Satellite A60-106: Question about updating the BIOS and the BIOS Flash

Fact the BIOS Flash update the BIOS or that requires a different file. I've updated a Satellite A60 BIOS to 1.9 but am not sure if cela flashed the BIOS as well.

If this isn't the case, where I could get a file to Flash BIOS for satellite A60-106?


Sorry, but you question is a bit confusing.
The update of the BIOS flashing the ROM module I put t know which version is installed before upgrading the BIOS, but if after the upgrade, a new version of the BIOS appears then the procedure was a success.

The good BIOS and how to upgrade the BIOS information you will find on the page of Toshiba.

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    I have a Satellite A100-599 with a NVIDIA 7600go graphics card and I like most of you Bioshock game crashes because of some problems with the graphic card drivers, no pb... Meanwhile, NVIDIA has released some new patches for the Forceware and after I double checked the database of the Toshiba driver support I've seen a new version in the list of display driver for WinXp.

    One of them seems to be 13/09/2007. I have downloaded the drivers, installed them and then I checked the details of the driver in the Device Manager list and to my surprise the details say that the drivers are since 2006. I reinstalled the drivers and the same thing appeared. I checked the XML that was in archive of drivers and surprise... the drivers really are the 'old' of 2006. So my question is this: you have the display drivers for my model that work for Bioshock :D

    Best regards, Marian

    I Don t know if we. I think it would be took a long while to ask every single user: Hey, you have a few drivers for blackmodjo? Ah, come on, please. Some of them... ;)

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    1. program start, do something, restart the machine
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    So by cutting about 40% of my humorous things and following the constructive technical instructions from me, you will be able to play bioshock.

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  • Question about updating the BIOS for Qosmio G20

    I downloaded the updated the BIOS of my pc, not the Qosmio, the instructions say it will unpack into 3 files, one being a floppy disk installation. When I unzip on my desktop pc, it makes a file that s too big for a floppy and he won t unzip further because it locks up my pc.

    Is it safe to make it work on my desktop pc it can unzip then in the three files and this will affect my BIOS or y at - it somewhere that I can download the floppy part on its own to load on a floppy?


    Just a question;
    You have downloaded the Qosmio G20 BIOS on the desktop computer, unpacked and now you want it please on the diskette in the floppy drive.
    Is this good?

    So now my suggestion;
    Firstly that the Qosmio G20 BIOS and other BIOS Toshiba cannot be updated using the floppy! This isn't traditional BIOS!
    The BIOS from the Toshiba page must be updated when the Windows operating system is running!

    By the way: you can unpack the BIOS on your desktop computer, but don t try to run all files, because the bad BIOS can damage the motherboard ROM module!

  • Question about updating the driver for the graphics card Intel HD on satellite C series

    This keeps coming up when I use the 2.5 Update utility driver Intel (r)

    "A custom computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer.
    The Intel Driver Update utility is not able to update the driver. Install a generic Intel driver
    instead of the custom computer manufacturer driver may cause technical problems.
    Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer.

    Should I change "Driver from the computer manufacturer custom" for the generic last by (a "driver Intel) -

    I'm looking for the option that gives the best fps

    Intel HD Graphics Info:
    System information:

    I have to install the driver manually, with exe it will not work.

    1. Download the graphics driver ZIP file. Unzip the file to a designated location or folder.
    2. Open the Device Manager:
    3. For Windows 8 and 8.1 Windows: press the Windows and X keys simultaneously.
    4. For Windows 10: Right mouse click on the Windows Start icon
    5. Click Yes when you are prompted for permission to the user account control.
    6. Expand the display of the maps section.
    7. Right click on the entry of IntelĀ® graphics and select Update driver software.
    8. Click Browse my computer for driver software.
    9. Click Browse and select the directory where the driver files.
    10. Click Next. Drivers are being installed.
    11. Restart the computer when you are prompted.
  • Satellite A60-131: Question about upgrade RAM and HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A60 S-131, bought 2 years ago.
    I want to know is it possible for me to upgrade (internal) for a superior ability to HDD 40 GB HARD drive and update my RAM to 512 MB on the rise.

