Satellite A660 - graphics card on the site Web Tohisba says not compatible

I use a Toshiba Satellite A660-07U00R computer. There is a new Nvidia driver for this machine on the Web from Toshiba site under
nVidia Display Driver
View 260,51 Windows 7 64-bit 171,42 MB

But when I started to install it, it says not found compatible graphics card?

Why is this? Should I get directly from the Nvidia website?
Any advice will be appreciated.
Thank you

As I see you have Australian model laptop so try please install the driver to support Australian page -

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  • Is possible to extend the graphics memory or replace the graphics card on the Satellite P10 504

    Anyone know if it is possible to extend the video memory on the satellite p10 504, or to replace the video card. Because the memory is too small to play most of the good games.


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the graphics memory or replace the graphics card on the laptop computers of s.
    Please don t compare cell phone technology with the desktop simply.
    Laptops use other motherboards and graphics cards are mostly welded on the boards!

    Nothing to do, buddy

    I wouldn't buy a laptop if you want to play the latest games! Why? Because of the possibilities of upgrading equipment.
    The desktop PC can be upgraded very easily but not the laptop

  • Failure of the graphics card on the Satellite A100-405


    I have a Toshiba A100-405, which has a Geforce go 7600 graphics (specifications).
    Yesterday, playing a game, all of a sudden the frozen screen and showed a lot of horizontal stripes.
    I tried to restart the computer, but succeeded only in safe mode. The bands have not disappeared. (funny colors, such as low resolution, stripes, blocks, etc.)

    Question 1: Is my assumption that the graphics card is in correct failure?

    Question 2: Can this card easily replace? And if so, which would cost only? (in EUROS)

    Looking forward to your answers.



    These funny funny colors, as low resolution, stripes, blocks are called artifacts (adverse alteration in the data, introduced by a technical and/or technological). It seems that the dysfunction of the graphics card. To be sure, connect the external monitor to check. Talk about the replacement, if it is integrated in the motherboard, the entire motherboard must be replaced. It costs about 35% of the total price computer laptop, as you can see that it is quite expensive.

    Also, from my own experience I know, sometimes these artifacts occur because of the graphics card overheating due to dust. Do not be lazy to clean the laptop with the jet of compressed air. Otherwise, contact the ASP (SAV) and prepare the money.

    Welcome them

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  • Is it possible to update the graphics card in the Satellite A200-195

    Is it posible to upgrade this card for me to play the game of MSTS?

    Usually it of not possible to update the graphics cards installed in notebooks!
    Laptop technology is simply different!
    The graphics card is attached to the motherboard and it of not possible to remove it in a simple way.

    I have always recommended to use the computer to play the game!
    If you need the computer for hardcore games you should buy a desktop computer.
    Why? Because the latest games need for most fastest graphics card and the desktop PC can be upgraded much easily as a laptop.

    But finally it of your choice what you use ;)

    Best regards

  • Want to buy a Satellite P100-> graphics card question


    I want to buy a Satellite P100
    as the 442 (Core 2 Duo T5200)
    but im afraid that the VGA Intel® 945GM Express chipset
    whit max 128 MB is a little low for Vista?

    the 443 and 444 have one
    NVIDIA® GeForce Go 7600 / 7900
    but the price is much higher...

    or is the 128 VGA Intel® 945GM good enough for Vista?

    I am not gamer but hate when it takes a lot of time to play
    a vid, an mp3 or open a site Web etc.


    I'm not a P100 owner but I want to share with you my experience of Vista.
    If you are right. Intel 945GM graphics card is certainly not the best solution for Vista.
    It is a 128 MB shared graphics card and believe me the features of Vista like Aero Aeroglass does not turn or she would go, but with very poor performance.

    So if you want to buy a laptop that really is Vista capable, I would recommend buying one with a great graphics card.
    The graphics card must supports min 256 MB video memory clean? No shared video memory

  • Satellite A660 - how to enable the nVidia Optimus technology


    Is there a solution to market the technoogy optimus in my notebook?
    I have intel i3 330 m and Geforce GT 330 M - and the two are bound by Optimus, but find it deosnt work at all :/

    No, my short model is Satellite A660 PSAW3E.

    Thank you


    Announces AFAIK, Optimus technology is fully automatic, allowing you to experiment with longer battery life.

    Optimus whitepaper

    But I guess you need the nVidia Driver from the original graphics card.
    The Toshiba driver is changed for mobile use. It supports thermal protection that protects the GPU from damage.
    Drivers graphic originals don't support such function.

    However, Toshiba laptops are equipped with an ECO utility and this tool allows you to save battery power as well.

  • Update graphics card on the P10 804


    I want to update the graphics card on the portable Satellite P10 I think 64 MB do not suffice and be able to come it the evidence.

    How can I do this? I need to increase the dedication of the RAM to it? If so, how can I go to do that there is no option in the BIOS. I've updated the bios with the latest version (2.0 for PSP10E-XXXXXX model number) and the option is still not available.
    Is the graphics card integrated into the motherboard, or can it be toggled?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help provided.

    As far as I know the graphics card is a part of the motherboard and can not be changed separately.

  • Can you get a sata adapter and replace it with a PCI Express so I can install a graphics card in the caddy hd for my laptop. Y at - it means to get an internal or external graphics card?


