Satellite A60 - white screen Freeze on Boot up


My laptop Satellite A60-106 has developed a problem starting up upward. It just hangs on a white to the startup screen until I see all the graphics. It seems that it can access the CD/DVD drive, but any attempt to start with a recovery disk fails in the same white screen and it freezes. I tried the advice from manufacturers that power with the F12 key and another suggestion on the
CD hold down the C key while powering brings the same result.

Nothing other than the white screen. I tried F8 to see if I can get into safe mode but it will not exceed the original deaf of readers and then silence. I can't imagine a way to get it to allow me to pass. I'm sure you can however? I'd be happy to format and reload but if I can't access the drive so how can I do this?

I wanted to increase the RAM, but all the suggestions in the book of the hand do not relate to the layout of my laptop. The small Access window on the bottom of the laptop will not provide sufficient access to the RAM? Poking around the RAM could have induced this white screen lock?

Thank you

Hello, Charlie

To be honest you have serious problem and I really don't believe that you can solve alone. It is not easy to say with certainty why white screen occurs at startup to the top. In my opinion there are several reasons responsible for this.
-Display (electronic LCD screen, cable)
-as far as I know white screen occurs if FL dimmer makes background light but there is no signal display can be defects on the motherboard and there is no video signal

The best thing you can do is to contact the authorized service provider. They check your laptop. They have special tools and there is no problem to know why this happen.

Good bye

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    This happens when the displaycable is not correctly connected to the control that is located at the top of the LCD screen. I highly recommend to send your machine to a service partner in your country and let check this problem. It could also be a malfunction of the material of the screen, but not for sure.

    If you want to contact the nearest service partner in your country, click here--> "" then then just go to-> Support downloads & -> support-> repairs maintenance home page &-> find the nearest authorized Service provider

    Welcome them

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    can anyone help
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    Can you enter the BIOS settings or home screen Toshiba?

  • Satellite M70 164 - screen freezes and goes black, overheating

    Hello world! :)

    Recently my Satellite m70-164 started to freeze after only a few minutes of work. The picture on the screen freezes, and a few seconds later, it becomes completely black.
    The computer doesn't even have time to warm up, and it's not stop... It's just the screen that freezes and becomes so black. I have to reset the computer by pressing the power button. (I write from another computer).

    I noticed that working time reduced whenever I have reset the computer and after some time it freezes even though I am in the BIOS settings, so I don't think it's an OS problem.
    Even if the computer does not have time to warm up, this suggests it might be a heat problem.
    So I tried pointing a fan this is low (a big, like the ones we use in the summer), and it works without problem!

    With the fan facing these, I reinstalled Windows - so no Virus.
    Laptop fan * not * continue to operate as it is overheating.
    The fan runs and it is not clogged as I've cleaned.

    So if anyone has the same problem, or ideas, please respond!
    (And sorry for my English)
    Thanks in advance! : D

    Hey Buddy,

    I agree with you. In this case, even in the BIOS, that it has nothing to do with Windows or a Virus. In this case, it seems to be a hardware malfunction

    But before contacting an authorized service provider to diagnose what part is the cause, clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. This should be done from time to time (every 4 months) and, therefore, it of not necessary to disassemble the laptop.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite M50 - white screen after login on Win 8.1

    Satellite M50 running 8.1 Win
    After login, download mouse white screen, but nothing else.
    Can run Explorer.exe manually via the the Task Manager for go, but some applications like Acrobat and Windows Mail does not work.

    I searched online and tried all sorts of fixes suggested without result.
    Any suggestions gratefully received!

    I don't know what the problem is here, but you can try to Win8 will stop completely and check the repair options. Try again with the system restore and roll back the OS a few days back. Maybe this will help.

  • Satellite C855 - white screen after BIOS update


    I am a beginner user,
    I have Satellite C855
    Yesterday, I downloaded a 'update BIOS"that was sent to my computer.
    Since that my screen is blank, there is a hum in the background.

    I have a recovery back up on my external hard drive, but of course, the screen is blank so I don't know how the product.

    I think I must have downloaded a model or the update was not compatible.


    White screen do you mean that nothing appears on the screen?
    You see the start screen of Toshiba, or if you are able to access the BIOS?

    Where this is not possible, try this:
    Disconnect the power adapter, remove the battery.
    Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds.
    Then connect the two parts (batteries and AC adapter) for the laptop and try to turn on the unit.

    In case this would not solve the problem of the laptop, I'm scared of m the BIOS update was not completed successfully and I think that only authorized Toshiba service provider would be able to help you.

  • Satellite M70-169: screen freezes and meshes + mouse freezes

    Hope you can help. So far, I'm impressed by my toshiba satellite m70-169.

