and refresh the driver.
    Is this the case?

  • Satellite A350D - 20K - Touchpad does not

    Hello Madam / Sir:

    Please give me a way on how can I fix my laptop problem. I use Toshiba Satellite A350D - 20 k, its original operating system was Vista 32 bit. As I discovered that my machine has been supported to use Windos 7, I decided to change my OS to Windows 7 64 bit. When the first time I've used it using Windows 7 OS my touchpad worked again.

    But change a BONE I have to find the driver, so I was looking for your site, so I found the latest updates for family series specifically A350D but not A350D - 20K I can't find this exact model updates up-to-date, so the updates of the A350D I saw, I downloaded all of them even the update of the BIOS...

    Before that I use version 1.2 of the BIOS, but since I saw a latest version which is version 1.7, I decided to install it. After that I installed it I noticed that time if my touchpad does not work because I use a mouse (external device), maybe that I installed it Wednesday, October 6. For some time, when I take my mouse when I tried to use the touchpad, that was the time I noticed that it does not work.
    I don't know if my bios version change has been the one who made this problem.

    I asked some recommended to my friends and they asked me to the Toshiba site, if there is a BIOS utility crush so that you can restore your previous BIOS or if they still have the old version of your BIOS which is 1.2.

    So now please dear I sincerely ask a help for my problem. Thanks a lot for your time in reading my concern.

    In addition, I already recover my lap top using may but recovery disk, it does not solve my problem, my touchpad still didn't work. My drivers in Device Manager is over. The driver installed in my device manager is

    * mouse and other pointing devices *.
    Compatible mouse HID
    Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad


    Satellite A350D - 20K belongs to the series PSALME. According to the Web of Toshiba BIOS update site that you can find for A350D (version 1.70 - WIN) is compatible with all models A350D so I guess that the BIOS update isn't the cause of the problem. As a general rule after a BIOS updated you must load the defaults in the BIOS if you press the F9 key in the BIOS Setup. This will load the default settings.
    Also, make sure that the internal pointing device (touchpad) is not disabled in the BIOS. On some laptops you can disable it in the BIOS and it must be set to activate.

    After the installation of recovery also try the FN + F9 key combination. With this combination of keys you can also turn off/turn on the touchpad.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A350D - too high temperature of the processor

    Hello guys.

    My laptop CPU temperature is too high. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit edition. And the temperature at idle is ~ 70, she raises up to 98 C when loading the system. It happens only with 64-bit OS. 32-bit Windows idle temperature is ~ 40-50 ° C.
    I have the model A350D PSAKCE.

    Any ideas?


    There is a new version of 64-bit BIOS.
    In your case, I recommend to check the version of the BIOS.
    If you still use an older version of BIOS (perhaps 32 bits), then you need to update it to the latest version of BIOS 64-bit.

    Good luck

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    I cleaned the parts according to the support Web site and I always get black streaks on copies.  The printer is out of warranty.  Suggestions that don't involve a lot of money for expenses supported?

  • WLAN monitor says adapter not installed - WMP11, but it works very well

    I installed a WMP11 wireless adapter in my desktop Compaq XP family and everything seems to work very well.  I can access the Internet and also home the other computer on my LAN.  But the WLAN monitor stresses the fact that the card is not installed.