Satellite A500-026 overheats and stops during the game

Hey guys, any help would be appreciated.

My 026 has recently started to overheat and stopping at random during video games. I can't even run TF2 to learn more, then one hour unless he suddenly died on me. It is never used for this months of use.

I can assume there is a problem with my video card. I tried to download drivers to Toshibas site and the latest versions of Nvidia without change. I've already booked a Mobilecare service, I wanted to just evaluate what might be the possible problems.


Maybe this problem of high temperature of s.
High temperature causes a closing down in order to protect the equipment against damage.
But the question is why the temperature increases to critical level?
One of the reasons could be a page nvidia graphics card driver. Such driver does contain protection against overheating. Therefore, use the driver of Toshiba page.
I see that you did
Well, the laptop seems to be a new a .so usually dust should not be a problem and fans should work properly

A tip; Please make sure that you have enough free space around the laptop to ensure good air circulation.

However, I recommend asking an ASP in your country for verification may be what he s hardware related issue.

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