Satellite A60 - 102 - what HARD drive is possible

What capacity of hard drive used in this laptop


Satellite A60 is a little older series and I think that the laptop supports the IDE HDD controller
Perhaps the HARD disk controller support for only 28 bit LBA, which means that only 128 GB would be recognized by the BIOS.

I think a 120 GB HDD should work but I'm not sure if the biggest hard drives would be supported due to mentioned m 28-bit LBA

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  • Satellite A60 - question of HARD drive replacement

    I have an old Toshiba Satellite A60. The HARD drive died recently and I'm looking to replace it. I want to know what disk drive specification, the Toshiba Satellite A60 can support. It originally had a MK3025GAS
    HDD2196B ZE01 S 30 GB 2.5 "drive.

    1. I would like to replace it with a larger capacity drive. What is the capacity (GB) and speed the A60 can bear?

    2. do I need to replace it with a toshiba drive or can I use any other 2.5 "drive (Seagate, Fujitsu, etc...)?


    As far as I know the old Satellite A60 supports one IDE controller.
    This means that you must use a 2.5 IDE (ATA) HARD drive.
    As far as I know the older IDE controller are limited to 128 GB with 28-bit LBA (address logic bit).
    Then maybe you should start with a 120 GB HDD, which must be compatible, even if the controller would be limited to 128 GB.

    But standard ATA-6 (also called TONGA-100) does support 48 bit LBA in this case, it is not limited to 128 GB. You can check controller HARD drive using tools such as SANDRA or Everest Home Edition freeware soft for the information on the controller built in the A60.

    > 2. Do I need to replace it with a toshiba drive or can I use any other disk 2.5 "
    You can use any HARD drive that meets the requirements (IDE, 2.5)

  • Satellite Pro M70 - what HARD drive can you recommend?

    I have Satellite Pro M70 and I have a 60GB HDD that I see what it s SATA 8 MB of buffer memory. The processor it s 1.73 GHz. I see that there is the Samsung typical 160 GB and the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 160 GB at the same price, which is better?

    And for only $ 11 more there's a Scorpio blue Western digital 320 with even 8 MB buffer than other 2. But I don t think so 320, that's a lot for Satellite Pro M70, and I have an external drive 2.5 "250 GB, data with this is not problem.

    What the best solution for this laptop? I don t want to burn now the phone LOL.

    Thank you


    If your laptop is already equipped with SATA interface, you can use each HDD with SATA1 or SATA2 port on the new SATA interface there is no limit on the old standard IDE

    It s your choice what HARD drive you buy because I put t know your needs, but in my opinion it makes no difference which manufacturing you buy the HARD drive. All hard drives are similar and there is no significant difference (performance).
    I made good experiences with Western Digital and Hitachi hard drives.

    By the way: you can buy a HARD drive with 7200 rpm or 5400.rpm. Latter is faster but requires more power. In my opinion, this is useful if you often work with large files.

  • Satellite M70 - 394 - what HARD drive I can install?

    I have a Satellite M70-394 (PSM70E) that I would like to upgrade the hard drive.

    Can you tell me what hard drive I'm able to install, such as what type of interface?
    Do you also know if I can run windows 7?
    and can you tell me if I installed a larger hard drive and a new operating system will be my original toshiba product recovery disk work.
    then where in my drive hard is my factory set windows xp so I can remove and install the new operating system

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    I m not a Satellite M70 owner but as far as I know this laptop comes with SATA drives. But you can check yourself if you remove the HARD drive and then you can see which interface it is.
    If you have a SATA interface, you can buy each HARD drive you want. On interface SATA there is no capacity limit.

    Normally you can install Windows 7 but it s not released yet. Theoretically, it should work but I'll wait until it's official market.

    With a new HARD disk, you use the Toshiba recovery disc too. Why not? It s not dependent on the HARD drive you have so just boot make up and follow the instructions on the screen.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know. :)

  • Satellite A210-ICO - what HARD drive I can use?

    I'm getting bad sectors on the hard drive of my laptop, so I guess I should pay for a new one – but who are able to A210-1CO?

    TA, M


    Satellite A210 uses SATA hard drives and you need a new HARD drive with SATA interface. You can buy each HARD drive you want, for example 160 or 320 GB. On interface SATA there is no capacity limit.

