Satellite A660 - Question about hidden partition

Recently my shore hardd crashed and he had to be replaced. Then, I used my recovery media to restore. But now when I go into Disk Management displays 3 partitions. (previously it was 2 I think - in the old HDD)


Partition-1 1.46 GB Active recovery) hidden
Partition-2 580 active GB (drive c)
partition-3 12.5 GB Active (HIdden) (know toshiba recovery thing is here)

Does anyone know if I can delete the first partition and have just two?-only 15 MB/1.45 GB is used I can resize?
I present the same for everyone or is it just me?

Thank you very much


Hi wsb123,

(> Partition-1 1.46 GB Active recovery) hidden
It's the Windows recovery environment partition. On this HARD drive are for the repair of the system files if Windows can start t more. It s a Windows feature and has nothing to do with Toshiba. This partition, you can find on all installations of Windows 7.

> Partition-2 580 active GB (drive c)
With other words, the primary partition because on it a Windows is installed with all your files. Nothing unusual ;)

> partition-3 12.5 GB Active (HIdden) (know toshiba recovery thing is here)
As you have already written s the Toshiba Recovery for file recovery partition.

So I t understand the problem. Everything is normal, and if you install Windows recovery disk you have at least 3 partitions.

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  • Question about hidden Partition Recovery

    Hi readers,

    Bought Satellite Pro A200 last Nov. I am looking for what is called hidden Hidden 1.5 GB partition. I thought he would have shown in disk management.

    I started pressing F8 for advanced boot options, as the manual says, the repair option is not listed.
    Other users had this experience? Although I have the recovery disk.


    Hello David

    To be honest, I don't understand what you want. To make things clear: If your laptop is preinstalled with the Vista operating system this WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment) partition will be automatically created and this option is listed in disk management.

    What is your question now?

  • Satellite A660 /question on preinstalled recovery software

    Toshiba Satellite A660 came with a preinstalled Toshiba recovery software I just wana know if I delete windows this backup will windows and all software with it or im I backup only the installed software and not the operating system.

    Thank you guys

    I agree with wsb123.

    The Toshiba recovery procedure will establish the specifications in the same State as the first day of the purchase. You will get all the drivers, software, tools, etc. of the means to return to the HARD disk

  • Re: Satellite L750-Question about a data Partition

    L750 HARD disk is divided as follows:

    Drive C: 232 GB
    D drive: 233 GB (recovered files)

    I'm not sure, if drive D is the one where do I place my own data, why must the files of recovery that probably should be in a separate partition. Can I create a new partition in the disk D for my own personal data that I don't want to place it with the recovery files in case they are accidentally deleted?

    In addition, I don't want to put my data on the C drive.

    > I'm not sure if drive D is where should I place my own data...
    Why not? What is the problem? Why is - what are irritated you with existing collection case here?
    I n t have Satellite L750 but if you can see folder HDDRecovery there you can set it to be hidden and you see it, but it will always be there. After doing this, you will not be able to accidentally erase.
    >... Why does have the files for recovery that probably should be in a separate partition.
    It doesn't have to be on a separate partition.
    > Can I create a new partition in the disk D for my own personal data that I don't want to place it with the recovery files in case they are accidentally deleted?
    There no sense to create a third partition if you already have the second partition D. use this partition to save all the data of a personal nature. I do the same.

    By the way: s user guides described document that you must create recovery DVDs. This recovery with the recovery image DVDs can be used for installing the OS. In General, after the creation of recovery disks, you can even remove data recovery. Don t move anywhere data recovery. Result may be that you will not be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery -

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite Pro C660 - 21(d): question about the partitions on the HARD disk


    I just started using my new satellite pro c660 - 21 d

    My office has drive c, d, u, s
    C either windows 7, Vista D
    The drive U is 342 meg in size

    I didn't have the disk in two 230 gig drive so thoughtless narrowed C drive of 70 GB and D drive with 10 gig (it's the primary recovery partition

    I have now two empty partitions of 170 Gig (from c drive)
    and 214 Gig (from d drive)
    But windows will only allow me to add one as a disc of the user
    He says may not have more than 4

    The reason for being there is a partition of Active recovery without letter.