    He has recently developed an intermittent fault: when the tilt of the screen the effect of light mesh on it and the screen freezes. The mouse also hangs at this point.

    If I tilt the screen one way or the other I can get it to work properly. A slighy inclination of the screen can cause the screen to freeze again. The problem is getting worse, however.

    The machine has never been dropped or struck, but was taken by one of the screen when it is open.

    I disassembled the strainer and push gently on various points and cables but nothing in this area suggests a loose connection or a weak point. So I believe the problem is in the essence. I tried to open this up but it fails because I didn't force anything.

    Question 1: any suggestions on the problem and possible solutions?
    Question 2: advice like how to open the main part, so I can check any loose cables, connectors or broken bones?
    Question 3: patterns for disassembly?

    Even once - I hope you can help - thanks in advance...


    Hi John

    The above user is right. It s too risky to disassemble the laptop without having any experience with laptops.
    It is why I always recommend taking to a technician.

    But if you want, you can have a look here:

    It s a site on satellite M55 and withdrawal screen.
    But once again; You can do everything BUT only at your own risk! ;)

  • Play NFS on the Satellite X 200 screen freezes shortly every 2-3 seconds

    I recently bought a Satellite X 200 with 2 x GeForce 8600 M GT in SLI.
    Due to the power of 2 graphics cards, I thought about playing games would be no problem.
    But it's not...

    I just bought Need For Speed - Pro Street and installed on my computer. I can't play the game, without the screen freezes shortly every 2-3 seconds.
    It seems that there is not enough power visually, but with 2 x 8600M GT in SLI? Will not take the game run smooth without delay?
    I have all the settings at low temperature and/or offshore, trying to see if that would solve the problem - but no.

    The menus and the intro works very well, but when driving cars in the game, it starts to lag.
    I've updated to latest drivers, but which did not help either.
    My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, and my memory is 2 GB.

    A problem like this?

    Hmm I think that it of because of Vista.
    I read a lot of articles on issues such games on Vista OS.

    I found some Vista patches and patches but I really not 100% sure if this QFE have reason.


    PS: on this page you will find an interesting discussion about the game on Vista OS
    078 & pageNumber = 1

    Hope that this could clarify the issue

  • Satellite P300 - white screen after waking from sleep state

    I'm having this problem:
    The LCD screen may be empty when the computer is "awakened" from the sleep state. Nothing is visible on the internal LCD or an external monitor.

    There seems to be a solution:
    An update of the firmware for a component in the main circuit of the computer solves this problem. This update must be performed by an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service provider. Until arrangements are made for the update, restart the computer by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.

    described here: [white screen after awakening from fallback status |]
    I also found this, but it didn't really help me much further.
    [Satellite P200D and WinXP: no display after waking from sleep mode |]
    In fact, I think I'm able to solve myself, and I don't like not my laptop to be gone for two weeks or more. I just need some advice on where to find a correct upgrade. Is - this driver BIOS or graphics? Which version should download, where... etcetera. More tips on how to solve the problem are also welcome.

    Edit: link and no need for words of line. : s
    Edit2: grammar correction.


    > An update of firmware for a component in the main circuit of the computer solves this problem. This update must be performed by an authorized Toshiba (ASP) Service provider. Until arrangements are made for the update, restart the computer by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.
    If you check the Toshiba document you would see that your Satellite P300 is not related to this issue.

    In your case I would recommend upgrading the BIOS and graphics driver.
    In addition to keep your operating system up-to-date.

    I had this problem under Win XP and a MS patch and an update of the graphics card driver helped solve this problem.

  • Satellite A200 - white screen with 3 beeps


    My Toshiba Satellite A200 was recently gives me a white screen with 3 beeps at every start. I took it to my friend for repair and they told me that I had to take the battery out and put it so that it starts. It worked for him, but not me. I called technical support and told me it was a hardware problem with the memory or the motherboard.

    Anyone have the same problem and know what to do? I wouldn't mind not check memory myself I don't know where to start...

    Thank you

    Hi hpthinker,

    I think the support that you called is right and it s a hardware problem. Perhaps with memory or the motherboard

    The best way to fix this would be new modules of RAM because they can be easily replaced in a few minutes and are not expensive nowadays.
    Just so buy new modules of RAM in your local computer store, or ask your authorized service provider for this problem. They can offer you new RAM modules and you can test it again.

    By the way: If you have two RAM modules, test it with a module only.

  • Satellite A20 - white screen at startup

    Someone help my old A20 Satellite re start? It is under XP SP3, but to start all I get is a white screen.

    Worked very well four days ago. I tried all the options key of F I know, assuming that some display glitch. I hear Windows Start, I can hear the HARD drive running, but it never gets rolling enough to power the fan. Have you tried to insert several CDs including the recovery disk, but all I get is a white screen. When I turn off it disappears instantly and the CPU seems to immediately turn off the power.

