Satellite A60-120 BIOS access

This summer, my A60 blocked at the end of a USB data transfer. The only way to do something is to turn the laptop off. After, I looked to restart the computer and... nothing. On the screen, I can read in touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA. My first idea is to enter the configuration to see if something is wrong, but I can't find the right sequence. What is this sequence? ESC, F2, F1, F12? Please can you tell me the right.
After that, I put the HARD drive in a USB adapter and I tested it on another computer. I could see all the partitions and the data files on the HARD drive. I placed the TOSHIBA DVD in Notepad to restore the system, and the disk is detected by the drive but will not start.
Can you send me the information to restart my computer?
Thanks in advance.


When you start the laptop in the lower part of the screen is usually shown info how to enter the BIOS settings. We show just for a few seconds. If I remember correctly, you must use the ESC button to enter the BIOS settings. Just after starting the appliance press the ESC key and I keep t down. After that, you must use the F1 button.

I put t know exactly what happens with your laptop but if I understood you from the HARD drive is not properly recognized by the system. Am I wrong?

In my opinion, you must copy all your data to the other PC (in external HARD disk).

When you put HARD return drive make sure that the HARD drive is in good place.

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  • satellite a60 upgrate bios 1.9 b fail

    Hi everyone and especially for the people of toshiba'
    I have a toshiba satellite a60 psa (60th) and during the bios update 1.9 b, my bios crashed between installation 1/2, and now I'm desperately really distressed. My last version was 1.9 and worked very well. I have the opportunity to re write the Bios, but I can't find the 1st version. Please answer soon.

    Hello Viorel

    As far as know it of not possible to downgrade the BIOS. If the device has a newer version of the BIOS, you can t install the old version. In addition if you damaged the ROM because of the wrong BIOS update procedure, you will need to contact Toshiba partner.
    Unfortunately, only the ASP can install the BIOS again.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60 - Fried Bios

    Hello friends,
    Have only just signed up here so forgive me if im not at the speed about how it all works here.
    A few days earlier, I fried my bios in the A60, and he usually see the same signs of life now.
    I read a post of PEWIT.
    He was able to source a new chip and place it on a decision he had ridden to the Board of Directors, he says.
    Pewit, if you read this post, how are want to put me in the right direction to get these two items of small size, but large needs?
    I had a discussion with my boyfriend down to my store local pc here in albury NSW Australia, and he put me on the idea of having someone to remove the chip on the Board and have a hold placed on the map. So, what I have to do, is get my hands on a writer of the eeprom and using the old chip blurred, write a new bios.
    Even if, ultimately, id rather a new chip.

    Take care friends



    I wouldn t is advised to remove all chips or something like that by yourself.
    Firstly you can t remember that the ROM BIOS chip is dead.
    Secondly it s possibly that can damage other things on the motherboard.

    On the Web from Toshiba site you will find a database with ASP worldwide.

    I recommend you ask the technicians to check the computer laptop and if necessary replace the dead part.

  • Satellite A60-106 BIOS update Boot failure causes

    Hi, last night I tried to upgrade the BIOS on my PSA60E satellite to the latest version.

    It seems to have failed because I can no longer turn the machine, the lights come on and the player clicks a couple of times before she turned off her car, this process takes about 2 seconds. That this problem occurred immediately after upgrading the BIOS I guess that the 2 are related.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to my next step?

    Thanks in advance Pete.


    Well, if it s not possible to start unit after update BIOS procedure it seems that you have damaged module ROM. In this case, it is not possible to do something.
    In my opinion the best way is to contact the service partner. Only the ASP can handle the problem :(

    Good bye

  • On Satellite A60 Pro BIOS recovery procedure?

    Hello after updating of the procedure of flash, computer power not on. (only 3 seconds)
    Bios recovery how?
    Sorry for my English.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I m afraid BIOS is screwed up, and you will not be able to recover.

    On this forum I found an interesting thread -

    Check it out. Maybe this will help. If not I'm afraid you need professional m help with it.

  • Satellite A60-672. to access the drive D: problem

    Hi, can anyone help? I scanned a photo upload that I wanted to copy on CD, but whenever I try to copy files or open D: the Workstation window, I get a message from Windows Explorer which reads: D:\is is not accessible. incorrect function. What should I do to fix this?


    D: CD/DVD drive or second partition on the HARD drive?

  • Update the BIOS and features on Satellite A60-682

    I have experienced a massive fall in my laptop.
    I tried to run the Toshiba Recovery disk and I also tried to format the drive with the XP installation CD. However, any attempt to recover the laptop (or even clean it and install it from scratch) have failed.
    From the looks of it, it would be that the BIOS is corrupted (probably due to a virus).

    This is why I would like to reinstall the latest version of the BIOS to see if I can overcome this problem.

    I went through for a few hours but could ' t, find a download for my laptop. It is a model of serias Satellite A60 (SA60-682). Any chance that you could - can someone provide me with the latest version of BIOS for this model?

    Thank you
    Genetic resources organization

    Traditional BIOS (in charge of the disk or disk drive):

    There is also a Windows based bios (you can run it directly on windows if your windows does not work)

    General update of the bios information:

  • Satellite A60 - BSOD when you surf with Wireless PCMCIA card

    Hello, I used to browse the internet with a cardbus wireless WL-54-CB (ADVANCE) on my Satellite A60 - 120 running windows xp sp2.

