Satellite A50 543, too much contrast

I bought yesterday an A50-543.
After starting the laptop, I ve seen that the machine has too much contrast.

I changed the settings of Gamma Correction.
But in the default settings, the machine has a lot of contrast.

We t couldn't compare this notebook by another of the same series, because we don t have another!

The display is too great, but if I set the Gamma settings, everything is ok.

I think that s that the image must be normal without changing the Gamma settings.

What do you think is this Normal or not?


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Maybe there is something wrong with the Windows operating system installed?

I think the easiest way is, do a recovery (restore factory settings) to see if the default settings do a lot of contrast.

I hope that the laptop has no hardware failure.

Good bye

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    I've got portable Satellite A50 543. I want to learn more about the properties of this product.
    1 - What is the speed of the ram?
    2 -? f I add 512 MB of memory, which adapted product is?


    I put t found information on Satellite A50 543 memory modules, but I found this page useful:

    You can find a module of memory for a Satellite A50 542. In my opinion, the two units use the same memory modules.

    Hope this will help you

  • Satellite A50 543: still some problems with USB 2.0

    I have laptop Satellite A50 543 with Win2k SP4 installed.
    The problem is that USB 2.0 is not active.

    I found a usb device that luckily automatically installed, so I installed it manually.

    The system is now a usb 2.0 hub - root.
    If I go to properties it shows me that the usb-external hard drive is connected. So far so good...
    (the external hard drive is USB 2.0!)

    now, I copy a file from the internal hard drive to the hard drive external... and there: surprise!
    I have a transfer rate of about 2.5 MB/s
    now I really Don t know what I can do!

    thx for your help and sorry for my bad English! ;-)
    hope you understand me!



    Well, as far as I know this device was shipped with a USB 2.0 and it should support a rate of 480 Mbit/s and USB 1.1 data transmission support max 12 Mbps transfer rate.
    Did you mean the transfer rate of 2.5MB/s or 2.5Mbps?

    Good bye

  • DVD-RAM UJ-820 s does not work on the Satellite A50 - 543


    My present DVD-RAM UJ-820 s on Satellite A50 543 is not working correctly, original part is very expensive. Can I order to cheaper NEC AD - 7543A or NEC AD - 7540 A, but I don't know is it compatible with my Satellite A50 543 or not.

    Who can help me?
    Thanks in advance


    From my experience not every disc is compatible with your laptop. It depends on the master / slave / parameters c - salt.
    The settings on the disks online slim for laptops is not editable as on desktop drives by putting the jumper.
    The thin line command does not support riders, and so the firmware controls the settings.

    But dnf666 already replaced the drive on sat 5200 and maybe your favorite player might be compatible

  • Satellite A50 543: need cooler radiator part number

    Help me please! I can't find that reference. Send it to me please!


    I found a module of cooling for a Satellite A50 & A55
    The reference is: P000401740

    But I do not know if it is compatible with your A50-543 m
    Well, in general, you can order all the pieces to form the Toshiba service partner in your country.
    In my opinion, it should be possible to find the right part number.

  • Satellite A50 543 - what is the correct BIOS?


    My friend has a portable Satellite and the internal CD drive is broken and its Windows had a virus and was showing strange behavior I want to install XP to clean. Does not support BIOS current ver 1.2 boot from USB CD-ROM drives. In the support section, I found a worm 1.4 BIOS that says in the description "adds this Bios Update expands the functionality of your system.", not very useful.

    The bios file is called bios - for model Satellite: A50, model runs no.:PSA50E.

    I know this is probably a redundant question, but just to be sure I can be sure it's the correct BIOS that I am not too familiar with Toshiba naming scheme.

    see you soon

    Hey damole,.

    If you don't find this BIOS on Toshiba website for your model laptop is the correct version. I mean why Toshiba has release a bad BIOS doesn t work?

    But I searched a bit using Google and I think that it of not possible to boot from USB also with the new version of the BIOS. This is possible on the new laptops and Satellite A50 is old enough, so I think that in this case, you need to replace the CD/DVD drive. Maybe you can get a second hand one from eBay that is cheap.

    But if you install XP from a Microsoft disc, a CD/DVD drive isn't necessary. Copy the folder integer i386 to the HARD disk and start the WINNT.exe file.

  • Satellite A50 543: Questions about upgrading the HARD drive

    I'm looking to upgrade the internal hard disk on my A50 543 to 100 GB at 7200 RPM. The original drive is a Fujitsu 60GM 4200. I have found no information on the Internet on other readers line CMS that have been tested and found compatible with the A50. I need at least 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM to edit video.

    Suppliers meet usually only with so many laptops on the market, they cannot test each hard drive with any laptop, but can tell if it is compatible with the specifications of the computer and the hard disk specifications and are so confident that their information is accurate that they offer a money back guarantee (excluding shipping costs)

    My question is
    (1) how can I be sure that the drive will work (considering the high international shipping costs) to 100%?

    (2) none of the contributors to this forum may recommend a hard drive internal 5400 RPM or more it has installed on the same model specification?

    Thank you. You are my last hope

    Best regards


    If you want to be 100% sure that works on your HARD drive, so I think the best way is to contact the after-sales Service of Toshiba partner. Here, you can order all the devices and parts compatible and supported.
    I also found these Toshiba hard disks that must be compatible:
    HDD2187B 20 GB 4 200
    HDD2190B 40 GB 4 200
    HDD2193 40 GB 5 400
    HDD2189B 60 GB 4 200
    HDD2194 60 GB 5 400
    HDD2188B 80 GB 4 200
    80 GB 5 400 HDD2191

    In this case, you can use a disk HARD of GB 5 400 80 but I put t found no information about 100 GB of HARD drive.