    Any ideas out there?
    Would not matter given his age but has a lot of family saved photos!


    You mean the white screen still appears? Even you dΘmarrez from a bootable disk?
    You see the Toshiba splash screen that appears at the beginning?

    I think it s a hardware related issue
    You can try to connect the laptop to external monitor to check if the same white screen would be visible on the second screen.

    The point is that this could be a GPU problem is only a display problem internal.
    The GPU issue would affect the monitors and if it would be a mobile number, then you should see something on the second monitor.

    However, it looks like a hardware problem

  • Satellite A60-122: screen does not work - rest black


    Can someone help me please on a screen problem? I have a Toshiba Satellite A60-122 and when I turn it on the screen does not work. It remains black as if the power of the laptop was turned off. I tried to connect the laptop to an external monitor, but it still does not work. I have no more ideas of what can do to make it work.

    I already told to format the pc with the cd of restoration but without an image, it is impossible to do anything...
    Thank you


    Hello Isabel

    I'm not an expert, but if there is no image on LCD internal display and the external monitor, I assume that there is a problem with the graphics card. I think you should contact the customer Service of your country partner and let check the device.

    I also hope that the warranty is still valid and if something needs to be replaced they will do it for free.

    Bye and let us know if you have more information about it.

  • Re: Satellite A210 - white screen if I try to play COD 4

    Recently loaded COD 4 on my system, but get a white screen when you try to play the game after the success of the download.

    Windows experience side is 2.8. Is it possible this game on my laptop or can I do to make it work?
    I have 2 GB of memory, but 128 MB allocated for graphics I think, you can allocate more?

    Thank you very much.

    You're sense of Call of Duty 4?

    Before you try to play a game, you should check the system requirements first. You video RAM size can t be Exchange but I think 128 MB should suffice.

    Have you tried to update the driver of your laptop display? You can find it on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Last but not least have checked if there is a patch for COD 4? If this is not the case, do it!

  • Satellite A350 - white screen of death


    Recently, I broke my screen in a fit of anger and sent him to Toshiba repair.
    They replaced my screen. It was a month ago.

    I installed windows 7 3-4 days ago and it worked fine.
    I opened my laptop one night to discover a white screen empty.
    After turning it works, take the battery and the white screen remained, and then it appeared randomly with system restore options

    I restored the system and apply a fix from microsoft to counter the supposed error windows 7. It did not work.
    White screen when I put the laptop to sleep (the laptop stop) or stop it.

    The screen appeared again yesterday and I left it all night in the hope that this would change.
    My sister took out and put back in the battery and a screen appeared asking how you would like to start windows.
    I started windows then reinstalled Windows Vista using a mirosoft installation disc.

    After the installation of AVG Antivirus it tells me to restart.
    I restarted the laptop and instead of the toshiba logo on the white screen of death appeared.
    He stayed for 10-20 seconds then my laptop started.

    I looked at this article ( and suggested that the screen may have problems. I should send it back to Toshiba?
    Can someone provide diagnostics?

    My specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P7450 processor
    2.13 ghz
    4.00 GB RAM
    32 bit OS

    So basically, I have a white screen randomly when I reboot, turn on, or put the laptop to sleep. If he get's a strange thing to many factors. I don't think that its my OS because what happens on Vista and Windows 7

    Please help as much as you can. I didn't wan't to take it in for repair as it can cost money


    For me, it looks like hardware problem.
    It s hard to tell if it s graphic card issue or display problem.
    But if the display has been replaced a month ago, then I would recommend contacting the guys again. I mean the part could be faulty again and my knowledge, replaced parts are covered by warranty for a short time then perhaps that the warranty would cover it once again if the display is faulty

  • Satellite A200 - white screen and gel

    Hi Experts,

    I have this machine for 2 years. It was no problem. Last month, he began to display a white screen, and at the same time, it has been frozen after 3-4 hours running. Push the power button to restart, it fozen soon. I replaced a new fan and cleaned the dust inside. But the problem is still there. Someone has ideas what is the problem?

    Thanks in advance.


    The issue appears only after a long period of use is good?
    Eventually the higher temperature affects the graphics chip.
    The question would appear again until the graphics chip to cool
    This is my theory
    What do you think about this?

    It could also be a RAM problem anything is possible and that is why each part must be verified
    In your case, I recommend you to contact a technician for laptop. The guys could check the parts. I mean it of better to check the hardware, then replace only the defective part rather than buy parts and hoped that the replacement would solve the problem.

    But listen buddy; If the graphics card chip is really affected then replace the motherboard and this could be a costly affair!

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