Satellite A660 - Not on NumLock

Hello world!

I have a problem with the NumLock led. Although the number lock is enabled, LEDs do not indicate this. It bothers me to work a little.

Any ideas?

Best regards, G.


Hey Buddy,

For example, you can use the numeric keypad but just the LED is not on?

Well, theoretically the LED might be defective so it s not on. That's the only explanation I have. I mean if the num pad works it s no hardware malfunction of the keyboard itself so it has LED

You use the pre-installed Windows version?

If your laptop is under warranty you can get for free a new keyboard. Simply contact an authorized service provider and explain the situation. Guys will help get rid you of this :)

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  • Satellite A660 - do not find external DVD drive

    Hey guys. Newbie displaying in total despair of and needing help! I posted in other forums without success. I bought a Samsung SH-D162D DVD drive in a USB enclosure to connect to my Satellite A660 via USB.

    I can't get Windows 7 to find! When I plug in the USB cable, the ball comes up to say that it has been installed (sometimes), I can see it on for about 1 or 2 minutes then he falls. It is not listed in my hardware or anything. Its not found in disk management or my devices, so it is not a case to change the drive letter - I can't find the drive to change. I also tried to find upper and lower settings in regedit. Could not find them so couldn't remove them as suggested in other posts of this nature.

    It is set to master, the IDE connector and power connectors are very good. Its got to be a cause of problem of Windows 7 it comes very briefly. In the minute or 2 sound, I can't do anything with it. It crashes right although it will open and close. I've google it and can't find anything. Mainly of registry issues, but they did not help.

    Ive also connected to another laptop with XP and had no problems so I know the DVD Rom works very well and all the cables are ok. Ive tried all 4 USB ports on my laptop and also disabled all the parameters of energy. All with no luck. And I also all Windows 7 update.

    This is exactly what happens to the power out of the Cabinet.

    1. I connect the USB cord then turn on the enclosure.
    2 - I quickly click Start, and I can see the DVD Rom E player beside my computer laptop dvd rom.
    3 - the green bar above starts to fill to the top, from left to right and gets to half way then suddenly disappears icon of DVD Rom and makes the green bar.
    4. He then flashes up in computers laptops DVD Rom icon with a player of Local E drive, but only for a fraction of a second.
    5. sometimes a balloon comes up saying peripheral installation, then the installed device successfully... but not every time.

    And that's all. I'm at a total loss and the cant work, so any help is really appreciated!

    Hi Smee,

    So if you have already connected the external hard drive on another computer, and it worked correctly, it seems to be a driver or compatibility between your external DVD drive problem and and your Satellite A660

    It will be connected to the port USB then you tried to remove all the USB ports on the Device Manager? After that, you must restart your computer and the USB ports will be recognized automatically from the Device Manager. In addition, I would also try updating the chipset driver. New version, which you can download on the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Have you also tested other devices on your A660 if they work properly?

  • BT does not work on Satellite A660-13D


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A660-13D, and since a few days, Bluetooth does not work.
    In device manager it tells me everything is executed, but BT does not open.
    Can someone help me with this?

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    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. What you need to do is to activate the BT module correctly and software BT must start properly.
    Are you using the original operating system that you got with your laptop satellite? BT Stack (software) is installed on your machine?

  • Control buttons do not work on my Satellite A660

    Satellite A660 / 07T running windows 7

    For some reason any no longer works them that my control buttons, IE his mute, wireless, touchpad and buttons etc. I can still control these functions using the buttons F displayed at the top of the screen. Have tried to reinstall the additional package of value without success, would appreciate suggestions, cheers, Jeff


    Are you talking about the function F1 - F9 keys?
    These buttons work as part of the FN command; That is, Fn + F5

    The value added package so that the utility Support Toshiba Flash card must be installed in order to use flash cards (the menu on the screen indicating the function buttons)

    These pieces of software can be downloaded here:

    Note: before starting with the installation again trying to restart flash cards: all programs-> Toshiba-> Flash Cards

  • Satellite A660 - does not start

    My Satellite A660 rebooted a few times and then it turned off and now it will not start at all, and register there even the packed power connected. It does not work, any help would be appreciated

    Hi liam42,

    What happen exactly when you try to start your laptop (press the power button)? You can access the BIOS configuration, or what exactly?
    You see errors on screen?

    No doubt this might help you:
    Remove the battery and the AC adapter. Then wait at least an hour and then reconnect the two and try to start your laptop.
    It work?

