Satellite C50-B919 lack of drivers


I just bought laptop Satellite C50-B919, and when looking for drivers (number PSCMNV) I can only find the bios updates. (it is a laptop computer Middle East)

Now, I understand that this is a budget laptop, but this does not mean it should not support and drivers, the professional thing to do is to display drivers before laptops or you ship them to the public.

Your urgent action is required with kindness.


I can understand your point of few and I want to help you find appropriate to your C50-B919 Satellite drivers
Indeed the drivers for Satellite C50 - B PSCMNV are not released on the page of the Toshiba UE driver but the same laptop series is released in Europe from short model number PSCMNE

Choose the model PSCMNE number you will find all the drivers that are compatible with the series C50 - B PSCMNV.

Concerning the part built in Notepad:
You can discover this very easily according to the instructions in this doc:

I hope I could help a bit.

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  • Display on Satellite C50-B919 problem

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have a problem in the configuration of my screen, I have a 8.1 Windows as OS on my Toshiba Satellite C50 B919 and I downloaded the drivers several times on your site and it did not work.

    How can I solve this problem? I can t connect my laptop to an external display.

    Hi André

    As I see that you bought for laptop computer without an operating system preinstalled. I ve checked the download page of Toshiba for the Middle East, but, unfortunately the drivers are not available.

    What you can try is to install the drivers offered on the European download page.
    Here are few of them and you can try to install:
    Intel displays the version of the driver
    Version of the display driver Intel
    Version of the display driver Intel

    Try to please and post comments.

  • Need driver VGA for Satellite C50-B919

    I don't need driver vga for Toshiba Satellite C50-B919 with part no pscmnv-00q00mar
    I can find no work driver on my knees for windows eny 7,8,8.1
    is that no driver in the download section is this model

    Help, please
    I have download mor that pilot 10 every thim give massege
    This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software

    Computer laptop specifications according to your model of laptop has been delivered without an operating system preinstalled.

    Unfortunately the driver for your model of laptop are not available.
    I found the thread similar here. Please check and test the drivers listed.
    They are all for Win8.1 64-bit.

    If you want to test drivers for other versions of the OS, visit European download for C50 - B Satellite.

  • Question on Satellite C50-B919 battery charging


    I have a Toshiba Satellite C50-B919, I bought 9 months ago... IT was working fine but all of a sudden it stopped working without the charger is plugged in!

    I need to plug the charger all the time!

    At the start, it shows that the RTC is low and I need to set the time... I tried to follow the instructions and set the time as well... but it has not yet changed something... once the charger is taken off, it turns off!

    Help, please!

    Waiting for your answer!


    RTC battery seems to be empty, and that's why the BIOS data and time will be reset always when connected the isn t AC adapter.
    The RTC battery, you have to keep the power adapter plugged in for about 18 to 20 hours and the laptop must be turned on!
    Then the RTC battery would charge.

    However, the main battery seems to be empty too and does it not charge more.
    You will probably need to replace the main battery.

  • Satellite C50 - A - lack of strikes

    I have a c50 - A Satellite that has been upgraded to windows 10. All seem to work well, she has recently begun "stuttering". While typing intermittently stops, then stop accepting strikes then restarts the missing parts of words. I understand that it was a problem on the former satellites and was resolved by updating the BIOS. I tried this but it says that ROM is the same version that I downloaded so we can assume this means I'm updating. Someone at - it other ideas on how to solve this problem. Press also intermittently stops responding during short periods of time.
    Also installs Toshiba service station for windows 10. Downloads file but says error 2753 file may be corrupted (have tried more than once!)

    (10 Windows running free antivirus Bitdefender)
    I made some progress with this if someone has a similar problem. I worked on that it all started when Google chrome stopped working. This means that my husband went to use onboard. I got Chrome working by disabling Trusteer report Office such that it has a problem with Chrome at the moment. Stuttering does not appear in Chrome. Then returned on board and he was always there. I tried Internet Explorer and it also stuttered. I stopped the Shockwave plug-in and it went off in Internet Explorer. Edge still has the problem, which is strange because it uses no plug-ins always at least I have 2 browsers I can use it until the edge is sorts.

  • Satellite C50-A-1JV - some drivers are not seen by Windows


    Today, I have faced a problem. The thing is that, after reinstaling Win7, it cannot see that the drivers associated with USB2 and 3-ports and card reader. It was installed Win7 32 bit front and everything worked perfectly, but after installing the same version of Windows, the mentioned drivers do not work. What the pilots I install to my laptop Satellite C-50-A-1JV?

    Maybe I don't know what delicate drivers are needed? I tried to implement different versions of them, and no one works.
    Should I just install another version of Windows?

    I checked the Toshiba download page, and as I can see, your laptop model is not supported for Win7 32 bit (screenshot).
    What did you do in the past? Have you used the drivers offered for another laptop model?

  • Re: Satellite M70 164 - lack of drivers for Windows 7

    I want to install * windows7 *, but I didn t find (_sound_, _LAN_, _Storage_) drivers for windows7. Do someone help me?

    Where can I find these drivers?

    Greetings to all...

    You will not find these drivers because Windows 7 is not official on the market and not supported at this time.
    But I know many Vista drivers are compatible with Win7.
    So try to install the drivers for Vista.

    The sound card seems to be a Realtek one. You can try the driver from Toshiba or Realtek page European page!
    The LAN card is the Realtek one too. Then take a look on the Realtek page!

    See you soon

  • Satellite C50-A-571-two questions about download Toshiba drivers

    Hello all, great day... How's doin?

