Satellite A500-1CO - HARD drive recovery problem

I have a PC laptop toshiba Satellite A500-1CO.
Previously, when I wanted to again pour Windows
Recovery program HARD drive that I used

But now I delete d:\HDDRecovery folder and when I run the HARD drive recovery program a mistake with this article shows you:

Folder HDDRECOVERY not found in d: \.

Excuse me for my bad English



> But now when I run my program of recovery of HARD drive
> An error with this article shows:
> Folder HDDRECOVERY not found in d: \.

Have you checked if the folder in hard drive recovery leaves the local d? Perhaps, you have removed before...

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  • To the Satellite A200-23d HARD drive recovery

    Here is someone who knows if the Satellite A200-23d has a HARD drive recovery integrated?

    I can't say for sure, but I'm sure it comes with a 99% HARD drive recovery image.
    Can you please tell us what your problem with this model of laptop?
    How can we help?

  • Satellite M105 - replacement hard drive capacity problem

    Hello, I recently installed a new hard drive of 320 GB (Seagate Momentus ST9320421AS) in my Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041 laptop to replace the original 80 GB drive.

    I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 and the latest firmware (v2.90).

    However, the new drive is restricted in some way to only about 130 GB.

    The size is not reported in the BIOS, just the model number of the drive. Utility disk management Windows reports the size as: go 127,81 and using a Live CD of Ubuntu Linux and Seagate Seatools reports also this drive must be about 130GB.

    So, I think that it is a BIOS or hardware problem. Can do something to allow me to use the full capacity of this disc?

    Help, please. Thank you.

    As far as I know that some specialists PC uses special tools to manipulate of the BIOS and the ability of the entire HARD disk can be used. But I really don t know what you can do.
    In my opinion, you need to use maximum supported HARD drive, but if you need more capacity for private data, you must use an external 2.5 HDD.

    Friend of mine has bought yesterday 400 GB 2.5 for 99 Euros only. It's a really good investment.

  • Hard drive recovery problem

    my hard drive of the computer hp dv6 laptop failed on me. so I ordered a new hard drive with the HP recovery disk because I only did one on mine. I installed the new hard drive along and starts the recovery disc and when everything is done, I get a message saying that he installed unsuccefully. now, whenever I turn on my phone it just keeps restarting itself when it assumes to reach to connect with the screen. Please help me.

    It is sometimes useful to prepare the new hard drive with Cyberlink cd utility first. Download and save the file. Once the download is complete, place a blank cd in your drive and click on the file to create a boot cd. Start with this cd and wait until you get a green check mark indicates the hard disk is ready. Remove the cd, insert the first disc of recovery and restart the laptop.

  • Cannot retrieve Satellite L300 using HARD drive recovery option


    I'm trying to restore to factory settings but have no luck.

    I tried pressing F8 when the toshiba logo comes back, it goes to the screen of boot in advance and I select computer repair and it boots to windows. I don't get the recovery options.
    I also tried pressing zero when switching on the laptop just rings home.

    What im I doing wrong?

    It is a vista running L300-149

    As I see all you do is right.
    Turn on your laptop and press F8 several times and you will enter the Advanced startup options

    The first option should be repair your computer and after two or three steps, you should see The System Recovery Options , and last option there Toshiba recovery.

    Have you used this recovery options in the past or you are trying to use it for the first time?

  • Satellite U505-S2002 - HARD drive recovery


    Recently, my laptop has been infected with many viruses Trojan horse. After using Malwarebytes to remove, windows would no longer. I read that I can start up taking 0 before feeding on restore to the factory settings. In doing so, I get a message at the bottom of the screen that says "* HDD RECOVERY MODE * ' but then nothing happens. I even left the computer for an hour to see if it would advance on the next task, but it does not.

    I can not in safe mode. I am stuck and don't know what to do. I don't have a recovery disc either. Can anyone help me to restore to the factory settings?

    Thank you

    You created the recovery DVDs?
    I mean that if you have the recovery disk you can use to install factory settings.

  • Satellite A500 - HARD drive recovery option is no longer available at the F8 Menu

    Hello, this my phone trees.
    I reset my Satellite A500 and due to a power failure reset did not finish. When I have inexplicable with F8 I can see HARD drive recovery option, and then must log on my account that I did not at all because of the power failure.
    Then I installed a copy of Vista retail, hoping to create an account and be able to retrieve from the HARD drive.
    PROBLEM! : Now I don't see the "Recovery disk" option at all.
    QUESTION: There must be a way to integrate this option in the windows Startmenu (F8). Can someone help me with this issue? I burn the DVD recovery and the recovery partition is still there.
    Thanks in advance.

