Satellite A500 - 14L: utility supervisor password & remote control manager


I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium * x 64 * on my A500 - 14 L (PSAM3E-02N008FR) and everything went smooth, even the PVAT and install flashcards. Unfortunately, I have a problem with the following utilities (most recent versions available on the Web from Toshiba site):

-Supervisor password utility
-Remote Control Manager

I installed both of them, but I can't find them in my Start menu!
There is no setup error, but it's as if they are not installed in all.

Can someone help me please on this issue? Thanks in advance.



I recommend the Toshiba Assist for supervisor password utility.
Secure should appear in the supervisor password utility.

Remote Control Manager improves the support for a remote control on your computer.
I don't know if you can accede to this request, but if so then you should check it in the Panel of m.

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  • Satellite A500 - 14L without keyboard lighting, XpressCard and TV antenna


    I bought a Toshiba A500 - 14l there is very little time, and I do not have the keyboard lighting (the manual says that I can activate this option with Fn + Z but it does not work).

    I do not have the antenna for TNT (how to watch TV DTT whithout this?) and I don't have the remote to the Xpress card Format, I just got BIIIGGG remote control.

    I would like to know if all users have this problem? It is not normally! False advertising?
    The after sale service said they do not know if this model have he option!

    Very funny... Toshiba don't know what they sell but in the manual, you can see the keyboard lighting!

    Thank you!

    Thank you

    > Very funny... Toshiba don t they know how to sell, but in the manual, you can see the keyboard lighting!
    I think they know exactly what they are selling, dude. It is perhaps not known to you that there are many different models of laptop computers A500 with a different hardware configuration.
    Not all laptop computers (regardless of which model it is) are equipped with the same material elements!
    You will find different and portable hardware with different price range

    Satellite A500 - 14L seems belongs to the series of PSAM3E and looks that she would support the EXPRESS CARD SLOT, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, HDMI output, tuner TV etc.

    Also, I downloaded the user manual of the Toshiba page and I don t find any info that an antenna would be included in the package!
    Usually, you must purchase separately!
    In user manual you can also find info this remote control is ONLY provided with * some *!

    I think that now everything should be clear to you!

  • 'Touch' button no longer works on Satellite A500 - 14L


    I am owner of the Satellite A500 - 14L (PSAM3E).
    Today, I noticed that the buttons to switch ECO mode, or turn on/off the lights on the keyboard are not working anymore, however, witching these parameters via Toshiba assist utility works perfectly.
    I did * not * reconfigure the use of the buttons. I was wondering if there was an easy way to "restore" their default features...

    Thank you in advance!

    (Already tried stop / restart / things delog-relog)


    What you can try is to reinstall VAP Value added Package.
    This package contains several tools and one of them is supported buttons.

    Maybe after the clean install everything will be works well again.

  • Satellite A500 - 14L cannot recognize two USB ports


    I bought a Satellite A500 - 14L three months ago, I've just updated the bios with this link , but after two USB ports (on the left side of the computer) do not work.

    I try to download the new driver for them, but without success.
    Do anyone now how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you and sorry for the English, I'm French...


    What operating system do you use?
    Is - this Windows 7?

    How about USB port State in the Device Manager?
    Is there visible yellow exclamation points?

    In your case I would recommend to check if all the necessary drivers have been installed.
    For example the Chipset Utility must be installed. It is very important.
    There is also the USB Sleep and Charge utility USB Sleep and Charge utility. This utility is able to activate or disable the USB Sleep function and fresh. It shows the positions of the USB ports supporting USB Sleep and Charge function and shows the remaining capacity of the battery.

    Please check these applications!

  • Satellite A500 - 14L where can I find drivers for XP?

    Hi guys

    I am looking for drivers for Satellite A500 - 14L and Windows XP. All an onkow where I can find they?

    Thank you very much


    It s depending on the games that you are running. The newest games will run better on Vista because they are optimized for this OS and you can get DirectX 10 on Vista.

    I think Windows 7 is a really good OS. I tested the beta version of it and I was happy. :)

  • Utility supervisor password does not work after update Vista

    I updated my computer that I brought in October 2006 PSP AOE P100 227 to Vista.
    I noticed that the supervisor password utility does not work. I downloaded the new software for this toshiba that was released yesterday but the wissard installation continues to indicate the serial number invalied...

    How to make this work?


    Did you choose the good laptop of form pilot?
    Your laptop is Satellite P100-227 and serial number must begin with PSPA0E-xxxxx
    Is why we choose the password since the P100 utility area (PSPA0E).
    It seems now that the version is the most recent.

    Please post back if it works or not.

  • Satellite P500-1DZ starts only with remote control

    Hi, I just bought a new laptop Satellite P500 after owning a P200-13Z and P300-160 years without ever having had a problem with one of them.