    In addition, most SATA HDDs have already SATA2 interface but its compatible downgrade to SATA1.
    I would have preferred a HARD disk at 5400 RPM. Of course, you can buy a HARD drive with 7200 RPM, but they produced more heat and noise. For most of the applications are pretty 5400 RPM.

    I have good experiences with Hitachi and Seagate hard drives.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro 2100 - what HARD drive do I need?

    Hi all,

    I just got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100, but the hard disk has been removed for the protection of the data. Now, I don't know what type of HARD drive, I have to get PATA/SATA?
    Can a little help if you please?


    You can buy this store on the computer HARD drive because it has an IDE interface. You can t use a HARD drive with the new SATA interface.

    So I agree with Akuma. Already, I think that everything is written here.

  • Satellite 5200-802 - what HARD drive can I use?


    I have a 5200-802 Satellite with a 80 GB HDD (IDE) and I would build in more.

    I would like to know what is the largest room, which will be accepted by this laptop. Is it 100 GB or 120 GB, 160 GB or 250 GB or 400GO or?
    Who manufactures?

    Everyone knows?

    Thanks in advance

    What do you think is the biggest HARD drive you can use?
    I think that this question can be easily answered: it s a HARD drive to 120 GB because the laptop has a limitation of LBA 28 bits in the IDE. If you want to know more about this please consult this website:

    If you need a 120 GB 2.5 HARD drive and you can buy each production. I have good experiences with Seagate and Hitachi.

  • Satellite L30 - 115 - what HARD drive is compatible?

    I want to ask is a compatible HDD for my laptop (Satellite L30-115). The interface is ATA-7/ATA133 and it looks like this:

    I don't know if it is compatible with SATA interfaces, but it looks like SATA. Also in wikipedia ATA-7 is shown as PATA, who works with SATA I or something like that. If it works with SATA I, can I use SATA II or even SATA III and it is necessary to use jumpers to make work as SATA I
    Can you please send links with compatible models of HARD drive that works for my laptop?

    There are second hand hard drives that are ATA - 7 but I preffer new drive HARD if it is possible. SATA II or SATA III will be better for me because they are cheaper.

    Thank you.


    The interface on the photo you have posted is SATA interface, so you need a HARD drive with SATA interface. It makes no difference if you buy a model with SATA 1 or SATA 2 interface because the connector is the same and all SATA 2 downgrade compatible SATA 1 readers.

    There is also no limit capacity on SATA models, you can buy a HDD 500 GB, 640 GB or more disk space. You can take a model with a new SATA 2 interface, it works on SATA 1 interface too. :)

  • Satellite A200-1N2 what HARD drive are supported?


    I have an A200-1N2, with the original 120GB hard drive.
    I would like to upgraded to a larger capacity HARD internal disk.
    Can you please me, whose internal hard disk capacities and types (only IDE?) are supported?

    Thank you very much!!

    > Can you please tell me, what capacity internal hard drive and types (only IDE?) are supported?
    First of all, for all IDE HDD is NOT supported, because the laptop supports the SATA HDD controller. Therefore, use of SATA 2.5 hard disks.

    Given that the SATA controller is not limited to any size, you should be able to use any HARD drive 2.5 SATA.

  • You can install satellite M100-164 - what hard drive?


    I have a Satellite M100-164... This is a version of Middle East the M100, almost identical to the European version, as far as I can tell.
    (short only model no psma0e)

    I want to install a new hard drive. The specification says he uses a 5400 RPM Serial - ATA hard disk.

    I can use any hard disk of this type, or are there other things to monitor (for example depth of drive, the pin configuration?)

    for example can I use this drive:
    "Toshiba MK2555GSX 250 GB 2.5 SATA HARD drive internal

    ... or I should he play safe and use one that explicitly says its for the M100, for example this one on Ebay:
    "250 GB hard drive Toshiba Satellite L35-L45 M100, M105"
    [ mputing_HardDrives_RL]

    Thank you


    On the SATA drives, there is no capacity limit and you have on each HARD disk the same pinout. This means that you can use each SATA HDD you want and also SATA2 hard drives because they downgrade compaitible then standard SATA1.

    However, you can buy the cheaper version on Amazon. This HARD drive should work as well in Notepad.

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P870 - add SSD hard drive is possible? Is it compatible?