  • Satellite A660 - protection of HARD drive utility does not enable protection


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A660 1F6, unfortunately the usefulness of Toshiba HDD protection does not enable protection because all the buttons are gray, and when I try to open it, a message appears: "He was not able to set up properly for the Service of HARD drive Protection System."

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the situation does not change.

    Thank you.

    Are you using the original operating system preinstalled that you got with your laptop?

  • Satellite A660 - 11 M - drive HARD recovery is not possible


    I bought the satellite A660 - 11 M two months ago. A week before, he started to cause a problem that when turned on, boot HARD drive is not possible in the first place and boot priority option page is shown. Only after that I have reset a start command, it started.

    To resolve this issue for good, I decided to format the HARD drive using the HDD recovery procedure. Unfortunately, I had to cancel this procedure after 2 minutes, and the start-up is not possible at all since then. He continues to display the message "Boot failure" etc. and staging to the BIOS screen. So, I can not access the recovery procedure even if I keep the F8 key. I am afraid that a recovery on the HARD drive partition can have been damaged due to the forced cancellation.

    I have not created a DVD of my own laptop recovery, and the only option seems to buy one from Toshiba ( Before you order a recovery disc, I would ask if my problem can be solved using the disc. Anyone who has experience with the recovery disc could advise me? Another question is to know if a standard warranty let me send to Toshiba ASP? Thank you for reading.


    > Another question is to know if a standard warranty let me send to Toshiba ASP?
    Warranty only covers hardware issues.

    Question you seems to be related to a software problem.
    Therefore, I doubt that installation of the OS would be covered by the warranty.
    You should order the recovery disk and must attempt to define the notebook back to factory settings.
    Then you should check the features of the laptop.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A660 - Win 8.1 power settings option not available


    I upgraded my Toshiba (A660) to 8.1 64 x. (clean install)

    All if works well except idle protected function, which seem to have disappeared of power options.
    In my view, that a driver is required. (I have installed a single Toshiba driver)

    They don't seem to have VAP more.

    Can someone tell me what is the driver I need to install for this problem?

    Thank you.

    > All works well except idle protected function, which seem to have disappeared of power options.
    What exactly is the function of inactive variation? Display backlight control?

    Toshiba not stand in my knowledge of Windows on the Satellite A660 8.1 and therefore you would not find drivers Windows 8.1 for this series.

    If you want to install the utilities and tools Toshiba Windows 8.1, you will need to seek such software in your own hand. But I'm not quite sure if software published for other portable Toshiba would be compatible with the A660 m model.

    However, the fact is that there is no such thing as the package of added value to win 8.1.
    This was the case with Vista or Win 7, but it is not available for Windows 8.1.
    The VAP has been replaced by the system of Toshiba driver.

  • 3 USB ports on 4 does not work on Satellite A660-12th

    Hi, I have a problem with my laptop french: 3 or 4 of my usb ports does not work.

    My laptop is a:
    Satellite A660-12th
    Reference: PSAW3E-02700GFR

    I almost tried everything:
    -reinstall all drivers
    -Uninstalling the root USB controller and restart the computer
    -Finally to format my laptop and clean reinstall.

    -3 ports still does not work and I do not know how to solve them.

    I bought an of 2 TB external HARD drive and its driver is installed but not recognized by the last working USB port. I really need to fix the other 3. Could you help me?

    Wait a moment have you tested all 3 USB ports only for external 2 TB HDD?
    How USB ports do not work if you connect a USB mouse or a USB flash memory stick?

    Page plug Toshiba says that this laptop supports 3 2.0 USB ports: 1 left, 2 right
    The one on the left is a port eSATA/USB 2.0 supporting sleep and fresh.

  • On my Satellite A660 TV tuner does not work


    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A660-07 one a few months ago and then reinstalled Windows 7 32-bit system in order to have more than a few partitions. But I had not deleted the hidden partition the system just in case I need to restore factory settings.

    Now I have moved to a remote area and need a TV but only to discover that the tuner did not work. It is detected correctly under sound devices and games in the Device Manager. However, when I use windows media center to scan channels. The WMC just says the software has encountered a serious error and try again.

    Then I tried to use Blaze DTV, which is also a very popular DTV software. Successfully, it recognizes the Tuner but will not scan either.

    I did some research and used the advocatus of configuration of the tuner TV in Windows 7. The warning message is that "the tuner is not properly configured to be used in Windows Media Center". And the details show that the tuner is plugged but not active for the WMC.

    But how do I then activate the tuner for WMC?

    Really hope that someone can help as I am now panic in a small town remote in New Testament.

    Thank you!

