Satellite C50 - B with Win 8.1 - PXE error is displayed using the UEFI boot mode

I have a laptop of C50 - b under Win 8.1 and recently needed to boot from a USB stick so finally found the way to do it (missing the start of the first bios menu) and managed to do.

My problem is same when I returned in the uefi and set the boot order local drive, cd, network, he asks every time that I want to start PXE IP4, IP6 then IP4 and IP6 again. I also disabled secure boot

I think that a value is missing, when I went to the BIOS and return to the start of IEFU option, but where is the laptop get the setting to tell him to network/PXE boot when the bottom of the list and the wake we LAN is disabled.


Exactly, secure boot must be enabled in order to boot from the internal HARD disk where the 8.1 for Windows has been installed.

If you want to boot from external sources (IE USB flash memory stick) you will need to disable secure boot.

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    I want to install Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on Sat Pro C50 (downgrade if you like - comes with 8 win), but I want UEFI boot, with GPT partitioning.
    I'm happy wipe existing partitions if that solved the problem.

    I have disabled _have_ Secure Boot.
    Win 8 install DVD boot works;
    CSM boot and boot from Win 7 DVD works - but this is not what I want.
    Definition of return to the UEFI boot and install Win7 boot media - hangs on "Starting Windows" screen
    Media _is_ good, works well on the PC manufacturers.

    I'm not convinced that it is a problem of Microsoft.


    On Toshiba laptops, where the UEFI BIOS is available, it of necessary to disable secure boot and change the boot to the CSM mode in order to boot from external sources and install systems other than Win 8 or 8.1 Win

    Of the workarounds in the internet described the installation of Windows 7 in UEFI mode but I doubt that this will be possible on Toshiba laptops because the BIOS is different and modified for each series of laptop.

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    Any help is received with gratitude.


    It seems that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc, and therefore the BIOS passes to LAN and try to boot from LAN.
    In this case you will receive the error check cable PXE.

    Did you check if you can use another bootable disk?
    I mean you can try to install Windows using the Win XP disk
    Maybe booting from another disc would work

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    My guess is that MS will not address this issue. Do not forget that the development team of Windows Mail is dissolved by the MS in June 2006. (Yes, while Vista was still in beta). I seriously doubt they care.

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  • Satellite A100-683 with Win 7 - screen brightness adjustment does not work


    I have a model of Satellite A100-683 PSAA9E with Win 7

    My problem is that I don't have a brightness in my dashboard-> laptop Center

    I tried to install the drivers from the site Web of Toshiba (additional package, return), but stops the installation always with errors such as: value added package: PVAT Setup error

    I tried to install the drivers for Vista...

    Please help me!
    Sorry for my English mistakes.


    The installation may stop due to system problems or the PVAT erroneous version.
    I recommend you to uninstall the installed VAP.
    After the PVAT has been uninstalled, restart the laptop.
    Now, download and install the tool small freeware called CCLeaner.
    It helps to clean the system and deletes files temporal garbage from the HARD drive.
    After the cleaning of the system registry, you must restart the system once more.

    Now, go to the page of the Toshiba UE driver and download the Toshiba value added Package for Win 7. Note! Choose the right! There are differences between the 32-bit and 64-bit version.

    Unzip the package, run the exe from installation or installation file and start the installation.
    Installation should finish properly and after new reboot, you should be able to use the function keys.

  • Satellite M100-221 with Win 7 - issue Fn after PVAT site amenities


    I installed windows 7 on my toshiba satellite m100-221, with 5.60 bios, I had problems with installing the chipset drivers which I downloaded from the toshiba Web site.
    Finally I downloaded the drivers from the site to intel. I realized that my Fn keys are in operation, but only Fn + ESC, F1, F5, F6, F7.
    So I tried to install PVAT that contains Flash cards.
    Everything seems to work properly, some Flash cards began, I could use them with the mouse, BUT NONE of the Fn keys worked.

    Now, I'll try to uninstall, reinstall, but without success.
    When I disable flash cards at the start that the Fn keys work, when I start it, it seems that Flash Cards takes controll keys Fn and disable them.

    My laptop is able to vista and I also tried to do the same thing with vista, but with the same result, all Fn are disabled when the cards are running.

    It is important for me to use Fn + F8 to switch to the radio wireless and Fn + F4 to Hibernate.

    You have ideas or experience how to fix?

    Thanks for help.

    > So I tried to install PVAT that contains Flash cards

    Win 7 needs the VAP (additional package) and you need to install the additional Flash Card Support utility!
    Win 7 Vientiane does not contain Flash cards! You must install separately.

    Take a look on the Satellite L500 driver area.
    You'll find the VAP and Flash Card Utility for Win7

    I recommend reinstall these two tools again

    Welcome them

  • Cannot run 32-bit application on Satellite L750-A010 with Win 7 64 bit


    I had a new satellite L750-A010 with OS win7/64, but I can't run programs 32 versions such as Simatic manager V505, product of siemens. Pls advise how I can fix this problem.

    Thank you all.



