Satellite A50 - message from system disk insert after replacing HARD drive


I have an old A50 and the HARD drive comes with it's very slow and cracking now, so I'm trying to replace it with a new HDD - Hitachi travelstar 7200 RPM of 60 GB, with ATA interface.

I took the old HDD and put the new, then on A50 and press F12, and then insert the CD recovery and restored (installation) everything on the new HARD drive. Once it's done, I rebooted A50, but what I got is then a black screen with the message "Insert system disk..." Does anyone know what I did wrong? I got tired of it several times, but I got the same results...

Thank you.


I think that Akuma is right.

On FAT32 and Windows 98 should define the active partition, and then it should work.
Then download a MS-DOS boot disk and burn it to a CD as Akuma has suggested. I tried it and it works :)
It is quite easy with Nero.

Good luck!

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  • Satellite Pro P100: How to recover BONES after replacing HARD drive


    I bought a satellite Pro P100, and I want to change my hard drive
    I have the CD restored, but I think that this will not work with a new hard drive!
    What can I do to recover my windows?

    Sorry for my englich!

    Thank you

    Hey Phillipe,

    Your recovery CD works on what hard drive install you in your laptop. Are the only factors affecting the hard disk of your choice: -.

    1. compatibility of the BIOS (should not be a problem with the P100 model)
    This model mainly old laptop impact where the BIOS could not recognize larger drives.

    2 form factor
    You should make sure that the disc you choose has the same physical dimensions as your
    existing drive.

    3 speed
    Disks hard more quickly improve access times so check out 5400 and 7200 RPM. (there may be a problem
    with the generation of heat so 5400 RPM is probably better than 7200)

    The are no problem with Windows licenses as the license applies to the operating system itself and not on the hard disk on which it is installed.

    Kind regards

  • Recovery disk failure after replacing hard drive of a laptop computer DV7 series

    I have a HP Pavilion dv7-4270us with Windows 7 64 bit and recently received a message on start-up indicating that the intelligent of my hard drive failed. I bought a hybrid Momentus XT drive. I bought the recovery discs, since I neglected to follow my own advice and did not have a game. Replaced the hard drive, and begun the process of recovery, after the disc of the Application, the system was declared finished, clicks the button, the system shuts down. Activated power, recovery took over for a few minutes, declaring that he was copying files, a few minutes later, he said it was over asking me to click done. After that I did it, the system has rebooted hung on the screen of the HP logo with the statement in the lower left corner indicating "press ESC for the Start Menu. My only recourse was to power down the machine. When I restart the computer, I get the message 'Bootmgr' missing

    I have already paid through the forums and tried to download the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit DVD of digital life. As it starts installing, it indicates that a driver is missing, I poured by drivers for this computer and see nothing for SATA, and none of the others would be required to start. I succeeded in my Windows 7 Professional on the loading system, but since I don't have an extra code to hang out professional, it's not helping right now.

    I also tried to partition the new disk manually using a device that allows me to see the drive using a USB port and my office, but he's not right. The good news is that the old drive still works to a point. I can read it via USB, and I can back up the drive, with the exception of the recovery partition. But when I put the new disk and set up similar scores for the original drive, it still does not start.

    I have tried many other things all pronounce the failure, I'm not used to failure when it comes to computers, so be gentle.


    The missing pilot is due either to a bad burn or use another brand of DVD. You must burn the ISO at the slowest speed possible file that you can.

    In addition, check the size of the ISO file that you downloaded. Sometimes you do not get the full 3. XX GB even if the download says completed.

    If you have 4 GB or more large USB flash drive, you can install W7 as it.

    Just follow these instructions...

    Download the MS of W7 USB installation tool and read the instructions on the page to use. bPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool

    You may also make this mod as I did if the flash tool-error.

    Download the bootsect file form

    You will need to go into Control Panel, select display large icons, go to the icon of folder options, view tab, and select the hidden files and folders option.

    Once downloaded, copy the BootSect.exe file in the same folder that contains the file of Windows7-USB-DVD-Download - Tool.exe installed. This file in Windows 7's default installation directory is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Apps\Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool\

    Run the application from the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool as described on the Microsoft Store website. The end result will give you a boot USB flash drive that contains everything you need to install the 64 bit version of Windows 7.


  • Satellite L300. How to restore Vista after replacing HARD drive?

    This hard drive died a week after I bought the laptop just for a month ago.

    Then, I favour toshiba wrote and said that it be fixed in the rehabilitation of specific local store.
    Then store made me a new hard drive, so the files have disappeared.

    There is not any operating system is installed there, and I was not even trying to create a before recovery disk.
    To restore the system to the L300, it must use its recovery disc, as soon as I hear?
    The original system is vista. When I tried to insert a xp disc, it showed error after all the loading "stop: 0x0000007b...". »
    Could someone tell me how to handle?
    Thank you very much!