    Well, I was working until I decided to clean my computer, which has been slowed by viruses. I use Ad-aware and Kaspersky and update patches on wndowsupdate. Now, the PC is clean but I have problems with the PCMICA card, when I run IE I surfed for a minute and windows crashes BSOD!
    It displays:
    STOP 0X00000001 (0 X 0, 00000002 00000001, 0XFE570000, 0X819587DE)

    Any ideas to fix it?
    Thank you.


    I think that this BSOD is related to the issue of software.
    I mean that the missing QFE or the update could be responsible for this BSOD.

    I assume that you installed your OS manually.
    What about the Toshiba Recovery CD? It would be very interesting to know if the same happens with the OS from the recovery CD.

    As I remember on the recovery CD a few patches are preinstalled, which fixes a few bugs. Eventually, one or more fails on your operating system.

  • Satellite C50D - B - 120 BIOS is locked by password

    My Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 bios is password protected and I can't reset it.
    Pls help me to reset it

    My Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-133 bios is password protected and I can't reset it?
    Reference: PSCGWE-01Y01PEP
    Thank you

  • How can satellite A60-124 - I extract BIOS or reset?


    I am looking for the solution to extract the BIOS on Satellite A60 (PSA60E 09T060FR) or a procedure to reset the chip.
    Here is the "software model inside of the bios-m I 2238

    Thank you very much


    I put t know what you mean with extract from the BIOS but BIOS reset can be done from an ASP. ASP is able to reflash the ROM module if it possible of s and reset the BIOS.

    I think the best way is to contact you an ASP. They can help you because here it s only a user to user forum. decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • Disk replacement HARD & BIOS question - Satellite A60

    Hi guys

    I have a Satellite A60-672 and his original 40 GB drive is dead. I got a Seagate 80 GB HDD as a replacement, but after it is inserted, it does not show in the BIOS. I did some searching on Google but not really came up with a large part. Is it possible that the BIOS does not recognize the new drive due to the larger size?

    I looked in the BIOS upgrade (currently version 1.50) and found an update to 1.90. After reading the upgrade of BIOS FAQ ( IOS & FID = TRO0000000b07) I have saw apparently need a floppy drive that laptop did not. Can I use a CD - R in the place or what I need to get a USB floppy drive now?

    Thanks for any help.

    > Is it possible that the BIOS does not recognize the new HARD drive because of the larger drive?

    Yes, it is quite possible and especially a reason why the large capacity HARD disk cannot be used.

    It seems that the update of the BIOS on the Satellite A60 can be done only with the USB FDD.
    But why you want to update the BIOS?
    I don t think that the update will change something
    It seems that the 80 GB are not possible.

  • Reinstalling Windows XP Home edition, cannot get into the BIOS (Satellite A60)

    I would like to install wxp pro, but I can't in the BIOS, so it will boot from the cd. Is there any way how to?
    I have the Satellite A60.
    Thank you very much.

    Hello sepilo

    As Daniel said already, you can enter the BIOS settings using the ESC key at the beginning upward. You can also start the recovery procedure using key C. place the recovery CD in the DVD device, press the power button / stop and hold C button. After a few seconds, the recovery procedure will start automatically.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60-202 after bad BIOS updated the PC does not work


    After a very bad my BIOS update, my PC doesn't work and doesn't turn on.
    What to do now?
    It is Toshiba Satellite A60-202 with 512 MB of memory and 40 GB of HD.
    model PSA60E-OLP06TFR SA60-202

    Thank you


    HI Yves,

    Unfortunately, if the BIOS update procedure does not work (or fill), then it is likely that the BIOS in the CMOS chip had been corrupt and without it, you will not be able to boot your laptop to fix the problem.

    It will be necessary to bring (or send) your laptop to a repairer authorized to have reflashed BIOS.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A60-106: Question about updating the BIOS and the BIOS Flash

    Fact the BIOS Flash update the BIOS or that requires a different file. I've updated a Satellite A60 BIOS to 1.9 but am not sure if cela flashed the BIOS as well.

    If this isn't the case, where I could get a file to Flash BIOS for satellite A60-106?


    Sorry, but you question is a bit confusing.
    The update of the BIOS flashing the ROM module I put t know which version is installed before upgrading the BIOS, but if after the upgrade, a new version of the BIOS appears then the procedure was a success.

    The good BIOS and how to upgrade the BIOS information you will find on the page of Toshiba.

  • Satellite A60: Unable to connect to the internet via a modem - no dial-up

    In my Satellite A60, WinXP Home, when I try to connect to the Internet via the modem of Toshiba, I get error 6: handle not valid, and after a few attempts, I get error 50: all devices connected / request not supported.

    Device Manager / network / card Asynchronous RAS displays an error (black exclamation point on a yellow background).
    The driver is asyncmac.sys = MS Access Remote network serial driver.

    I have:
    -tried to uninstall the RAS asynchronous card, but no luck, didn't say it may be necessary to start
    -modem uninstalled / reinstalled
    -update of Windows XP through windows update
    -update of the bios / modem / network drivers from Toshiba

    No luck, the RAS asynchronous card error is still there.

    Any suggestion?
    Thank you
    Alessio - Italy

    I think that this problem is Windows XP and map Asynchronous RAS, not the modem.
    The modem correctly composed the number, negotiates the user and the password, and then I get error 6 and 50.
    On the internet I found this tip for uninstalling and reinstalling the RAS asynchronous card:
    I followed the instructions and run RArepair.exe.
    It uninstalls and reinstalls the map Asynchronous RAS, but RAS is still in error (the yellow field in the Device Manager).

Maybe you are looking for

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