    I can't unshrink drive C or drive D then I went with 170 GB of unused space.

    I guess that a solution would be to lose the data disk 10 gig that contains the recovery software but then I don't have a backup.

    Suggestions as to what I could do to work around this problem.

    I am now under the Create recovery disks (2 of them) so maybe I could remove one of the partitions after.

    I don't know why he answered instead of edition, but if the recovery disc creation complete with no errors, I can remove the hard drive?

  • Question about the partitions on satellite Pro L300-164

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 and it came with vista on the 1 74 GB partition and a data partition 73 GB but it has a folder called HARD drive recovery, but I want Vista to all of the 140 gb and have the recovery partition on a small partition of 4 GB for HARD drive recovery.

    Is this possible without mucking up the HARD drive recovery?

    No, is not possible, but that you can and should do is create recovery DVDs.
    After doing this, you can remove this folder and organize partition how you want it to be.
    Remember that you will lose the ability to install the operating system from the disk using F8 and repair my computer option.

    If a problem occurs, you can install Vista using this recovery DVDs.
    Please note: after installation of recovery, you will have the same structure divides again and all your saved data will be gone.

  • Satellite P300 - question about HARD Disk Partition


    I just bought a P300-1 Satellite has very nice portable 8. Everything has been restored to the original state. The thing is, I'm sure someone has resized the partition of HARD drive on the disk "D". It has a 160 GB hard drive, but the "D" drive is showing only 54 GB. I would like to reduce the size to give me maximum space on the 'C' drive but worried that it might affect the "HDD Recovery" folder that exists on this subject.

    Any help asap would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much

    Create recovery DVDs using Toshiba Recovery creator tool. After doing this, you can do with disk partitions you want.
    One day, if you want to reinstall Vista and have the factory settings, you can use this created DVD facilities.

    Please note: before installation of Vista drive HARD whole lance and ancient structure of the partitions is deleted. Data back up are required.

  • Satellite Pro P200 - 1EE: Question about two partitions on the disk with Vista


    I've had my laptop for 2 months now and when I click on computer to watch my hard drive there are two; 1 called vista (: c) and other data (: E).
    Why is it two hard disks?
    And called Vista one 21.5 GB free and the other has 71.2 GB free.
    So if we get full my laptop will automatically use it?

    Thank you.


    According to my experience, the Vista operating system to the second partition for data backup. It s necessary and important if you want to restore or repair the Windows operating system. This is a new feature in Vista!

    > So if you get full my laptop will automatically use it?
    No, it will automatically switch to the other partition if the first partition is full.
    You must point to the second partition if you want to store data on this second partition.

    Best regards

  • Satellite P770 - Question on backup partition

    first of all, I'm not really sure that I am in the right section, I apologize if I am not!
    Then, my English not is really good when it comes to computering, so forgive me again :)

    So, I have a Toshiba Satellite P770 and I know that there is some kind of partition backup, I already used it, (last night) because I wanted to clean t.

    Then I realized that the partitions are not as I wanted them to be, so I chose the option where I can format the entire hard drive (2x500Go, took about 2 hours for each of them) after that, I tried to use this "secret partition" install everything back.
    The problem is that when I press F8 when I turn on the laptop, I get an error message:
    "Reboot and select proper boot device."
    "or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

    I would like to know if I've already screwed up, and I can't use this backup partition that was provided with the laptop.
    If I can, how can I do it? I don't know how to select the proper boot device...

    Thanks for your help!


    I'm afraid you have ruined all of Mr. is typical of many people who play with the laptop before they read s manuals where is recommended creation of backup called recovery DVDs DVD.

    You may have this?

    Anyway, recovery disc HARD OS install (from the recovery partition) can work if the structure of the partitions is not modified and portable has factory settings.
    Now, if you want to have once again the factory settings, you must use the recovery DVDs. If you didn t create that you must buy an and it can be ordered on

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Satellite 4090xcdt / question about CPU upgading & batteries


    I just joined the forum. Looks really good.

