Satellite A660 3rd party WLAN does not work


I had a problem with my WLAN adapter so I used to replace.
Currently, I have installed card Broadcom Dell Wireless 1397.
It has been defined by Device Manager and drivers have been installed.
But it is impossible to turn on the WLAN.
When I click the buttons activate WLAN, it just back to the OFF position.
I also use Windows 10.

Thanks in advance!


I own Satellite A660 - 16 M. Initially, it was equipped with Broadcom BCM4318 WLAN card. I decided to replace it with an Intel Centrino N-6230 dual band with 3.1 Bluetooth card. Replacement process was fairly easy, the problem was to make the new card working group. I use Windows 10 as an upgrade to Windows 7 Home. As you can imagine that the utility flash cards stopped working after the upgrade of the system, but Windows 10 has managed to cope with BCM4318 since the original drivers and Windows 7 registry entries have been always working in the background. The WLAN button above the keyboard worked, was so orange the LED in the front of the laptop.

Situation changed completely with the new Intel Centrino 6230 N WLAN card. Despite he properly recognized by device with all the necessary drivers automatically responsible manager, I was unable to have the WLAN button and the LED orange work which is to turn on the radio (the card WLAN itself, its possibilities of wifi). The weird part is that the Bluetooth worked without any problems.

The solution was to put a small piece of electrical tape on the 20 PIN of the new WLAN card to prevent WLAN DISABLE State presented to the motherboard. So RADIO WLAN is always on, so Windows 10 own wifi tools were able to switch on the WIFI network and... I see now all (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) wireless networks. Of course the WLAN button and the orange LED still haven't work (it seems that it is somehow hardcoded to support only the original BCM4318) but I don't love about it. The most important is that I'm now a lot more capable wireless network inside my laptop card.

I hope that the solution above works in your case, 8stack. Watch the attached files to see what she looked like, as in my case.


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    Hey, I got a message today (on Toshiba tempro) that the BIOS update is available.
    Unfortunately, the link does not work.

    I hope someone reads this part of the administration of technical assistance.


    For PSAW3E:

    Run as admin.

  • Satellite P300 - 19 p - WLan does not work

    Hi all

    I recently bought a Satellite P300 - 19 p and at home I had a connection to the LAN cable to go online but 2 days after purchase I flew to Africa for a year and now when I try to connect to the Internet wirelessly, I discover that the bleeding thing doesn't have a working wireless driver.

    I am really disappointed and frustrated, I installed drivers before and the Toshiba driver on drive C file shows a driver by Atheros wireless and I installed it but it will not appear on the Device Manager.
    I copied a driver realtek on a disk and loaded, it appeared on the Device Manager but wouldn't work, came up with the code 10 error?

    When I turn on wifi radar it keeps saying "the wireless network device is disabled. Please activate"- large just give me an idea how to!

    I can't connect my laptop to the internet and it smells just a waste of money and be out here is not anywhere I can take it to!

    Can someone offer help and why not the manual provided with the help of these things!

    Thanks in advance!

    > When I turn on wifi radar it keeps saying "the wireless network device is disabled. Please activate"- large just give me an idea how to!

    I think that this problem of WLan is not related to the missing driver, but on the fact that your WLan is not enabled!

    Then all first move the WLan switch on IT and then use the FN + F8 key combination to select the WiFi network!

    By the way; isn't your Atheros or Realtek but INTEL WLan card wireless network card!
    The driver can be found here:> Intel PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300

  • Satellite L50-B-166 - WLan does not work under Slackware


    I installed a copy of Slackware 14.1 on my new Toshiba Satellite L50-B-166, but when I start it up, the wireless interface does not appear, even launching ifconfig - a.

    I installed the iwlwifi driver but without result.
    Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    Could you please put the output of the following commands:




  • Re: Satellite A660 - FN + F1 - F9 does not work after hibernate

    This problem often occurs when my A660 went from hibernation mode, and sometimes in normal situation
    It can only be fixed by a reboot of the system, I checked the application of Flash cards and it's work and I still can use it instead of the FN key
    also in this case I can always use FN or FN + 3 and 4 to increase or reduce the noise but is not workig at all with the function keys 1-9, until the system is restarted


    In button start-> all programs-> Toshiba, you will find the Support of Flash memory card utility.
    You can restart this Flash Card Support utility if the question would never happen again.