    Hello world

    I would like to know if you could add an SSD of 256 GB HDD (1 TB) default or not. This upgrade will not work with the default system? Is this system will work well or it may cause technical problems in time?

    Please let me know what you think about it. Even if there is a risk very little in the present, I might change my mind.

    I look forward to your feedback soon.

    Kind regards


    The SSD should be compatible you need to use a SATA SSD drive since the phone supports a SATA controller
    In some cases an update firmware of SSD may be necessary, but this info should be provided by the manufacturers of SSD drives.

  • What hard drives are compatible for a Satellite L300-1AP?

    My HARD drive is somehow broken :( What hard drives are compatible for a Satellite L300-1AP so that I can something eBay?

    Thank you.


    Satellite L300 supports SATA HDD!
    SATA controller having no physical limit, you should be able to use any HARD drive 2.5 SATA. So, for example, a 500 GB 2.5 SATA 5400 RPM HARD drive should be compatible.

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  • What HARD drive I can use in Satellite U300 (issue of SATA)

    I have 4 years Toshiba U300. Recently, the hard drive (200 GB 5400 RPM) broked down.
    I want to replace but I don't know that can use any SATA II HARD drive, or I have to use the HDD with SATA I?
    On some forums, I found two users that puted new HARD drive in the old laptop and they complained that the speed of OS boot was hopeless.

    So the question is what HARD drive should I buy for this laptop?
    (I prefer capacity 320 or 500 GB)


    SATA controller is downward compatible, you can use SATA I or SATA II HDD.
    It is important that you would use SATA 2.5 HDD. The size is not very important for 500 GB configuration issues should be ok too.

  • Can what HARD drive I use in Satellite L40 - 14N


    the HARD drive has packed on my laptop and needs to be replaced.
    Any idea what we can replace it with?

    The current a watch as abandoned.
    It is 160 GB and the model number is MK1237GSX (HDD2D62)

    Thanks for your help


    He s not what HARD drive manufacturer that is of importance.
    Important is only that you use the HARD disk that supports the specifications on the right;

    The laptop supports the SATA controller to use the SATA HDD.

    Look for a SATA 2.5 5400 RPM drive HARD 120 GB or 160 GB

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  • Alternative to the reset by Satellite A660 for potential HARD drive problem

    In the last week or two, I got a few blue screens, saying he was driving demand, and that windows must be shut down to avoid damage my computer.

    I have just restart and continue working.
    The last time it happened, I had repeatedly "initialization failed" and it says hdd, SDS, fdd. If I pressed the power button until I didn't see no signs of activity, then started. Things went well. I called Toshiba support and they recommended that I go home and save my files before continuing. It took hours selectively to clean, sort the previous backups, and a small footprint of the backup system.

    When I called Toshiba once again, they recommended a "takeover", which is restoring the factory settings. It puts me in the stone age. I have to go through a never-ending process of the upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, install and reconfigure all the applications and environments/configurations, etc. It will essentially take on holiday, if not more. I'll also have to get another computer (maybe a netbook) to stay in touch while I restart my laptop. It's barely more than a year.

    Is there a diagnosis I can do to determine the probability that there is a hard drive problem? Support for Toshiba said that is the surest way, because it provides a diagnostic F10 for the hard disk code, and it also pushes the bad sectors at the end of the disc (logically, I suppose, since you can't physically move a fault).

    > About Hitachi DFT, is it important that my HARD drive is Toshiba mk6465gsx? This is what is displayed "Hard drives" in the Device Manager.

    It s no matter what HARD drive manufacturer, it is the Drive Fitness Test is able to scan all hard drives to find errors.

    > Also, links to create boot disks, but I was wondering if I could create a bootable instead.

    Not sure if this is possible if there is that one option to create a startup disk, and then a flash stick does not work. But of course you can try this out.

    > This laptop does not come with a floppy drive, and I still create coasters trying to burn discs.
    You don't need the floppy drive, the tool must create a disk bootable (CD)

    > I guess that the same question can be asked on Memtest86. Another issue is the relevance of Memtest86 for my system. My c drive has a "Program Files" folder, but also a "Program Files (x 86)" folder for 32-bit applications. Memtest86 is for the x 86 architecture. I don't know if my 64-bit Windows 7 involves a non - x 86 architecture.

    I guess that Memtest86 should also work on Win 7 64 bit systems. But also the MemTest 4.20 is 64-bit capable

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