    I inherited a satellite 4090xcdt (PAS409EYX-ENX). He had 4 gig ' ish HDD, Celeron CPU (300 or 400 MHZ?), 64 MB of RAM and win 98.

    me and my boyfriend has replaced the HARD drive with 80 GB model (the original was on his last breath), upgrade of RAM as it could by adding a key to 256 MB to the current 64 MB.

    It helps a lot and allows us to run Win XP Home and now added a wireless card.

    2 questions.

    I can get a Celron M 700 MHz processor - I can it whack in the 4090xcdt?

    Is there a good source cheapish of spare batteries - as the mounted one, last about 5 minutes when it is turned off!

    Thnaks for the search - any help appreciated.


    OK, I studied a little and it seems that this laptop has an Intel Celeron 400 MhZ CPU.
    To my knowledge it s not advisable to replace the CPU s on the laptop. Some CPU is soldered on the Board.
    Of course, I read some reviews on the replacement of the CPU, and some people were able to replace or upgrade. BUT laptop computers did not work properly. Sometimes, don t cooling modules work or BIOS have had problems with the APCI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface).
    In my opinion you shouldn't do it! Perhaps you may also damage the motherboard.

    Well, you should also always use the Toshiba battery recommended. A bad battery can damage the laptop. As far as I know the battery on this laptop should have these properties:
    Lithium Li-ion 10,8 V, 3, 600 mAh, reference number: PA2487U

    You should be able to buy these batteries in every store of the laptop. Of course, you can also contact the Toshiba ASP in your country. Here, you can order the original.

  • Satellite A30 - question about the CPU temperature

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite A30 (model name: SA30-151, model number: PSA33E). I had the usual problems with overheating and closing, where I had to clean the radiator.

    My question is, how hot the CPU must sit at and what temperature is dangerous?

    I installed 'Hardware sensors Monitor' and the average temperature is about 55 c, but I saw it happen at 70 c when I'm pushing it.

    I was not able to find something on the net about it and I can't find information on the Toshiba site.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks...

    The same temperature is on my Tecra M1. Believe me, there's really no reason to panic.

  • Satellite M30: Questions about the battery, SD, energy-saving card reader

    1. After looking through the forums, it seems that my problem is not uncommon: my Toshiba Satellite M30 seems to have a life of the battery for about 10 minutes. Power not connected to the adapter, Windows detects 100%... 99%... Then 3%. Throughout the life of the battery is about 10 minutes, and I don't know why. Does anyone know? (Info from BG: laptop about 2 years, not too used)

    2. How will I know exactly WHAT model of Toshiba Satellite M30 I? (There is a code after the M30-part - I need this to find out what batteries I need to buy to replace)

    3. What is the nearest Service Center, I can talk to the United Kingdom with regard to my battery problem? From Toshiba Web site lists 20 companies different with Toshiba in them to the United Kingdom, and I have no idea which we touch!

    4. my SD card reader is a bit faulty. To put a SD card, no message appears to recognize the card - the laptop just doesn't recognize at all, and I do not see "SD card" or equivalent in "My Computer". However, if I put an SD card, and then restart the computer, I can see the SD card, it simply does not update while the computer is on, when I restart - cures for this?

    5. Finally, can I download the software of management of TOSHIBA POWER SAVER? I downloaded from this site but right now the only option when I open the TOSHIBA CONSOLE is 'Mouse' - there is no standby power options or network options or anything.

    Thanks in advance, sorry there are so many questions and they are so different!



    1) looks like a dead battery. It s not unusual that the battery will discharge performance after about 2 years. As far as I remember, you can load and unload the battery for about 500 times. After this period, the lifetime battery decreases faster. The same symptom occurs for example with a cell phone battery. I think you should ask the new battery Toshiba service partner. PS: The guarantee covers the battery for about a year.

    (2) it's very easy at the bottom of the unit, you will find a label with the serial number and the name of detailed specifications.