    > There is not any operating system is installed there, and I was not even trying to create a before recovery disk.
    Bad, bad. Buddy. Generally, you need to create the recovery to the first disk using the laptop.
    T did not read the user manual? Didn't you see the reminder?
    It s always recommended to create the recovery disk!

    > I've heard to restore the system to the L300, it must use its recovery disk, right?
    Yes, you are right. In order to restore the Vista, you must use the recovery disc!

    > The original system is vista. When I tried to insert a xp disc, it showed error after all the loading "stop: 0x0000007b...". "Could someone tell me how to handle?
    I think that it does not work because of controller SATA HDD.
    Either you'll assign compatible SATA mode (in BIOS)
    Or you must include the Windows XP SATA drivers.

    Check the HowTo of this forum area to get some details how to integrate the SATA (AHCI drivers) in Win XP.

  • Satellite Pro 2100: How do I reinstall the OS after replacing HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba SP2100 and I want to replace the hard drive, but I don't have any recovery CD
    So, how can I put the o/s back on?

    Try to connect the external HARD drive to the computer via the USB port and try to copy all content from the internal HARD disk external HARD drive. Then you could try to insert the external HARD drive in the laptop.
    But I've never tried this procedure and don t know if it will work.

    But usually after replacing HARD drive you should boot from the Boot CD as recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows.
    After the installation of clean Windows OS, you can visit the Toshiba drivers and you can download and install the drivers of Toshiba and utilities.

  • Satellite 1410 714 extremely slow after replacing HARD drive


    I have a Satellite 1410-714 which has had a hard drive failure. I replaced the drive, but now the computer is extremely slow. Windows has been reinstalled, it was really slow too much and now it takes minutes for windows to start.

    I suspect that something might have broken on the motherboard and the hard disk. I checked mobo replacement parts, but have not found anything for-714, so a 1410 mobo compatible? This model has a processor celeron 1.8.

    Thanks for help.



    I can t think the motherboard is broken after replacing HARD drive.
    I suggest updating the BIOS first. Maybe your old BIOS have a few problems with the most recent HARD drive.
    Please check site driver Toshiba for the latest version of BIOS.

    Have you used any anties Virus applications?

  • HP Pavilion 17: mouse pad does not work after replacing hard drive


    After replacing hard drive and installing windows 8.1, I can't use my mouse pad.

    I installed the Synaptics driver but it didn't help.

    How can I check that mousepad device is not damaged when replacing the hard drive and which also can I try to fix the mouse pad?

    USB mouse works fine.

    See you soon

    The only way to be sure is to open it up and see if the touchpad cable was disconnected during the upgrade of the hard drive. That's my bet. Easy to forget when you're winding. You don't provide complete model number, but many of the recent models Pavilion 17 require removal of the cover together to get hard disk that requires disconnection of the touchpad cable.

  • After replacing hard drive and reinstall Windows, DVD Player cannot play a Blu - ray disc.

    Original title: dvd player

    recently replaced HDD and reintegrated windows 7.  Now my dvd player cannot play a bluray disc.  Any ideas how to solve this problem?

    Duplicate the content of the thread:

    After replacing hard drive and reinstall Windows, DVD Player cannot play a Blu - ray disc

    My hard drive recently broken and we replaced and reinstalled windows7.  Now I'm watching a Bluray DVD and the drive will not read it.  I tried the fix auto and that said they detected a problem but can not fix this.  Any ideas?


    You can check these links and try...

  • Satellite U840 - how do I reinstall Win 7 after replacing HARD drive

    I had a HARD drive error.

    So I formatted the hard drive (after trying for months to get the process to finally finish that)
    Now, I a U840 Satellite with a clean HARD drive and do not have the installation for Windows 7 discs.

    I searched the net and found nothing of use!
    Help, please

    see you soon


    You need to create the own recovery in the past disc!
    This recovery disk allows you to install the Toshiba image after the HARD drive is dead or has been replaced.

    In case you have not created this disk, it is possible to order this support:

  • Satellite L300D-242 - cannot install Vista after replacing HARD drive

    Hi wonder if anyone can help mei have a L300D_242 toshiba satellite that broke down and I bought a new hard drive for it because the original was not good.

    I tried to install a Vista premium 32 bit on the new hard drive, but it does not install until the 4th stage and then stops or hangs until he finishes.

    Does anyone know how to install a new hard drive and windows on this laptop?

    Thank you


    What Vista did you use? TOSHIBA recovery disk or a disk of Microsoft Vista?
    Format you the new HARD disk before starting the installation of Vista?

    It is possible that the new HARD drive is not good and therefore the system can not be installed properly
    You can check the drive HARD using a tool called Drive Fitness Test download this as its a freeware program and test your HARD drive.