    I have a problem with the P500-1DZ that I bought because it does not start the power button when he was arrested for a period of time, as for example the night.

    If I stopped and immediately press the power button its fine and it starts as well with the remote control.

    In the BIOS, I noticed that there is an option for remote start to the top of the control that is enabled, but Im a little worried about this deactivation in case I can't restart the laptop... everyone has ideas?

    Also for other users of the P500 who are dissatisfied witht the audio output of the laptop, I fixed that uninstall the Audio drivers Connexant HD, then by restarting which allows Windows to install its own audio drivers... which has greatly improved the audio output of the laptop... even if its not as good as the old P300.

    Thank you

    Hi spidercpfc,

    This question really strange s with this start of the issue and I think that it of difficult to say why it happens exactly, but as written Akuma you should try upgrading the BIOS. You can download it from the official page of Toshiba:

    Last week I updated the BIOS of my P500 also and it worked, I t has not had any problems. I updated the BIOS to the version preinstalled Windows as an administrator. Also, I closed all programs running (AntiVirus, Firewall, browser, etc.) and disconnected from the network. After a few seconds the update was done.

    After the update, you should also load default settings in the BIOS. So press F9 in BIOS setup and save these settings.

    I hope this works. :)

  • Satellite A500 - Eco utility in Ubuntu


    I own a Satellite A500 laptop and I was wondering if Eco Utility is available for Ubuntu?


    Toshiba has designed Eco Utility for use in Windows only and there is no official support for operating systems Linux for Toshiba won't create this utility for Linux.

  • Satellite A660 PSAW3E Remote Control Manager seems to be corrupted

    I downloaded the v3.0.3.0 eating the remote control on the driver of Toshiba (Satellite A660 - PSAW3E) site, but trying to extract the files:

    Error 0 x 80004005: unspecified error
    Type: Application
    Modification date: 11/02/2010 16:50
    5,94 MB size

    I did have problems with other downloads on this site, which are expanding without any problem.

    Unlike other files that were downloaded successfully, this downloads of files (I think) too fast for its size - another reason, I suspect a corrupted file.

    Hmmm... I had the same error appears... that the package on the server is corrupt...
    I recommend that you check this in next time and I hope that this will be fixed...

  • Satellite X 200 - after upgrading Vista remote control does not work


    I have upgrated my Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate and the remote control does not work. Well upgraded... I bought Vista ultimate and it installed.

    Is there a driver for my remote?

    You may need to install the infrared driver.
    This driver is required to activate the infrared port on your laptop.

    You can find it here in the X 200 section

  • Re: Satellite A500 - 14L: must place LCD in a certain position to have the image

    I have an A500 - 14L
    Recently, the LCD cable from the motherboard has started giving me (hardly the hindge)
    I need to put the screen in a certain position in others having the right picture on the LCD

    Where can I buy a new cable?
    PC bought in France (still have the warranty) but travel a lot and won't return soon.

    Someone else has the same problem?


    Hi mate

    Are you sure that the cable is affected?
    Why you n t come into contact with a local ASP (Toshiba service partner)?
    I think that the guarantee of the A500 must still be valid since this laptop model is not very old

    In this case everything should be done for free.

    You will find here all ASP world-wide:> supported downloads &-> find an authorized service provider

  • Satellite A300/Y01 - Question on the remote control

    There is a remote that comes with the A300/Y01 (
    I want to know if I have a USB infrared for my A300/U01 Sat.

    And buy a Toshiba remote that's going to work?

    And where can I buy this remote control Toshiba?


    To be honest I don't think you can buy it separately. As much I know this remote control is not available as a separate option.

  • Re: What is the Toshiba Remote Control Manager?

    I see this in the msconfig Startup tab. Googling does not reveal much about its purpose. Thanks for any info.


    Manager remote control TOSHIBA improves support for a command remotely on your computer.

    Welcome them

  • Utility supervisor password Toshiba has stopped working properly.

    has stopped working properly.

    An update is available that solves this problem.

    Press or click on to download the update on the site of Toshiba Corporation

    Download instructions

    1. Tap or click run or Open. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    2. Follow the steps in the installation wizard.

    It is a Toshiba program, so the place to get answers to this topic would be Toshiba, not Ms.

  • Satellite A500 - 14L upgraded to Windows 7 - HDD protection & FN button question


    (Sorry if my English is a little bad, I'm french)

    Upgrading my windows x 64 Windows seven x 64 Vista and I want to download the drivers that I had in Vista, because all my data is delete.

    - so I download HDD protection, I can open this software but I can not active there:
    -taclitles of keys does not work and I don't know what is the driver...
    -When I press Fn + Fx, normally I have something on top of the screen, but I have nothing now... What is the driver?

    Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

    You must install the Toshiba Value added Package. If the 64-bit version of Vista does not work, you can get a beta version of

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