Satellite A40: Question about product dvd recovery


Please help me on my computer toshiba Satellite A40 laptop...
I want to reformat my HARD drive with operating system XP...

My first question is, it installs my XP OS after that I run the recovery cd?
I'm afraid that after I run the recovery cd, I'll lose my OS XP...

I don't have an XP CD... I only got this product recovery cd (disc1)

There a disc2 because the cd that I got was just disc1...

Please help me with this...
Thank you

Restore CD contains recovery image. Recovery image include the operating system, drivers, utilities and software tools extra.

When you install recovery image you own preinstalled WXP. For cell old models were most two disks: 1/2 and 2/2 so if you the second you will not be able to install the OS completely.

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  • Satellite A40: Question about upgrade from the DVD UJ-850


    I have a satellite A40, I recently installed a new motherboard to. Everything now works perfectly, and I plan to change the CDRW/DVD drive to a dvd burner.

    The current player is a panasonic-UJDA750. I intend to replace it with a UJ-850 for the dvd burner. Could someone please advise whether it is a good drive to go to any other suggestion and if I need different drivers for the drive to work or is it just a straight swap out.

    See you soon,.


    Before you buy a slim drive you must be sure that this drive is compatible with the Satellite A40.
    There is a big difference between external drives for desktop PCs and laptops.
    The master/slave/c-salt settings on slim drives are fixed and cannot be changed.

    If you buy a slim with wrong settings drive, the BIOS does not recognize the drive and you'll get an error IDE #1.

    I recommend that you contact the service provider allowed in your country and ask guys for compatible DVD burner for you A40.

    As a reader of DVD-R/RW compatible, you can use the Toshiba SD-R6112 or drive Pioneer G8CC0001L810 drive.
    I also found some readers of DVD-Multi (CD-R/RW DVD-RAM/R/RW) compatible:
    Panasonic G8CC00019810
    TEAC G8CC00013810

    Sorry for the strange number, but I guess these are the numbers of Toshiba.
    Try google. You may find a full name.

  • Satellite A40 - question about upgrading the processor

    If I upgrade my Satellite A40 processor with hyper-threading technology to 3 .00GHz, the problem s s don't past not my chipset for hypo threads, should I have a problem on my terms of portable?...


    If you open your notebook and do something about yourself, you will lose your warranty.

    Just FYI; the processors used in laptops are connected to the motherboard using a process called TCP (tape carrier package). It is a method of permanent connection and is used in the interest of miniaturization and heat dissipation. As far as I know because of this method of connection, upgrade the CPU is not possible.

    Good luck!

  • Question about CD/DVD recovery for Satellite A105-s4014

    Hi, I need know how to restore or create for this model of toshiba recovery cd/dvd.

    Thank you.

    HM, can you just explain if you already had a recovery CD? If not shipped with your computer then you can create one with the Toshiba Recovery creator which is located in the Startmenu under 'Toshiba '.

    If you have a recovery disk and lost then you must either contact an authorized partner and buy a new or use an original windows CD, install on your computer and download the drivers from the Drivers Toshiba download page.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A40: Question about upgrade HARD drive

    I got old A40 son of infections of Virus and spyware. Now, I want to improve.

    At the present time, I have still the old Bios and a 30 GB IDE drive at 4200 RPM. (model n ° PSA45E-007N1-EN)
    It's like the A10 that accepts maximum 60 GB drive or I can't do big?

    One provider suggested that I stay at 4200 RPM, but to ask Toshiba what they recommend, so far unanswered.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much


    How have you tried to ask Toshiba? As far as I know, you can ask the service provider authorized in your country information but not a Toshiba directly.

    However, I studied a bit here in the forum and found this thread:

    and this one

    It seems that there is no official information, but the user henrivdw has updated the A30 (similar to A40) with 80 GB HARD drive successfully.

