Satellite A50 cmos battery replacement

Hi, does anyone know the bios battery where satellite A50 series? mine need to replace soon.


Hi Chang

Replacing the CMOS battery on laptops is not as easy as on the desktop. If you want to do it alone you have to disassemble the laptop and you should not do if you have no experience with it. Before do you it alone, please contact your local dealer or service and ask how much the replacement costs.

Believe me, that a small mistake may be responsible that unity don t start anymore, and then you can have a real problem. If you want to do it alone and at your own risk poster again.

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  • Help for Satellite Pro M10 RTC CMOS battery replacement

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 PS630E-G206C-FR
    Removing the main battery causes a failure message from RTC battery from the beginning to the top and loss of CMOS date/time.
    I tried to charge my main battery in full and then leave the machine in charge while it is turned on (I said it is a method for the CMOS battery)-without any result.
    My questions: do I have to replace the RTC battery (ie: is it refillable welded or a CR2032 battery shows or similar).
    If a specific type, the best source?
    And also, where it is (I'm comfortable with disassemble my laptop having replaced the LCD cable already)
    Thank you

    Hi David

    Do you need help? What you mean exactly, step by step disassembly procedure? Maintenance manuals are not public documents and I'm really interested if anyone can offer assistance to you.

    When you want to swap the portable RTC battery almost entire must be dismantled. Believe me that is not the procedure of 10 steps and to do something like this, you need the disassembly instructions. I recommend you to check how it will be service charges because that when they disassemble the laptop they can clean at the same time and the laptop will be as good as new.

    If you want to do it yourself, it is very important to use authorized by Toshiba replacement batteries or real. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    Please be careful about this.

  • Satellite A50-110 crashed - replacement of the CPU


    I should say this microprocessor appreciate supports laptop Satellite A50-110, crashed and they wanted change.

    Thank you


    You want to replace the CPU?
    Do you think its faulty?
    How did you check that?

    To be honest this A50 is truly oldie the CPU that was used is Intel Pentium M 725 (1.60 GHz, 2 MB Cache, 400 MHz FSB, L2)

    I'm not sure that this chipset was built in but generally if you want to use the new CPU, ensuring that the chipset would support the new processor.
    But even if the chipset would support the new processor, there is always a question regarding BIOS support it might be possible that BIOS wouldn't treat a new CPU.

  • Satellite C855D-S5232 - battery replacement problem

    my laptop is toshiba satellite c855d-S5232 bought in September 2012. was working fine until last week. suddenly while the laptop was the power of the work lamp flashing yellow and then battery was 98% plugged in and not charging not message was there on mouse icon.
    the laptop did not start with the battery and soon plugged power light yellow starts flashing and laptop boots with a flashing yellow light.
    I got a new battery replaced ad. It worked fine for 5 hours charged full 100% fater I turned off for the night when restart the yellow light started to Flash and the battery, display 98% not charging. I have a spare battery and the same thing happened after 2 days of work.
    now I wonder what mobile phone goes wrong. It works fine wthout a battery and says no battery detected
    is - it deserve tried another battery or laptop needs a repair?

    can someone tell me if I try another battery it will die / killed by computer laptop too?
    I have ordered another battery again, but now wonder if I should put it or not.
    some advice needed

  • Satellite 300CDS - RTC battery replacement


    I think that the RTC battery in my old laptop satellite 300CDS died and I want to replace it, because the date system is lost if I don't use the computer for a while. The battery itself seems relatively easy to find on online shops (Varta standard part).

    I did, however, find a manual with enough detail on how to "disassemble" the computer without the risk of damaging it.

    Do you have such a guide or manual?

    Thank you

    I think this RTC battery replacement is a bit risky and you should be careful, because you could damage other parts.
    If you don't know how to replace these batteries, you should always ask a technician for laptop for support and assistance.
    In most cases, this service is not very expensive and you can be sure that your computer will work correctly after this procedure.

  • M57 - problem withh total machine CMOS battery replacement ThinkCentre M57

    After the battery replacement CMOS CPU fan runs at full speed and Intel AMT / future was disappear. How to fix?

    Latest version of the BIOS was installed with ThinkVantage System Update more that months ago.

    Machine: ThinkCentre M57 (8067-CTO), OS: Windows XP Pro (32 bit)

    Mod edit: System model added to the front of the subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

    Problem solved when two extra RAM removed that was not provided in the original.

  • Pavilion DV7 - 1273cl CMOS battery replacement

    I am looking for a manual/directions to replace my CMOS battery and I can't find anything. Anyone know where I can get one? If not and I go out without instructions, do anyone know if this is a battery that I can just go out and get another battery or I should replace more than just the battery? The dough have soldered wires etc.?

    JD81JD wrote:

    I am looking for a manual/directions to replace my CMOS battery and I can't find anything. Anyone know where I can get one? If not and I go out without instructions, do anyone know if this is a battery that I can just go out and get another battery or I should replace more than just the battery? The dough have soldered wires etc.?


    You must take the RTC battery and the wire stuck on it, of the Board of Directors:

    Withdrawal of the real-time clock battery

    Before you start: follow all precautionswhen removing and replacing components.

    Remove the battery.