    I know that you can remove a dvd cart and replace it with a HD you can get a sata adapter and change a PCI express so I can install a graphics card in the caddy hd for my laptop. y at - it means to get an internal or external graphics card? I do not have a slot express pci laptop because a laptop is relatively new.

    Original title: laptop computer graphics card
    other cool mods I can do for my laptop. I've already upgraded to ssd and ram and processor.


    I do not know such an adapter exists, but it's a hardware problem - I suggest you contact the manufacturer of your laptop with this issue, as well as questions about additional upgrades, you could do.

    These are all the hardware problems, and this site deals with software issues related to the Windows operating system. I'm sorry this isn't the answer you're looking for, but...

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • MacBook Pro 2014 - failure of the graphics card for the 2nd time in 2 years - no guarantee

    Hi all

    end of 2014, I bought a new 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro mid 2014 model (A1502, EMC2875). A few months later, the graphics card has failed - no obvious reason. Apple replaced. Now, the graphics card has not yet. Still, the mac worked perfectly well (no overheating of the noise, nothing) and all of a sudden - no understandable reason or external actions, the graphics card has failed. Unfortunately, I do not have a guarantee of more. At least, I can access my documents by connecting two Macs, so I hope that the material is not affected.

    My model (1502) apparently only has a single integrated graphics processor.

    My questions:

    • After some research, I discovered that Apple used to have these problems with the 2011 edition. They have implemented a replacement program. Does anyone know sth on this subject?
    • What graphics card would you recommend? How much such a graphics card? Where could I buy a cheap?

    Of course, I don't want to reuse the same type - guess I don't have to explain how @* #&! I'm after two times the same problem within two years after the purchase of a brand new MacBook Pro...

    I would appreciate any recommendations and links!

    Best regards


    -As you say, your Mac model uses the graphics processor integrated in the CPU chip. So, there are ios no replacement possible. The CPU is soldered to the logic board

    -The problem with the 2011 MacBook Pro was with the discreet Nvidia, not the graphics unit integrated in the CPU graphics unit.

    -When you went to an Apple store just says the genius of APple?

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop.

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    In the toolbar, I was happy with a few logos. Recently, the names of the sites Web appeared and I can't figure how to get rid of them. I want fair logos on the toolbar.

  • Can not access the site Web of John Lewis, get message server unexpectedly dropped the connection all the time

    Use the iMac with El Capitan 10.11.1 & Safari 9.0.1

    During the last week, I was unable to access the site Web of John Lewis and the message "Safari cannot open page because the server dropped the connection unexpectedly. Sometimes this happens when the server is busy. Wait a few minutes and then try again"I retry but get the same message all the time. Can access all other sites ok.

    I emptied the cache, deleted the cookies and history. Enter the name of the site in its entirety is not helped either.

    Unable to access the Web by John Lewis site with my iPad either.


    Try restarting/resetting the router.

    Try a reboot.

    Make a backup using Time Machine or a cloning program, to ensure that data files can be recovered. Two backups are better than one.

    Try to set up another admin user account to see if the same problem persists. If back to my Mac is enabled in system preferences, the guest account will not work. The intention is to see if it is specific to an account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.

    Isolate a problem by using a different user account

    If the problem is still there, try to start safe mode using your usual account.  Disconnect all devices except those necessary for the test. Shut down the computer and then put it up after a 10 second wait. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the SHIFT key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear. Startup is considerably slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a check for directory and disables all start-up and connection, among other things. When you restart normally, the initial restart may be slower than normal. If the system is operating normally, there may be 3rd party applications that pose a problem. Try to delete/disable the third-party applications after a reboot using the UN-Installer. For each disable/remove, you need to restart if you do them all at once.

    Safe mode - on El Capitan

    Start Mode without failure-El Capitan.

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    You're talking about Facebook?

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    Original title: recognize the graphics card and the broadband connection

    Windows vista can't recognize the graphics card and the broadband connection in the Dell laptop

    Hi mfadhelmu,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer before this problem?

    3. you receive messages or error codes?

    4. have you updated all device drivers?

    You can try to launch the Fixit and see if it helps:

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • KKKKK displays an error message with the graphics card during the installation

    My laptop is a DV6 6121tx with QB367PA #ACJ product number.

    During the installation of kkkkk, it displays an error saying not able to recognize the graphics card in the system.

    Please suggest an update secure for the soul if they are available.

    HP support assistant details of my graphics driver:

    Radeon (TM) HD 6770 M

    8.882.2.3000 (30/09/2011)

    Hi champakBhumia,

    Welcome to the HP forum!

    Here is a link to the HP Pavilion dv6-6121tx Entertainment Notebook PC specifications and HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service of Guide , which will provide a recommended list of replacements.

    I hope this helps.

  • I have an old record of creative adobe 4 elements but it is scratched, but I still have the serial number and it is registered on the site Web of adobe, the problem is that I can't find a way to download version 4

    I have an old record of creative adobe 4 elements but it is scratched, but I still have the serial number and it is registered on the site Web of adobe, the problem is that I can't find a way to download version 4

    on the website it starts only from 9

    If anyone knows a site were I can download this program again post in the comments

    Yves pauwels

    kglad links in response to #1 here can help

    If your version is not included in the above link, I don't know any other source

Maybe you are looking for