    More big mistake made you ve, it's that you don't l l create recovery DVD such as recommended by Toshiba.

    Why you didn t ask how it works before you do anything?
    You've misunderstood with username and account.

    Now, when you use your own installation, you need to remove the option for installation of HARD drive recovery and the recovery image can be installed with recovery only DVDs.
    Now, you have two options:
    -to order the new recovery DVDs or
    d ' use the clean install of the OS.

    What do you think of this?
    To be honest, I think you need to use Windows 7 on this laptop.

    I recommend you to install Win7. Download page for all the necessary drivers, you can find and download from Toshiba

    If you have more questions or need help please let me know.

  • Satellite L655-1HE «Problem of HARD drive recovery»


    I have the Satellite L655-1HE. I created a "HARD drive recovery" through "create recovery media. On the contrary, CD/DVD, I put it in a USB Flash drive. But when I used it, a mistake was "copy of splitpart or the Canadian Red Cross has failed!" After that, I can't boot my laptop more. There is a message "BOOTMNGR missing." I think I already deleted the operating system in the player. Please help me. How can I fix?


    If you can, please try to boot again from the USB and run the recovery.

    Whatever the problem, if the recovery is unsuccessful, I recommend the following steps:

    -buy a set of recovery-store to the wire to
    -If you did, and even this game fails to install, take care to check your HARD disk for problems.

    Hope this helps

    Tom BR

  • Satellite L350D-21 problems using new HARD drive recovery recovery disks


    I have laptop SATELLITE L350D-212 with windows 7 Home premium OA.
    He started to complain that there is something wrong with the hard drive so I went and bought another hard drive of the same size.

    I created the recovery disk when the computer was purchased and have backup of all the data in an external hard drive.

    After I changed the new hard drive to the laptop and tried to boot from the recovery disc, nothing happens eventhoug I can see it seems to be all Ok with the disc.

    Any ideas on how to get to run to the new hard drive recovery?

    I have the old hard drive attached as external drive via the USB port, but cannot boot from that too. It just stops at a certain point and told to stop.


    Usually, the recovery disk must format the new HARD drive but I recommend you to join the new HARD drive as an external device to another computer and format the new HARD drive before trying to recover the laptop.

    Once the HARD drive has been formatted, connect it to the L350D and boot from the recovery disc

    Good luck

  • Satellite P300 - 20 H - what should I do after HARD drive recovery?


    I just picked up my Satellite P300 - 20 H, using HARD drive recovery,

    Any ideas as to what I should do now? Laptop backed up, HDD Recovery wiped and returned the laptop to factory default. What should I do now? I never wiped a laptop or a PC before. I did the restore via the HARD disk and all came back when I got the laptop almost 2 years ago but now I have 108 updates to windows, and my Toshiba Tempro does not work.
    I have to update all the drivers on the laptop and if so, how do I know what needs to be updated and how can I do this?

    I went to the Toshiba site and he gave me a list of the drivers available for my particular model but I am not sure how much of these driver updates, I need to actually download and update.

    If someone could help me it would be really appreciated.
    I would be delighted if someone could just explain to me, because I don't know anything about pc / laptop and just want my laptop back to power. So that everything works correctly. I read in the section of the conductors, on that not all windows service packs must be downloaded not all work along the coast Toshiba laptops. So im stuck if I have to download and install updates Windows 108 that are required to be installed also.

    Hope someone can help out me.

    Thanks in advance.


    I m wondering about your question: it seems that you have made the recovery of HARD drive but you didn t know what HDD recovery not right?
    As you have noticed, it will restore your computer back to factory settings. You have the same settings that you have purchased. It is therefore useful if Windows doesn t start more or you want to reinstall Windows.

    You can use your laptop as before: there is no difference. All Windows updates should be installed, that's very important because they are security updates day and you help protect your computer. So, start Windows updates and follow the installation.

    Site Web de Toshiba driver updates aren't important, only when you notice problems. If this isn't the case, you can forget the driver updates. ;)

  • Satellite U400 - cannot find HARD drive recovery option

    I'm doing a full recovery from the computer by using the HARD drive recovery procedure, but the problem that I can not find the entrance (to fix your computer) when I press F8 after you restart the computer.

    My laptop is: Toshiba Satellite U400-144
    Model: PSU40E - 03P00WAR

    Kindly advice what to do.


    Normally, you can start the drive HARD recovery function if you press the F8 key to go into the advanced boot menu. After that, select Repair my computer and in the next window, you can choose the option of Toshiba HARD drive recovery.

