Satellite A660-k17: can I remove the two primary partitions used for restoration?

I have 3 questions :) #.

1. I burned a copy dvd recovery media, on a laptop A660 k17. There are two partitions on the disk that I think are there for the recovery. The first is 1.46 GB and it's for the recovery and another partition hidden 8.29 GB... and I think that the first contains the Recovery Wizard and the whole environment in which we will get through the repair of the system and the hidden disk contains the actuall with windows data, drivers and so on. Can I remove these two? I ask mainly on the first, if it is not necessary for the system to boot or something after that I have to recover the laptop to the factory setting.

2 and I also want to leave my partitions so that I don't have to partition the whole drive from C 600 GB again. I have a D drive created but there is this response to a topic already in the forum
who says that when I leave the partitions I created myself, that the recovery will be not available. I have a copy on dvd, but only to make sure no kidding something upward.

3. when I want a clean system without some software which are preloaded on the oem recovery disk... I have to use windows recovery? or it will be the same as the toshiba one?
Thanks for the reply possible :)
Beautiful day :)


> Can I remove the two primary partitions used for restoration?
First not, but you can remove the Toshiba recovery partition if you created the recovery DVDs. One day, if you want to install the recovery image once again you can use created the recovery disc.

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    Please help if you can email [email protected]

    Hi, Malcolm

    For this model of laptop, it is quite complicated because the STRANGE is from both sides. First you must remove the small screw placed in the Middle near the coverage of memory in the lower corner of your laptop (also near the cooling rack). The STRANGE is also secured with small hook placed under the keyboard.

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    This notebook is not know for me but has checked some sites on the net and it seems that the top cover must be removed.
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    Remove the two screws that fix the Board Connector CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.
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    There are two compartments on the bottom of the laptop, secured by a screw.
    I guess that one of them contains the hard drive.

    Can I remove the HDD without voiding my warranty?
    In case the guarantee differs between the countries - I am from the Netherlands, the laptop was purchased in 12/27/2010.

    Thanks in advance

    Yes, you can remove the HARD drive and would not void the warranty.

    Here you will find some details how to replace the HARD drive:

    [Satellite L650: how to replace the HDD |]

    Welcome them

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