    Also I already inserted a 256 MB DDR RAM in the empty memory slot almost 1 year ago.

    Help will be appreciated.

    Hi Pranjal,

    You can definitley upgrade your hard drive for a larger version. You should find that a 80 or 100 GB will work fine. You should make sure that you get you a new disc with the same physical characteristics as you existing. The following link will help you remove the hard drive.

    You can also get a new hard drive with a more rapid rotation speed (5400 RPM or 7200 RPM).

    I think that the maximum RAM for the A60 is 1.25 GB which includes 1 X fixed module (I presume yours is 256 MB, which means that you can install an additional module with a capacity up to 1 GB. Available in capacities of 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB of RAM modules.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite P500-12F - Question about installing the drivers

    Have recently bought a new P500 Satellite 12F and I am very happy with it. This PC came only came on the market on 29 Oct. I decided this pilot site updates, bios, etc. and was surprised to find a few tens of individuals in the list.

    When I rang Toshiba support he told me don't bother to install as there may be a danger and if if its ok market don't bother!

    I would like a second opinion please.

    Satellite P500 is newer model comes with the latest drivers, tools and utilities for Toshiba laptop.
    It turns out that the Toshiba doesn't offer updates every month and, in my opinion, you don't need any update to date.

    I guess that your series of satellites well and without some serious software problems. So, touch of an operating system and be happy with your new toy.

  • Satellite P100-429: Question about upgrading the processor

    When I bought this model 6 months ago I got this one with just a T5500 1.66 GHz but since then Intel reduced prices 40% it is me the upgrade option.

    Someone at - any idea how I can update, the following list lists the T7600 @ 2.33 GHz compatible on the Bus speed and execution step by step. The only difference being the memory cache L2, 4MB compared to my old one of the 2 MB that will have an effect.

    Thanks for anyones help.


    Upgrading the CPU is a bit tricky on laptops and more often than not desirable and is not possible.
    After the CPU overheating upgrade, it would be possible that don t cooling modules are working properly and the laptop.
    Why? Well well, the CPU new and stronger products, more heat and the temperature would be Monte. The fan table that is stored in the BIOS will not correspond with the new CPU and the cooling fans would not correctly work.
    In addition, upgrading CPU will void your warranty! It's very risky!

    Anyway, looks like you certainly want to upgrade the processor?
    So I would check the chipset installed on your laptop.
    Try to know the details of the chipset and Intel page for compatible processors research!


  • Satellite A200 - strange question after updating the graphics driver

    The problem is with the driver Mobile Intel (r) 965 Express Chipset Family. System: Grand VISTA 32 bit Home Premium Service Pack 1. Laptop: Satellite A200.

    I have installed the new driver of this (suggestion by Toshiba TEMPO) source: rLanguage = 42 & SOURCE = TEMPO & LNG = 20

    After switching on the computer, the system is constantly asking me ("warning on securities"), whether to execute (open) 3 files: C:\Windows\System32\igfxtray.exe /... hkcmd.exe /... igfxpers.exe. Disabling the option "Always ask before opening the file" does not help. I have to choose the option "Open / cancel / close" to continue the implementation of the windows (an option to switch). Please don't forget that I translated above mentioned communications of poles.

    Answer to the question, I received the support of Intel (r):

    ++ This is not really a problem with our drivers. This is related to the rights of the user/administrator and security functions defined by Windows * Vista. ++

    Yours faithfully,

    Maciej Kochan

    When you install the drivers, you must right click on the EXE file and choose "Run as Administrator".

    You should also temporarily disable your security software or reconfigure it to allow the file system.
    Tools such as AdAware and Spybot spyware removal (or spyware in your Internet Security package tool) may block the file system.

  • Question about updating the BIOS for Satellite M70 (PSM71)

    On the download page, there is an update of the bios 08/07/07 - 1.50 - WINNER, but I already have this version, y at - it a mistake? This version in the old...

    Thank you!


    On the download page, there are two BIOS available for your laptop model:
    -1.50 aged and
    -new 5.10 and this one are designed for Vista.

    If you want to install Vista on your Satellite do BIOS update first.