  • Error "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running." You may have to restart your computer. "after replacing hard drive

    I've upgraded to a replacement hard drive, but Windows Update won't work now. Everything else seems OK.

    The error is: "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running." You may have to restart your computer.

    I restarted the computer a couple of times and in respect of the Services runs it the Windows Update service.

    Operating system is Vista 64 bit.

    Original title: Windows Update

    I've upgraded to a replacement hard drive, but Windows Update won't work now. Everything else seems OK.

    The error is: "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running." You may have to restart your computer.

    I restarted the computer a couple of times and in respect of the Services runs it the Windows Update service.

    Operating system is Vista 64 bit.

    After the upgrade to the bigger hard disk, I found that the technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver should be updated. Once this is done Windows update ran properly. Microsoft Fixit did not help in this circumstance.

  • Satellite M40 - cannot boot from the recovery cd after format HARD drive


    After my Satellite M40 - 133 being affected by the virus of security internet I had to wipe my hard drive. The virus wouldn't let me do anything, boot without failure or system restore. I wiped the disk and it still wouldn't load up. That's why I had to do a full erase of the disk including the hidden partition.

    After doing his now do not let my boot from the CD of restoration as it says invalid partition as his search for files that must be on the hidden partition. What can I do to get it started. I'm not bothered about to recover anything on the disc. If I remove the hard drive and put the recovery cd in, it excludes the disc and begins to start until he fails to see the hard drive.

    Outwardly I can link the drive to another pc and he sees it as a storage device so I'm glad that there is nothing wrong with the hard ware - help please


    Can you see the HARD drive with all the details in the BIOS?
    If this isn't the case, then this means that the HARD drive is faulty or not fully compatible.
    If you can see the HARD drive in the BIOS, then this means that the HARD drive is compatible.

    But this should not affect booting from a bootable CD.
    Even if the HD would not be recognized in the BIOS, you should be able to boot from the CD. For example a live Linux CD has not only any disk HARD because the BONE would not be installed on the HARD drive, but it loads into RAM.

    The question is; Why you are unable to boot from any CD?
    Maybe the discs are scratched or the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc more because of problems of laser lens
    If possible, try to copy/burn the Windows CD using another computer, and then try to start using the copied disc.

  • System recovery satellite M50 after replacing HARD drive


    The drive of my laptop Satellite M50 becomes rather clicky and looks like it's on its way. Replacing, it will not present any problems, but I will replace it with a drive of at least double the capacity of origin.

    At one point, I had installed a Linux system and when I tried to reinstall my Windows system on a partition that is smaller than the entire recovery cd disk threw a wobbly and refused to proceed as it did not recognize the hardware profile of my portable computer, that the drive was too small.

    I expect the same thing to be true once I upgraded the HARD drive.

    How can I avoid this problem?

    Thanks in advance


    I would like to clone the old drive if it is an option.


  • Satellite A135: Vista will not start after replacing HARD drive using the recovery disk

    Toshiba Satellite A135-s7403 HARD drive failed, I have replaced the 80 GB with a WD Scorpio blue 250 GB hitachi. When I try to restore with recovery disk came with the laptop, it passes through two discs 1 and 2 and starts with the start-up of windows for the first time and then runs to the greenish with the spinner blue screen please wait... thne black screens for a second or 2 and then back to spinner, please wait and then it appears the box "installation of windows could not configure windows to run on hardware. This computer' only option is to click OK.

    Where to click ok, you get an another msg that says "windows could not complete the installation, install reinstall windows. I tried like 50 times now. Startup Repair indicates the root = failure cause while the installation program is underway. I know that my drive are good, as I adjusted used then about a month when I upgraded the memory because the original memory 512 MB was not enough o well running vista.

    To be honest I n don't know what the problem is there but can you get the original installation disc of Microsoft and try to install the OS, just to see if the OS installation will complete successfully?

  • Satellite L300 - cannot install Microsoft updates after replacing HARD drive

    I am repairing a Satellite L300, which had a dead HARD drive. I replaced death 160 GB of HDD with a 500 GB WD, then used the recovery disks to install Windows Vista SP1 at the exit of the State of the box.

    Now, Windows update does not work, won't install autonomous not of Vista SP2 I downloaded, MS Security Essentials moved there also.
    Then I borrowed a 160 GB of work and went through the same process and everything works fine.

    To make it work with a 160 GB HARD drive, but not a 500 GB HARD drive. Why?

    > ... Standalone Vista SP2 I downloaded will not be installed
    Usually after installing recovery image, you have just to connect laptop to internet and after a short period of time, you will get messages about available Windows updates. Just install the offered updates process automatic Waterer and install important updates only.

    Let the system to install all the updates and don t force the installation of some own downloaded stuff.
    Last month I've updated HARD drive (320 GB I think) and installed Win7 on friends L300 and I didn't noticed any problem here.

Maybe you are looking for