Satellite A660-155 freezes and needs of startup repair or does not start

Hello, in the middle of the month of August, I bought a satellite a660-155, PSAW0E-00U00DEN S/N 5A214647K.
It is registered under warranty until the Aug2011.
After less than a week, it refused to start.
I rang support and they recommended that I use the recovery discs to restore to factory condition. I did and spent the next 3 nights reload software and my backup disk data.

Since then he refuses sometimes to start the hard drive with a relative error that it cannot rfind and then ask which drive to boot from. If I select the hard drive, it starts later. Sometimes when running he crashes and then restarts.

Last night, after that it had not been used for a few days, I woke up he "sleep" mode. I logged on okay, but then the blue logo 'circly' comes on, spinning away happily, and nothing else (just for logging on the text). After 30 minutes, I pressed the power button to turn off because the cell phone was totally insensitive.
On commissioning, I got a white screen for 30 minutes, then the Startup Repair option.
I launched it and check start lasted almost an hour and an hour, then he said, trying to repair. After a few hours, I left and went to bed. This morning, he showed the guest of logon and connected properly, as if nothing had ever happened.

I lost confidence in Toshiba laptops, (I am responsible for computer SCIENCE) and I've never seen this problem before on a so-called quality machine. I only ise it fot simple e-mail/internet/word documents.

All I can conclude is that there is little material defective (hard drive) that stops responding intermittently.

I sent support at 07:00 this morning, but have not had a response.

Can you help me? This machine needs ideally replace or repair collection, back in working condition 100% reliable. Could someone please contact me to see where I go from here?
Under the law of consumption, you have a duty to rectify my sad situation, that the flaw exists again.

Thank you

Thanks for the info!
Seems to replace the HARD drive would solve!

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    Moreover a description that is more accurate than the WiFi works not would be very appreciated.

    Good bye

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    What happens if you put the device by pressing and holding the button walk / stop?
    The laptop boot?

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    Can you please tell us what model C660 you exactly (C660-xxx) and what version of BIOS?
    Please check in the BIOS settings.

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    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite C660-195 with Windows 7 pre-installed.

    This morning I turned on it and it came with a black box with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe in it. This box then disappeared and Startup Repair kicked. He then told me that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. The notice were to remove any device that had recently been attached to the laptop (such as a webcam or music device) but I did not install a hardware or devices. I clicked finish and stop you the laptop.

    I lit it again and it's the same thing (new!)

    A forum would suggest trying the following: click on the link 'Show advanced options of the system and support recovery' who asked me to choose the configuration of my keyboard, but then when I do & click then it tells me "you must register to access system recovery options" I am never given the option connect!

    When using the F8 advanced boot options I'm still not able to solve this problem. The same thing (see above) that happens when I try to start in all security modes, last good known Configuration (Advanced), debug mode, start Windows normally etc. I don't understand it.

    Looking for other forums, they suggested dΘplaτant zero while running and then one selects Windows 7 to restore the laptop to its factory settings, but the same thing happens - it shows just the black screen with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe launched then startup repair, that does not solve the problem.

    I don't have a disc of windows 7 to restore since I only bought the laptop 6 days ago and didn't have time to do a still. In addition, the laptop must have the restoration on his hard drive, but I can't access it to restore windows.

    I'm just a home user understand all technical talk. Please can someone help me?


    Sorry to hear you I have this problem. The fact is that the new laptops come with only HARD drive recovery image and not with recovery DVDs. What you can try now is to install the recovery image using HARD drive recovery facility.
    If this works you need out of the box again.

    Please do it following the instructions in this document -

    Please send us comments.

  • Qosmio X 500 does not start and the power LED is flashing every 5 seconds

    I need help my X 500 does not start now. I tried to launch the NB as usual and suddenly the X 500 start or even power up.

    If I press the power button / stop it makes no noise, the power LED on the button and the second power LED just bliks once and turns on and keep blinking every 5 seconds.

    I tried to:
    * Remove battery and power up with AC only
    * power only to batteries
    * remove the battery power button hold for 30 seconds and over power with AC, battery only athen

    but it did not help.

    I checked the LEDs AC & battery, but they do not blink, they are just RED, so there is no problem in battery or AC.

    No idea where could be the problem?

    Thanks for help


    The failure of RAM could be the reason for this behavior of the laptop.
    Remove the RAM modules with good modules tested and check the functionality of the laptop.
    In the case of RAM isn t the troublemaker, the motherboard could be affected.

    Good luck and share your experience with us.

  • Satellite A300-259 does not start on windows


    I have a laptop Toshiba A300-259 and I have problems trying to get into windows.
    When I try to start my laptop, it would remain on the screen of the Microsoft logo with no response. I tried to use the HDD recovery procedure (link below) but if the screen jumps just to load Microsoft. I tried also security mode, but when it finishes loading all the drivers it just freezes.

    Is that what I can do before purchasing a toshiba recovery media disk?

    HARD drive recovery procedure

    Hi mate

    Well, if you didn t create a recovery disk previously, you must purchase a new recovery disk.

    If the Windows operating system starts not using safe mode or normal mode and if the HDD recovery procedure does not start then I n t see other options for you to try the recovery disk.

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