  • Too much contrast in the windows photo viewer

    Recently, I noticed that when I open an image in windows photo viewer, there is way to much contrast than usual. I tried to play with my display settings, and it solves nothing. I also noticed that when I open the picture in photoshop, it shows good contrast, but when opening the same photo with Photo Viewer, there is a lot of contrast. This problem also goes for the images on firefox.

    Here is an example. This is the same exact picture, nothing has changed.

    OK... you're right... I adjusted the brightness of my screen
    and now the left photo has more detail... especially the buildings
    you mentioned in the background.

    Maybe you have a color profile that is at the origin of the problem.

    Windows 7 & Vista - remove color profiles

    Windows 7 - change color management settings

    The following article can be also worth a visit:

    Windows Vista Gallery yellow tint background problem

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite A50 543 / PSA50E


    I had to reinstall WIN XP SP2 on my Satellite.

    Now I realize that all my drivers are gone.

    I can not connect to the internet to 'update driver '.

    With the No. SA50-543 or PSA50E I can't find any type of cell phone similar to the toshiba download page.

    Well, what I need is at least speaker system driver the driver WLAN, perhaps the LAN driver so

    Can you help me, please.


    All the drivers for Windows XP Home edition that you can find on Toshiba download page

    Under product type simply select the archives option and you will find it.

  • Satellite A50 543 - download the recovery disk?


    Whlile I try to restore my windows using the recovery CD I get this error 437
    I think my CD is damaged and I need a new

    But I don't usually buy and I don't know if I can download it from any site?

    Please help me
    Thank you very much


    No, the Toshiba recovery disc can t be downloaded.
    If your CD is zero or something else and don't work properly, you must buy a new one.

    So, contact the nearest authorized service provider and request a recovery disk: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Let me give you a piece of advice: before you order a recovery disc trying to format the HARD drive with a disc of Microsoft for example. Sometimes, this can help you if you have problems with the recovery disk.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50 543 drivers found in the Toshiba site

    Hi, I need all the drivers of my laptop but when I get toshiba sites to download exctly this link

    I get this messege ((we are sorry. The page requested does not exist)).

    I lost CD provided with my laptop, I need download drivers as sonn as possible

    Help, please

    Thank you

    I can see the page works well. Maybe it was down for some maintenance activities.

    You can use the link to download driver direct

    One last thing: for old models of laptops, you can find all the stuff of Toshiba in the section ARCHIVE. It can be set according to the type of product.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50 543 reads CDs and DVDs sporadically

    I have a problem with my DVD-ROM in my laptop. It only reads CD and DVD sporadically. But most of the time that I dwell in a DVD and it try the bed. But after a few seconds it stops and the DVD - ROM led lights constantly.

    My question is, can I get a new DVD-ROM? Or I have to send it back to Toshiba?

    Sorry, my English is not the best ;)


    For me, this looks like a disk failure. After repeatedly the lens can not calibrate properly and so sometimes s not possible to read, burn with different media.
    You should know that internal portable players using different parameters like master/slave or c - salt. These parameters is not editable as on drives for desktop PC.
    Therefore, it is very important that you will use and bye a compatible.

    If you want to know which drive will work on your laptop, so I recommend asking the Toshiba service partner for details.

  • all my photos have suddenly start appearing Wavec too much contrast and can not be used

    I saw a website where the man had some great pics of Thailand then I down; oaded a little of my picures. When I went to look at them were not like the oriignals

    but were all dark and I couldn't lighten them. That's happened. How can I rstore my [photos. I did a restore but it did not work.


    Hi Peter,.

    ·         The issue is with the uploaded images?

    ·         What is the type of the file?

    ·         What application you use to display the image?

    You can try to open the image with another application and check if it works.

    Reply with more information about the issue so that we can help you in a better way.

  • Satellite 4030 has much too much memory embedded - 66 MB not 64 MB

    Hi all

    I have a 2nd Satellite 4030 user who has far too much memory shipped! [66 MB not 64 mb]
    The maximum allowed to my machine is Total = 312 mb.

    I added a 256 MB stick in slot 1 memory to the supposed 64 MB on board & it does not start.
    I put back the original 128 MB & started stick & apparently, I have 66 MB of RAM?

    Adding to this 66 MB 256 = 314 MB! 2Mbmb more than max allowed.
    I tried 2 different sticks of 256 of ram to my other laptop Toshiba & still no boot [prove it is the amount of ram?]

    Am or work around for this I stuck running on only 192 MB?

    Help K Morton

    Hello Morton

    This is a very stupid situation. That I can see, nobody has written anything in the last 3 days and to be honest, it is not easy to say why this happens.

    I don't really have experience with these cases, but maybe you can try to update BIOS. Check Toshiba support page and try to update BIOS. Maybe BIOS values will be refreshed, and after that the memory will be displayed as it should be.

  • Touch Pad Driver for Satellite A50?

    I reinstall my old Satellite A50 with Win XP without the recovery CD can not find a match with the model or S/N on the Toshiba support pages well. The touchpad driver I downloaded (pointing device Alps, worm 6.0.303.4, dated the 11.12.2003) seems to be OK with the material only problem is that I can't find the right software for Toshiba TouchPad on / off? I installed what I believe is the correct software and it shows in the Panel under the mouse/TouchPad configuration, but only as inactive (gray). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    > Can't find a match with the model or S/N on the Toshiba support pages well.

    Drivers for Satellite A50 lie on the European driver Toshiba page.
    Because the A50 is an oldie, the drivers have been moved to the archives.
    You should choose an archive in the type of product, and then you should find the driver for the touchpad too.

    You also need to install the common Modules and Touch Pad on / off Utility v2.05.00.
    Both are here too!

Maybe you are looking for

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