    (3) visit this site:
    You will find the database with ASP together all over the world. These guys are responsible for replacements, repairs, etc.

    (4) number of SD card is very strange. On my Satellite SD card window opens if I insert the SD card. You can try to remove the SD card from the Device Manager reader and after that new reboot, the OS should has new charge card CD driver. Eventually, it helps.

    (5) I don't know what you mean exactly but on the Toshiba driver page, you will find the tool power Toshiba compatible and taken in charge. If you have downloaded from the area Sat M30 driver so I think you can use it only on this laptop.

    take easy B-)

  • Satellite L40 - question about the CPU temperature


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 17 Q with Intel Celeron M CPU.

    The usual device temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. I read that the Tj to this type of processors is 100 degrees Celsius.

    So my question is dedicated to the owners of laptops equipped with Intel Celeron M processors and of course for the hardware gurus.
    Is the operative temperature of 60 degrees Celsius of normal, and if not how do I decrease.
    My laptop is new and I make sure that the air flow openings are not jammed.

    Thank you in advance!


    Don't worry, the CPU temperature. 60 degrees Celsius is certainly within the normal range, and there is no reason to worry about this. On my laptop Tecra, I noticed the temperature CPU about 62 degrees Celsius and drive HARD around 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Question about "split partition" command


    I have the following partitioned table...

    CREATE TABLE trans_tab

    TRANS_ID number (10),

    Now, I intend to add a partition, as shown below...

    ALTER table split partition pmax trans_tab at (TO_DATE (' 2012-10-01 00:00:00 ',' SYYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS ',' NLS_CALENDAR = GREGORIAN ')) in (2012 partition, partition pmax);

    The command above split partition worked well and ended quickly in the TEST environment which had only 100 records. I now intend to do in the production, which has about 90 MM records in the table. Here are my questions...

    (1) I will try to find how long would the "split partition" command to run into a table that has ~ 90 mm record table the command "split partition" to physically move the records or just logically to remap the records to the appropriate partition? If it is logical remapping, I guess that the split command would complement quickly even against a huge table... Could check you?

    (2) in the TEST environment, I checked the non partitioned status of the global and the local index after splitting the partiton and they look good? Should I be rebuild the index after splitting the partition?

    Thanks for your time...

    Assuming he has no line of 2012 year in partition PMAX, the SPLIT would create a vacuum PMAX anew. However, it has the maximum value of TRANS_DATE in the PMAX partition - so he must sweep the partition (or use a LOCAL index on the partition, if available). Therefore, depending on how it can identify lines, it may take a little time.

    I think that the current PMAX partition is not empty (that is, it has lines of 2011). As a result, a SPLIT will cause GLOBAL Indexes to score UNUSABLE unlesss you use the UPDATE GLOBAL INDEXES.

    Was your test with the actual number of lines to PMAX?

    Hemant K Collette

  • Satellite C650 - Question about cooling fan

    I recently bought the Toshiba Satellite C650 with processor i3 Intel and Windows 7 Home. When I see the bottom cover there are no holes for the cpu cooling fan intake air (there only the circle mark on the case under the cooling fan). Pls confirm me it is a manufacturing defect or not.

    I also ran a cpu + the base temperature software and find core temp goes up to 72 ° C in one step and I feel very hot blowing through the radiator.

    Hey Buddy,

    > When I see the bottom cover there are no holes for the cpu cooling fan intake air
    Who is normal and it s according to the laptop and the material. Different laptops have different cooling systems. This would mean that there are some laptops with no holes directly under the fan air intake. For fresh air holes are placed elsewhere to generate some air flow. If the other pieces of equipment can be cooled as well.

    There are already some threads here in the forum and as you can see it's really normal:𷣵𺘻

    > I also ran a cpu + basic temperature software and found core temp goes up to 72 ° C in one step, and I feel very hot blowing through the radiator.
    How did you check the temperature?
    Always it is if everything works well don t care about the temperature. In this case, that the laptop could overheat, it would off himself to protect the equipment. ;)

Maybe you are looking for

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