Satellite C50-A-1DV - impossible to Win10 - windows serial key is not valid

I'd appreciate any help at all!

I am trying to upgrade to windows 10. I won my windows product key (authentic, same windows installed when bought new by Argos) via the CMD prompt: wmic path softwarelicensingservice is OA3xOriginalProductKey and the 10 windows update tells me that the serial number is incorrect / not valid (I type the code correctly in the update).

I try to install fresh ISO, all other methods have failed. I believe that this is due to the verification of product key.

What is going on?


Please read this thread:

Your laptop has been preisntalled already active Toshiba image container system.
You must perform the upgrade (not a clean install) to get 10 Win.

Also, Toshiba does not provide the serial key to activate the systems becase the system is activated automatically conneting the laptop to the internet.

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    I turned on my laptop and it says that my Windows product key is not valid I got it, but it won't work

    any ideas?


    You don't give us much information about the OS. Is - this detail Windows? Where do you have a serial number? Looks like you enter an incorrect serial number (fake)

  • My windows product key is not valid.


    My windows product key is not valid. It shows that I don't ' have a genuine windows, and so I entered the product key to activate

    and its not to validate. It was workiing before, just do not know what happened.

    Help, please.

    Thank you!

    I wanted to tell the name of version (e.g. Windows 7 Home Premium) printed on the sticker.  Is the version currently installed on the PC of the same version?  Check in Control Panel > system page.  The number is the ID of the product that is not supposed to be the same as the key.

    If the versions are identical, then the problem is a bad character entered, almost always.

    If the product key is readable, then you can certainly use it to Clean install Windows Upgrade 10. Look over the steps and ask in return if you have any questions.

  • Windows serial key does not work!


    I bought a Sony Vaio laptop in 2006 until very recently it has stopped working, however it came loaded with Windows XP Professional. I bought this laptop in the Japan and is an international Version.
    Now, I would like to use the Windows XP Professional in my spare pc, now I live in the United Kingdom and borrowed a copy of Windows XP, I noticed that the serial key is not recognized.
    I went on the manufacturers Web site and they do only not naked recovery disks of operating systems, I went also to the microsoft article:
    but again demand $30 for the CD to ship.
    Can you please tell where I can find the correct version of Windows XP to download?
    Kind regards

    Copies of OEM Windows (for example, these pre-nstaled in laptop computers) CANNOT be used for any computer on which they were first installed.

    You will need to purchase a new Windows license, or use the good recovery media for the computer you are trying to install.

    Windows XP is not publicly available for legal download

  • Says Windows product key is not valid, is there a phone number, I give the floor


    Had to reinstal my windows xp but informs me that my product key is not valid.all the key details are on the side of the computer on a legal sticker. How it can be valid as they are the only CD that I have all the others are vista?

    If you are activating, then try to use the activation of the phone to fix this problem. You can refer to the link below for more information.

    However, if it is setup, then you can contact our Team of Microsoft in the United Kingdom. You can check the link below to connect with them.

  • Im getting a message that my Windows XP key is not valid.

    Got an old computer, less hard, but always drive with an original sticker of authenticity.  Code does not work.

    Two months earlier, the installation I've worked for has been closed by its new owners.  Some of the (former) work computers were given, less disk hard but with the sticker of authenticity always on the tower.  I bought a new hard drive and tried to use the code with Windows 7.  Would not work.  I thought he should be professional XP, which was what the sticker specified.  I could get an XP Professional installation CD, and when asked for the product key prior to complete installation, it tells me that the code is not valid.  Someone at - it how to deal with this?  It is a cheap computer, so I'm not going to buy a new copy of Windows.  The code is official, and it should work.

    The sticker of COA, the tower is probably a version of Windows XP OEM and the disc you have is probably a "retail" Windows XP product key that is not going to work with an OEM product key... Sorry!

  • Windows 7 Enterprise Serial Key suddenly not valid

    Hi all

    I had my W7 Enterprise key for more than 5 years with no problems, making a certain re installs due to various problems (HARD & Mo disk failures).

    A few days ago (after battling a virus naughty (and eventually won), my Windows 7 Enterprise tells me now that I am the victim of counterfeit software, my desktop background is black, a message at the bottom right says "Windows 7, Build7601, this copy of windows is not genuine" I am also square box pop ups reminding me this fact regularly.)

    I tried to re entry and re activate my legitimate copy of windows nothing helped.

    My key is legitimate, I've been through the online help of regular MS who have told me that they have validated the serial key, but can't help me because it's a company that issued my key for me.

    Can a MS teach, please advise how I can re entry and re activate my windows, to return to normal as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much.


    You certainly have a MAK (Multiple Activation Key) key.

    If an organization exceeds the MAK activation limit, then its TI
    Professional can contact the activation call center to request
    other activations.

    You can try also reactivate by calling Microsoft Volume License Activation Center:

    2. get a MAK or KMS key by phone by the
    Worldwide activation call centers.

    Try the number listed here appropriate phone: phone numbers Microsoft Activation centers worldwide:

  • Touchpad and sleep questions on Satellite C50-A-1DV

    I bought a Satellite C50-A-1DV for my wife and noted 2 significant 'features' that, to all purposes intention should be easily solved, but I'm damned if I can cure for her.