    Good luck

  • Bluescreen apears on Satellite A40 after installation of the recovery CD


    I have a Toshiba A40, and I tried to restore the system to factory with product CD recovery setting. The booted CD systems and you are prompted for an installation which was then completed and asked to restart the computer.

    However, after a reboot, the PC is not booting. A blue screen appears with a message that "Windows cannot be started due to some problems. Please check viruses or hard drive '.

    Then I started the PC with another disk bootable CD and checked for the latest anti-virus that doesn't show anything. Then I run SCANDISK on the hard disk and it doesn't show the problems.

    Could someone please advice?
    Thanks in advance.


    It is perhaps a silly question, but have you used the right Toshiba Recovery CD designed especially for the computer laptop satellite A40?

    I read many threads here in the forum about people who has recovered or tired to get the phone clean with different and wrong Toshiba recovery CD s.

    After this procedure the laptop will not work properly and the BSOD could if poster because drivers preinstalled on the image of Tosh are not compatible with the laptop!

    So be careful!

  • Satellite A40: Question on TV channels and satellite

    I am a newbie. Can someone tell me Pls if I can use my computer laptop satellite A40 to watch satellite channels? I wonder if I need a receiver or this laptop works like one? If Yes, pls tell me how to connect.

    Thank you

    Well, what exactly are the A40 you have?
    As far as I know that the Satellite A40 does not include a TV tuner. In this case, you cannot search for all channels.
    As far as I know this unit has a S-video output only. So, if you connect to the laptop to the TV you can only watch DVD movies that are running on the laptop.

  • Satellite P20-842: Question about product Recovery DVD-ROM

    I have a portable satellite P20 842.
    I received a DVD of recovery of product with it (2 DVDs)
    I would like to format the hard drive!
    When I try to use the DVD, I get a message "starting windows 98"
    some 900ish files copied and then NOTHING! I restarted and I get a message from stiarting windows XP...
    My questions
    (1) how to use the DVD to format the hard drive!
    (2) when I bought this laptop, it had windows XP preinstalled... so where windows 98 come into picture?

    I need to format my disk ASAP as my comp hangs...


    Don t be afraid. Everything is ok.
    The restore CD contains the ghost image files and it uses the files Windows 98 MS system to boot from the CD.
    It is usual that the Win98 message during initialization.
    In addition, the recovery CD formats and automatically remove the HARD drive.
    You have only to boot from this CD and you select standard mode.

    In this case the recovery CD is completely erase the HARD drive.

  • Question about product recovery CD


    I have 2 partitions of hard drive (C and E), and I want to recover my system using the product recovery CD.
    If I do this, will be deleted all the files in the partition E?
    Thank you

    Hello Omar

    As I can see from your previous assignments you still didn t understand how it works. You have the new Satellite A200. the procedure of recovery for new laptops is not the same as the older models.

    Old models of laptops has been bundled with ghost image and it was possible to use Expert mode and install the operating system on the C partition only. In this case, all data on other partitions was there.

    With the new models of laptops Toshiba use the new recovery system (RICO). Unfortunately there is no option Expert mode and if you use recovery media to install the OS, the whole HARD disk will be deleted and you will lose all your data. The only thing is that you can do is to use the CONFIGURATION option and create two partitions. All that s.

    In this topic describes Pedro very nice what you can do. Buy Norton Ghost for Vista and make your own recovery DVD that you can use at any time and only install the OS on the C partition.

    Sorry but there is no other way to install OS and save the data on the partition of second or third.

  • Satellite M40 - 136 product dvd recovery


    I have problems with my laptop Satellite M40 136 I bought a year ago. If I close down the machine when I then turned it on it would give me a screen saying there is a problem in Windows and gave me the option 'Start windows normally', 'start with the last successful settings', 'start in safe mode', 'start in safe mode with networking' or 'start in safe mode with command prompt '. It would usually take several attempts before that Windows would fire up ok, any option to choose. However yesterday any have repeatedly tried it would not be in windows.