    1. Loosen the six screws Phillips P1 in captivity which fix the accessory cover to the bottom of the laptop.
    2. Use your finger or a flat blade tool to lift the edge of the cover of the accessory and remove it.
    3. Unplug the cable from the system board RTC battery.
    4. At the same time press the clip that keeps the RTC battery at the base, slide the RTC battery forward. The RTC battery is also attached to the motherboard with double-sided tape.

    The real-time clock battery change

    1. Slide the RTC battery in the clip integrated into base housing.
    2. Reconnect the cable to RTC battery to the system board.
    3. The accessory cover on the housing of the base of the toes.
    4. Tighten the 6 Phillips head screw P1 in captivity.

    Kind regards

  • Pavilion a305w: Pavilion a305w Cmos battery replacement

    I am trying to replace the cmos battery, but I can't seem to find the battery on my motherboard.  Where else might?

    The a305w was a special Walmart around 2003.  There are 2 motherboards. See this link.   Button battery to sit.

  • Presario 2111 cmos battery replacement

    I was trying to find the battery type and the location of the RTC (CMOS BIOS) battery that is used in the Compaq Presario 2111EA laptop, as the User Guide and the maintenance manual does not mention the battery or how to replace it.


    I disassembled the laptop and find the CMOS battery on the underside of the motherboard.

    It was a normal Maxell CR1220, 3v lithium (like a watch battery) button which are clips in a white plastic stand. I ordered a few 40mAh ability with a life until 2018 for some books.

    I would have thought that a rechargeable type Lithium-ion would have been used instead of the non-rechargeable type. It is a pity that was not the result of the form of the Mini PCI door to accommodate the change the battery because it is located near the door on the bottom of the laptop. It would have been too easy and owners could change the battery themselves without having to disassemble the laptop to change a battery.

    It was for sound technical reasons.

    Thanks much for the reply

    Brian Walker MISS EngTech

  • Satellite L775-13D - battery replacement problem

    My battery is currently saying "consider replacing your battery" because it does not load completely. Had the laptop a little over 2 years so I guess that a battery replacement is necessary.

    Problem is I can't find a compatible, or I do something wrong?
    One, I bought, the site made it clear that it was for my model laptop, however when I plugged it the battery orange flash light upwards and the laptop would not turn on. I loaded a night or more and same thing.

    Other than I bought, new website clearly stated it was for my model of laptop and again made the same thing as above.
    Is there something I should do that I didn't do or do I just not had much luck with batteries that I bought?
    Laptop PC battery is not easy to return ' cos of Royal Mail restrictions so any help would be appreciated.

    > Problem is I can't find a compatible, or I do something wrong?
    Why not? When you remove battery right you will find part number. All you need to do is order a new following this part number. And of course I recommend buying the original Toshiba battery and not a cheap no. product name.

    By the way: follow batteries are listed as compatible

  • Satellite 1100-Z6: battery replacement question


    I own a Satellite 1100-z6.
    My pa3210u-1brs battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
    It's NiMh, 4500mAh and 9.6.
    Is the compatible pa3209u-1brs? Is lithium-ion, 4400mAh and 14.8V.
    I can get it for a price much lower.
    My existing charger will be always adapted?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    see you soon


    The fact is that recommend Toshiba using the battery original and supported.
    It is a PA 3210U Ni-MH 9.6 V 4 500 mAh
    Another or different batteries may damage the laptop. In this case, you must use the recommended.

  • Re: Satellite P300-150 - battery replacement not detected


    I bought a replacement battery for my laptop that I got an error message saying that I should replace my battery.

    I bought a compatible battery, but it is not detected by my system.

    The battery indicator was strong when I plugged in for the first time in the power adapter, as it was when my old battery charge - but now it blinks in and out.

    I can't boot from the battery alone.

    Battery: PA3536U-1BRS, 4000mAh

    New: PA3536U-1BRS, 7800mAh

    Running windows 7.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Post edited by: tomangegi - got a bit mixed model number

    Is the new battery compatible and listed as replacement for your Satellite P300?

    Somehow I think that it is not compatible and original Toshiba battery. I'm wrong about this?

  • Satellite Pro A10 battery replacement?

    Hi all

    I get the message "Critical autonomy" on my laptop for a while now. Now, I want to replace the battery because I killed the other: (.) However I've not done this before. How can I change the battery? Y at - it web sites you know that illustrates the process. Any help is appreciated. Thank you


    In my opinion in this case, it of not necessary to replace the battery.
    I guess you have worked only with battery and this message appears if the battery is empty and if the battery charge is necessary.
    In this case, you must connect the power adapter and charge the battery.

    PS: you can also try to change the alarm level of the battery at the lower level.

  • Satellite A50-532: battery not


    I have can´t the battery of my laptop yesterday.
    The LED´s that shines during the loading of doesn´t to shine...

    That's happened? What wrong?
    Is it the charger or the battery? or something else...?


    What happens when you remove the battery for a short time and again?

  • How to replace the RTC (CMOS) battery in the Satellite A50-452 (PSA50E-01700WGR)?

    I need to replace the Satellite A50-452 CMOS battery, but can't find any instructions online on how I would go about this procedure. Does anyone know how or where I could find instructions?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Manual maintenance is not public record, so you can not find it for download.
    Here in the forum isn't easy to post description step by step how you can disassemble your laptop and there are always risks that can damage some small piece of plastic or plastic media.

    I put t really know what to say. Try to use google and find a page where you can find a description how to do this.

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