    1 the touchpad (at least, I assume it is the touchpad) seems incredibly sensitive. Supervised, another workspace (Windows 8) seem to open even without direct contact with the pad. It's really very annoying, but it's pretty much within the limits to be able to live with it.

    2nd machine is unexpected drops in a sleep/power saving mode. Now personally I have not met this when running through controls on it, but the pain in my ear tells me otherwise.

    Anyone else experienced this or better yet have a solution to this?

    > 1 the touchpad (at least, I assume it is the touchpad) seems incredibly sensitive. Supervised, another workspace (Windows 8) seem to open even without direct contact with the pad. It's really very annoying, but it's pretty much within the limits to be able to live with

    Changes to the touchpad can be applied very easily:
    Go to control panel-> mouse control
    Last tab device settings would offer you some additional options to enhance the functionality of the touchpad.

    Take a look at this Toshiba HowTo doc on the touchpad settings. It should be useful for you:
    [How do I change the settings of the Synaptics touchpad in Windows 8? |]

    > the machine is down unexpectedly in a sleep/energy saving of 2nd mode. Now personally I have not met this when running through controls on it, but the pain in my ear tells me otherwise.

    Well, you could disable or change the settings of the unique power of the Panel-> power options.
    You will find the option for standby and hibernation

  • Satellite C50-A-1DV - reinstall the pre-installed Win8


    A few months ago, I bought a new Toshiba laptop (Satellite C50-A-1DV, PSCG6E-08P01CEN, Win8). I tried to double win8 with Linux I needed in my study. But something went wrong and I lost the windows. I did a full backup to my system, including the windows and profiles folders just in case.
    Is there anyway for me to get my 8 win using these files?

    Thanks in advance,

    As far as I know that something like this is not possible. S user guides document is clearly describes how you can create a recovery (DVD or USB) media and use it in the situation if HDD recovery installation doesn t work.

  • I installed Windows 7 and when I tried to register, he came to indicating the product key is not valid. I bought the Dell product so I now the program's legacy.

    Windows 7 was installed about 2 weeks ago
    I can not register the product
    error message indicating the product key is not valid

    Please contact Dell about this issue. TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • I get a message that my product key is not valid during the installation of Windows.

    want to reinstall windows, invalid key product, have officex, all the info too complicated for a novice

    I bought a dell latitude d620 xp and it freezes all the time, charge for centuries, has error on the alltime page and readajusts itself, please help, I want to reinstall windows and the product key is not valid, what do I do.

    If you are still having this problem, here are some steps to try:

    Hope this helps,
    B Eddie

  • During the installation of Windows XP, I enter the key and send a message: you have entered the CD key is not valid.

    Invalid CD key?

    Im trying to install windows xp on my old laptop from samsung before I sell, I have a copy genuine windows xp home edition (bought a few years ago), but when I get to the point to enter the product key, it says ' you entered the CD key is not valid! The key is the rear of the product then why it does not work and what I do?


    I thank you for all the help guys, don't really know if that it settled, but I read that if the time of bios is bad it can perform, I changed that and very well installation (so far!)

    Thank you
  • The new XP installation error. The signature for the family Windows XP Setup is not valid. The error code is fffffc0d

    I'm doing a fresh install of Windows XP Edition family on a new hard drive.  I get the same error message indicating that the product catalog can not be installed. I reformatted and retryed with the same result. I tried a different HARD disk, but got the same trouble. I also tried installing XP Pro after a reformat and got the same error. The first error window says "the signature for the family Windows XP Setup is not valid. The error code is fffffc0d", and the second says" error: the system cannot find message for message number 0xfffffc0d text in the file for syssetup.dll fatal error messages: Setup failed to install the product catalogs. " Any directive or ideas would be greatly appreciated. THX


    I suggest you try the steps from the link below and check if it helps.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Message that my Windows XP Home Edition product key is not valid

    My hardrive was getting full so I saved and used DBAN to wipe my hardrive. Once I did and went to install my VALID copy of windows XP when is invited to enter my product key (which is located on a certificate of authtensiy stick on the side of my Tower) keeps telling me my product key is not valid. I use the service pack of windows XP Home edition CD came with my computer and it still does not telling me that the product key is not valid.

    How to remedy?

    Activate Windows XP by using a Modem, Internet or phone customer Service

    The installer stops and restarts in Windows XP several times

    You are able to boot mode safe?

    If so, open the command prompt window and type chkdsk /F /R

    Press enter

    You will see a message about the volume must be locked.  You want to monitor during the recovery?

    Press y and press enter


    The scan will take a few moments, but he'll fix files

    You could try to test disc hard failure - should not continue loading XP installation

    Test the hard drive by using the CHIP (HP support Document)

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    XP product key issue

    Hello, I wiped recently my HD - Ive saved the files I need and reformatted, however when I just reinstalled Windows XP, the installation program tells me my product key is not valid. I know it's the product key correctly that I recorded the original in the body of my PC - no clue please Clive * address email is removed from the privacy *


    Follow the steps from the link and check if it helps: you receive an error message after you enter the product key when you try to install Windows XP:

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