    Perhaps you also need to reinstall this utility Support Flash Cards order to check if it would help to solve this problem,

  • Satellite L350D - WLAN does not work after the recovery disk


    I just got a L350D. I ran the tool recovery disk, without any other program running. It is on a good way to end the second disc and that: BAM! blue screen. Since start-up, my LAN and WLAN does not work.

    He always says ' WLAN 2.0 bg adapter "to which no driver is found. The driver is a Realtek WLAN and LAN.

    Don't you think that the crash of the WLAN and LAN module fails?

    I tried the things:

    System reset
    Reinstalling the driver

    but nothing has worked.

    Someone at - it advice?

    Thank you very much!



    I put t know what is the reason for this BSOD when installing, but you can post the BSOD code? For example, you can search based on Microsoft Knowledge for this code.

    In addition, I would try to update the BIOS of your laptop that you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    After you have updated the BIOS to try to update the WLAN and LAN card driver, or try to reinstall Windows using the Toshiba recovery disc.

    Good bye

  • Satellite L650 - 12N USB Ports does not work

    My satellite L650-12N usb port does not work. I did everything that I could and it does not work.
    It shows a yellow exclamation mark on my system.

    I try so many ways, including the recovering auto troubleshooting, formatting and system he could not work.
    Under the key USB gives error code 43, I do not understand.

    The webcam and the wireless card no more.
    This boot problem after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Please can someone help.
    Thank you


    > This problem start after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Because other devices don't work properly and because procedure didn t get it back help you solve this problem, I think that the problem is related to the hardware malfunction possibly that the motherboard was hit by lightning, which would explain the problems

    I think you should ask the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country to check the motherboard.

    But in my opinion, that the warranty does not cover the issues of environmental impact maybe your household insurance could help you

  • Satellite L40 - 16 d and WXP - WLAN does not work

    After you install windows xp on my toshiba l40 - 16 d (psl48e) wifi does not work!

    maybey upgreate BIOS solve the problem?
    the problem is this model doesyn can't hawe no support on toshiba - I do not know I can download the new bios and soft to bios upgreate

    Anyone know?

    > bios maybey upgreate solve the problem?

    Update the BIOS?
    Why the BIOS updated so the WLan has worked properly with this version of BIOS before installing Win XP again?

    I think that you have not installed the right WLan driver.

    Satellite L40 - 16 d belongs to the series of PSL48.
    The drivers are available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver:
    Note: You must select Archive first Optional product Type

    In addition, you can choose WLan driver: Realtek RTL8187B because the cell phone was equipped with such a WLan module.

  • Satellite C660-121 - WLAN does not work

    Hi all

    I have problem with Toshiba Satellite C660 - 121.

    I installed new windows, and now my wireless does not work. I downloaded all the drivers LAN, WLAN etc. and WLAN will not work, I put the internet cable in the laptop, but not by cable or WIFI internet connection: S

    Please can someone help?

    Edit: in the Device Manager, NETWORK CONTROLLER is not installed, but I can't find that anywhere and I can't find any Wi - Fi network!

    Which Windows version have you installed on your laptop satellite?

    At first check if the WLAN and LAN card card are installed and registered correctly in the Device Manager?
    If Yes, you must enable WLAN card by using the FN + F8 key combination. Can you do this?

  • Satellite L40-143 - WLAN does not work with the new router

    WLAN on my Satellite L40-143 does not work since I Modem Alice-1121.

    Who can help me, please!

    Hi kenny_21,

    If you have a new WLAN router you must change the configuration that I think

    The new router is visible under WLAN connections and can connect?

    If so try to connect. The standard router password can be found in the manual of it and no doubt, there will be new addresses MAC first before connect you. I put t know the exact configuration.

    Also check the options the WIRELESS card with TCP/IP. Usually, you need automatic IP addresses.

  • Re: Satellite L20-112 - WLan does not work after installing Win XP


    I reinstalled Win XP on my old laptop, and all my drivers disappear.
    I downloaded all the drivers on the official website of Toshiba, and unfortunately the wifi does not work.

    My Notebook: satellite l20 - 112 psl2xe, win xp sp3, sticker for computer laptop-atheros WiFi-.

    Thank you in advance.


    This means that you need a WLan driver or what do you exactly by wifi does not work?

    Do you know what WLan card you have exactly?
    You could install the hardware like Everest Home Edition diagnostic tool which would provide information on the WiFi chip.