    All that s!

  • Question about updating the BIOS for satellite P100-313

    I want to update BIOS on my laptop. I tried to the Toshiba support for the update page and there are two different versions: 4, 00 - Win and 1, 40 - win. Both versions are from 09/07, but I have no idea of the version of the wich I'm supposed to choose. Could someone help me please?

    Thank you very much in advance



    I agree with Andrew. Think twice before you take BIOS update. Is there a reason to do the update of the BIOS? Have you noticed a strange behavior with your laptop or the reason must be updated?

  • Satellite X 200-219: Question about updating the display driver?

    Sad tales I've heard talk about manufacturers of laptop never updated to gfx card drivers apply to toshiba?

    Any info on the question of whether an update for their SLi systems drivers display is on the horizon?

    see you soon-

    The fact is that display driver cannot be updated daily as for desktop computers. Priority by the manufacturers of cell phones is worrying about the operation of the equipment. Using new graphics card drivers will be forced to run faster and better that offers better graphics performance. The result is essentially an overheating and may end with a faulty graphics card.

    In this case, the card mother together must be exchanged and it costs a lot of money. So, I think that no one can say with certainty when the next pilot will be available.

  • Satellite 2800-600: Question about upgrade the BIOS?

    I have Windows ME and XP Pro installed on my satellite 2800-600. On Toshibas downloads page have both their own updated BIOS. Which to choose, because the upgrade of BIOS are usable that with Windows ME and XP upgrade only with Windows XP?


    I would use the BIOS XP because most producers BIOS meet OS at the level of the back. The BIOS for ME maybe not compatible with XP.


  • Question about updating the BIOS and drivers


    First time user. How will I know if I need to update bios and drivers? I don't want to go crashing my system, just because Toshiba say these items are available for my laptop! They were probably in the updates of windows?

    Help, please.

    Hi Andy

    Welcome to our small community
    First a little advice you should always write the name of your laptop.

    OK now, to you in general I have a question would not recommend to update anything if you laptop and operating system is stable and you don t have problems.
    Of course the update of the driver is not risky, but I would only run updates some compatibility problems with 3rd party software or hardware appears.

    The update of the BIOS is risky. Wrong or bad BIOS update procedure could damage the ROM module on the map. So be careful.

  • Question about updating the BIOS

    can someone explain what a bios driver is and what it does does.l have noticed that my model has an update available, is useful to do or do not l notice the difference.thanks in advance


    If your laptop has problems that cannot be resolved with an update of the driver if a new version of the BIOS could solve some problems. But as Sylvain said if the laptop works correctly you do not need to do any update of the BIOS because the incorrect BIOS procedure may damage the motherboard.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50 543: Questions about upgrading the HARD drive

    I'm looking to upgrade the internal hard disk on my A50 543 to 100 GB at 7200 RPM. The original drive is a Fujitsu 60GM 4200. I have found no information on the Internet on other readers line CMS that have been tested and found compatible with the A50. I need at least 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM to edit video.

    Suppliers meet usually only with so many laptops on the market, they cannot test each hard drive with any laptop, but can tell if it is compatible with the specifications of the computer and the hard disk specifications and are so confident that their information is accurate that they offer a money back guarantee (excluding shipping costs)

    My question is
    (1) how can I be sure that the drive will work (considering the high international shipping costs) to 100%?

    (2) none of the contributors to this forum may recommend a hard drive internal 5400 RPM or more it has installed on the same model specification?

    Thank you. You are my last hope

    Best regards


    If you want to be 100% sure that works on your HARD drive, so I think the best way is to contact the after-sales Service of Toshiba partner. Here, you can order all the devices and parts compatible and supported.
    I also found these Toshiba hard disks that must be compatible:
    HDD2187B 20 GB 4 200
    HDD2190B 40 GB 4 200
    HDD2193 40 GB 5 400
    HDD2189B 60 GB 4 200
    HDD2194 60 GB 5 400
    HDD2188B 80 GB 4 200
    80 GB 5 400 HDD2191

    In this case, you can use a disk HARD of GB 5 400 80 but I put t found no information about 100 GB of HARD drive.

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