Satellite A50-108: how to remove the CD/DVD drive?

I want to update my CD - RW drive for a dvd burner, but can't get the old drive of the laptop.
I removed the screw on the underside of the laptop, but it won't come out.

Do we know if there is any other screws received a way to remove the drive of any help greatly.

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It's very strange that you can not remove the optical drive as DVD - ROM drive Assembly is secured with just a screw on the underside. If the screw is removed, you just pull all of the DVD-ROM drive.

There is no other screws.

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    I m not 100% sure, but I think there is a screw under the keyboard that attach the drive. You must remove the keyboard and check if there are screws that fix the drive.

  • Re: Satellite A100-692 - how to replace the CD/DVD drive?


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    Is there something available?

    Thanks in advance!


    AFAIK, you must remove the keyboard first, before you can replace the CD/DVD drive. Remove the screws on the lower side, and then you can push the disc if you have replaced the keyboard.
    It seems to be a bit tricky

    Maybe you should ask a technician for laptop to help. They can replace the CD/DVD drive for you.

    Good bye

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    Hi caribman,

    As much as I know the ODD of replacement is not so easy. The drive is secured by a screw and to remove this screw, you need to remove the keyboard and the other parties as well.

    In my opinion, this should be done by a technician of laptop because it s a delicate procedure. It is not as easy as on the desktop, so I would contact a professional help

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    Thank you for helping me!


    I m not sure but I think that's why you need to remove the keyboard and the other parties too. In my opinion, this is a little tricky on this laptop, and you need to remove a large number of screws.

    Maybe you find a statement of disassembly with Google or ask a technician for help laptop. I think this would be the best way.

    Good bye

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    Just check this article:
    [How do I remove a BIOS password if I forgot it? |]

    As you can see it s not possible to remove the BIOS password. It can only be done from an authorized service provider.

    So, you should contact the guy and ask for help. They are able to remove a password from BIOS :)

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    But my mainproblem is swith power Ribbon (blue) has come off the motherboard. But as I can't open completely the case im with tweezers for trying to recconect.

    Does not seem to want to go.
    Is there a clip into the connector on the motherboard or is it just push in? A picture or a diagram would be helpful.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    One question; Why are you doing this?
    I mean why you want to open the notebook?
    Always it is that Satellite Pro A120 is not an old notebook and I presume that the guarantee is valid.
    If you remove the lid of the laptop, you will lose the warranty!

    The removal of CD/DVD is very easy.
    Usually, it is fixed with a screw located at the bottom of the unit. You have to remove first, and then he should be able to take off from the STRANGE.

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    Thank you


    This notebook is not know for me but has checked some sites on the net and it seems that the top cover must be removed.
    Then lift the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive to disconnect PJ700 on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM of PJ15 card on the system board.
    Remove the two screws that fix the Board Connector CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.
    Separate the brace connector connector Office CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM CD/DVD-ROM drive

    Well, I think that it of not easy for a person without experience.
    So if you n t know how to do and you have without much experience you should ask someone how knows what to do ;)

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    I will be grateful for the help.


    Looking first for similar discussions in this forum? I guess that you didn t ;)
    The advanced search option is very useful and you can search for single yarn that could help you.

    I found this:

    and this

    It seems that the hard drive on your A30 is in the optical drive, and you must remove all first the STRANGE before you get access to the HARD drive.

    Best regards

  • Satellite M35 Pro - how to remove the screen bezel?

    Hey everybody,

    Please help me, I was able to disassemble the computer laptop everything and now I have the screen and the top cover out as well. I don't know how to remove the display frame to remove the hinges.

    Can you please help me with this!

    Thanks in advance!


    Well my friend, in my opinion you should not try to disassemble the laptop if you n t have the necessary experience and don t know to do this!
    You could damage other parts that you know

    You're stuck on the LCD mask?
    As far as I know the LCD mask is covered by two screws that are hidden under the joints.
    You will need to remove both seals of mask LCD, and then you could remove the two screws hidden under the seals mentioned.
    Then, you could put your fingers between the mask and the LCD screen in order to release the LCD mask plastic locks.

    But note; Be careful, don't use any force!

  • Satellite C850-178 - how to remove the keys from keyboard for cleaning?

    Nice day!

    Recently, I accidentally spilled juice my * Toshiba C850-178 * laptop keyboard and some keys are now sticky or difficult to press.

    I would like to know how to clean sticky keys.
    I've been looking for a way how to remove the keyboard, but I've not been successful.

    Please help me.
    Thank you.


    You can ONLY remove the key caps.
    The keyboard cannot be deleted.

    Here are some interesting videos I found on youtube,

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    How to remove the keyboard... ideas please

    see you soon


    Hello Bob

    The keyboard replacement procedure is almost on all Toshiba laptops. At, first of all it must remove the cover above the keyboard (where the buttons are placed).

    After doing this to remove the keyboard is very easy.

    BTW: is your laptop under warranty? Please be careful about this.

  • Button to remove the CD/DVD drive is grayed out... How to remove it?

    It is not connected, it is configured for the client machine, the button Delete is greyed/dimmed...

    All the google talk * adding * does not remove...

    I have to close the virtual machine, what?

    How can I get rid of the cd/dvd drive?

    Thank you, Tom

    Yes, I ran into this problem yesterday. I had to remove because it was stuck to open up the ISO. I stop the virtual machine and I could remove it.

  • Satellite C series does not recognize the CD/DVD drive


    I have about a week he did something wrong and now my laptop recognize my CD-Rom drive.
    I guess I accidentally deleted the driver but I'm not sure of (I'm not a computer expert).
    What now? Someone has an idea?

    Thank you!


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    I guess that you do not see the CD/DVD drive in MY computer area.

    I think I can help you
    First go to Device Manager and search for CD/DVD drive.
    Select this device and delete it from the list.

    Now, open the registry (type regedit in the search) and remove the filters above and below to the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet\Control \Class \{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    The similar solution is located on the Microsoft page:

  • Satellite A210-1BX - error based on the CD/DVD drive


    I have a problem with my DVD writer! I use Nero and if I burn MP3 CD or DVD .avi files happens whenever an error based on the drive. No detail!
    But on the CD are the opder of 1/2 3/4 data!
    If I insert an .mp3 CD Windows Vista said, the CD is empty! Vista is already NEW!

    Can someone help me? Or I have to contact Toshiba, I guarantee!

    Thank you


    Have you checked the site factory of Nero for an update? Maybe it s just a software problem that the burning procedure fails.
    In addition, you can try another burning program. A few days ago, I tested CD BurnerXP and I was very surprised! It s a freeware program and it also contains a large number of functions that it s worth a try! ;)

    Here in the forum I noticed that the dismantling of the upper and lower filters can often solve problems with the CD/DVD drive to check of workaround from Microsoft:

    Good bye

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