    I'm new to this forum, it is good to will here hoping finds the solution to every problem we face

    My first question is: why download drivers of "" is so slow and limited or something? It never ends download, I have always the connection interrupted when trying to download a driver, are there not other mirrors or something?

    Second question:

    Why are there so many useless drivers? as I put all my preferences, product type, family, model, series, and he gave me 33 pilot and some of them are not the drivers for my laptop

    I have a portable Satellite C50-A-571

    Hello and welcome

    I m not an expert but I'll try to offer my responses.

    As far as I know page of media you use is offered for the Middle East and Arica. I don't know where is the server placed but the download should not be problematic. In the past, I've used several times to check drivers and everything was OK. Perhaps there is a problem with your Internet connection.
    Toshiba support and download page is certainly not limited and can be used whenever you want.

    I ve checked the download page and found 33 results for Win7 64 bit so I assume you want to install this version of Windows.
    In any case all the stuff listed are not just pilots, but also specific tools useful to Toshiba and utilities. This tools and utilities to control some useful special features as feature special keys or the HARD disk protection.

    I recommend install you all of them and just have a total control on your machine. Of course if you don't like or don't need some of them they can be disabled or removed from the system.

    I hope that my opinion is useful for you. If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • Cannot find drivers for Satellite C50-A538


    I am looking for Satellite C50-A538 pilot in the Toshiba site and I can't find that he

    Please someone help me


    Here you can find the official page for your laptop model.
    Under the peak of the laptop, you can find option to download the drivers. The search page download drivers for Satellite C50. Model number short option PSCGCV.

    Please note: on the Toshiba download page you can find the drivers for operating systems that are supported only.

  • Satellite C50 - B - WLan does not not - lack of pilot

    Hello guys I need your help,

    my laptop is Toshiba Satellite C50 - B, bit of window 8.1 64

    my wireless is not working I get this message.
    The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    There is no compatible driver for this device.

    To find a driver for this device, click Update driver.

    the details-hardware ID's of the drivers-

    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & SUBSYS_083211AD & REV_01
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & SUBSYS_083211AD
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0036 & CC_0280

    where can I get them?

    Thank you


    All the drivers for all the portable Toshiba EU are on site pilot Toshiba!

    I m queries on your question because this link has already been shared in many discussions here in the forum. His messages read existing before opening the new thread on the same topic!

    Please note that the same model can be equipped with different WLan modules but all drivers are available on the page and if a driver does not work, consult another.

  • No drivers for Satellite C50-b0489


    I bought a new laptop of ANC and I was trying to search for the drivers and I can't find this model anywhere

    Model: Satellite c50-b0489

    Reference: pscmlf-02j015f3

    I got a receipt when I need repairs, I need to go to Toshiba, but what I don't understand, it's how Toshiba does a laptop without support of the drivers for these small

    If you see the list on:

    There is no drivers for this type of machine

    In the form of driver download select:

    + Laptop +.
    + Satellite +.
    + Satellite series C +.
    + C50 - B satellite.
    * + PSCMLE + *.

    The PSCMLE series is the same (very similar), PSCMLF and the software/driver should be fully compatible.

  • Need to Win7 32-bit drivers for my Satellite C50-A0413

    Nice day

    I'm looking for drivers for Satellite C50 - A0413 (PSCJEF)
    I've been downloading on the toshiba site and when you run Setup I get message this system does not meet the requirements
    the drivers I need is for windows 7 32 bit

    Any help please

    Thank you

    New machines I recommend you install the 64-bit version only. From my experience version 32 bit OS is supported for some machines only.

    Problem is that I can't find your machine on the Toshiba driver download page.
    Are you using the download page of

  • Re: Need drivers Win7 for Satellite C50 - has

    I need 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 for a C50 - A Satellite. Some of the Toshiba download page links are broken (404 Not Found error) and some of the ones I downloaded give a message that they are not for this computer. Technical support here in Israel could help.

    They just referred me to the download page is not working. I am computer reseller, and I highly doubt I'll offer my Toshiba customers in the future.

    What Satellite C50 - A do you have exactly? Can you please post the entire model name please?
    > I'm a computer dealer and I highly doubt I'll offer my Toshiba customers in the future.
    Please do not be angry on me, but such statements are so childish to me. I mean that it can happen that there is a temporary technical problem on the download page and in the next few days it will be fixed.

    Something like that can happen to any manufacturer. In this logic you can annually reduce the range of products in your store.

  • Re: Need some drivers for Satellite C50-A-1JV

    Hello guys,.

    I have a problem with drivers for the laptop model TOSHIBA Satellite C50-A-1JV, I have used and installed all the drivers I could find on toshiba research pilot app but with no use, I need the drivers for the video card, WiFi, sound...
    Please give me a hand with this...


    I ve checked section download Toshiba for your machine and all the drivers, tools and utilities for your laptop model are ready for download.

    To be honest I don t understand what do you mean with none of them worked for me.
    Can you please explain to us what exactly is happening?

    I mean if the operating system is installed properly all you need to do is download stuff offered one by one from chipset, screen, sound, LAN, WLAN and all other drivers. Then start to install the utilities and tools specific to Toshiba.

  • Satellite C50-A-1 - where to find compatible drivers?

    HI.i bought a toshiba satelite a-c50-1 without the operator system and I want to drivers. I was check on the toshiba Web site but nothing.

    Help, please

    Toshiba drivers for this laptop model can be downloaded from the Toshiba UE driver page

    C50-A-1 satellite has PSCJEE-00600XGR model number
    So it is up to * PSCJEE * series

    Choose: Notebook-> series C Satellite Satellite-> Satellite C50 - A-> PSCJEE

    PS: also released for other models C50 - A should be compatible.

Maybe you are looking for

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