    PS: Here are all of the WLan drivers:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L750 - WLAN does not work after upgrade to Windows 10

    After the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, internet Wifi don't work do not. Unrecognized WiFi. Seems that the driver for the wifi does not work with windows 10. Any ideas please?

    Dear Jolgas,

    It seems that the problem of driver. You should installed driver WiFi for window 10.

    Thank you

  • Satellite A500-17 x - wifi does not work - not found in Device Manager

    Hi people,

    I need help please.

    My wireless adapter does not work.
    It worked perfectly until I connected to a wired connection in a hotel I was staying in and since then I can not connect to my wireless router.

    I tried restoring the tosystem several times to old dates, but it has not solved the problem. When I restart the computer laptop and go into devices and printers, I thought that the computer needs to be troubleshooted.

    The program runs and try to install the driver for the Wlan but returns with errors. Namely, windows could not load the driver or can verify the digital signature.

    There is also no icon in the network for lan wlan connections only. When I use the radar in connectivity doctor tells me that the WiFi network is disabled but I can't understand how to activate it.

    When I start in safe mode and go to Device Manager I see the wireless network adapter, but when I try to install the driver I leave safe mode and restart. I did and then the WiFi network is displayed in the Device Manager but when I try to load the driver, I thought that the driver is updated and then the adapter disappears from the Device Manager.

    I'm so frustrated at this point and I'm very close to a full erase and start over.

    I also tried to reload and load the default configuration settings in the installation program, but didn't make any difference.

    My laptop is a Satellite A500-17 x with windows 7 64 bit.
    The WiFi network is Realtek RTL8192E Wireless Lan 802.11 PCI - ENIC


    Go to BIOS (press F2) and set it to default settings.
    Save the changes and restart the device.
    Then try to reinstall the WLan driver again.

    If that does not help, download the most recent and updated BIOS to BIOS first day.
    Then, restart the device and try reinstalling the Wlan driver.

    Last but not least you could test the WLan feature on laptop running with factory settings current (after using the Toshiba Recovery)

    PS: in order to use the WiFi network you must use the FN + F8 key combination and must turn on the WLan (in front of the laptop) switch to position.

  • Satellite A200-1AX: many applications does not work under Vista


    I bought A200 1AX a few days ago and I'm not having a good experience with regard to the installation of applications on this Vista box. Even install yahoo messenger did not work and produces the NSIS error. 3D max 9 installation does not work (even though some have managed to operate); Install Adobe CS3 (supposed to be for Vista) did not entirely - the photopshop component have not installed, etc.

    The bottom line, I plan to move to XP OS. Means the required BIOS update I have my Vista recovery CD will NOT work after the switch to XP?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Best regards, Ashraf.

    Unfortunately I put t know how to help you.
    Usually, if the 3rd party applications are designed and support the Vista while there should be no problem with unique program facilities.

    Check if all software packages are completely cared for and compatible with Vista.

    > The necessary BIOS update means that I have my Vista recovery CD will NOT work after the switch to XP?

    No, after the update the BIOS of XP, you will still be able to use the Vista CD from recovery, but perhaps some functions such as the FN keys will not work.

  • Communication satellite U500 wifi switch control does not work


    I have problem after update of the operating system from Vista 64 bit to win7 64-bit. The problem is in the wireless communication switch command before notebok. When I was with win vista, it works fine, post off - wifi off and post-wifi on (without restarting). But when I updated to win7 and install all the drivers of toshiba upgrade dvd, my wifi switch works as follows:

    When I turn on notebook with wifi off button - its turned off all the time and the wifi does not work and fn + F8 (shortcut key for wifi) does not work too. I have to restart the PC with wifi switch in position-the wifi works fine and fn + F8 is able to turn on and turn off the wifi. But that put the material do not react to pass and - diode LED is always on (in case when I start the pc with position control on and in the case where is when off wifi LED is not clear and switching does not work).

    I've updated wifi realtek drivers but still it does not work. IAM verry sorry for my English. I was looking into Toshiba diagnostic tool and there is no modem device, but yes, wifi is perhaps problem here?

    Thank you very much for the reply. Tom


    Different Satellite U500 (and other models) supports various wireless network cards, and that's why you'll find also different WLan card drivers.

    Your U500 seems to be equipped with an Intel Wlan card and here you can also download the right Intel Wlan card driver for this card:

    Welcome them

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