    I m unaware software Siemens Simatic Manager V505. But perhaps this 32-bit applications needs a version of Win 7 32 bit.
    In this case, you need to install a Win 7 32 bit system on your laptop.
    But I recommend to ask support from Siemens for more information maybe there are a few patches, updates or similar solutions that don t require 32-bit system.

  • How to set the power settings - Satellite Pro A10 with Win XP Pro

    I an A10 Pro of the Satellite with Win XP Pro installed and cannot access the power settings. When I go into the power settings in Windows, I get a msg telling me to use Toshiba Power Saver and Win power settings are grayed out.
    I installed which tells me that it is installing the Toshiba Power Saver, but always Win power settings are greyed out and I can't find no separate application "Toshiba Power Saver".
    The BIOS shows ' version of BIOS ACPI = 1.30.
    Can someone advice how to change the power settings please?


    Hi Dave,.

    You have the "Toshiba common Modules" installed? They must first of all for many models of Toshiba, and power settings module is an add-on for that.

    If you do not have the appropriate restoration or the utility CD handy, the drivers can be downloaded from the Web from Toshiba website.

    I hope this helps, let us know how you go


  • Satellite C50-A-1 - Win 7 graphics driver file is corrupt


    In the Toshiba Support Page, there is a problem with the video driver file.

    For Satellite C50-A-1, the Windows 7 video driver is corrupted. I try to download several times and is not possible.

    The file is the following: "display -".

    Thank you!

    Strange... I tried to download the file using this link and everything went well.

    I recommend you check the download process once more...

  • Satellite A660: After upgrade to Win 8.1 BSOD is displayed using the keyboard

    Dynabook i7 3D laptop A660.

    OK; so I updated my i7 3D Dynabook to form 8.1 Windows (x 64) Windows 7 (x 64), and now the laptop restarts everytime I start to touch the keyboard.

    Other wise works perfectly.

    It took me two hundred hours to understand that I was typing on web sites usually when this re-boot occurs. And I could not remember how or why the computer restarted.

    When I press the numeric keypad 'more' sign, I get the BSoD immediately. But there are a few presses of the numbers on the keyboard so he can do the same thing.

    If I press 1, 2, 3, its ok.
    If I press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the laptop gets a BSoD and restarts.

    I also installed automatic software (mouse) for a Microsoft mouse, that I was going to use. and I deleted in the "System Properties" after the problem has arisen; but there is no change.

    Whenever I tap on the number pad (especially the plus sign), the PS stops with a blue screen of death BSoD.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Roger,
    My knowledge the 8.1 Windows isn't supported by Satellite A660 because there is no driver Windows 8.1 special to this series of portable, but even if these drivers have not been released, is not a big problem to install and run the Windows 8.1 on this unit.

    I m wondering how you installed the 8.1 to win on this laptop?
    You upgrade Windows 7 to 8.1 Win or were you running a fresh install of Win 8.1?

    Here's a nice page of Microsoft providing some FAQ about update for Windows 8.1
    [Windows 8.1 update: FAQ |]

    In case you have done an UPGRADE to 8.1 Win, you can use Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant to check if your programs and devices are compatible with Windows 8.1.

    I would be also interesting to know if the same BSOD would appear if external keyboard would be connected to the laptop.
    When using the external keyboard would cause NOT of BSOD, I guess internal keyboard is faulty and could be the troublemaker.

  • Satellite C50 - A - 15 L: unable to play audio or video via the media player

    Hi all

    I have problems with my player functions and media browser suddenly - it seems to have taken place after a "significant recent update" (causes more problems than the patches).

    In any case, since this update, I was unable to play video or audio files using the media player or cut and paste all the items when sorting of files.

    All very well before, but now when I pointed out and click "cut", the timer of the cuts and the window goes right to the "not responding". Drag and drop works OK, then go back to delete files.

    Regarding the multimedia files, double-click one and no response, click 'open' and right, once again, nothing...

    Everyone has experienced similar problems?
    Whether a hotfix or patch?

    Thank you very much


    From there where I bit you have no problem with the laptop but with Microsoft System.

    "Hotmail" isn t produced by Toshiba.
    If you have problems connecting to the Hotmail account, you must contact Microsoft technical support for help.

    By the way: you can always set the system back to the beginning point of time before receiving updates.
    Windows 8 creates a point of restoration automatically when Windows updates and other system maintenance events.

    Open charm bar (Win key + c), choose the Apps and search for Restore Point. Then click on settings. On the left side, you will see the option called create a restore point.
    New window will open. In the System Protection tab, select the system restore.
    Clicking next would lead to the next step when you restore the computer to the State it was before the selected event (windows update).

  • Satellite C50-B-14Z continue to ask for password at startup from the bios

    Hi guys,.

    My Satellite C50-B-14Z no reason started asking for pssword when starting on bios.
    I don't put passwords and I do not know how to reset. If the laptop is now unusable. Could someone help me please?

    I put t know why the phone asks you to enter the password of the BIOS, but the fact is that the BIOS password can be removed ONLY by an authorized service provider.
    I'm afraid, you will need to contact the Toshiba ASP in your country in order to remove the password of BIOS of m.

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