    By the way: which OS you have installed right now? HARD drive recovery is possible on a preinstalled OS to Toshiba!

  • HARD drive recovery - Satellite P300-1GQ

    Is it possible to perform software factory default recovery or recovery of State out-of-box for my laptop Satellite P300-1GQ?

    I ve used Toshiba HDD Recovery Tool and it only formatted the C partition leaving unchanged D partition. Vista works well, that all data on the D partition. I could just format the partition D, but the problem, is that the titled HDD recovery folder is stored on the D partition. Back in 2009 when I bought my laptop, I created the HDD Recovery DVD s by following the instructions. I could use and format the entire hard drive, but the information that I got from tech support in my country told me that the new record of recovery disc HARD would not be created.

    I want to just wipe the drive and do a fresh install with new file recovery HARD drive on the drive D partition, in short: right now. Is it possible or not?

    > Is it possible to perform software factory default recovery or recovery of State out-of-box for my laptop Satellite P300-1GQ?

    It is possible:
    In doing a recovery of HARD drive or using the recovery disk

    As far as I know using the recovery disk disk HARD integer could be formatted and create return to the same State as at the first day of the purchase, it would mean that the folder of HARD disk recovery and HARD drive recovery option should be available even if you use the recovery disk!

  • Satellite L500-F19 is started due to failed HARD drive recovery process


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-F19 and recently started having a bad performance in the GUI, and also began to close on its own.

    To try to solve the problem, I used the sistem of HARD drive recovery by pressing F8 in the boothing process.
    What is happening is that this process is not and and now my laptop does not even start!
    What can I do?

    I have a windows repair disc, but it was made only a few days ago and this pc is in my possetion for 3 years now.
    Is there a way I can recover my sistem in the original?

    Thank you

    Yes, you can get it back to factory settings. You can only do so in a way: you must use the recovery DVDs. Have you created this disk?

    Please don t mix Windows repair disk and recovery disk. For now you can not repair anything. What you need to do is clean installation of image recovery.

  • Satellite A300 - how to start HARD drive recovery after own OS insatallation

    Hi guys.

    I have a question.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300, which came with Windows Vista.
    Normally I have the recovery with the normally pre-installed utility partition.
    After that I formatted the system partition, I installed a clean and fresh Windows 7 copy.

    My question is this.
    Since the recovery partition does not get soiled with, is there not a way to install the disk recovery utility hard back in recovery of Windows of F8 before the boot options?

    Please don't tell me that I need to have the recovery disk.
    I already did, I just want to find a solution because it is not that hard for someone who accidentally formatted the system partition and had not created the disks, but the recovery partition. My guess is to do some modifications in the files of the Windows recovery environment that are launched when you use the option to repair my computer at startup, because normally, HARD drive recovery utility appears as one of its tools-options.

    The problem is that I don't have to where these files are, maybe (C:\boot?)
    Currently, I am trying to see if a facility upgrade of windows 7 on windows vista will keep options for hard drive recovery then maybe I will find what it takes.

    All suggestions are welcome!
    Thank you for your time.

    OK, just a hint more, I found what is happening with the recovery environment, and which must be replaced to include more tools...
    This article was really helpful:

    Also, I found a few guides microsoft on changing windows 7 recovery environment.

    So I continue and I think I'm close...

  • Satellite L350D - 213 Desktop gel after HARD drive recovery


    I'm trying to help a damsel in distress. Its Satellite L350D-213 would not start. Although I could boot mode safe, that's all I could do. I tried to save all its data, but could not do it anymore. I did a HARD drive recovery and everything seems OK until I started as usual, but when I tried to open programs and they did not open. Finally, I called for a Shut Down. It took more than 10 minutes.

    I restarted in Mode safe mode and tried to open the pre installed on the desktop programs and there seems to be no problem. Closing together took 13 seconds.

    Tried rebooting as normal and the same problem occurred.

    I just feel that one of the system files is corrupted. More likely I'm wrong, so is there anyone out there that can advise?

    Thank you


    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. The programs that you try to start?
    Corrupted files? I don t think so. You have installed the own recovery image and if there is a corrupted file even should arrive as soon as the first day.

    Start your laptop and enter the BIOS settings, set the default value and reinstall the recovery image.
    Configure Windows and wait for the operating system to start successfully. Don t connect the laptop to the internet and check again. Don t connect some external devices.
    What you can try is to open the Task Manager and see if there is a background activity which needs a lot of CPU usage. You can try to stop it.
    You can try to disable some applications at startup.

    Play a little with it.
    There must be a logical explanation why this happens.

Maybe you are looking for