    I decided that I need to use the dvd - rom product recovery is a relocation complete (fortunately I had saved my personal files). I did it, but at the end when he says 'ctrl-alt-del"to restart, reboot I got the same message"problem going into windows"with the same options. I repeated the recovery process 2 more times with no luck.

    This morning, he did go further and asked me to go through the installation process of Windows (i.e. giving the phone a name, asking if I wanted to save the machine with toshiba/microsoft etc.) However he then pop up with the message "problem going into windows" with the options that I mentioned earlier. I choose any option that he ends up back on the same screen.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    HI Nicky,

    It is possible that you have a problem with your hard drive. The operating system will always be usually resident in the same sectors of the hard drive even after a re-installation using your recovery CD, the same sectors of the hard drive will be used to store the files of the OS.

    I suggest that you try to run a CHKDSK/F on your hard drive to see what it brings. Of course id there are lots of bad sectors then will consider you replacing the hard drive.

    Kind regards

  • Re: Satellite P200 - question about the recovery part

    I have a Satellite P200 and a recovery disk. I don't want to use this as it clears my disk clean C: and E: which has all my data on it.

    Is there a restore button to factory settings which affects the C: drive and let E: in tact? I thought I read somewhere that there was.


    If you have the Satellite P200, something like this is not possible. Unfortunately, before the recovery procedure starts the disk HARD integer will be deleted (formatted). Before you begin recovery procedure back up all your important data to an external device, or burn it to DVD-R/RW support.

  • Satellite P10, Question about recovery

    I want to format my new Satellite P10 with the recovery CD, but when it restarts, it says it will start Windows 98 this mean that when I reinstall to its default value, it will install windows 98? and not windows media center?

    Good bye

    I noticed exactly the same thing with my Satellite P20. He ended up with XP Pro but, just as it should have been

  • Satellite 230cx: Question about HARD drive, memory and CD recovery.

    Can someone tell me if I can get a recovery for a 230cx disk? And what is the max hard drive that I have and RAM.

    Thank you...


    Well, it is a very old unit. I think that it s about 8 or 9 years.
    However, I found the information that this unit has an internal memory of 16 MB and it of possible to upgrade the memory for max 144 MB (16 + 128MB)
    Also, this unit has been delivered with a 1.37 GB HDD part Nr.: P000229560
    I don t think you will be able to use a big HDD like 10 GB. The BIOS couldn't t recognize the HARD drive. Sorry but there is no information on the maximum size of HARD drive.

    The recovery CD, you must order the Toshiba service partner.

  • Satellite L305-S5919 - Question about CD/DVD drive acoustic silencer

    Anyone know if it is possible to make the default CD/DVD Drive Acoustic silencer silent mode whenever I put a disc in the drive?

    Now, the icon appears in the taskbar and it takes only a few clicks, but it would be nice if I could just leave all the time. My version of the acoustic silencer is 32-bit, Windows Vista and Satellite L305-S5919 2.02.03.

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    Hi pdun459,.

    You must read and inform you on acoustic silencers ;)

    If you open the program, you will see the following:
    + ATTENTION: The speed of the drive will return to normal speed if you restart or out of standby or hibernation. These settings can also be changed by other applications. +

  • Question about product recovery


    First of all sorry for my English...
    I have a Toshiba laptop and I decided to make a recovery-format product.
    When I started with the first CD were all perfect... When you have completed the process with the first CD he told me that I eject the CD first but didn't said anything on the second CD... portable new boot and this time of HDD... seems that it would be worked but it restarts again... and restart again... and it's all the time...

    I thought the second CD didn't serve... Why? And why when it is already to start and start normally in Windows 7, it restarts again...


    > I thought that the second cd did not serve... Why? and why when it is already starting and boot normally into windows 7, it restarts again...

    This means, you did not complete installation, some system files are missing. You should try it again. Don't forger to insert CD 2

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