    > I bought a Toshiba Satellite A660-07 one a few months ago and then reinstalled Windows 7 32-bit system in order to have more than a few partitions. But I had not deleted the hidden partition the system just in case I need to restore factory settings.
    I see a big problem here. If you have installed your own version of Windows then you will not be able to start the installation of image factory more.
    Due to this fact Toshiba strongly recommends the creation of recovery DVDs. It is described in s operating manuals.

    In any case, one question at first: you've found the right 32-bit driver TV tuner? TV tuner is installed correctly?

  • Satellite A660 - Webcam not found at all


    I was wondering if someone could help me please. I tried to use the webcam on my Satellite A660 PSAW3A 0TK00R using Windows 7 32 bit. When I open the Toshiba "Web Camera Application" application, the application will not load again and he says to the camera cannot be found.

    When I try to use the web cam on another application like Skype, webcam for TOSHIBA Analog Capture (Dev1 path2) he has said "unable to start the video. Try closing other programs that may use your webcam "."

    I tried to download the Toshiba Web Camera Application Webcam Windows 7 32 bit 28,78 MB of the Toshiba site and who does nothing after she extracted. I followed the extraction to the temp directory and tried the file setup.exe. It uninstalled the Web camera Application. Restarted the computer, and then run Setup.exe and it reinstalled the program.

    After doing this, the problem is always exactly the same. I looked for the driver in Device Manager and you can not find a driver related to the webcam to restart. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the webcam working?

    Thank you very much



    I recommend a new installation driver webcam

    This means that you need to remove the current version of the driver for the webcam (Control Panel > uninstall a program) and then restart your computer. Use Ccleaner or another registry to remove bad registry keys and restart again. Then install the latest driver for the webcam that you can find.

    Check this box!

  • Re: Satellite A660 - media buttons do not work

    First of all I apologize if my language is not good, because I'm Spanish.

    I have a * Toshiba Satellite A660-13D * and this model has a button touch media at the top, next to the keyboard. Here is a picture with the buttons marked in red: []
    Two days ago the buttons works well. There are a few buttons, one for an ecological mode, one to turn wireless on or off, one for play/pause Media Player, etc.. These buttons work only those who turn up and down volume. The button that activates / deactivates the Mouse-touchpad does not work too.

    I'm looking for solutions, and one of them suggests the BIOS update. I tried to update my BIOS with the downloadable files of the Toshiba website for my model of PC, but when I run the executable, it always crashes with this message: Winflash for UEFI has stopped working. I read on someone with the same problem as me and someone replied that he should try executing the BIOS via a .iso file burned into a CD-Rom and boot from it. But, where I could get this .iso file? If I enter on the Toshiba site in English and go to the download section, I can't find my model Satellite, so I can not get the appropriate files. Is my Toshiba Satellite A660 13d, and I find only A660-ST2GX1, A660-BT2G22, A660-BT3N25X and similar products.

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this. Thank you.

    You have mobile EMEA model then all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from

    Try please reinstall extra package from Toshiba.

  • Re: Hitachi Drive Fitness Test (DFT) does not detect the HDD on Satellite A660

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A660 PSAW3C-047017 with a HARD MK6465GSX Toshiba drive. After experience, some consecutive failures of start-up, I was told on the Toshiba forums to use Drive Fitness Test (DFT of Hitachi).

    I burned the ISO to a CD and booted from it (I must press F12 for boot options and select the optical drive), which is to run successfully. However, it does not detect my drive HARD - the list is empty.

    Is there something I need to do to make visit to DFT?

    I cannot commend this third part software features, but I want to know if you still have these failures to start your portable computer satellite?

    What's the problem?

  • Satellite A660 - battery not charging

    Hi all, I'm new. Before all sorry for my English, im from the Russia.

    Here's the problem:
    I bought Satellite A660 from about a month ago and now does not work without? harging thread! This morning was OK, but there is 20 minutes, I detect this problem! When I pull the wire out of his turn off laptop!
    Don't lights Windows seven has stated that its indicator of battery "98%, is not load" is also

    What is the problem?

    Hi AtlantiB,

    And what happens if turn off your laptop and connect the AC/DC adapter? You see that the battery is charging?

    Sometimes, if the battery is absolutely empty, it might take several hours until it s full charge and it takes a few minutes until it will be charged of specifications.

    Then, turn off your laptop and connect the AC adapter. Then, wait an hour and check what is happening.

  • Switch signals and Wireless does not work on Satellite A660


    AFAIK, the utility Vap and flashcard support are responsible for these functions. You can try to download and install them

    Note, first you must install the utility of vap and restart the support belt utility and Visual support cards, then

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